The Inn Club Ch. 09: Tish

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My name is Easton, and a short time ago I discovered a hidden world inside the Cheslea Inn hotel chain. I found out a private, non-exclusive sex club exists that meets just after the bar closes each night. One night a beautiful woman picked me up for anonymous sex and introduced me to what was known as The Inn Club.


Late winter saw me attending a customer conference in Tennessee. Though the event was being held at a swankier resort, the Nashville Cheslea Retreat, the off season and atypically cool weather meant that the resort was far less crowded than one would encounter in the spring and summer. I had never attempted to link up with Club members at a resort location, and my little on-line faq didn’t have any crowd sourced entries for me to go by.

As a result, there were many possible bars where one might encounter Club members…or not. There were also several other conferences and conventions going on, so there were quite a few people around until much later than at the typical hotel.

Coming back on Tuesday illegal bahis night after a full day of meetings at one side of the resort, I planned to relax in my room until ten thirty, but I found myself going stir crazy at the thought of a casual hook-up. Departing early also gave me time to browse a few of the resort bars before settling in on one where I might indulge in a little polite hunting.

This was not made easier by the fact that I had left my glasses behind. Short distances such as within a room were no problem, but reading signs and recognizing people at a distance was a non-starter.

I walked through the first couple of bars noting relatively few people, but the third one was close to another set of convention rooms and it was quite busy. Though not quite standing room only, I estimated there were forty to fifty people, men and women, of varying ages though mostly older than thirty. I sidled up to the bar and ordered a G something I had never envisioned until I wrote the words this morning. I took her hand and placed it illegal bahis siteleri on my crotch. She started and tried to pull back her hand, but I held it there. She looked at me and there was honest desire in her eyes. “Oh yes,” I said, “and I’ll make sure you feel the effort was worth it.”

She gave me a squeeze and I released her hand. I moved my hand to the hem of her dress. She looked at me as her eyes widened in surprise. “What are you doing?” She said quietly. My hand was halfway up the inside of her thigh when the server came back. She tried to push it away but I just held it there.

I turned to her, “Tish, shall I order for us since you haven’t had sushi before?” I stroked her skin with my fingers and she held a tight grip on my wrist. She didn’t reply and looked rather frozen on the spot.

“We’d like some warm sake, California rolls, shrimp, salmon, ahi and neguri. Oh, and can you bring the ahi as sashimi?”

Our server, a late teen girl with overly large glasses repeated everything back and then disappeared. canlı bahis siteleri Jane was still clutching my wrist to be sure I didn’t go any higher on her thigh. I looked around and saw there was no one really close by. “Tish, no one can see us. If you relax no one need know we are playing around. Besides, at leastyourarousal isn’t obvious if you stand up.”

She giggled at that and relaxed her grip. She had no sooner done that then I stroked still higher up her thigh. “Alex….” she said under her breath.

“What are you worried about?”

She was blushing now and looked away. “This just seems, well, inappropriate.”

By now I was stroking against her panties but not touching her vulva. “Just take a deep breath and ride that feeling of anxiety to a rush.” She released a long breath and I felt her muscles relax just a bit.

“I had no idea you were into such things, Alex.”

“This? This is nothing.” I walked my fingers to the elastic edge of her panties and made it clear I planned to push them under. “Tish, put your hands above the table. Play with your phone or check your makeup or something.”

She didn’t want to look at me just then, but she did as I asked and rummaged through her bag for her phone and a small mirror. “Tish? Look at me please.”

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