The Hush Money Bar Pt. 02

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Our tale of the Black Cheers continues.

This story containsinterracial sex,bisexuality, incestand probably few more taboos that the characters engage in that might offend the more sensitive reader. However, they are all over eighteen so they can do whatever they want!


The next afternoon Todd was standing just outside the door of the bar waiting for the manager. Across the street was a large warehouse. A sign over the door announced that it was the South Central Food Pantry.

He smiled when he saw Annabelle coming down the street. He was not surprised to see her. After all, her father did own the bar. He watched as her smile widened when she saw him waiting. He smiled back, noting to himself this is the first time he really got a look at her.

Her cocoa skin glowed in the early afternoon sun. Her full hips and breasts filled the fashionably faded throwback denim jumpsuit. It buttoned up the front starting from just below her waist. She wore the cuffs rolled just above her ankles and sleeves rolled up to her elbows with the top three buttons undone. The deep vee created barely covered her nipples, exposing a hint of her dark areole. As she approached him, the soft roll of her hips was entrancing.

“Hi Todd. How are you this morning?”

“I’m good thank you. What about you?”

“A little sore,” Anna replied devilishly. “My bus ride last night was more… active… than I am used to.”

“Same here,” Todd laughed. “However, I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Anna walked to within a few inches of Todd. Her head was at the middle of his chest. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him lightly on the lips. Her soft breasts pressed against his lower chest. Smiling, she turned, pulled her keys from her purse and unlocked the bar.

“So did I. By the way, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am the manager.”

“I was beginning to suspect that,” Todd said. “Did I pass the …uh…interview last night?”

“Why do you think you are here?”

As they talked, Todd and Anna moved into the bar. Todd’s eyes flicked around quickly, taking in the scene. In the center of the floor was a pool table with a long faux Tiffany light suspended by chains above it. On the wall, starting from his right, were three red leatherette upholstered booths. Each booth had a rectangular black Formica covered table. They filled the wall to the corner. At right angles to the booths was a pool cue rack.

A small dance floor occupied the space between the pool table and the booths. To his left were three more booths. The adjacent wall held the DJ equipment. Just past there was a small hall that led to the bathrooms and a storage room. The bar itself occupied the wall opposite the entryway. It held 12 stools. The mirrored wall behind the bar supported shelves with many types of glassware. Various brands of liquor were inverted and attached to an alcohol dispensing system.

“Welcome to the Hush Money Bar.”

Annabelle assayed a small bow, her arms spread. As she leaned forward, the top of the jumpsuit fell open. Todd was treated to a tantalizing down blouse of her full melons and dark chocolate raisin like nipples. Realizing she was exposing himself, Anna laughed and brought her hand to her chest. Then she stood erect. “Sorry about that! I work here this afternoon. The more cleavage I show the better the tips and the more drinks they buy.”

“Tips must be pretty good,” Todd laughed.

“They are when I have customers. However, business has been slow. I need to come up with some ideas to increase it.”

“Hopefully I can help there. I’ve done a little bartending in my travels.”

“Given your quick career change in Scottsdale, I’m not going to ask for references from your bartending jobs.”

Todd smiled ruefully and changed the subject. “Where did the name Hush Money Bar come from?”

“That’s my father’s story and I’ll let him tell it. He works on Amtrak as a waiter in charge. He’ll be in town in a few days. Follow me and I’ll show you the apartment upstairs.”

Annabelle could feel Todd’s eyes on her butt as she moved down the short narrow hall to the stairway leading up to the apartment. She exaggerated the motion of her hips as she unlocked the door leading up to the apartment. She had known Todd less than 24 hours but she felt safe and comfortable with him. That was unusual for her. The school of hard knocks had taught her to distrust men.

The rolling hips of this petite vixen mesmerized Todd. He guessed she was no more than 5’2″ tall and somewhere between 115 and 125 pounds. She had the broad hips and bubble butt typical of African-American women. He unconsciously licked his lips as he recalled having his head buried between those full soft thighs.

At the top of the stairs was a small landing flanked by two doors. To the right was the back apartment/storage area. To the left was the front apartment.

The three room apartment was small and cramped. bahis firmaları They entered through the postage stamp size kitchen, passing a decrepit bathroom. Just ahead was the living area that was at least twice the size of the kitchen. The windows of the living room and the adjacent bedroom looked out over the street in front of the bar. Surprisingly, the bed was queen-size and filled the room. A large mirrored chest of drawers stood at the foot of the bed. The furniture in the living room consisted of three pieces, a nondescript forest green eight-foot couch along one wall and matching wingback chair facing it across a tan coffee table.

“It’s not much, but it’ll give you a place to stay. For now, I just have two shifts open. Working those two shifts will pay for your rent. I have a regular customer, Gertrude Allenby, who is a manager at the Downtown Country Club. She is always looking for help and I’m sure can get you some time there.”

“This will be great. It beats hell out of the SRO that I spent the night in last night.”

Anna’s eyes widened. “I almost forgot. Tomorrow night the ladies from Gert’s country club are having their annual charity affair here.”

“You mean a bunch of rich old biddies hang out in the Hush Money?”

“Not exactly. My husband is the council member for this ward. He has an annual fundraiser for the food pantry. Over the years he and Gert have got the society women involved.

Anna glanced at her watch. “Look, it’s almost 2. Let’s go downstairs I will open up and sit with you for your first shift.”


The first night was quiet. Anna stayed for the first few hours. She quickly realized that Todd was an accomplished bartender.

“Look, I’m going to run home to check on one of my babies. She had the sniffles and I want to see if she is any better.”

“Not a problem! I got this!”

“Good! Here are my keys. If I’m not back by closing time, just lock the door and wait for me.”

Todd met some of the regulars, four guys from the Ford Assembly plant and Gertrude Allenby.

While she presented herself as a happily married woman, her childless marriage was stressed. True to her Bayou roots, she wanted a large family. Her husband was against it. The biological clock ticking in her was loud enough to drown out the guilt at the occasional affair.

At 45, Gert was at the top of her profession of service management. That was both her curse and her pride. Her pride because she was Service Manager for the top country club in the Chicago area. It was her curse because she saw herself as little more than a well paid servant to rich white people.

She drank to assuage her frustration. The Hush Money Bar was her transition from her job to her home and marriage. They both left her unfulfilled.

Gert and the Ford guys kept up a running strongly sexual repartee. Big Rick teased her about her grey tailored business suit.

“Gurl, you look like one of them skinny models in the catalogues. Except you ain’t skinny and you sho’ ain’t no model.”

“Sumbitch, if I ain’t all that, why you keep trying to get in my panties?”

Big Rick grinned broadly. “So you wear panties under that white folks uniform. What kind?”

“None of your fucking business, asshole.”

Gertrude Allenby enjoyed the freewheeling nature of these conversations. It marked her daily transition from her work world to her domestic world.

Rick turned to Angel. “What you think, Angel? Is she a thong type of woman?”

“Amigo, it don’t matter! I’m going to push them to the side before I eat her, anyway!”

“Why you motherfuckers talking under my clothes? I ain’t gona fuck none of you.”

“Give Gertie another round Todd. One night she’ll get drunk enough to fuck us all.”

A laughing Todd poured another shot and opened up a beer for Gert.

She raised the shot glass in a toast. The other regulars followed suit. Then she downed it in one swallow.

“At least there is one gentleman in the house,” Gertrude slurred.

“Hell Tom ain’t no gentleman. He just wants to be first in line the night you get drunk enough to fuck us all.”

Todd shook his head laughing as the regulars kept up their conversation. Over time he would learn this was a nightly ritual. Finally, the guys trickled out, leaving just Todd and Gertrude.

Gert moved unsteadily toward the exit. She reached the door and lean against it, steadying herself. She tried to open it but could not. She leaned against the doorsill as the room moved around her.

Todd walked from behind the bar and walked over to her. “Let me call you a cab, Mrs. Allenby.”

“Mutha fucka, I made be old enough to be your momma but don’t you go calling me Mrs. fucking Allenby like I’m sum over the hill bitch.”

Todd smiled his broad winning smile. “I am soooo sorry, Gert! But you still need a cab. It’s not safe to be walking home in your condition”

Gert pushed Todd away from her. She took a few steps back into the kaçak iddaa bar.

“Did you hear those bastards talking about my underwear? Bunch of fucking freaks,” she slurred, weaving as she stood by the pool table.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Gawddamit! Cut the ma’am shit too! And they blue.”

“I…excuse me?”

“I said my panties are blue and they boy shorts.” With that, Gertrude Allenby wiggled her skirt up over her full hips, revealing her powder blue lacy boy shorts.

At 5′ 7″ and 177 pounds, she had all the curves in all the right places for your average man. In her Louisiana home, her skin color was called high yellow. She was an extremely light skin, almost white, African-American.

Her legs were bare and a creamy coffee with extra cream color. Despite their fullness, there was a small gap in her thighs just below her sex. They tapered down to well shaped calves. Her toes were painted coral. Her feet were small, dainty and encased in open toed ankle strap 4 inch black heels. Through the lace front of her panties, Todd could see a cleanly shaved Mons with a landing strip just above her pussy.

She COULD be a model, Todd thought, but for plus size clothes

Gert staggered a little as she pirouetted.

“And this that ass they all want.”

Gertrude Allenby’s behind was full and round. It stood out proudly from her thighs.

“Gert, you should sit down while I call you a cab.”

“What kind of fucking man are you,” she said, “I got my skirt up around my waist showing you all my goodies and you trying to get rid of me. You gay?”

Gert took a few tentative steps toward Todd. She reached out and grabbed his cock. Startled, Todd went to step back but her grip was too firm. He grasped her wrist and gently pulled her hand away.

“No, Gert, I’m not gay. But you ARE drunk.”

Still holding her wrist, Todd went to pull her toward a booth to sit down. However she stumbled and fell forward in his arms.

“They all think I’m an easy fuck. Wouldn’t fuck none of those gossipy bastards anyway.”

Todd sighed and lightly smacked her ass. Old girl got a nice body. He watched as she reached out with one hand, using the pool table for balance. She stood wide le g, her skirt still around her waist. She reached out and stroked his cock through his pants.

“Gert, don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“You think you all that, don’t you?” She assayed a lopsided grin.

Todd watched as Gert unzipped his pants. When she fumbled drunkenly trying to pull his cock out, he pushed her hand away and extracted it himself.

“This what you looking for?”

Gert’s head moved back and forth as she tried to focus. She unconsciously licked her lips. “Nice cock,” she mumbled.

Using Todd’s legs for balance, she slid to her knees. She looked up at him smiling and kissed the head of his cock. Her tongue slid sensuously over the slit.

“Gert, you drunk! Let me get you a cab before you do something you’ll regret.”

“Ain’t gona regret it. Those Ford guys just don’t know. There are some nights I wished they took turns letting me suck them off. Then they could all fuck me right here on this pool table.”

She inhaled Todd’s cock. Her head bobbed a few times. She looked up into Todd’s unreadable face.

“I get so tired of being Missus uptight fucking Allenby! I get so tired of kissing White folks ass I could just puke!”

Todd put his hand on Gert’s head and looked down at her. “And when we do whatever it is we do, you gona still be Mrs. Allenby in the morning.”

“Yeah and I’ll be your boss! But tonight I’m just Gert who needs some cock. Come on, Todd! Fuck Gert tonight!”

Todd took her hand and pulled her to her feet. He gripped her around her waist, picked her up and sat her on the pool table.

Gert fell back on the pool table. Her legs flew in the air. She smiled up at him. When she tried to remove her panties, he stopped her.

“Leave ’em on! I’ll push them to the side. “

Todd stepped between her creamy thighs. He grasped his cock and slid it up and down her slit. Gert gasped as it slid across her clit. He slid his cockhead across her slippery hole, stopping when he touched her winking brown eye.

Gert raised one hand and placed it in the middle of Todd’s chest, pushing him back.

“You don’t know me well enough to be fucking my ass. Maybe one day, but not tonight.”

Todd smiled as he stepped back between her legs. Gert wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him to her. She reached between them and took his cock in her hand and positioned it at her hole.

They held each other’s eyes as Todd slowly sank into her depths. Gertrude felt Todd bottom out against her cervix. She let on a slow sibilant hiss. She looked down and saw that fully two inches of his cock was not in her. She could see her wetly gleaming swollen labia stretched around his tool.

“One day, you say” Todd smiled as he slowly pumped in and out of her tight cunt. ” You kaçak bahis gona want more, Gert? Or is this just to get you off and send you home to your husband.”

Gert leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Todd’s neck. She scooted her ass back and forth on the edge of the pool table, meeting Todd’s slow deep strokes. Shivers ran through her body as the top of his cock slid across her pulsing G-spot.

“I ain’t no slut,” Gert breathed, relishing the pain/pleasure of Todd’s massive tools.

Todd stopped with the head of his cock just splitting her pussy lips. Each time Gert tried to push forward, he pulled back.

“You gona be my slut.”

Gert looked into Todd’s eyes. Her exertions were causing her to sober up. She glanced quickly around the empty bar. She felt the head of Todd’s cock slowly push back in her and stop.

“What you want, Sumbitch? I’m fucking you in this funky ass bar and you want me to do what? Say I’m your slut?”

Todd sank into Gert’s pussy until he felt his balls slap against her ass. He stopped pressing forward to maintain the pressure in her but not thrusting.

“That’s what you want. All I’m saying is you need to say it. Say it, Gert! Say I’m your bitch.”

Gert moaned loudly as Todd pumped hard into her several times. Then he slowed, using several long slow strokes. She leaned forward, her head resting on his shoulder. Through eye slits, she could see that now he had all of his cock in her. She could feel it bruising her cervix. There was an ache in her birth canal that could not be described as pain or pleasure. It permeated her body. This was fucking like she had not had in her 45 years. The next words she said startled Todd.

“I’m not on birth control. Fuck me hard and cum deep in me, like we was making a baby and I’ll be your bitch.”

Todd’s smiled broadened as he began to pump his hips with more vigor. The bar filled with the sound of flesh on flesh and the wet sloshing sounds of sex.

“Then say it bitch! Say I’m your bitch and I want your baby in my married pussy.”

Gert sat back on the edge of the pool table. She felt them settling into a rhythm. It felt good, incredibly good. And he wanted her.

“I’m your bitch, you sweet dick motherfucker! I’m your bitch and my married pussy is yours! Now make your bitch pregnant!”

Todd’s smile turned into a snarl as he tightly gripped Gert’s thrusting ass. They looked deep in each other’s eyes as they rutted. They were fucking like wild animals caught up in a mating ritual.

“I’m gona cum,” Gert snarled. The mask of lust on her face made her unrecognizable. “Cum with me, baby! Fill me up!”

“You want it, slut? You want it?”

“YESSSSS you good fucker! I want it! I want it!”

The tempo was rapid and hard. Gert felt the room swirl as her orgasm overtook her. Then, almost impossibly, she felt him swell in her. There was a moment of pain. Then they howled as one as he painted her womb with his seed. Gert’s head dropped to his shoulder still she thrusted and howled.

Finally, they collapsed against each other. Gert kept her legs wrapped tightly around Todd’s waist. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. They both perspired freely.

“Dam baby! That was amazing.”

“You ain’t no slouch yourself, Todd said stepping back. His semi hard cock plopped out of her pussy. Small rills of his rich white seed followed streaming wetly from her red swollen pussy lips, staining the wooded edge of the pool table.

Smiling, Todd step back to admire his work. Gert leaned back on the table supporting her body with her hands behind her

“So do I get the job at the country club,” Todd smiled?

“Yes… Yes! But you shouldn’t have come in me. I know what I said. But I’m not on any kind of birth control.”

“Then I had better clean my mess up.”

Todd leaned down and kissed her sweating belly. His tongue trailed across her shivering abdomen to her sweaty, come covered mons. He let his tongue flick snake like across her swollen dripping clit. Gert jerked spasmodically.

“Stop… Stop! I can’t take that. Stop!”

Todd watched as the inner lips of her pussy spasmed and a thick creamy liquid ran down her ass.

“Oh you bastard! You fucking bastard! I’m cumming again!”

Gert jerked spasmodically as Todd flicked his tongue over her sensitive clit. Todd relished the musky taste of their combined fluids. To him there was no better taste in the world.

Gert pushed him away and slid off the pool table. She staggered and Todd had to grab her to keep her from falling. She fell forward against him breathing heavy.

“Now it’s your turn to clean me up,” Todd said.

She leaned back against the pool able, a small smile on her face. Then she dropped to her knees. She grasped Todd’s cock with one hand and licked it from his balls to the crown.

“I like this taste,” she said as she swallowed his cock, running her tongue around his girth.

“Good thing, he said moaning, “Every time we fuck, we’ll lick each other clean.”

Later, Todd helped Gert into the cab. She watched his tight ass move sinuously as he walked cat like back into the closed bar. Lawd! That is a lot of good dick there!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32