The Honeymoon Fantasy Suite

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Poop and pee fetish material ahead. If this isn’t your thing then too bad for you, you are really missing out. My previous stories also have this content. As always, only female scat, no eating or smearing.

This is my 7th story. My goal is to write stand alone stories which are erotic on their own, but all of my stories so far intertwine with each other with recurring characters and references to previous stories.

If you would like additional context please check out my previous submissions.


All characters are 21+


Previously by Dr_AWES0ME on Literotica.

“Thanks sissy, we found it just in time! I was just about to pee my pants.”

“What? It’s not like both of you haven’t seen a big turd before. What’s the big deal?”

“That’s okay Aimee, just go in the water, Matthew will drain it.”

“Mmm, it tastes good babe, let Tia try some.”

“I call middle!”

And now…

We’ve gotten into the habit of drinking lots of water for health… and other reasons…

Together we drank almost 3 pitchers of water at dinner. I could tell she was growing uncomfortable as the waiter brought our card back.

“Do you need to go now baby?” I asked Mia, my cute 5’0″ tall 110 pound asian with luscious brown hair, perky well proportioned boobs, and an incredible plump round butt.

“No… I can hold it until we get back.”

Our hotel was about 5 minutes walk from the restaurant and she wanted to hurry, but I was playfully holding her hand and holding her back.

“Babe! I gotta pee! Do you want me to just pee right here?”

“Maybe, haha. Okay, let’s jog.”

As we went up the elevator shaft, Mia was holding her pee and dancing in desperation.

We got to our floor and I jokingly fumbled with the key card at our door.

“Baby… I gotta piss so bad…” Mia pleaded in desperation.

“Okay okay, I got it.”

I opened the door and immediately went to the bathroom, took off all of my clothes, and got into the large jacuzzi tub and started the water.

Mia rushed into the bathroom completely naked and got up and stood on the edge of the jacuzzi tub as I got into position on my knees and looked up. I could see that Mia’s lower belly was visibly distended due to her bursting full bladder. She spread her pussy lips and immediately began pissing a thick clear stream all over my chest. I raised up and got my mouth into the stream and filled up before taking a big gulp. Then Mia filled my mouth again, and again… finally I just held my mouth in the stream and began drinking as much as I could. Mia just kept on pissing, and I kept on drinking. After about 40 seconds Mia sighed in relief and the stream finally came to a stop and yalova escort I sat down onto my back.

Based on my previous experiences, I would estimate that Mia would have overflowed a big 750 ml wine bottle with her delicious golden nectar.

I am of the opinion that well hydrated hot girl piss straight from the source tastes better than champagne, and much much better than beer, and for me is highly erotic. I’ve actually started to really enjoy it, but it definitely is an acquired taste, so I would advise you just to taste at first and go slow if this interests you.

Perhaps an establishment like this already exists underground in Thailand or something, but I think it would be wildly popular to open a “piss bar.”

I envision scantily clad waitresses of various ethnicities who pee in their own jugs throughout the day and provide their fresh piss to be used in various cocktails, or straight up, or shots, or just diluted in water with sugar etc.

The menu would have full nude frontals and rears of all the waitresses and you get to select whose piss you would like in your drink. More popular waitresses being more expensive.

Perhaps there could be an option for like $500 and up to get a table dance from the selected waitress and have her shaking her ass right in your face as she pisses directly into your glass.

I would personally open a business like this if it wasn’t I assume highly illegal due to health code violations and other things I’m sure.

Anyway, back to the story.

Mia got in the jacuzzi next to me and we lay on our backs as the water slowly filled. I was near full erection and angled my cock towards Mia and started pissing my clear stream all over her sexy body. She giggled and opened her mouth and I angled it up and pissed harder right into her mouth. It feels so good taking a nice long piss… especially right into a hot girl’s mouth. My stream lasted for about 50 seconds and she mostly just let it cascade down onto her tits, but she did drink a little bit.

“Mmm, that was a lot of piss baby… I wonder how much piss we had together?”

“Probably at least 6 cups.” I estimated.

After about 10 minutes in the tub Mia says, “I need to poop baby…”

I lift the plug and start the water draining.

“I kinda want to poop on you…”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah… i wanna take a big shit… right on your chest…”

“Stand up and straddle me baby…” I say as I reach for my phone.

Mia gets up and straddles me facing away so i can see her round cute little asian buns and I hit record.

She straightens her legs while bending forward, putting her hands on her shins and lets out a deep, loud, sexy fart.

Mia sighed in relief and yalova escort bayan then bent her knees a little which spread her butt cheeks slightly so i could see her asshole.

Mia let out another hissy fart and her asshole immediately began to open up to about a half an inch in diameter before a hard brown tip emerged.

Mia slowly pushed out about 4 inches of perfectly textured poop in this position before squatting down lower, hovering about 7 inches above my chest as I stroked my cock in my right hand and recorded with my phone in my left.

It was easier for Mia to poop in this position and her turd immediately grew another 3 inches so the tip rested on my chest. Mia continued to push out even more, causing her log to bow as the tip started snaking its way towards me. A total of 10 inches finally pinched off and fell onto my stomach with an audible smack.

My rock hard penis was soaked in pre-cum and Mia reached down and grabbed it from the base and squeezed gently as she slowly stroked up the shaft, gathering a pool of clear slippery lubricant onto the fat mushroom shaped head of my cock. She moaned as she ran her delicate fingers back and forth over the ridge of my cock head and I was ready to shoot a huge load for her on her command.

Mia then pulled my cock forward and released it so it smacked my stomach less than half an inch from the thick turd she had just laid on my chest. She did this again three more times before angling me towards her and she impaled herself on me all the way to my balls.

Mia then spun around to face me while I was still inside of her and she looked at her work of art for the first time.

I put my phone down, but left it recording for the sound as Mia leaned forward onto her knees and looked into my eyes and began riding me slowly as her firm breasts hung down and swayed directly over her masterpiece.

“Mmm, did you like that baby? It felt so good… did you like my loud fart?”

“Uh huh…”

“You like when I fart for you, dirty boy? Fart right in your face?”

“Yeah…” I moaned.

“Mmm, I love pissing in your mouth… Drink my fucking piss… so much piss… so much piss…”


“Mmm, I can feel that you’re so hard baby… so thick… you wanna cum? Shoot a huge load on my thick turd?

“Fuck baby… I need to cum…” I said.

“Cum in me… cum in me…”

“Oh fuck…”

“You like watching me shit dirty boy? Take a big fat shit? It felt so good… Oh god… it’s such a huge turd… you like my big fat turds baby? You like when its a big fat log like Aimee’s? Remember when Aimee dumped a huge turd in our hot tub? Took a big fat shit out of her fat ass? Remember when she farted right in your escort yalova face?

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum inside you…”

“Oh god… do it… piss on me. I want your fucking piss. Piss all over me. I want to drink your piss right out of your fucking cock…

“Oh god yeah…”

Remember when you pissed in Tia’s mouth? Let Tia drink your fucking piss baby…”

I could feel Mia’s pussy tensing up and getting tighter, squeezing my cock as she rode me up and down.

“I want you to send Tia a picture of your turd on my chest…” I told Mia.

“Yeah baby… get your cock in it too… Tia loves your fat cock head.”

“I want to drink Tia’s piss so bad…”

“Yeah, drink Tia’s piss… drink it… drink all of her piss… I bet you wish Aimee and Tia were here right now…”

“Oh yeah baby… just have them right here… standing over us… watching us fuck…”

“I want them to piss on us baby… they’re pissing all over us… they’re pissing on us fucking…”

“Do Aimee and Tia have to poop too?”

“They really have to poop bad baby… They’ve been holding it for us. You want Aimee and Tia to shit on you?”

I just looked Mia in the eyes and nodded.

“Okay, Tia says she’s ready, but she has to fart first. Do you want Tia to fart in your face baby?

I just nod.

“Tia’s standing over you in her pink g-string and squats down so her ass is right in your face. She wants you to lick her asshole. You pull her g-string out of her butt crack and to the side as she spreads her ass cheeks. You get your tongue to her asshole and she rips a deep, loud fart right in your face.”

“Oh god baby…”

“You watch Tia’s turd start to come out… she’s shitting on top of my shit baby… A 12 inch long shit… right on your fucking chest.

“I’m gonna cum…”

Now Aimee is squatting in front of you and you bury your face in her fat ass. She tells you to open your mouth as you see her fat turd start to come out…”

“Oh shit baby, I wanna make you cum… squirt for me baby…” I said.

“Cum in me baby. I wanna cum at the same time.”

“Yeah baby… cum for me… squirt all over my face…”

I lifted Mia up onto her toes and started thrusting hard accompanied by the sloshing sound of her ready to burst pussy.

“Look at my poop baby… I want you to cum to my poop dirty boy. It’s such a big fucking poop… It felt so fucking good taking a such a big fat poop on youuuuuuuuaaaaaaaah!!!”

I began shooting a huge load inside Mia as her pussy pressurized and shot my cock out with a spraying torrent of squirt all over her turd and my face.

That was the first time I came in Mia without protection.

Mia got up while reaching for my phone and stood over me. She took some pictures of my cock with her turd from a few different angles while I was still hard. Then Mia stepped out of the jacuzzi.

“Now clean this up you filthy boy…”

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