The Hole

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When this story occurred I was about 18, my step-sister, the object of my observations, was a freshman in college. I was just starting to explore my own sexuality, and the nice round B sized cups of my sister were a good place to start. She was about 5′ 2″, dirty blond hair; blue eyes and a petite but rounded body. Not big enough to be fat, but a little bit of meat on her so not to be boney, so that when you really start to fuck her, you have a little bit of padding to hit, and the slapping of your ass on her’s is a loud smack, smack smack. But I digress…

This was the first time I saw her in the shower. I had seen her change before, in her room, from under her bed. The bed was not quite tall enough, it was only 5 inches high with a sheer bed skirt, just enough to obscure the boxes, or people under the bed. I couldn’t quite fit under there with enough space to see my sister’s mirror, in front of which she changed. Well, the whole point was to see her in front of the mirror, as when she came out of the shower she was only in a short little towel, barely covering that cute little 19 year old ass of hers. From under the bed, you could barely make out though the sheer bed skirt her ass and her awesome tits. But not her pussy, you could never see her pussy because every time she would come out of the shower, walk into her room, drop her towel, and then bam panties. At first I was amazed by only her tits, but the urge to see her pussy became immeasurable.

My sister’s tits were the best thing I had ever seen. They are basically big B’s, but as we all know there is a range of great tits. There are the ones that barely make the B level, only to satisfy the girls that they aren’t an A, and there are the perfectly formed B sized tits that are a little bit bigger then your palm, squeeze through your fingers as you rub them, barely squeezing though. My sister’s were the larger of the two, but with tiny nipples. Little pink nipples. Oh, these were the greatest thing ever, but no pussy.

At this point I had my ‘under the bed routine’ down. It was simple. I would hear my older freshman sister start the water next to my room and then it was time to go to work. At this time I knew she was stripping down, taking off the bras and panties I had already come in. At this point I had made a point of jerking off in all of her underwear, stealing it from the clean laundry, and coming in the crotch so that my come constantly resided next to her cunt. I figured it was only a little crispy, usually wore our so that her juices were constantly intermingling with my sperm. So as I thought of her little pussy being striped of my come filled panties, I would grab the four blocks of 2″ by 6″ wood I had stashed, and carefully and intentionally cut, from inside my desk.

Then I would sneak into her room as she showered. The plan was basically to come in, put a block under each leg, sneak under her bed, then watch her undress when she cam out of the shower. Well, there were complications. First, the extra 1.5″ of room neither creates a lot of room nor allows for extra visibility from under the bed. As much as you would like to, and god knows I did, stick your head out and take a look around, you have to stay behind the little sheer bed skirt, and see what you could see.

Well, at first this looked like looking out from under her bed and looking at her door, which was to right of her dresser. The dresser had her bras and panties in it, the ataşehir escort bayan frequent target of my raids. It was also where she changed. So the plan involved looking from under the bed towards the dresser and the mirror. Here is where I saw my sister sizing herself up, examining her beautiful tits, playing with them casually, and then putting on a bra. Of course after the bra went on, the interest decreased but the commitment could not.

I was now under a bed, not able to go to the bathroom, sneeze, and drink or do anything else. I watched my sister try on cloths, different bras, tight black pants, jeans, or skirts. I was in a divine hell watching my sister change, nude, barely clad, and listen to her talk to her girlfriends about her most intimate secrets. You were trapped and this meant that the 1-2 minutes of greatness left thirty to forty minutes of hiding and waiting. It was at the tail end of the last of under-bed expeditions that I decided I had to step it up a level.

My sister had come out of the shower and I was under her bed. Sneaking and looking around but nothing. From my position I couldn’t see shit. I would hear noises, but nothing. She was to the right of the bed, outside of my view because when you were under the short bed you couldn’t look either way because your head was trapped either to the left or right because the low height of the bed made it impossible to turn without pushing up the bed. So I was trapped looking left towards the mirror in front of which my sister would display herself, but there was obviously something, at least a lot of noise to my right where I couldn’t see. So I was left to make a decision, either turn my head and see what was to my right and squeeze my head into the bed as it rotates, possibly disturbing the bed, my sister, and giving away my position. Or, I can stay where I am and miss the action.

You know which one I chose. I looked right risking her possibly feeling my head from under the mattress (It turns out ‘actually felt’ as my sister has later told me…). What I saw was hot, mysterious and inaccessible. Her legs were spread apart and moving a little bit. Moving a little bit, more of a shaking, and I could feel her wiggling above me on the mattress. She kept moving, squiggling, and then the muffled squealing and moaning started. I knew she was masturbating, fingering herself, pleasuring herself. Something I’d heard of but never was able to see. Also, the way my head was facing, the complete opposite of the direction I was looking, I couldn’t relive myself by jerking off and simply had to sit there. So I sat there, tortured, under her bed as my sister fingered herself furiously on her bed, squealing, moaning, and wiggling above me with her thrashing transferring itself through the mattress into my trapped body that could not be relived because I was trapped. As my sister’s fingers finally brought her to orgasm directly above me, she moaned and finally came in the empty house, eventually getting dressed in front of her mirror where I would have been able to see here if I’d still been turning left. At this point I didn’t care, I needed to see my sister’s pussy.

So I turned to the random piece of military paraphernalia from my father’s career that explained various surveillance techniques. The one I selected was developed by East Germany based on the Kodak Pinhole Camera. The camera that Kodak invented is a pinhole, with a makeshift shutter, and escort kadıköy film behind it in a completely black box. I only stole the first part, but after seeing what I had seen I wished (still to this day) that I’d had the film and not my eye in it. Regardless, the East Germans were notorious for spying on each other (1 in 6 of the population was employed in some way by the Stazi) and developed interesting and cheap ways to do so. One of those took advantage of the construction of drywall, which is that there is paper on both sides with a composite in the middle. The method is to remove one side of the drywall, slowly and silently remove the composite between the layers, leaving only the paper on the interior of the wall.

So then, you just poke a hole in the paper and watch the action. If you set up a proper Kodak camera, you can see the Kodak website, and then you can have a proper photo but I never did. I only looked through the hole in my wall, hidden behind a poster, and looked out of the hole next to my sister’s mirror. It should have been the best location ever, looking over where she changed, but only her unbelievable tits. Whenever she left the shower, she had panties on under her towel. The work on the hole was useless, all I got was what I already had but with a worse view. Although the hole is very discrete it does not give a great view, and the goal of my whole enterprise was to see her pussy. I’d never seen a pussy outside of the internet and this was the time. No matter what.

My plan was risky but possible. Our rooms were on the top floor, only the attic was above our rooms, and the only way into the attic was a fold down ladder from the ceiling, which happened to bed between my sister’s room and the bathroom where she showered. So, she would have to leave her room, go into the shower, I would leave my hiding spot in the closest closet (It provided the best access to the ladder in the hall, less moving on the floor and its squeaks, and most importantly gave her the feeling she was alone in the house because I wasn’t in my room which was conspicuously open). After I left the closet, I’d pull down the door and ladder, which I’d have already had greased to avoid noise, and then pull it up. After that, I moves silently, which was a challenge, over the shower. Then I moved the insulation out of the way and looked down through the hole I’d provided like the one in my room directly down into the shower and onto my sister.

Bingo. I win. I got the view I wanted, finally with the water running over my 20 yr old sister’s unbelievable body and I had finally seen my sister’s pussy. Well, bush, as she had a furry bush. It was my first bush and I didn’t have anything to compare it to so that the fact that it was hidden under all of her bushy hair surprised me. It still surprises me, a little girl like that with a ton of hair covering her pussy was amazing. I laid there in my perch of plywood, looking through the drywall, surrounded by insulation, rubbing my cock and watching my sister shower from above her.

At first she just stood under the water naked, it running over her 110 pound five foot two inch body. Those great B’s getting soaked down. Then she started to run through the normal shower activities, first soaking down her hair. Then her outstretched body rubbing the shampoo into her hair. Her hands were above her body, her 20-year old tits perking out from her chest as she rubbed the shampoo into her bostancı escort hair. She rubbed down her hair in the water then soaked down her body before she got ready to wash herself. She rubbed down her body with soap, starting at her chest, then rubbing her tits, playing with them seductively, rubbing down her pink nipples, as she worked her way down her stomach. Her breasts shivered as she cleaned her stomach. Then she rubbed down her ass and legs bending over, giving me the first view of my sister’s unbelievable ass crack. As she bent over to clean her cute little asshole, it peaked out at me, which sent me over the edge. I came instantly, spewing come all over my hand and the two by four next to my perch. That was it, I’d seen her pussy and my mission was accomplished, then she started shaving her legs.

She shifted the water from the shower to the tub where it ran into the tub, got her shaving supplies and started shaving her legs. Well, as far as I was concerned this fell into the category of me having to wait until she was done, and then escape to secure my position. My sister started shaving, up and down her legs, the thing that really kept me into it was her shaving the edges of her raging bush. She would come up, rub herself with some cream and water, rub herself, the shave of the edges. After she was done shaving her legs, her bush still stuck out, she wasn’t quite to the level where she started shaving her pussy.

After she was done, I figured the water from the tub spout would be turned off, she would go back to her room, she would leave for whatever sexual accouter she had scheduled herself for, and I’d escape down the ladder and back to my room. This was the plan until she squatted down. What was she thinking? What was she doing? I’d seen her shower, shave, and all of the other typical shower activities. What was she doing? She got down into the running water, stretched herself out and rubbed her cunt. Outstanding, I was finally getting to see her finger herself; I got the show missed from under the bed.

But no fingering, she positioned herself spread-eagle under the faucet, with her pussy directly under the water. Its hard to explain how hot a 20 year old looks reverse straddling a faucet, with her cunt little tits perking up, her body squirming, and water rubbing down her furry bush. Leave it to say, its hot. My cock was immediately hard regardless of me having just come.

I’d never seen anything like it, my sister rubbing her tits, her thighs, between her legs, as the water ran through her legs. At first she squirmed as she started to come, her upper body wiggling, seeing her grab furiously at her own tits, leaving mars with her nail’s as she pinched her own tits. Then she started to really come,. Her body jerking up and down, splashing in the shallow water. It was unbelievable. I jerk off and its more of a procedure, waiting my sister fucking the bath tub faucet was like a evangelical experience for her, she was clearly seeing another world. She shifted, wiggled, and then shivered as she came. She laid there, water gently caressing her pussy with her fingers as the water ran over it.

I blew my load again during her masturbation session, and I laid there as I watched her exit the shower, get dried and squared away naked. Then she put her panties on and her towel around her, the problem that led me to create my ceiling mounted solution. She got dressed and left.

My final view of my sister, whenever I see her, is her wide open below the faucet coming ferociously. I’ll see her at a family outing, and the only question I have is if she has shaven that giant bush down, or more likely shaved it. I can only hope, plot, and wait and soon I will know.

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