The Hidden Room

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We do not always see what is right under our noses…

My name is Mark, and at the time of this experience, I was about 40 years old. I am nothing to shout about in the looks department, being fairly tall, 6’6″ to be precise, reasonably fit from playing rugby regularly, and being generously endowed.

I was also single at the time, my ex-wife having left me for someone not married to their business, which regularly saw me putting in 12–14 hour days. I loved my work, which is the reason she left me, but hey, that was my own fault!

I own and run a small but profitable insurance brokerage, which has grown in the ten years of my control.

Within the business, I employ three insurance agents, two administrators, and an office manager/PA by the name of Tracey, the star of this story.

As the business started to grow, Tracey was the first person I employed, and she very quickly took on all the administrative functions of the office, and over time she had become invaluable to me, my right hand lady!

Over the years, I got Tracey more involved in the business, and came to request and accept her opinions and advice on most matters, from business decisions to employment of new staff members. Perhaps it was her female intuition but she rarely made a bad decision.

Although Tracey was ten years my junior, she was very bright, good for the business but also very naïve in some ways.

Tracey stood about five feet two inches tall, weighed 115lbs, had a beautiful head of bouncy blonde hair, and all her curves were in the right places!

She was also single, never having a long-term relationship, which over the years surprised me.

At the time of this event, business was good, so there was a need to find larger premises. Nothing too big, but big enough to cope with my growing staff. I also wanted high street frontage and room for expansion.

We put feelers out, talking to a number of real estate agents with whom we had good relations. Very soon, Tracey came up with a shortlist of three properties.

One I eliminated straight away, which left two for Tracey to view. Unfortunately, my work schedule prevented me from visiting any sites with her.

However, I trusted Tracey. She knew the area very well, and the building survey went well, so I felt quite confident with her recommendation.

Friday came and I completed the purchase, picked up the keys from the estate agents, and after locking the old office, went to have a look at our new premises.

Having been empty for some time it was full of dust and cobwebs but it was mine! It was a step in the right direction for my business. I was feeling quite proud of myself!

Just as I was taking in a deep breath, sticking my chest out, feeling very happy with myself, the front door pushed opened, and in came Tracey, along with a bottle of bubbly and two glasses.

“I couldn’t let you celebrate alone!” She boasted, stepping inside with a smile on her face almost as broad as mine.

Gone was her normal business suit, having been replaced by a short sleeve T shirt and mini-skirt, both of which fit like a glove!

It suddenly dawned on me how pleased I was she was here to capture the moment with me.

We opened the bubbly and drank a toast. Then I wanted to explore. I had purchased this property sight unseen, so I wanted to see what I got for the money. With Tracey and the bubbly in tow, we looked around.

It was a two-storey bahis firmaları building; three offices were upstairs, all very normal. The show room, storeroom, and kitchen were on the street level. At least that’s what the paperwork described.

Whilst looking in the storeroom, a wooden panel caught my eye. After closer inspection and moving some old file boxes, the panel looked to be held in place by some sliding bolts.

After a curious glance between the two of us, I slid the bolts, revealing a door, hidden behind the wooden panel.

My heart was pounding as I leaned against the door, twisting the knob until it opened. After a bit of searching I found a light switch, which when turned on revealed a set of steps leading down to a basement.

I had purchased a three-storey building and certainly wanted to see what was in the basement.

As I carefully walked down the flight of steps with Tracey looking over my shoulder it became apparent the previous owner had used this space for activities unrelated to their business!

To our surprise, in the centre of the room was a king sized bed. Various racks were on the sidewalls. There was a separate toilet, sink and shower area and something rather unique that caught my eye, a set of old fashioned village stocks!

The ones where a person would be bent at the waist with their head put in a centre opening and the wrists put into two opposite holes, rendering them helpless once it was closed and locked!

Tracey, in her naivety said, “A bedroom, obviously the previous owner stayed here from time to time.”

I was holding back laughter at her innocence. She was completely oblivious to the fact that this was the previous owner’s private dungeon! Hence the reason why it was so well hidden.

“What are those wooden things over there?” She asked, pointing to the stocks! “What are they doing in a bedroom?”

“They are called stocks,” I answered blankly. I did not know if I should be laughing or be embarrassed.

“Well, what are they doing in a bedroom, and what are they for?” She questioned.

Rather than trying to explain, I thought I would show her, so I opened the stocks and beckoned her over to me.

“Come over here and stand on this box, bend at the waist and put your head and hands into the holes.”

Even at this stage, nothing more than showing Tracey how the stocks worked was going through my mind, but that was soon to change.

Standing on the box, she duly bent at the waist putting her head and hands into the appropriate openings, whereupon I closed the stock rendering her helpless.

The stocks were designed not to be too uncomfortable so Tracey was able to talk to me without any discomfort what so ever.

“I still can’t work out why someone would have some stocks in their bedroom,” she commented again.

I thought it only fair to put her out of her misery, “It’s not a bedroom as we both have at home, it was the previous owner’s secret room, where he would have brought his partners for sexual reasons.”

A quizzical look came over her face, and you could see the penny dropping, “But what do these stocks have to do with sex?”

Rather than trying to explain, I thought I would show her.

Moving behind her I whispered, “Well, the person in the stocks was probably the right height for some rear-entry action.”

I could feel myself getting rather embarrassed but it was at that instance I started to see Tracey kaçak iddaa in a completely different light. No longer the professional PA or right hand woman, but a very attractive young lady who was in just the right position!

Still confused by my explanation, she simply said, “Show me because I cannot understand what you mean.”

I positioned myself behind her backside, putting both hands on her hips, drawing myself as close as I dared.

Bear in mind, no sexual contact had ever taken place between us. I think I was shaking more than she was but for a different reason.

“Well, that’s not very sexual,” She said with obvious disappointment.

I took another deep breath, similar to the one I took when she first walked into the shop, and thought what the hell. She wants me to show her, so I will!

I think that was the point where Tracey realized she was ideally positioned for some rear-entry action, as she wiggled her backside at me, brushing against the front of my trousers, causing an obvious stiffening of my dick.

“Ideally the person in the stocks would be undressed from the waist down.” I said, proceeding to lift Tracey’s short skirt up around her waist, where I was greeted by a pair of perfect cheeks encased in a pair if French knickers. These were soon sliding south over her perfect legs, all the while not a word was being spoken by either of us, just body language.

I dropped to my knees to remove her knickers completely, being at the perfect height to inspect her pink glistening slit and rosebud of an asshole.

The temptation was too great, I had to taste her!

Edging forward, my tongue was at the ideal height to kiss her perfect place, and the moment my tongue hit the target Tracey exhaled a huge sigh along with a, “that feels good.”

I may have been uncertain about what I was doing but that was all the encouragement I needed!

Licking from her rosebud along her labia, she was soon letting me know she was enjoying the attention with her slick womanly juices covering my lips. Her legs opened slightly wider, allowing me more room, and my probing tongue soon found her pearl of a clit, standing proud and seeking attention. Up and down, my tongue explored her slit, her lips becoming more engorged with every pass, opening up the fleshy walls and the treasures held within.

Old habits came flooding back as I speared her hole with my tongue bringing with it a satisfied moan of pleasure from Tracey.

After what seemed like an eternity, I eased a finger into her very snug pussy, searching the depths for her G spot. I found the little mound which I duly caressed, and at the same time my thumb was in the perfect position to caress her rosebud of an arsehole. Holding her clit gently between my teeth I flicked the nub with my tongue until I felt her start to tremble, and cover my face in her womanly juices, which I sucked down with enthusiasm.

Once she calmed down, I went to stand at the front of the stocks, looking at Tracey, who’s head was at my waist height. I bent down and kissed her full on the lips, letting her taste her juices on my lips. Because she was still held within the stocks, she couldn’t move her hands at all, but she could move her head and although I asked her if she wanted me to unlock the stocks she asked, “What about the rear entry action?”

Thinking I had just done quite well in looking after her needs, this was a little like red rage to a bull, kaçak bahis so I decided to give her something she would remember forever.

Still standing in front of her, I took off my shirt & tie, laying them on the king sized bed, then I proceeded to remove my shoes, socks and trousers, just leaving me standing in my boxers.

Her eyes were glued to my groin and although only half hard she was unsure of what was contained within and what she was going to get!

When I dropped my shorts, Tracey sucked in all the air that was in the room, or at least that’s what it sounded like, as her eyes lit up. That was all the encouragement my third eye needed to get to full size!

“I always knew you kept a snake down there and this proves it, so what about that rear entry action?” She taunted.

Who was I to refuse?

“Take it easy though, it’s been some time since my hole has been exercised, and certainly never by anything as big and broad as that!”

Moving slowly behind Tracey, I bent down giving her fanny a few more licks, getting her as moist as possible, and when my dick was as hard as it has ever known, I proceeded to stand, taking aim.

The moment the head of my dick touched her love tube she shuddered to another mini orgasm, so I just held myself there, my hands resting on her hips, holding her while she experienced what was to be the second of many orgasms she was to have that night!

Once she had settled down, I started to ease myself forward, gently forcing the head of my dick inside her slick but snug cunt. The feeling was gorgeous and the sighs coming from Tracey was telling me she was enjoying it as well.

Back then very gently forward, my dick started to enter her, stopping tight after only three inches were inside her. I reached round and started flicking her clit, which seemed to make her relax, as the next time I pushed forward I had six inches buried in what was the tightest and warmest fanny it had ever been my pleasure to fuck. One last time I almost fully withdrew and slid my dick forward, not stopping until I was fully embedded.

Tracey was starting to shake again, so I stayed still while she enjoyed another mini orgasm, clenching me with the walls of her fuck hole, making her feel even tighter if that was possible.

It was at this time I thought it best to undo the stocks just in case in was getting uncomfortable for her, but I needn’t have worried she stayed in exactly the same position.

Once she had calmed down, I started to fuck her in earnest, quick quick, slow… shallow, deep deep, keeping the variations going it wasn’t long before I felt my balls begin to tremble and knew I didn’t have long to go, and from the groans Tracey was letting out she was gearing up for the biggie.

By now, the sweat was running off both of us as I hammered into her, and as I approached my orgasm she said, “Come in me, please come in me, I’m almost there!”

So once again who was I to disappoint the lady!

The first tremble from her fanny sent me over the edge, and with one last thrust, I was buried in her letting go with what seemed like gallons of spunk, and the way she tightened around my cock I knew she had come as well.

After we had come down from our sexual high, we both just stayed in the same position, getting our breath back, and both coming to terms with what we had just done. I gently held her hips, looking at the downy hair that covered her skin whilst I felt our mixed juices running out of her, coating my balls and thighs.

Eventually, my now deflated dick plopped from her hole, to a final sigh from Tracey.

This would change everything between us or would it?

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