The Girlfriend Experience Ch. 08

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Topic: Here Goes Nothing…

Private Message to: Pamela_HER

From: ChazWazzle

Here Goes Nothing…

Sent: July 20, 2018, 6:14am PST

Dearest Pamela,

Another message from me! I promise I won’t keep bombarding you like this. I know you’re busy and don’t want to be a nuisance. But I’ve done a lot of research on brothels and the women who work at them since our date, and I’d like to apologize if I said or asked you to do anything that was offensive or out of your comfort zone (same goes for Scarlett and I’ll send her a similar apology). Seems to me most working ladies HATE their job and do it strictly for the money, and I know you’ve been doing this for twelve long years. We’re from different ends of the spectrum, so PLEASE remember this. I was a virgin until age thirty-six, just three days ago, and wanted to try so many different things with you. I have no experience and you, I now realize, have too much.

There’s no way you can enjoy your job the way you say you do. No way. I’ve read all about working ladies and how they do certain things during parties to survive and make it to the end in one piece. I am glad you’re not a heavy drinker and refuse to touch drugs like so many others do.

Still, you must be desensitized. I remember Scarlett drinking alcohol nonstop during our overnight party. I understand why now. She did that to cope with the stress, right? I feel guilty now for asking for so much from the two of you.

I will not use my masturbator toy and think about you at night like I said I would. That was stupid of me to say and offensive. I told you I often speak without thinking and am disgusted with myself now. And I’m being truthful, Pamela. I won’t ever think about you that way again.

I was just being honest with what I said.

That’s me. Honest to a fault.

I meant what I said halfway through our first party on Tuesday, too — I would’ve been happy to snuggle and do nothing but talk for the rest of it. But I’m a man with urges and won’t have sex again until I see you at the end of September. That’s a long time out after the joy I experienced. That’s why I kept going. I was living in the moment but now realize maybe you weren’t, and that troubles me like you wouldn’t believe.

I’M NOT UPSET! You (and Scarlett) still get a 5,000-star review regardless, and I still want to come back in the future. I’m serious, I want you to be happy and comfortable. Next time, if you’d simply like to snuggle and talk (you seemed to enjoy that the most) and keep our clothes on most or all of the time, I’d be happy to oblige. We don’t even have to have sex! I’ll still purchase as many hours as I can. Perhaps I’ll keep you away from a not-nice client (you said you have many of those) and I will treat you with class, dignity, and respect, unlike him. You deserve the best! Let the other client see someone else.

I care about you, Pamela, more than you’ll ever know.

You said you have time off coming up in three weeks and have the freedom to go wherever you want. Please consider visiting me in Detroit. We could be platonic friends. You may be apprehensive because I’m a customer, but I know in my heart I could make you happy. You told me you’re one hundred percent single. I wouldn’t expect anything physical from you. You could come here and relax for a few days in a new place with someone who is non-judgmental and cares about you. I know you’d love visiting the Motown Museum and the riverfront. You love animals as well and would enjoy the zoo and Belle Isle Aquarium.

Do you know how awesome it would be for me to finally go to these places alongside someone? Everything I do, I do alone. It’s not fun. People were together at my cousin’s wedding last weekend. People were together on the flight I was on. Me? I’m all alone.


Your company would be well more than enough. I wouldn’t put a finger on you.

Everyone wants love, Pamela, and I know you do as well. You know you can trust me. At least, I hope you do. I want to be loved. I want to do silly things like the Beavis and Butthead dance and have fun with someone who cares about me equally. I may be all wrong (and probably am) but I felt so close to you. I sensed a connection with loads of potential. Please don’t discredit me because I’m a customer.

Colt, Jim, Scarlett, your friends Kayleigh and Nicolette, and all the other employees would never have to know about us. I’d never do a thing to jeopardize you or your career.

We seem like the perfect match. I want someone sweet and awesome and friendly and caring. You want someone who won’t judge you, wants to care about you, and treats you the way you deserve. All working ladies want that, right? You mentioned to me that true love has always run away from you because of your profession.

I’m here right, Pamela. And I want to run TO YOU, not away from you.

I’m not asking you to do anything but consider my offer. We can do this in small, incremental steps, and I’d ankarada yeni escortlar never pressure you. That’s why I’d like you to visit me first. I imagine you’ve been searching for love for quite a while, like I have, and I can give it to you. Will I need to change things about myself, improve myself? Yes, I will. And I will. I promise. I’ll do it for you.

Keep your job at the brothel, continue to save money for your future. I have no issue with you working there. If everything pans out, I’ll quit my job and move to Nevada or Miami so you and I could be together full-time. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

I’m going to shut up about you visiting me and won’t mention it again unless you do. There is a genuine opportunity for us here. I may be wrong; you may feel different. I can handle it if you do. You won’t hurt my feelings as long as whatever you say is the truth.

I will pull myself back if you’re not interested. Please don’t take this the wrong way and never want to see me again. You’re so special. I’ll still come to Flagstone if that’s all you allow, and I’ll treat you a million times better next time. I want you to relax, feel safe, and have an experience like you’ve never had with a customer. Lunch, cuddle, and talk. I enjoyed all the sex we had; I admit it, but enjoyed YOU more.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t push yourself away from me if you don’t like what I’m saying or offering. It would destroy me. Brothel Pamela is better than no Pamela. Again, being honest — what I am — I want Pamela’s heart to be mine if she’ll allow me to have it. I will cherish it, worship it, and always defend it. I want to give Pamela what she’s always been yearning for.

If she affords me the opportunity….

Please consider it.

If not, I’ll never mention it again.

Love always, Charlie

* * *

Oh. My. Gawwwwwd.” Scarlett placed both hands over her mouth and stepped back from the laptop monitor. “Wowwwww.” She turned and focused on Pamela, who was seated at the backgammon table in the recreation room looking confused, frustrated, and addled. “I told you last night, girl; Charlie is a creeper! He sent you fourteen e-mails in less than thirty-six hours before you’ve even responded to him once.” Scarlett skimmed through the private message on Pamela’s Happy Ending account one more time. “Wow. He’s fucking obsessed with you.”

Despite outward appearances, Pamela shrugged it off. “I don’t think Charlie is obsessed.” He’s lonely and emotional. With a little time, Pamela trusted he’d calm down and come back to his senses. “I agree, he went overboard, but it happens sometimes.” She tucked both hands beneath her thighs and glanced up at Scarlett with a fretful gaze. “This isn’t the first time a customer has fallen for me.”

It threw Pamela for a loop an hour ago when she first read the latest in a constant stream of e-mails from Charlie Winters. The possibility of having a stalker in this industry was a grim, dark reality, and a constant fear for every working girl. I have no issues connecting with a client on a personal level, but it makes me nervous when they ask to see me outside of work. That’s never going to happen.

Pamela pursed her lips together, considered things again, and shook her head. “I’ll take some time later and sit down, send Charlie an e-mail, and set him straight.” She massaged her temple, throbbing noticeably, with her thumb and index finger. “He doesn’t understand the way things work here, or our world. That’s all.”

“I’d be scared shitless if a customer sent an e-mail like that to me.” After the initial shock of reading that message, Scarlett kept her distance from the laptop as if were a burning oven. “Holy fuck. If I were you, Pam-Pam, I’d ignore him from now on. Don’t say another word to him.” Intensity radiated off of her. “Block his e-mail address and refuse to see him if he ever comes back to the house. Ask Colt to ban his account. Hell, ask Colt to call the sheriff if he ever comes back and have his creeper ass arrested for trespassing.” Scarlett’s high ponytail swished from side to side as she shook her head with conviction. “I’ll never see him again myself; not after reading that.

The expectation for all brothel customers, though an unwritten one, was to understand that a working girl’s professional and private lives were to be kept separate. That’s why exchanging personal information violated house rules. Not only at Happy Ending Ranch, but at every brothel in Nevada, period. No house would ever allow it.

The idea behind visiting a brothel was that it’s an adult playground where a customer can live out a fantasy. The client can lose his or her virginity in a safe environment, for example, where they won’t be ridiculed or judged (not to their face, at least).

Or perhaps a married man who has been with his wife for what may seem like forever can come to one and spice things up, and add a little bayan escort elvankent excitement to his routine, boring life. A married couple wants to try a wild, crazy adventure and enjoy a threesome. Maybe a bachelor wants to improve his game, so to speak, and get some practice.

Or, the most common reason, someone simply wants to get their rocks off with a gorgeous, highly skilled lover.

“I’ve never seen a trick go after a working girl this hard and heavy.” Scarlett cast a vicious glare at Pamela. “These fuckers need to realize that brothels are not where you go looking for your next wife or girlfriend. This isn’t Tinder; we’re not lonely and desperate like they are.”

Pamela crossed her arms and frowned. “But that’s happened before, Scarlett, and it’s led to successful real-life relationships and marriages. You know it has. It’s rare, but I’ve heard stories about girls who’ve fallen in love with a client and left the business to be with him full-time.

“We had a girl here eleven, twelve years ago, in fact, who had a loyal, recurring client. Her name was Brindle,” Pamela continued. “The client, Kevin, lived clear across the country but would still come to visit her every two to three months. He’d been doing it for years, long before I started working here, even. And Brindle was the only girl he was ever interested in seeing.

“Anyway, one day, Brindle took him to her room for a party. It was just like the dozens of times they’d partied together in the past. Nothing seemed different.

“But a few hours later, they walked out with all her bags packed and Brindle told Colt’s father, William, that she was quitting the house and moving off to North Carolina to be with her john. They were getting married.” Pamela witnessed that exchange firsthand and smiled at the fond, touching memory. She and Colt were dating and Brindle’s stunning declaration gave Pamela added hope that a bona fide relationship could materialize within a brothel and manifest itself into something spectacular. “Apparently, they’d been planning it through e-mail and text messages for quite a long time. Last I heard, Brindle and Kevin are living the high life near Charlotte. They’re married and have two children.

“Point is, I guess, clients aren’t the only ones who fall in love when they visit a brothel. Sometimes the provider does, too. I’ve heard stories about the same thing happening in other houses as well.” I remember that day well. William was pissed. Not only did he lose one of his best girls, but also a high-spending customer, too. Oh, he was angry. Pamela went back to her bedroom and hid there to avoid him out of fear.

The next day, William had a tech company come out and install microphones all throughout the house so every provider-client interaction could be monitored and recorded from that point forward. Strict rules for interactions with customers were added and vowed to be enforced, unlike before, through constant monitoring.

Nowadays, about a third of those microphones need replacing. They still work, but some not as good as others. Colt has been looking to upgrade the entire system, and I hope it’s done by year’s end.

Inexplicably, Scarlett somehow ignored all those words about Brindle and Kevin. She was far too immersed in the e-mail and paced about next to the table. “I think I have it bad with Randy, that fat-ass who comes to see me every month and talks about marriage, though he doesn’t really mean it, but he ain’t got nothin’ on this guy. Charlie picked you out of a lineup three days ago!” Sweat beaded Scarlett’s forehead and she dabbed at it with a tissue. “He didn’t even know you existed until then.”

Did you even hear a word I said, Scarlett?

“And now, just three days later, he sends you this?” Her jaw ticked and her eyes cut to the monitor, then back to Pamela. “He must be really fucking hard up and lonely. Mentally deranged, too. You’re the first girl who was ever nice to him, I bet, and he thinks you should drop everything and go visit him. Marry him, too! Wow… some people.” She put her hands on her hips and spoke with a deadly calm. “What a miserable loser. A fucking nerd who’ll never experience pussy again unless he pays for it.” Outrage was too tame of a word to describe what Scarlett was feeling. “And Detroit? Detroit? Who the fuck wants to go to Detroit, anyway?”

“He’s not deranged. It’s okay, Scarlett. God, lighten up, will you?” Pamela kneaded at her forehead with three fingertips. “You’re always so cynical and distrusting of people.” She shoved her good friend’s views under the proverbial rug. Charlie is such a nice guy. An incredibly nice guy. He doesn’t mean or intend any harm. Pamela took a deep breath. But he doesn’t know any better, either. “To tell you the truth, I don’t mind his e-mail.”

Pamela dealt with older virgins like Charlie — truly vulnerable men — regularly. This isn’t anything new.

Like escort bayan etimesgut most seasoned sex workers, Pamela was an expert at drawing her clients in and distorting the lines between fantasy and reality. Virgins like Charlie don’t have the experience to realize there’s a line to begin with. Everything became blurred, and they wound up with irrational thoughts and ideas and, worst of all, expectations.

It was Pamela’s job to make her tricks feel love, to feel special and cared for, but they also needed to realize they were paying for a service.

It. Wasn’t. Real.

And once the service was over, whether it lasted thirty minutes, an hour, or fourteen-and-a-half hours, it was over. That was the unwritten rule that every customer was expected to know and adhere to. The service didn’t extend beyond the walls of this house.

Sure, like many of the other ladies, Pamela kept in contact with her regulars through the website, but that didn’t mean she wanted anything to do with them in the “real world.” I have a husband and love him very much. Her sole purpose in being active on the bulletin board was to help promote Happy Ending Ranch — she was the co-owner, after all — and attract new and returning clients alike for herself. Colt says that the bulletin board is the best, most potent advertising campaign we have. It’s why I check it four or five times a day and am always posting and responding to private messages. Relationships, even camaraderie, could be forged before a face-to-face meeting took place, especially through e-mail.

“Stuff like that, it doesn’t spook me. I have thick skin.” Pamela stood before Scarlett, putting an end to her frantic pacing. “I mean, think about it: Charlie is thirty-six and has been alone his entire life. He went on and on to us about how lonely he is and how he wishes things were different. His story made me cry. Just lost his virginity and then spent an entire night getting pampered by two women who submitted to his every whim and desire.” Of course, he is going to be high-strung and say something he may not mean. “The man went through a life-altering experience, the most enjoyable experience he’s ever had.” Shame, and even a little guilt, rose in Pamela’s chest. I understand his reaction, really. He’s only human and, truth be told, I led him on. It’s what we do here as sex workers. “People can get emotional and go overboard. Overreact. It’s okay.”

Scarlett grabbed Pamela’s arm. “So, you’re saying a customer sending you an e-mail like this doesn’t scare you? Concern you? Because it sure as hell would scare me.”

It concerns me to an extent. I had my initial reaction, and it wasn’t good. But… “Considering who sent it, no. No, it doesn’t. Charlie wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Pamela differed from most courtesans and had her own unique way of looking at and dealing with things. She possessed a keen fascination of the human mind, hence her major being Psychology, and its behavior. Pamela characterized herself as having an INFP personality, meaning she was an eternal optimist who looked for the good in everything, and even in the worst of people and situations. She was caring and compassionate and encouraged others to be the same way.

Pamela’s easygoing, live-and-let-live attitude came naturally, and she always gave others the benefit of the doubt. There is good in everyone and too many times, as people, all we want to do is focus on the bad.

“What did Colt say?” Scarlett’s lips pursed tight. “I imagine you told him?”

“Not gonna lie, he had his concerns.” Pamela fisted her hands and pouted. I feel bad for Charlie and the fact he’s lonely. She wished there was something more she could do to help him, but there wasn’t. Not outside the confines of these walls. “Colt knows how I am. We had a long talk about things and he’s fine with me sending an e-mail back to Charlie and explaining the ground rules for any future visits. I must remind him, nicely, that what we offer at the house is a fantasy, nothing more, and he cannot develop any serious, long-term love attachment.”

If Charlie can’t accept that, I’ll have to cut ties with him and ask Colt to bar him from the premises. Heck, he wants to do that already. Pamela never wanted to blacklist a good client, but would if she had to. I have to protect myself and all the other girls here, too.

“You’re too nice, Pam-Pam. Way too nice.” Scarlett clenched her teeth and reached for her smartphone. “I cannot stand it when these fuckers ask us for things we cannot or do not want to give to them.” Scarlett had just received a text message and began typing out a response.

It was from Sammy.

“What am I supposed to do?” In Pamela’s mind, Charlie deserved an opportunity to redeem himself. What did he do wrong? Anything? All he did was put his heart out there and ask if I’m interested. Scarlett doesn’t understand what it’s like to be lonely. Nor does she have the heart to look at things from his point of view. “Take all the thousands and thousands of dollars he gave us and run? Have no contact with him again because of something he said in an e-mail?” Plus, Charlie stressed toward the end of the e-mail that he’d be fine seeing Pamela strictly at the house. It’s not like he demanded I go visit him in Detroit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32