The Games the GILF Plays

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NOTE: The following story involves sex between a 70-year-old woman and 20-year-old man. It contains scenes of slight female domination, enforced cunnilingus and analingus, snowballing and cream pies. Enjoy.


Todd was smitten the second he walked into the convenience store he’d stopped at on his way to the beach.

She was beautiful, this alluring older woman with dark hair and streaks of sexy gray pulled into a ponytail, wearing a short shift of floral design exposing her magnificent legs.

Todd was a leg man already. At 20, he had a thing for great legs, great legs on older woman and this tall, sinewy beauty more than fit his bill. She was in her 60s, he thought, maybe 70, and he couldn’t help think that she would a score of dick-hardening magnitude.

The woman stood at the counter, waiting to buy cigarettes, Todd behind her pretending to text but secretly taking a quick video of this woman’s sexy lower body. Her feet, gnarled and thick with sexy veins and boasting long, bony red-painted toes, were exquisite. As she shifted from foot to foot, the muscles, thick and pronounced, pushed tight against the freckled, tanned and slightly saggy flesh of her gorgeous calves. A thick tendon ran from her lower thigh through the captivating patchwork of delicately wrinkled flesh behind her knees.

His dick was about to burst in his bathing suit, he feared, especially as she leaned on tiptoes over the counter now, helpfully pointing out her brand of cigarettes to the disinterested clerk. Her calves bunched up solid and sweet under that freckled, dark skin, rolling beneath the flesh. He filmed on as she completed her purchase, turning to smile at him as she walked away.

Her face was gorgeous, with puckered mouth and crow’s feet around her bright blue eyes. He caught a quick glimpse of her neck, wrinkled to be sure, but deliciously so, folds of meaty, lickable flesh on her throat and plunging into the sexy cleavage below where he spied a swimsuit beneath her shift.

The beach, he thought. She’s going to the beach. The only beach in the area. A members-only beach that his family belonged to. The same one he was about to go to. He watched her walk away, those supple calves flexing in the sun in the parking lot.

“Hello? Can I help you?”

The clerk was speaking in glum monotone, and Todd’s head snapped around to look at him, slapping the pack of gum he held down and peeling a couple of bucks from his wallet. He hurried outside to see the leggy granny pile into her BMW and speed off. He quickly gave chase, his dick throbbing in his pants as with one hand he played the video he’d just recorded, groaning at the sight of those incredible old legs on the small screen of his smart phone.

Twenty minutes later, they both pulled into the small lot by the beach, Todd keeping a good distance behind her. He pulled over, waiting, watching her get out, gather her chair and beach bag and walk over the small sand dune to the beach. He drove his car over to park next to hers. It was a slow day, the early summer sun not quite warm enough to draw the throngs it would later.

He nervously gathered his gear, walking over the dune. She was far down to the right, far away from the few people down the other end who were near the members’ clubhouse and its small café, seating area and shuffleboard courts. Casually, he walked toward her, happy she was facing away, allowing him to remain unnoticed.

He set up his chair and blanket about 30 yards from her, and broke out his cell phone. It was a great phone, one of the best, and had a very clear zoom feature which he used to draw her close. Her chair was facing the sun, her back to him, but those long, perfectly muscular old legs extending to the side. She smoked a cigarette, great gray plumes of wispy smoke pushing from her sexy, wrinkled lips.

He filmed at length, zooming as close as he could, groaning at the sight of her stately gams on the screen, so long, strong, supple, well formed, shapely and hard. Like he was now, his dick stiff as a board in his trunks.

He filmed on and off, returning to it as she moved. And then she stood, stretching in her rather skimpy blue one-piece suit, cut high on the sides. If her calves were captivating, so were her thighs, Todd thought, casually filming the beautiful older woman stretch and bend, the furrows of her hamstring muscles on the backs of her thighs erupting into view. He would cum soon at this rate he thought. She waltzed to the water.

She darted in, swimming for a good 20 minutes, testimony to the fantastic shape she seemed to keep herself in. As she emerged, the vision made Todd moan out loud. Her well-preserved body was slick, dripping wet, accentuating every tensed muscle in those legs, her shoulders, her arms. He filmed, dropping the camera to his lap as she walked to her chair, her eyes looking his way.

He slipped from his chair to lay on his towel on his back, relaxed, holding the camera up before him to check the masturbatory footage he’d captured. He was always surreptitiously cebeci escort filming GILFS, and this was easily the best material he’d gotten so far. He couldn’t wait to get home and jerk off to it.

He was hypnotized by the footage, oblivious to all else, not hearing sand-muted footfalls approaching. Something was blocking the ocean waves now, and he realized someone next to him. He dropped the phone to his chest and blinked into the sun, and the figure silhouetted by it.

It was the woman in his footage. He sat up nervously, stammering.

“Uh…hi?” he said cautiously.

“Did you get some good shots young man?” she asked crisply, hands over her ample chest, the bosom pushed up into that thick sexy wrinkly cleavage.

Todd froze. He looked straight ahead as she stood to his left. Peripherally, he saw those legs just a foot or so away, tensed as she stood, striated muscles in her calves and thighs flexing as she moved ever so slightly. Her feet looked amazing as he looked down and toward them, long toes painted bright red, alluring and coated with sand.

“Uh…sorry?” he said in a very nervous tone.

“Young man,” she said in a school teacher tone, “I haven’t lived this long, all my 70 years, without honing my observational skills.”

He nearly came in his trunks, his cock stiffer than ever. 70. A magic number. 70. Sexy 70. Drop-dead gorgeous 70. Standing next to him. He’d had sex with horny grannies in their 60s before, but 70 was a new milestone.

But as she stood in seeming anger beside him, he knew bedding this beauty was a long shot. He feared he’d have to be content with looking at his phone and jerking off, imagining what actual sex with her would be like.

“Ma’am, I don’t know…” He started to say.

“It’s ok, boy, it really is,” she said in a much softer tone, and with a slight laugh. “I’m flattered. I’m a widow, you know, and rarely date, so to be…appreciated by a man, even a young one like you, maybe especially a young one like you…well, it’s nice.”

He looked at her, awash in her charm, captivated by her beauty and confidence.

“Look, I know you were behind me in that store, and came here…are you a member by the way?” she asked. “I am, and I’m also on the board of directors and we’re pretty strict about people coming to our beach…”

“Oh, yes, my family…my family is, ma’am,” he offered helpfully.

“Good,” she said, shocking him now as she sat down on the big towel he was on, drawing those amazing legs up and draping her arms over the knees. “As I was saying…did you get good pictures?”

“I…I…I…” Todd groaned, looking away.

“Look son, it’s ok, like I said, I’m flattered,” she continued. “It’s not every day a handsome young stud like you seems so enamored with me, an old lady…”

He blushed. She’d called him handsome. And smiling as she said it. He drew his own legs up to hide the raging boner in his baggy trunks.

“You’re what, 20 or so?”

“Uh…yes, actually I am,” he said, adding with gathering bravery. “And you’re not…you don’t look…you’re not old…you’re…kinda you know, sexy…”

“Fifty years!” she laughed, her head back and exposing that delicious wattle on her neck he was aching to bury his mouth in. “Fifty years older than you! I’d say that makes me an old lady, but sexy? If you say so, son, if you say so. Now, hand that camera phone over!”

He did, with trembling hands, turning to look at her as she flicked through the footage, smiling at it, Todd’s eyes drinking in every inch of her with the seeming permission she was giving him now by looking at what he’d recorded of her.

“Nice legs, huh?” she laughed. “Wow, good tone, good muscle tone in the calves and thighs. Bit wrinkly and saggy here and there…like here, behind my knees…”

She pointed. Todd gulped audibly. The area behind her knees was a squiggle of wrinkles, soft flesh, meaty and loose. He loved that part of a woman’s legs, and hers was driving him insane.

She looked at him looking at her. She leaned back on her hands next to him, pushing her legs flat on the blanket, calves flaring out around her shins, her freckled quad muscles in her lush thighs tensed and noticeable.

“Always had good legs,” she sighed. “And I run and swim a lot, keeping them in shape. Is it working? Not bad for a grandmother, I AM a grandmother you know, several times over. Do you really like my old granny legs?”

“Oh God, YES!” he gushed, all inhibitions lost now as he gazed down at them.

She handed him the phone and smiled.

“Then film this,” she said with a playful smile.

He obeyed, turning the phone to those legs as she tensed them up, locking her feet together, the muscles bulging under that exquisitely wrinkly skin.

“Got a helluva squeeze,” she growled, tensing them more, relocking her feet and making her calves and thighs ripple under the tanned skin. “Always did. I got grandchildren, some about your age. When they get outta hand, I play cebeci escort bayan wrestle ’em, and always make them submit to my legs. I lock ’em in and squeeze and they always cry uncle!”

Todd couldn’t believe his ears. He kept filming. She stood now and holding onto his beach chair, raised on tip toes. Her calves erupted into muscle, the sexy wrinkles in the crooks of her knees going taut and below that, thick bubbles of steel tapering to her slender ankles.

“Good calves, too, huh?” she giggled.

“Fuck yes,” he heard himself say.

“Now, now, language, young man,” she scolded. “That’s precisely one of the reasons my grandchildren get squeezed in these legs! Naughty language!”

She turned to face him as he filmed, smiling.

“I think I’ve been here long enough today, it’s not terribly warm, I’ve had all the sun I need this early in the season,” she sighed. “Be a good boy and help me get my stuff together and put it in my car. Now.”

Her tone was darker now, insistent. He couldn’t help but obey, starting to stand but realizing his dick was throbbing and hard in his trunks. He stopped. She cocked her head at him and smiled.

“Oh, really?” she laughed. “Can’t get up…well, can’t stand up I mean, getting up…IT up, seems to be the issue? Right? Am I right?”

She stepped close, straddling his legs that were together on the sand. She lifted one foot, smiling at him, wiggling her sandy toes – and plopped it right onto his hard cock. He jumped and tried to pull back, but she put her weight into it now, pressing down. And smiling as she wiggled her sexy old foot onto his dick and balls.

“Just as I thought,” she sighed. “You young ones, I don’t know…”

“Oh, God…please…don’t…you’ll…” Todd groaned, watching the muscular calf of that leg flex and ripple as she worked her foot on his dick, bringing him dangerously close to cumming.

“Well, we can’t have that, can we?” she cooed, pulling away. “Not before I do, anyway. Now, go get my stuff and be quick about it.”

He groaned, stood and bent over, shuffling to her spot in the sand, as she laughed watching him do it. He struggled with her chair and bag and came back to get his own, laden with stuff and following her to the lot, never taking his eyes off those legs. Playfully, she pulled up the fabric of the suit bottom, her milk-white butt cheeks flashing into view. It was a perfect ass, he thought, slightly saggy and dimpled but superbly shaped.

“Not a bad butt, huh?” she laughed, not looking back.

He loaded up her car, and then his, standing in uncomfortable silence as she watched him. She looked over her shoulder to the beach house a few hundred yards away. She smiled.

“Follow me,” she said with a playful wink.

They reached the long, low building and she looked around. Hardly anyone was there, just a worker at the café on one end and a few stragglers on the beach, plus a single lifeguard in his chair with nothing to do. She fished a key from her purse and fit it to a door to a room at the other end of the building.

“Member privilege,” she said. “I have keys to everything. Including this store room that no one ever uses. This should suffice.”

“Su…suffice?” Todd asked nervously as she walked inside behind her and she turned to close and lock it, the heat inside stifling and humid from being locked up so long.

“Yes, boy, suffice,” she said impatiently.

She backed him toward one wall, where a large old picnic table was, surrounded by stacked chairs, floats and other beach gear. There was a large louvered and screened window.

“Good view from here in case anyone comes walking up,” she said, pushing his back against it and pressing into him. “Not that anyone will…”

He smelled her scent, her sun tan oil, the cologne she’d used earlier in the day, her sweat, her cigarette smoke, a heady mix of aromas as she pressed to him, taller than his five-foot-six by a couple of inches. His face was at her majestic tits, that cleavage he’d seen earlier. She smiled down at him, wrapping her arms around him and pulling his face to it. He groaned, his cock pressing into her lush, fleshy thighs.

“Now then,” she cooed, pulling her suit top down and offering him her thick, white tits offset by the tan around, her nipples brown and puffy. “Suckle me. Feed on my breasts, young man…”

They both groaned, she tilting her head back as he attacked her gorgeous tits, licking the salty sweat from the fleshy meat of them and suckling her nipples, sucking them hard, running his tongue over them. She pressed forward, freeing his dick by yanking down his shorts. He gasped into the sweaty grip of her huge, meaty tits as she felt her thighs close around his cock.

“Oh my GOD!” he cried out, sucking her nipples harder and fighting the urge to cum as her sweat-slicked thigh muscles gripped his cock.

She laughed and slowly worked herself back and forth, fucking him with her thighs, the sexy, flaccid flesh of them milking at escort cebeci his dick, the muscle beneath that loose meat tensed and offering a delicious amount of friction. She cupped his hard young ass and worked him into her thighs, back and forth, the top of his stiff dick brushing her hairy pussy beneath her suit.

“Feels good, doesn’t it, my thighs scissoring your penis like that?” she whispered into his ear, bending to it and slicing her tongue inside. “My goodness, you’re leaking fluid into my thighs, nice and slippery isn’t it?”

Todd was delirious with pleasure now, her thighs slick and tight on his cock, thrusting back and forth as he devoured her milky tits, running his tongue over them and up her neck. He groaned more insistently, lapping and suckling the thick folds of meaty flesh there, ingesting the salty sweat and slapping harder into her clenching thighs.

“Very nice, very nice, you paying attention to an old woman’s throat like that!” she hummed, her arms around his sucking head, pulling him into the embrace of her sexy wattle. “That’s such a sexy thing to do to an older woman…Your tongue feels so good…let’s see where else you can use it…”

He moaned with disappointment as she pushed off him, cock bobbing wetly before him, and stepped back to slowly peel off her suit. She looked amazing, head to toe, her sexy granny body completely nude. His eyes were drawn to her thatch, a giant, sweaty bushy gray-haired mass. In the furry folds glistened the outrageously thick nub of her clit, oily and engorged.

“Please…please…” he begged, looking at her and down at his cock.

“Oh, you want an orgasm, is that it?” she laughed, kneeling before him and breathing fire on his trembling dick. “Want this old lady to take that big penis of yours into my mouth…and lick it…suck it…eat up whatever you shoot out?”

“GOD YES!” he cried.

“I will on one condition,” she said, gently wrapping one bony hand around the base, making him jump and nearly shoot from the slight touch. “If you ejaculate in my mouth, I WILL kiss you with it before I let you put it in my…you know what!”

Todd blinked looking down. The thought appalled him. But she was so close to it, he was so close to cumming. His mind raced.

“You have two minutes, young man,” she laughed, pulling her own cell phone from her nearby purse on the dusty floor and keying the stopwatch tab. “Two minutes. If you don’t…well, cum, to use the vernacular, if you don’t cum in my mouth within two minutes, you get to…to fuck me…to fuck my hairy…wet..pussy…”

“OK!” he cried out.

The heat was overpowering, not the room heat, but the heat from her mouth as the puckered lips sealed over his dripping cock head, mewing as it did. She looked up at him trembling before him and took him deeper, inch by inch, stroking very slowly up with her hand, using the other to more forcefully knead his bloated balls but only after starting the clock.

“Oh…oh, God…” he groaned, knowing he would lose the challenge and face the prospect of kissing her with his cum in her mouth. “Oh…fuck…”

She giggled around his dick, washing over it with her long, hot tongue, taking him balls deep now and slowly drawing back, drawing her tongue and teeth gently over the sensitive head. Up and down she went, vacating her mouth with it to stroke it back inside. His balls were aching for release and he nervously watched her and the clock.

One minute passed. Ten more seconds, and another ten. A minute and a half. Her head moved quicker, more insistently. That tongue was nuclear hot as it bathed his quivering cock, her bony fingers squeezing his nuts, urging the load from them. She smiled around his dick, working faster. One minute 45, one minute 50.

He couldn’t take it, especially so as she suddenly wormed a finger into his tight asshole slick with sweat and jabbed his prostate. Of all the orgasms he’d had in his young life, nothing could dwarf this one as he felt his entire body erupt in a mind-blowing spasm of release and relief. He came long and hard, her mouth filling with his seed, his head thumping back against the wall almost painfully but not painfully enough to override the pleasure of his balls draining into the puckered cheeks of the 70-year-old woman kneeling before him.

It took forever to stop cumming, it seemed, and when he did, he felt his legs cramping from standing tensed. He relaxed and watched her slip back, his still stiff dick slipping from her lips which were a pearly smear of cum, curled into a smile. She stood, cheeks puffed with his cum and pushed him back into the wall, pinning his arms behind his back and sliding his dripping dick between those incredible thighs.

She pressed her lips to his, eyes wide and flashing with dominant playfulness, and he could not resist. He felt the salty rush flood his mouth and at first wanted to spit it out, but her tongue forced it back inside, washing through the gummy sticky wad, their tongues wrestling. His eyes were locked on his, frightened and unsure, hers bright and confident, and he swallowed. The taste wasn’t terrible or unfamiliar; many a night jerking off in bed, he’d shoot into his own face by accident. But now, the cum forced upon him by the super-sexy and exquisitely horny 70 year old beauty, it tasted like honey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32