The Fuck of a Lifetime 05: All Aboard

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“Chuck? Is … Is this true?” Maranda Bandersnatch, flabbergasted beyond any normal means, asked her son when her daughter, Stacy, revealed that the baby she was carrying was, indeed, her brother’s. Well, the actual admission was that Stacy was carrying two children, each from his or her own egg, and while Chuck was the father of one of them, Karl, Stacy’s father and Maranda’s husband, was father to the second. Maranda sat down. News such as this couldn’t be good for her own baby. She laughed, simply because she thought she was getting back at her husband by becoming pregnant by her son.

“How far along are you, Mom?” It was Stacy.

In a calm, almost quiet voice, Maranda answered, “Um … About a month, give or take.”

“Have you told the doctor of your ‘special circumstance?'” Stacy asked.

“No, I haven’t. Have you?”

“No. I suppose I won’t unless something is amiss, then I’ll be forced to.”

Maranda turned her attention to Chuck. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Mom, in all fairness, Chuck didn’t know,” Stacy answered for her brother. “All he and Daddy knew was that I was pregnant. I didn’t find out till yesterday that I had two zygotes, and I didn’t tell Daddy or Chuck. While he knew he could possibly be the father of the one baby I thought I was carrying, he never knew about this other until now.”

“Do you and she still have sex?” Maranda, who had never taken her eyes off her son and lover, asked. “Tell me the truth.”

“Yes,” chuck almost whispered.

“You have sex with her and you have sex with me,” Maranda said as she began to align things. “You,” she said to her husband as she turned to face him, “still have sex with her but want to have sex with me.”

“Do you want to have sex with Mom, Daddy?” Stacy asked. “I mean, she’s your wife and everything, so I suppose I can’t say anything about it.”

Karl looked between his daughter and his wife. All he could push past his lips was “I … Om …”

“I don’t want you touching her,” Chuck said to his father as he grabbed his mother’s hand.

“Oh, but it’s okay for you to be with me and your sister?” Maranda asked.

“I … Om …”

“He’s still hung up on the threesome we had,” Stacy said.

“Threesome?” Maranda questioned. “The three of you? As in, the three of you had sex together at the same time?”

“I thought it was wonderful,” Stacy said. “Daddy didn’t seem to have a problem with it, but Chuck? Not his bag of tea, I suppose.”

After almost two minutes of deafening silence, Maranda said to her daughter, “Young lady, I think you and I need to have a talk.” She then looked from Karl to Chuck as she said, “Go on and get out of here.” When they didn’t budge, she added, “Go on, now. I’ll let you know when we’re ready to talk to you.” As Chuck and his father walked out onto the back patio, Stacy and her mother made their way up to Maranda’s room.

“This is a really fucked up situation we’ve gotten ourselves into, eh, son?” Chuck just stared at his dad. “What is it, Chuck? Come on, talk to me. Is it the threesome?”

“It’s you,” Chuck finally said. “Why did you have to become a part of this? Stacy and I were happy together, Dad. I … I was in love with her, and she was in love with me, but you had to come waltzing in and fuck it up for everyone.”

“Oh, okay. You think I went to your sister and imposed my will on her to make her do this with me? Chuck, your sister is a nymphomaniac. She can never get enough sex. Whatever monster you created before you left? Well, you left that monster unattended, and just so you know, she seduced me, not the other way around. Much like she seduced you, I’m sure.” Chuck said nothing. How could he? He knew every word his father spoke was true. “Chuck, I’m not going to lie to you. The love I have for Stacy exceeds that which a father normally has for his daughter. I love her as a woman and as a lover, much the way I suspect you love your mother, now that you and she are sexually active.”

“And what gets me is that you don’t seem too broken up about that. You know, me and mom?”

“What, you want me to be a hypocrite about it?” Karl asked his son. “I got my daughter pregnant, you got your mother pregnant. I’m not saying its tit for tat, but we both did something that maybe we didn’t have any business engaging in.” A moment of silence, then Karl asked, “Would you have slept with your mother if I hadn’t slept with Stacy?”

“I honestly don’t know, Dad. In retrospect, I guess knowing about you and Stacy was the deciding factor in me having sex with Mom.” Chuck sighed, then finally took a seat on a chaise lounge. “What do you think they’re talking about up there?”

“You’re glowing,” Maranda told her daughter as they entered her room.

“Really?” Stacy asked as she went to the mirror. “I kind of thought that I was, but I didn’t want to say anything.” She turned and faced her mother. “You have a bit of a glow about yourself as well, Mom.”

Maranda sat on the bed as she said, “Oh, nonsense.”

“No, cebeci escort really, you do,” Stacy said as she sat next to her. “Then again, I’ve always thought you were a beautiful woman. I hope I look half as good as you when I’m your age.”

“You will. Its in your genes,” Maranda all but promised. “So, are you showing yet?”

Stacy removed her T-shirt as she stood. “Just a little. See?”

Maranda rubbed her daughter’s belly. “How far along are you?”

“Going on four months.”

“Say good-bye to those perfect breasts of yours,” Maranda said as she playfully tweaked a nipple. “Once they fill with milk, they’ll start drooping and never stop.”

“I don’t know,” Stacy said as she once again sat next to her mother. She never bothered pulling her shirt back on. “I’ve seen you in a bikini and yours look pretty firm to me.”

Maranda blushed. “Yeah, they still look nice. I’ll give myself some credit there.”

Silence, then, “Mom, what does breast feeding feel like? I mean … Okay. I guess you can call me a nymphomaniac … oversensitive, so when I breastfeed, will I be having orgasms?”

Maranda laughed. “It’s two different things entirely.”

“But … even now, when you flicked my nipple? It excited me. I actually felt my clit jump.”

“You’re lying,” Maranda said to her daughter. It wasn’t in a scolding manner, though. It was almost playfully said.

Stacy lay back and removed her shorts, then cocked her legs wide. “Look at my clit and flick my nipple again. You’ll see.”

Maranda did, and when her daughter’s clit jumped, she near-screamed, “Oh, my!”

“Yeah, so imagine if my baby sucks my nipple. What will happen to me then?”

“Well, if you want me to, I can show you what it feels like to have a baby breastfeed,” Maranda offered. “You know, test the waters, so to speak?”

“Go ahead,” Stacy said. She closed her eyes, a half-smirk on her lips in anticipation of whatever this sensation would be.

Maranda moved close to her daughter’s right nipple and areola. She had to admit that Stacy had lovely breasts. They were, in a word, enticing. So much so to the fact that even though she had been fully committed to sucking as a baby would, at the last second she called an audible and softly caressed it with her moist lips and tongue. “Oh, fuck!” Stacy whispered, then immediately sought out one of her mother’s hands and placed it between her legs. Maranda could actually feel her daughter’s clitoris palpitate in her palm, a sensation that made her own clit throb. Stacy gently placed a hand behind her mother’s head and held her to her breast. “Don’t stop, Mom. Please.” Maranda really had no intention of stopping.

“What do you think they’re talking about up there?” Chuck asked.

“Who knows?” Karl responded. “It could be anything from making a schedule for who gets whom to they both deciding they no longer want either of us.”

“What? No!”

“Relax, son. I just—”

Just then, Karl was interrupted by a loud voice calling his name. “Karl. Karl Bandersnatch.” He looked around for a face to match with the amplified voice, but found none. Then, “Up here.”

Karl looked up and saw who was calling his name. “Edna? Edna Terwilliger?”

“One and the same,” she responded.

“What can I do for you?” Karl asked.

“I need to see you right away,” Mrs. Terwilliger said through her mini-blowhorn.

“Now’s really not a good time, Edna,” Karl told her. “Can we do this tomorrow? We have some issues at the moment and—”

“Can’t wait!” Mrs. Terwilliger said with a grunt. “Come on over right now, and bring that boy of yours with you. I have something you both will be interested in.” With that being said, Edna Terwilliger turned from the window and walked away.

“Shit, might as well go,” Karl said to his son. “No telling how long your mother and sister will be hashing things out, anyway.”

As they made their way over, Chuck asked, “What do you think she could want?”

“Whatever it is, it must be important,” Karl said of his neighbor. “Edna’s always been a no-nonsense kind of person.”

They arrived in under thirty seconds. Karl knocked on the door and it immediately flew open. Inside, wearing a thick, pink bathrobe that had to be at least twenty years old and matching pink slippers that had definitely seen better days was Edna Terwilliger. She was leaning on a cane in her right hand, and with her left she motioned them inside as she said, “Come in, come in.”

“We really can’t stay long, Edna. Like I said, we’re—”

“Would you boys like something to drink? A beer, perhaps?”

“Um … Yeah. Sure,” Karl answered. Whatever was on Edna’s mind, she must have thought it took precedence over anything that was going on at the Bandersnatch residence as this was the second time she interrupted Karl in the same matter of minutes.

Edna disappeared into her kitchen, but was almost immediately present again as she handed each a Yuengling. “Go ahead. cebeci escort bayan Get yourselves a couple of good swallows.” As Chuck and Karl did so, Edna said, “You see that picture there on the coffee table?”

“Brutus,” Chuck said with a smile.

“I took that of him about two weeks before he passed on last year,” Edna said. Then, “Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m an amateur photographer?” Karl and Chuck said nothing. “Look here,” Edna said as she passed a framed picture of two bluebirds in flight to them. “I took this one about three weeks ago.” Chuck and Karl looked it over and gave a polite smile. “Oh, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, She invited us over to look at her photographs? Are animals the only thing she takes pictures of? Well, in a manner of speaking, yes. Let me show you.” She grabbed her laptop and double-clicked on an icon and soon the wall was filled with file after file of jpegs sequentially numbered as band1, band2, band3, and etc., and there were over two hundred of them. 227 to be exact. “Go ahead, click the first one.”

Karl reached out a finger and double-clicked. The picture populated to reveal Chuck and Stacy fucking in the chaise lounge. “What the hell?” Chuck shouted.

Completely disregarding the question, Edna said, “Click number 134, Karl. I think you’ll find that one especially entertaining.” Karl clicked it to reveal a picture of him handing Stacy a beer. “With her still wearing that ankle monitor, you committed a crime, Karl. Aiding and abetting. I wonder what kind of time you could get for that. Before answering that, though, click 158.” Karl did so, and he was treated to a picture of him eating his daughter’s pussy.

Karl looked at Edna. “Okay, how much?”

“What, you think I wish to blackmail you with these pictures, Karl?” Edna asked, showing a small amount of hurt at the idea. “We are neighbors in good standing, Karl. I would never ask you for money for these pictures.”

“Then why call us over here?” Chuck asked.

“I am going to give you the jump drive that contains all these pictures Karl, Chuck, and I am doing so free of charge. However, I am going to ask one favor from you both. I want you two to fuck me like you did Stacy.”

“What?” Karl and Chuck asked in unison.

Edna loosened her robe and allowed it to fall to the floor. The woman stood five feet even and weighed about three hundred pounds. Being in her eighties, her skin was globulous, saggy, doughy. It looked pasty and had broken blue veins running throughout its entirety. “Fuck me, boys. Old Edna isn’t too much longer for this world. Least you can do is let me go out with a bang. What do you say?”

Chuck and his father talked it over for about a minute, then Karl said, “In here, or the bedroom?”

Stacy had cum about six times already. It began with Maranda gingerly sucking her daughter’s tender nipples while lightly massaging her clit, but these last two, the most powerful yet, had come when Maranda moved up and began French kissing her daughter on the mouth. She had started kissing her way down now, past Stacy’s breasts and to her belly, where she lingered, almost as if she were kissing the dual lives within, then she moved down even further. Maranda pulled back about a foot and gazed upon her daughter’s pussy. Looking at it now, she understood its full beauty and she could see just why Karl and Chuck would want to experience such a lovely thing. Maranda wanted to experience it, too. She closed her eyes at this most intimate of moments and lowered her mouth onto her daughter’s pussy, kissing it as she would an old lover.

Stacy gasped when her mother’s mouth settled upon her pussy, then gasped even louder when she felt her mother’s tongue penetrate her. Maranda was slowly, softly lapping up the pool of cum that had puddled at Stacy’s labia opening, and each caress from the mother’s tongue seemed to produce even more of the thick, creamy substance in the daughter’s pussy. Finally, Stacy cried out as she came yet again. Out of breath, but still very much wishing to continue, Stacy said to her mother, “Eat my ass, Mom.”

Maranda hoisted her daughter’s legs in the air, then began to slowly give her the rim job of her young lifetime. Oh, it was a marvelous thing, her mother’s tongue on her soft asshole, and Maranda ate it exquisitely as Stacy masturbated herself into another series of orgasms. She finally threw her arms out at her sides as she proclaimed, “Whew. I’m done. Lick me clean, then it’s my turn to do you.”

So, the current set-up was that Chuck was in a sixty-nine with Mrs. Terwilliger while Karl ate her asshole. Both had been extremely reluctant to be in any position with the old bird, but she was dealing the cards and calling the shots, and if the two men wanted back those damning pics of both fucking their daughter / sister, they had to play along.

It took Chuck a while to find Mrs. T’s clit, but once he had, he latched onto it and would let go. In all actuality, escort cebeci he was hoping she would have a heart attack or something from all the sexual excitement, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Her lumpy thunder thighs were smacking back and forth against his ears as he sucked on her clit, and he was surprised when she freed his cock and began sucking it. Even more surprising, he had to admit, was that she knew how to suck a dick, and her pussy really didn’t taste bad at all. He was getting hornier by the second, and he decided that he really wanted to fuck her.

Karl, meanwhile, was making due with his situation the best he could. He tried pretending that he was eating Stacy’s ass, but the fantasy just wasn’t working because this was not Stacy’s ass. He tried pretending it was Maranda’s, and when that didn’t work, the teller at the bank, then the girl at the check-out at Wal-Mart, but nothing seemed to work for him. Finally, much to his delight, Chuck said, “Want to trade places with me, Dad?”

Karl couldn’t imagine Edna’s pussy being any better, but at least it was something different, so he agreed. They swapped places, but Chuck didn’t eat his host’s ass. Instead, he slowly worked his cock into it. Mrs. Terwilliger yelped with surprise, but she gave no indication that she wanted him to stop. Finally, he had gotten about half of it in, enough of it that he could set his rhythm, and he began to slowly fuck her.

Karl, whose eyes had been closed to this point, looked up and saw his son’s balls dangling in his face. He made to move, but Edna had latched onto his cock, plus it seemed that her full body weight was pressing down on him. He tried to move her, but it was dead weight and she just wouldn’t budge. He relegated himself to finishing himself off in her mouth, so he began to thrust his cock down her throat as fast as he could.

Edna felt her pussy getting wetter by the second. With a cock in her ass, another in her mouth, and Karl’s tongue on her clit … Well, this was the most sex she had had in over thirteen years, and she was relishing every second of it.

Karl tried to say something, but because his mouth was so filled with Edna’s pussy, all that could be heard was some obscene mumble that amounted to nothing more than gibberish. Five seconds later and he was filling Edna’s mouth with a load of hot sperm. He had to give the woman credit: she continued to suck him even between moments of swallowing.

Edna finally came off his cock and said to him, “Get back there and take young Chuck’s place. Chuck? Crawl up under me and treat my pussy as good as you have my ass.”

Chuck had no problem with that. He was really getting into this. Edna was his first GILF, and even though he never really wanted to fuck her—ever!—he couldn’t imagine stopping now. He slid under her and she fitted his cock into her sopping wet pussy. They both smiled when he entered her, then she said, “Don’t hold anything back.” She looked over her shoulder and said to Karl, “You, either.”

This was nothing like it had been with Stacy. Both Karl and Chuck fucked Mrs. Terwilliger unmercifully. Yeah, she had a fat pussy, but it was still so soft and tight. The same could be said for her asshole, which even now was being abused by the elder Bandersnatch.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, you’re gonna cry because you can’t have my babies,” Chuck said as he looked directly into Edna’s eyes.

“And you’re going to wish to hell that you could have asshole babies after I’m through back here,” Karl added for emphasis, all of which was turning Edna on more and more.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Edna screamed, and a moment later she had her first real orgasm of the night. Hell, of the decade. Her body trembled as her vaginal and anal sphincters tightened, then she collapsed onto Chuck.

“Keep it going, Son,” Karl said as he continued to drill Edna’s ass.

Chuck’s cock was sliding out of Edna with ease, and he would thrust it back into her to the hilt every single time.

“Fuck me, you bastards. Fuck me like my brothers used to.” At this declaration, both Karl and Chuck poured every ounce of themselves into every thrust. “Oh, God, yes,” Edna moaned, then, “Daddy! Daddy, ante my pussy for your poker buddies.”

“Oh, shit!” Chuck shouted as he emptied himself inside Mrs. Terwilliger’s pussy.

“Fuckin’-A!” Karl screamed as he came in her ass. The three then collapsed, one on top of the other, and just lay there, trying their best to catch their breath. Lots of silence, then Karl asked, “Was that true what you said, Edna? Did you fuck your brothers and father?”

“And his poker buddies?” Chuck added.

As Karl stood and helped Edna to her feet, she said, “Oh, I fucked them all. I was insatiable when I was young, much like the way I suppose your daughter to be.”

“There’s no putting out that fire,” Karl agreed.

“Well, thank you boys for giving me one last fling. I really enjoyed it.” She said this while putting her robe back on, then she made her way to her laptop and closed out the program before removing the jump drive. “Here, as promised.”

Karl reached for it, but it was Chuck who snatched it from her hand before his father was even half-way there. “Thanks, Mrs. Terwilliger, and thanks for not narking us out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32