The Feeling is Mutual Ch. 02

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SMS: If the offer is still good, I’ll be there just after 12 today

SMS: Perfect

After living in this area my entire life, I cannot believe what I am seeing. I have driven down this road nearly every day of my life, and I have never noticed this driveway. Quickly swallowed up by a giant azalea hedgerow and leyland cypress trees, my truck disappears from view, and I am rolling down a winding driveway towards a sprawling, mid-century ranch. I am about to pull into the garage of an old flame, THE old flame, really. She showed back up after a very high profile divorce and is laying low in the woods, apparently. She seduced me in my office three days ago. We are both adults. So naturally, I’m already back for more.

SMS: Garage. Close the door behind you

There is plenty of room for my truck next to Emily’s Mercedes. I close the garage door and walk into her house.

The house is beautiful — open and minimalist in style. Or maybe she just hasn’t finished buying décor? Either way, I like it. I scan the kitchen and adjoining den for Emily and hear her coming down the hall from what I assume must be the bedroom wing of the house.

“Dean! What a great way to start the week. It’s so good to see you,” Emily announces, walking towards me in a long, black robe and throwing her arms around my neck. She smells and feels so good.

By the time I realize I’m grasping her ass cheeks with both hands, Emily is laughing.

“Oh, this is going to be excellent,” she chuckles between kisses.

“Now, before we do anything else, I have an idea about something, but you have to promise that you will tell the 100% truth,” she teases.

“Tell you the 100% truth about what?” I ask.

“Well, I have a hunch, and if I’m right, it’s going to decide something for me,” she explains.

Not wanting to be a killjoy, I hesitantly agree, “OK. I’ll play. I’ll be honest.”

Wrapping her naked arms and legs around me and pressing my head down into her cleavage, Emily kisses the top of my head and whispers, “How long has it been since you’ve had a blowjob?”

I tense with humiliation, but then let out a long sigh, holding my head against her chest, kissing her lightly and considering.

“Oh, fuck, Emily” I laugh. “I’m wounded. Was it that obvious?”

“Welllllllll, eryaman escort bayan I’ve never known any man to refuse a blowjob, especially not you. In fact, I’ve never known anyone who loves them more than you. So, yeah, it was weird. But then I wondered if maybe it was something you wanted to keep only for your wife…”

I can’t help but make an involuntary laughing sound.

“which I would completely understand,” she finished softly.

“Yeah, no,” I begin, chuckling now. “If she remembers what a blowjob is, she is not giving them to me and hasn’t in many years.”

“Ok. Well, that’s perfect then,” she notes, smiling and wriggling to stand down on the floor.

“So, what did my answer decide?” I ask, laughingly.

“Oh, I was wondering if you’d remember that part,” she begins, reaching for my belt.

“Your answer decided what I’m going to do to you first,” she continues, kneeling in front of me and freeing my rigid member.

I’m too stunned for eloquence. I am watching a beautiful woman get on her knees to suck my cock, and I don’t have to buy her anything or apologize for wanting it. She just wants to suck my cock because it will make me feel good.

“HOLY. SHIT.” I choke out, as Emily licks around the head of my cock and then up and down my shaft.

“Mmmhmmmm. I always did love sucking your dick. It’s so fucking hot how turned on you get,” she murmurs from my crotch.

When she next takes the engorged head of my cock into her mouth with a vibrating moan, I have to put my hand on the kitchen counter to steady myself.

It’s sensory overload.

Warm suction and pressure on my dick, hand on my balls, gorgeous woman actually wanting to suck my dick, moaning, sucking, wet.

“Oh, fuck, Emily. That feels incredible,” I groan, throwing my head back and enjoying the sensations.

And there is nothing but a moan of encouragement from Emily, as she begins to work the head and shaft in unison.

“Oh, yes, baby. Suck my fucking dick. That’s it. That’s how it’s done. Jesus Christ, do you know how to suck cock,” I begin to ramble deliriously.

Emily cannot help but laugh and reply, “There you are.”

“Oh, fuck yeah, baby. Your mouth feels incredible. And your eyes looking up at me. Holy shit. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. I’m getting ankara escort close. Fuck. Slow down,” I demand, attempting to push at Emily’s head.

“No, no, now. No way,” she keeps her hand locked on my shaft. “Let’s get this out of the way. Give it to me. Cum in my mouth, and let me hear how good it feels” she purrs.

“Good fuck, Emily. You are so hot. Keeping sucking it just like that. Oh, god. Oh god. That’s it. Oh, god. Emily. I’m going to cum down your throat. FUCK, it feels so good. FUCK. That’s it. Oh, god. I’m cumming. I’m cumming, Emiliy. I’m cumming down your throat,” I finish in a grunted whisper, thrusting into her mouth.

Emily sucks me clean and stands with a smile, while I am still clutching the counter for support and trying to catch my breath.

“Jesus Christ, Emily. That was incredible,” I groan to her appreciatively as she moves to make drinks.

“Whiskey neat?” she asks.

“Perfect, but make it fast, and get your ass back in here,” I bark.

“Ooooh, bossy. You’re going to give me shivers,” Emily teases with a grin, handing me the whiskey glass and curling up on the sleek leather sectional.

“So, how was work this morning?” she asks.

“Um, the sex part of this is not over yet, my friend. It’s not time to talk shop. It’s time for you to come sit next to me.”

Surprisingly, she moved without argument.

“Oh, that’s much better. Yes, maam. Right next to me, and then swing those beautiful legs into my lap,” I direct her.

While we sipped our drinks in the quiet, I ran my hand softly down the expanse of her toned legs, slowly inching higher inside her thighs, watch her body tense and relax as I approach and avoid her core.

When I hear a low moan escape her lips, I quickly change drink hands and give myself better access to her pussy, sliding my hand up to cup her mound. She bucks beneath me with a groan, wanting more pressure.

I move between her thighs and lean down to suck each of her nipples deep and hard, earning two low moans from Emily, as she begins to writhe beneath me. Isolating her swollen clit, not too quick, and not hard enough to get her there fast, I lean into her ear:

“Did you really think I was going to leave without getting some of this sweet pussy?”

I bite on her earlobe sincan escort bayan and dip two fingers inside.

“Oh, baby. You are so wet,” I purr into her ear.

“Are you going to cum for me, sweet girl?” I tease.

“Oh, my god, Dean. Oh, you always know just what to do,” she whispers, nearly delirious with need.

There it is. I could see the flush spread across her skin as I spread her with my cock.

“Yes, Dean! Oh, my God. It feels sooooo good. Mmmmmmhhhhmmmmm. Oh, Dean, I’m going to cum,” Emily murmurs just before she tenses and closes her eyes.

“You look so good cumming around my cock, Emily,” I groan into her ear. “I want to fuck you all day, just so I can watch you cum.”

“Oh, god. I hope you do,” Emily assures me. “You feel so good. I feel like I might cry or laugh, or both.”

“I think you’re cock drunk.” I chuckle between thrusts.

“That’s fine. Guilty. Whatever. Just keep fucking me. My god, it just feels so good… “

Trailing my hand up her neck and into her hair, I slowly make a fist and pull Emily taught. Nipping her earlobe and increasing the pace on her clit, I admire the wanton woman beneath me. We are fucking for mutual pleasure. What a gift.

And when I see that sweet flush start to rise in her skin, I quicken my pace and give in to the tightening in my balls.

“Oh, Dean. I’m so close,” Emily pants.

“Oh, fuck, yes. Give it to me, Emily” I demand.

And she does.

Waves of pleasure roll through her body, massaging my cock buried deep inside her.

I can’t help but tip over the edge watching her embrace her orgasm. And I hope to god I’m not dreaming, because this is fantastic.

“Oh, wow. That was JUST what I needed. I don’t think I realized how hard up I really was,” she laughs from beneath her curtain of hair.

“Yeah, that quickie on Friday was definitely not enough for me. I was counting the minutes until I could get here.”

“Not me,” she quips. “I didn’t think about it at all, actually. Forgot until just before you pulled… “

“Bullshit!” I laugh and smack her on the ass.

Emily laughs and blushes and moves to pour us another drink.

“The shower is through there, if you’d like. I’ll be heading back up to my office. I trust you can see yourself out?” she asks as a statement.

“Yes, ma’am,” I respond sarcastically, somewhat hurt by her coldness.

“Listen. You and I both know this is already dangerous territory. Let’s hold off falling in love again for as long as possible.”

And she was right, of course.

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