The Family Reunion Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

Everybody inside the house could hear Jessie and Jack’s cries of passion as they came. Melissa and Thomas looked at each other as they heard their son cry out in pleasure. Thomas had to admit that a part of him wanted to get a piece of his niece where Melissa wasn’t sure she liked this whole family sex thing.

When the four children returned to the rest of the family, all four of them were smiling broadly. Crystal looked at her sister and brother and law. “Hm…I think you guys are the only ones that Jessie and Timothy haven’t nailed.”

Melissa blushed while Thomas just shrugged. Jessie looked at Timothy who had his arm wrapped around Victoria’s shoulder. Timothy nodded at his sister’s unspoken question. They both knew that there was no way their final aunt and uncle would go along with having fun with them with others watching.

Timothy let his eyes drift over his aunt Melissa. He had always thought she was a beautiful woman. She had Crystal’s build and same hair color and eyes. She was a big bigger in the breast area then their mother but that was about it, other then that they could have passed for twins.

Jessie on the other hand looked over her uncle. Thomas had played football in high school and still had the body of a fullback. Big and brawn. His strawberry blonde hair was streaked with gray and his brown eyes were looking at her. Jessie kissed her cousin Jack on the cheek then swayed over to her uncle.

Leaning down she whispered something in his ear that made Thomas smile. When she held her hand out to him, he took it. Melissa gasped in shock as she watched her husband walk out of the room with her niece. “I don’t think…” She said as timothy moved over to her.

“Ah come on Aunt Melissa, wouldn’t you like to have this shoved up your hot snatch?” He asked huskily taking her hand and putting it on the crotch of his jeans.

Melissa closed her eyes as she felt his cock moving against her hand. When she realized what she was doing, she tried to pull her hand away but Timothy held it. “Come on Aunt Melissa, let’s go have some fun.” He whispered in her ear right before he nipped it with his teeth.

Melissa could feel her pussy heating up at his voice and cock pressing against her hand. She looked over at her sister who just smiled, then reluctantly nodded. Slowly, she let Timothy pull her to her feet and out of the room.

When Jessie had led Thomas out of the room, she led him to the room that Brenda and Nick were sharing. She closed the door behind them, and then pushed him back against the door as she stood on her tippy toes to kiss him on the lips. “Oh Jessie,” Thomas groaned against her mouth as he lifted her body against his. He deepened the kiss even as he ground his crotch against hers.

“Uncle Thomas, I’m so horny, I need you so bad.” She cried pressing her crotch tightly against his.

Thomas pushed away from the door and carried her across the room until he was able to put a knee on the double bed that Nick and Brenda shared. He slowly lowered Jessie to the bed, coming down over her without his mouth ever leaving hers.

His tongue moved lightly with her own, as his hands moved to her breasts. He squeezed them lightly through her shirt and was rewarded by Jessie moaning against his mouth. “Oh Uncle Thomas,” She sighed.

Thomas pulled his lips from hers, his eyes met hers and he saw the fire there. “I guess you are hot baby.” He said softly.

Jessie just nodded. She sat up so Thomas could pull her shirt over her head then rested back on the bed as his eyes devoured her body.

“You have turned into a beautiful woman Jessie.” He said raggedly as he ran his hand down over her breast. Thomas was so hot that he knew there wouldn’t be much foreplay. From the simmering look that Jessie was giving him, he didn’t think she would mind.

He kissed her breast with open mouth kisses, making Jessie giggle as his hands worked at her jeans. He pulled them down without moving his mouth. When she was free of her clothes, he bypassed her clit and went straight for the entrance to her body. He groaned against her flesh as he slid two fingers inside her and felt her body tighten around him. “Oh god, Squeeze my fingers baby, let me feel how you are gonna squeeze my cock.”

Jessie giggled again as she tightened her pussy muscles effectively trapping his fingers inside her. Thomas growled as he pulled against her, she released her muscles, smiling at him as he slowly fingered her pussy. “Like that little girl?” he asked looking into her desire glazed eyes.

“Mmmmm…Yes Uncle Thomas, I love feeling your fingers inside me.” She purred as she lifted her hips against him. “You gonna eat my little pussy to?”

Thomas was torn, he was so hot for her that he wanted to just slam his 9 inches deep inside her and give her the ride of her life. At the same time watching his fingers move slowly inside her made his mouth water. “Well, I am hungry.” He growled softly as he lay down between her spread legs.

Jessie giggled at his words, and then moaned etimesgut escort at the first touch of his mouth. “Ooooohhhhh, Uncle Thomas, yes, eat me.” She lifted her hips pressing her snatch tight against his face.

Thomas moaned against her as he ran his tongue all over her pussy. His fingers continued to slowly drive into her as she squirmed against him. When he brushed his tongue lightly over her clit, he heard her squeal as she wrapped her legs around his head. “Eat me Uncle Thomas; make me cum on your mouth.” She begged.

Never one to deny a woman in need, Thomas wrapped his tongue around her clit while he thrust 3 fingers hard inside her. Jessie cried out as she felt her orgasm starting to rise. “That’s it, eat me.” She begged humping her body against him.

Thomas hammered his fingers fast and hard inside her hot snatch as he took her clit between his lips and sucked forcefully on it. Jessie was pressing hard against him and he had a hard time keeping his mouth on her clit. When he bit down gently on it, she became even wilder. “Fuck, Agh, Uncle Thomas, I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” She screamed loudly as she coated his flying fingers.

Thomas pulled his fingers violently from her spasming hole, quickly replacing them with his mouth. He drove his tongue deep inside her as he tore at his jeans with his hands. He drank up her juices as she humped violently against him.

When his cock was free, he tore her legs from around his head, as he moved up over her. “I’m going to fuck you now, Jessie.” He growled as he pressed his cock up against her.

“Yes Uncle Thomas. Fuck me.” Jessie mewled when she saw his cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she lifted her hips to meet him.

Thomas lined up his cock and slammed forward with his hips, burying himself inside her. “Fuck…Oh fuck, so tight.” He growled closing his eyes as he felt her tighten around his length.

Jessie grunted when he forced his way into her body. Thomas was not only long, but thick and it felt like he was stretching her further then she was meant to be stretched. There wasn’t any pain, just a feeling of complete fullness. “Uncle Thomas.” She grunted as he thrust into her.

Thomas looked into her eyes as he slowly fucked her. “Never had one this big huh?” he asked with a leer as he felt her push up against him. “That’s all because of you sweetheart.” He felt her body tighten around his thrusting cock and closed his eyes in pleasure.

“Uncle Thomas…Oh…I feel so stuffed.” She panted. “Oh fuck…Agh…Fuck me.” She suddenly wailed as he started pounding hard and fast inside her. She lifted her hips meeting each of his thrusts as he rode her pussy. “Uncle Thomas…Yes…Fuck meeee…”

Thomas panted above her as he slammed his cock deep into her body. His balls slapped against her ass each time he pushed into her. “Oh god, your tighter then your aunt. I don’t know how long I can last baby girl.” He kissed her neck, and then nibbled at the flesh with his teeth.

Jessie was crying out in joy as he rode her pussy. She could feel her orgasm rising faster then ever before. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she lifted her body against him. “Fuck meeee….” She screamed as she suddenly came around him, her body tightening almost painfully around his lunging cock.

Thomas growled against her neck, and then suddenly flipped their bodies over until he was lying on his back with her straddling his waist. Jessie put her hands on his stomach as she looked at him. “Ride me baby. Ride your uncle’s sweet cock.” He panted.

Jessie smiled at him as she slowly raised her body over him. She watched Thomas’s eyes close as she started to leave his body only to open wide when she slammed her body down over him. “You are a minx.” Thomas growled gripping her ass as she did it again.

Jessie kept up her up and down movements over him as she leered at him. “Yea, I’ve been told that.” She pushed down until she had about half of him inside her then tightened her muscles around him.

“Jessie, oh god,” Thomas howled feeling her tighten around him. “Yea that’s it baby, hold me inside you.” His cum was boiling in his balls and it took a lot of effort not to start shooting deep into her depths. “Jessie, please.” He begged pushing up with his hips. He wasn’t able to move she had him pinned inside her.

“Is this what you want Uncle Thomas?” She asked innocently as she released his cock, letting her body slide down over him.

Thomas glared at her as he grasped her hips and started slamming her body hard up and down over him. “You don’t tease Jessie.” He growled between clenched teeth as his cock slammed up into her even as he pulled her down over him. “You may not like the consequences.”

Jessie however was mewling like crazy as her uncle plowed her pussy with his hard cock. “Uncle Thomas. Oh fuck. I’m cummmmiinnnngggg again.” She ground her pussy hard over him as she coated his balls with her juices.

The feeling of her tightening around him pushed Thomas over the edge. etimesgut escort bayan He let out a loud roar as he filled her with his seed. “Oh fuck…Take it baby. Take it all deep in you.”

Jessie slammed her body hard against him, making sure to keep his cock completely buried in her pussy so she didn’t miss a single drop of his delicious cum. “Give it to me Uncle Thomas…” She purred as she felt him fill her. “Give me all you’ve got.”

While Jessie and Thomas were having the time of their lives, Timothy pulled his reluctant aunt Melissa towards his parent’s room. Once they were inside and the door closed, he pulled her over to the bed. “I don’t think I can do this Timothy.” She said as he pushed her down on the bed. She squirmed backwards but didn’t get far before Timothy covered her body with his own.

He let his hand slide under her dress and over her panty covered snatch as he kissed her softly. “Ah come on Aunt Melissa. Victoria was reluctant at first to but she loved having my cock deep inside her.” He pressed against her clit through her panties.

Melissa looked at him wide eyed as she felt his finger pressing against her. “You…You fucked Victoria?”

Timothy grinned before he lowered his mouth, nibbling at her neck as his hand moved under the leg band of her underwear. “Sure did. She loved feeling my cock sliding deep inside her.” He let his hand move over her pussy and heard her intake of breath. “Hm…What do we have here?” He asked bringing his eyes back to hers as his finger found her clit.

Melissa gasped when she felt his finger touch her bare flesh. “Timothy I don’t think…” Her words were cut off as he pushed his mouth down on hers. She let his tongue slide into her mouth but otherwise lay perfectly still as his finger brushed repeatedly over her clit.

She had decided that she wasn’t going to let him turn her on, but his finger was driving her pussy crazy. She tried to hold back the moan as her hips rose on their own. Suddenly she heard a loud cry coming from the room next door. “What was that?” She asked looking into Timothy’s eyes.

Timothy turned his head as he heard the cry again. He knew the walls were thin in this place. He smiled at his aunt as he kept tantalizing her clit with his fingers. “That is Jessie Aunt Melissa, sounds like Uncle Thomas is really giving her a ride.”

He watched her eyes close as she realized yet again that her husband was fucking her niece. He knew he had to get her mind off of Jessie and Thomas and back on him. He flicked his finger harder against her clit and heard her moan as she pressed up against him. “You like that Aunt Melissa?”

Melissa closed her eyes, unable to handle seeing the desire in his as he brought her body to life against her will. “No…I don’t think we should be doing this…No I don’t like…Oh…” She gasped her eyes opening wide when he suddenly squeezed her clit with two of his fingers.

Timothy smiled at her as he used his free hand to unbutton her dress. Melissa’s hands went to stop him but she gave up when he pinched her clit again making pleasure course through her body.

Melissa knew from the look in her nephew’s eyes that he planned to fuck her whether she liked it or not. When she felt his fingers leave her clit, she forced her legs closed but couldn’t stop his hand from sliding down to her wet slit. “Oh no, please not that…Don’t do that…” She whimpered when he slid two fingers inside her.

“Hm…But Aunt Melissa, I think you like my fingers in your pussy.” He grinned kissing her shocked and trembling lips even as he slowly fingered her pussy. He could feel her inner muscles tightening and loosening around his thrusting hand. “Your mind is saying no but your body wants this.”

Melissa knew he was right, even though Thomas was a fantastic lover, the thrill of being with someone other then her husband turned her on. Her mind could deny what he was doing all she wanted but her body knew better. “Thomas…” She started to say.

Timothy chuckled. “Uncle Thomas probably has his cock buried deep inside Jessie’s snatch by now.” They heard another cry from the room next door. It was as if the couple next door was proving his point.

He moved his fingers a bit faster inside her as he finally exposed her 40D tits to his gaze. “Oh nice,” he lowered his mouth, taking one of her fat nipples between his lips as his fingers flew in her snatch.

Melissa was breathing heavily; reluctantly she let her legs fall open as she humped against his hand. Between his mouth on her breast and his fingers flying in her hot pussy, Melissa knew that her body had won the battle with her mind. She needed this, she needed him.

Holding his head tightly against her, she lifted her hips faster against his flying hand. “Timothy, oh god…I…Yes…Don’t…Stop…I….Need…This…” She panted humping hard against him.

Timothy grazed her nipple with his teeth as he slid a third finger inside her making his aunt shriek in pleasure. “Fuck…Agh…Ugh…I’m escort etimesgut going to cum.” She cried humping her body forcefully against him. “Oh make me cum. I need to cum so fucking bad.” Her body was on fire as Timothy brought her closer to release.

Timothy kept his mouth tight against her breast as his fingers flew between her legs. “Cum for me Aunt Melissa,” He growled against her tit. “Cum all over my hand, let me feel your juices.” He brought his thumb up to her clit, and started man handling it almost painfully.

Melissa whimpered in need when suddenly she was there. She screamed in pleasure as her body found its release. “Finger me Timothy, I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…”

Timothy pulled his mouth from her breast, his eyes closing in ecstasy as her pussy tightened around his hand. “Oh Aunt Melissa, I can’t wait to fuck you. Your pussy is milking my fingers.”

Melissa smiled up at him as she licked her lips. “Hmmm…As good as that sounds, I have felt that hot flesh pressing against me.” She pushed against him as she sat up and stripped her clothes from her body. When she was naked she pushed him onto his back on the bed and worked at his jeans. “I want it in my mouth.” She purred as she freed his hard shaft.

Timothy was in shock, a little while ago, his aunt was denying even wanting him. Now she was pulling at his jeans trying to free his cock so she could suck on him. He watched her through half closed eyes as she brought his hard shaft out to her eyes. “Absolutely beautiful,” She whispered leaning down and kissing the head.

“Oh, Aunt Melissa,” Timothy groaned closing his eyes as he felt her take him into her mouth. “Yessssssssss suck me Aunt Melissa; wrap those beautiful lips around me.”

Melissa did just that. He wasn’t as big around as Thomas, but he was still a mouthful. She pushed his jeans down so she could reach his balls as she slowly moved her head down over him. Her tongue moved almost seductively around his hard flesh making Timothy whimper in need. “Aunt Melissa, oh fuck, agh, yes, so good.” He cried thrusting up with his hips.

Melissa gently rolled his balls in her hands as she let him fuck her face. When he pushed up, she pushed down, when he pulled back so did she. The couple met in the middle, both moaning in pleasure.

While she sucked on him, Timothy moved so he could slide his fingers back into her hot snatch. Melissa whimpered against his cock as he slowly fingered her in time to her sucking on his cock. When she sped up the power and movements of her mouth, he sped up his fingers inside her. Both of them were slamming against each other as they searched for release.

Timothy felt his orgasm starting to rise and wanted her to cum with him. He kept his fingers flying inside her as he found her clit with his thumb and flicked it brutally. Melissa cried out around his cock as she flooded his fingers just as he started shooting into her mouth.

Melissa had never swallowed in her life. When she gave Thomas a blowjob, he always came on her tits, so she was surprised when she suddenly had a mouthful of cum and cock. She didn’t have any other choice but to swallow it as the next wave shot into her mouth.

Melissa relished the taste of her nephews cum and decided the next time she went down on Thomas she was going to taste his cum and see if it was as sweet. When he finished shooting she dug around for more the slowly released him. She was glad to see that he was still hard. “I want you to fuck me Timothy.” She purred looking into his eyes.

Timothy pulled his fingers from her pussy and smiled at her. “Your wish is my command.”

Melissa grinned then moved up beside him on her hands and knees. She leered at him as she wiggled her butt in invitation. “Come on big boy. Give your aunt a good ride.”

Timothy stripped out of his clothes so he was as naked as she was then moved up behind her and rubbed his cock against her pussy. Melissa lowered her upper body down onto her bent hands as she closed her eyes. “Ready baby?” he asked positioning his cock at her entrance.

Melissa nodded, “give it to me honey.”

Timothy grasped her hips lightly while he slammed forward with his hips. Melissa grunted when he slammed into her body then mewled when he pulled out only to impale her again. “Oh yes, that’s it honey. Ride my pussy hard. Give me a good fucking. Fuck me hard and deep. I want to feel you in my stomach.” She pushed her hips back against him meeting him as he hammered into her.

“Aunt Melissa. Fuck, yes, so good.” Timothy cried closing his eyes as his cock slid deep into her depths. “Oh fuck…So good.”

Melissa kept her body moving with him, when he pushed in she would meet him halfway. Both of them were crying out in pleasure as their bodies rocked together. She loved her husbands cock, but Timothy’s seemed to be hitting areas of her pussy that no cock had ever hit before. “Oooooohhhhh fuck me…” She whimpered shaking her head against the blanket as he pounded her from behind. “Give it to me harder baby, come on, I can take it.”

Timothy gawked at her, she may be able to take it but he wasn’t sure he could. His hips were already flying. His cock was a blur as it slammed into her body. He moved his body faster against her and heard her cry of joy. “Yes, that’s it. Hammer my pussy you young stud. Give me the fucking of my life.”

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