The Family D’Enfer Redux Ch. 11

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Justin D’Enfer surveyed the playroom of his club. He was handsome young man of twenty, in excellent shape and showing it off in a clean white T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops. It was a large, thirty by fifty foot room with several gruesome, mediaeval torture implements hanging from the walls, several light fixtures, and a collection of whips and chains. Two St. Andrew’s crosses were set up toward one side of the room with a walkway between them and the wall, side by side, awaiting their intended with supple leather cuffs; a pair of sawhorses were set up close to the opposite side of the room the same distance from the wall. Two pulleys were installed in the center of the ceiling and the platform was beneath them. A black covered table hid several unknown things in a corner out of sight of the crosses. Justin surveyed it and saw that it was good.

The clip, clip of platform shoes heralded Chelsea D’Enfer’s arrival. She wore skintight leather pants and a black halter that strained to contain her ample breasts; she was curvaceous tending slightly toward chubby and her hair was long and dark.. Leaning over his shoulder, she licked her cousin’s left ear in greeting: “Hi, cuz. Are you ready for the big contest tonight?”

“Sure. We could be here a while.”

Chelsea came around in front of Justin and pouted. “I don’t see why I have to be here at all tonight. All this stuff puts my nerves on edge, and I shudder with every stroke, every cry of pain.”

Justin moved her halter aside and gently palmed his breasts; she moaned as he caressed her globes and delicately traced the outline of her areolas and nipples. She pulled him close for a long passionate kiss, pinning his hands on her breasts against his own chest as she rubbed her right hand on his cock through his jeans. Pulling away he said, ” Justine would have it no other way. She wants two witnesses to this contest, and she’s not willing to let anyone see her go through this who hasn’t already seen her naked before. My sister can be a prude about the strangest things.”

“I now it. Has she ever told you about her experience with Uncle Fred in Switzerland?”

“No. If you hadn’t sent me those pictures, I would’ve never known she was there.”

“I think she got taken worse than I did by Uncle Fred, but she’s never said a word about it since the day she came back.”

Justin looked at the ceiling pensively. “I’d like to know where she got the oil painting of her nude on a boat at sunrise. She’s not normally patient enough to stay still that long.”

“Long experience talking?” Chelsea teased.

“Oh, yes. I’m astounded that she brought about this contest: she’s going to have to stand still a very long time and take a lot.”

She looked at Justin coyly and licked her lips. “Well, I imagine that you have a lot more to do before the competitors arrive.”

Justin smiled winningly. “On the contrary, everything is set to go, including the video system. Aunt Adele is going to run that from the security room.”

She frowned. “You got an eighty-five year old woman out of a nursing home to make a dirty movie for you?”

“Her mind is sharp as a tack, and she picked up the audio and digital techniques rather quickly. Making movies was a hobby of hers; she used to star in several private films. I’ll show a couple to you tomorrow morning. She was absolutely drooling at the chance to see this in real time and run the booth.”

“How many cameras?”

“Eight. We’ve got a hand held available as well, and a digital still camera.”

“All right, all right. You’re a warped Cecil B. DeMille, you know that?”

“We could make a short feature while we wait. I need to take the edge off for this so I can keep my focus.”

“What did you have in mind?”

Justin pulled off Chelsea’s top and unbuttoned her trousers. “We’ll put the mat on the platform in the middle of the room and lock the doors. It will be another hour before we have to worry about last minute details, and we can do a lot before that.”

Her trousers went to the floor, and she stepped out of them. After peeling off his white tee shirt, she knelt before him to unzip his jeans. “I can see the anticipation has you worked up already.” A sharp yank pulled his pants to the floor and she began massaging his ten inch shaft and cupping his massive balls while licking her lips.


8:00PM saw Justine D’Enfer and her aunt, Prudence Tailleferre, arrive at her brother’s club. It had undergone a makeover since Justin bought it, turning it into an elegant establishment and most nights saw it full with a discriminating clientele. They stepped from a limo dressed for a red carpet promenade rather than a meeting at a dark building. Justin was at the door to let them in, and escorted them through the bar, dining room and dance floor to the hidden stairway to the playroom he was in the process of modifying.

They paused at the door so each woman could make an entrance. Prudence went first: her gold, strapless, floor length gown and violet wrap sincan escort displayed her huge cleavage to great effect. A simple gold necklace accented the view with taste and discretion, and her matching purse and shoes made her shine in a soft glow. In her forty six years, she had never looked so elegant. She came to the center of the room and posed momentarily for the cameras, turning in a circle, then standing on the low platform in the center of the room while the cameras followed her. Justine flounced into the room next: her chestnut hair sailing elegantly over a bright red, spaghetti strap gown with a ruby necklace, matching purse and open toed shoes. Like a queen she ascended the platform, to smile and turn around. They stood side by side: an dumpy older woman at her most glamorous and a slender young woman at her peak.

Justin looked a bit incongruous in his clean white T shirt and jeans as he approached them. Chelsea in her black halter and leather pants looked like a roadie as she walked around with a hand held video camera. A voice crackled into the earpieces that Justin and Chelsea wore: “This is a lot of boring fuss and bother. Why go to a beauty salon when you’re going to end up a sweaty, worn out mess at the end? This isn’t the Oscars. When are they going to get down to business?”

Like the emcee of a beauty pageant, Justin approached them and said: “Sister Justine, Auntie Pru, you’ve come here tonight to settle a bet. Do you still want to go through with this?” They both said yes with strong voices. “Do you have the money?” They both reached into their purses and produced $10,000 in four large bundles of $100 dollar bills. He took the bills and walked over to the side of the room, where he put them in a golden bowl on a stand framed by a profusion of fresh roses. Coming back to the center, he stood before them again: “The will be a personal reward for the winner of this bet and a penalty for the loser. According to the agreement, I get to choose both without consulting you. They are sealed in an envelope in Chelsea’s keeping. Would you show them the envelope, Chelsea?” She held up an envelope sealed in wax.

Adele hissed into her microphone. “I don’t know why you think this little show is necessary. They made a bet to see who’d do better in the Tit Torture Olympics, so let’s get going. I don’t know what Justine is thinking; Prudy has been a painslut for decades and Justine’s got a long ways to go to catch up with her. Your sister’s always been such a proud, competitive little bitch, just like her mother. Just don’t forget our little bet, sweetie.”

Chelsea put down her video camera and picked up a digital camera to take several still shots of the two elegantly dressed women from several angles. Justin continued: “If the contest is a draw you split the pot, and if you both quit then I get to keep the pot. Do you understand this?” Both said yes.

When that was over, Justine and Prudence went out of the room and Chelsea whispered to Justin: “What was your bet with your Aunt Adele?”

“We bet on who would win the competition tonight. A thousand in cash and a penalty.”

“And that is?”

“If I win, I get to tie up her old tits and use the whips, wax and clamps on them before she blows me.”

“If you lose?”

“She gets to leave her dentures IN the next time she blows me.”

Chelsea looked worried and shook her head. “You’re going to get your dick chewed off, man.”

Justin smiled. “She let me take Auntie Pru.”

Both women left the room momentarily while Justin uncovered part of the table, revealing the tools he was to use first. The women returned completely nude except for earrings, and stood side by side on the platform in the middle of the room. Justin returned to face them while Chelsea walked around them with the video camera.

He smiled at them and said, “There will be points for this competition. Every orgasm will get you one point, but you must be NO self stimulation. Every time your opponent uses the safe word, you get a point for taking what she can’t, and after a rest we go to the next event. What is your safe word, Auntie Pru?”


“What is your safe word, Justine?”


“There is a safe word that will end the competition as a whole; it will be the knockout blow. It is the same for both of you. That word is Armageddon. Understood?”

Both women said yes.

“I reserve the right to call a halt to any scene and award a tie if I think that your health is in danger without argument. Also, if for some odd reason you get pissed at me and decide to both walk away in the middle of the event after we get started, I get to keep the money. This is about you two and it’s going to stay that way. I’m the judge and you will abide by my rulings. We agreed on this before; do we still agree?”

Both women said yes to this as well.

“All right, move over to the crosses and let’s get started.”

Justine said, “Wait a minute, little perv. We’re going to be naked here sincan escort bayan for a long time. I think it only fair that you and Chelsea should be naked, too.” Chelsea put the camera down in shock, but Justin smiled and pulled his shirt over his head,revealing a tight six pack.

“All right by me if it’s all right by Auntie Pru. What do you think?” he said, turning to face her.

Prudence licked her lips and said, “Of course, dear child. It will only heighten the experience.”

Justin pulled off his jeans and shorts quickly, but Chelsea took a little longer to take her clothes off. They piled their clothes in an empty corner, and returned to their places. “Are you ready now? Then come over to the crosses and let’s get you strapped in.”

Justine and Prudence walked over and put their hands in the straps of the crosses. It took a few moments to bind their wrists; due to the nature of the event, their legs weren’t strapped in. Justin looked up and said, “Aunt Adele, do you have the stopwatch ready?”

“Yes, sonny, I’ve been waiting forever. Get at those tits,” rasped in his ear.

Justin winked at Chelsea; the contestants continued their stare down as Justin fiddled with a lighter. He approached them wearing rough gloves with two large, fat, red scented candles and waited as the wax began to pool. Going behind Justine, he reached around from behind and dripped two drops on each breast from a few inches above. A sharp intake of air greeted him. Prudence sighed with the wax first touched her from the height. Going back and forth, Justin dripped the wax from closer and closer distances, careful to hit new skin every time. After all four breasts were covered in wax, he put the candles down and roughly brushed the wax off with his gloves. Justine and Prudence both yowled at the abrasive treatment of their sensitized skin. The he brought the candles over for another round, pouring huge dollops on each breast from close range, covering them again and rubbing them off. At the third course landed on her left breast, Justine suddenly cried out, “Airplane, airplane, you bastard.”

Justin smiled wryly and said, “You’re older than me, sis. You’re probably the bastard in the family. Now let’s see how Auntie Pru handles another round.” He poured another two dollops of wax on her breasts; she winced but between a look of bliss filled her face as he poured the rest of the wax on her tits from point blank range. Prudence gasped and relished the sensation. Putting the candles back, he roughly scrubbed the wax off with his gloves again. Justine whimpered and screamed; Prudence smiled warmly and sighed with every touch.

Justin returned with clothespins linked by long strings. “The Zipper trial is next. I will peg the skin of your breasts alternating between you. Two zippers, one from each, will be pulled off at the same time. Pru is first.” Methodically, he went back and forth between the two facing women, pinching up the skin and applying the joined pins, which were wooden and smooth. There were two sets that were connected so that they would come off both contestants at the same time with the same pull. Both women took the placement of the pegs, which spiraled around from the nipple to the swelling of the breast from the body, gamely; Prudence seemed to wince a little more as each pin bit her flesh. “Any concessions yet?” Two women shook their heads. “Then off with the first set.” Justin pulled sharply like a maniac, snapping the clothespins off Prudence’s left breast and Justine’s right breast sounded like an angry ratchet lasting almost a minute. Prudence pulled up one knee and said, “Texas.” Justin looked in surprise, then cut the cord binding the other two zippers so they could be pulled independently. “All right Justine, are you ready?” She bobbed her head and gritted her teeth.

Another sharp yank and the raucous music did its work to Justine’s left breast. She howled in pain and stamped her feet but did not give in. Justin awarded that round to Justine and motioned Chelsea to remove the pegs from Prudence’s right breast more gently. Chelsea stroked Prudence’s face as she did her work, and whispered in her ear. “You can still do it. Don’t worry.” Prudence smiled at Chelsea and batted her eyes.

Justin re-entered the room and beckoned the contestants to rise. Without a word, he guided them to the crosses and put their wrists and ankles back into cuffs. Reaching under the table cover, he produced a familiar item: his mother’s custom tit flogger. Without preamble, he began hitting their breasts equally with sharp slaps, quickly reddening them more. Then he hauled each breast up roughly by a vise tight grip and gave each underside two stinging blows before moving on. He grinned manically as we went about his work, and laughed to hear both women howl in pain. Three rounds of this and Prudence said her safe word. Justin looked puzzled, then gave his sister another set of five strokes on the underside of each breast.

“You bastard, that’s too much,” she escort sincan brayed.

Justin glared at her. “Are you quitting the match?”

She backed down. “No, but stay within the rules we agreed on.”

Adele crackled in his ear, “She’s a whiny little pussy, but she’s right. You’re going to dish out some more pain, so save the irritation.” Justin looked at Chelsea, who meekly nodded in agreement.

“If you’ll step over to the sawhorses, ladies. Please sit on them; your hands will be tied above your head and your ankles will be tied under you. This will be a two stage suction challenge: first, your nipples will be sucked as far as they can go into vacuum cylinders, then your entire breasts will be placed in sucking churns where you’ll go as long as you can stand it. Are you getting a good angle, Chelsea?”

Chelsea nodded. Her eyes were already big at seeing her two lovers abused breasts reddened; the color was returning to them, but she was sure after the next round they would have to take a rest. Her thighs were incredibly damp, and she could see that Justin’s ten inch rod was at half staff. He gestured for her to help him; she held the tubes free from one another as he situated the four automatic suckers on the nipples. Finishing, he gestured for her to turn the machine on. “How does that feel?” She whispered to him.

Adele’s voice crackled over the earpiece. “It’s heaven baby, just heaven. Been using them for years. About ten minutes ecstacy, then it gets excruciating; too much of a good thing. You can bring that machine up here when those tarts are done with it.”

Justin nodded his head and whispered to Chelsea. “Some women like it and some don’t. It’s similar to automatic milking machines for lactating mothers, but the sensations are different if there’s nothing coming out. I can let you try a set after they’re done.”

“Looks like you could use one a little lower, beefcake,” Adele said. “I’m going nuts up here watching my favorite thing so near and so far away. Chelsea honey, you’d better do something for him soon before he gets blue balls.”

Chelsea blushed and whispered in his ear, “I will be ready for something soon as well; I’m leaving a wet trail on the floor. They’ll need a break soon.”

Justin whispered back, “I have it all planned. Just wait a little longer.” He reached out to the controls: it was a variable speed machine and the two contestants sighed as the machine pulled harder. They struggled against their bonds; two minutes into the treatment Prudence cried out, writhed round and shook. “There’s an orgasm.” Aunt Adele shouted, “I knew you had it in you, Prudy.” Another minute later Justine was twitching and moaning, heaving her torso up and down as she reached her first orgasm. Finally, it was clear that the nubs had been stretched as far as possible; shutting it down, he found that Justine’s and Prudence’s nipples had been stretched obscenely for the same length.

He took the larger vessels and placed them over the entire breasts of both women. Adele was amazed: “Prudence’s are the largest ones I’ve ever seen. Did you have to custom order those?”

He looked at the camera and nodded. “This is going to be fun,” she giggled.

The machine was turned on again, and the entire breasts of the two women were pulled forward. They pressed against the clear plastic churns and the women started rolling their heads around while guttural moans escaped their mouth. Justin said to Chelsea: “Put the camera tripod, then bend over and put your hands on the sawhorses in front of them.” She was bewildered by his request: slowly and tentatively she set up the tripod and then returned to put her quivering hands on the ends of the facing sawhorses. Prudence and Justine were staring at her amazed as her hands touched the wood before them as their breasts being drawn relentlessly out. He reached around and started pawing her, pulling her nipples and massaging her huge breasts. She gasped at the sensations spreading through her body from her nipples. He gently maneuvered her legs a little father apart, then penetrated her dripping cunt easily with one full thrust of his ten inch cock. The machines whirred, and Justin increased his speed to match theirs; the sweat flying from his body onto hers and hers falling freely on the floor. Justine and Prudence rocked back and forth as they watched, licking their lips while their tit suckers pulled, their eyes glazed maniacally.

“Hey, stupid,” Adele yelled, “You’re not wearing protection! Do you know where this woman has been?” He nodded his head, rapt in the feel of his cock in Chelsea’s tight vagina and still working her breasts eargerly. “Is she ovulating? Are you ready to start making inbred rug rats yet?” But he paid his great aunt no attention as he bucked and pumped, his great cock almost coming completely out of her as he frantically sought his release, on his way to a monster orgasm that was met full force by his partner’s, his semen blasting their merry way down his cousin’s orifice and their sweat making the floor beneath them slick as it combined with the drippings. Chelsea’s expression was lost in the sensations and she screamed at the top of her lungs as her climax hit her. They spasmed together for an eternity before they cooled off, the vacuum churns relentlessly pulling at their targets.

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