The Escort

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Big Tits

I am a fairly successful man with a nice family, expensive home, nice car, good wife and children. My oldest daughter goes to college at UCLA and my son goes to the University of Puget sound, my wife stays at home and does…….. whatever it is she does. Our sex life is sporadic, if at all, as I spend a lot of time traveling to service customer accounts. I’m sure my wife has a lover, to fill those many empty nights that I’m gone and I have turned to escorts to relieve my sexual tension with an occasional pick up at the bar.

I had a trip to LA recently and called my daughter, Diane, to see if she would like to meet for dinner. She had a pressing engagement, as she put it, and asked how long I would be in town so that we could get together for lunch. We made plans for the day I was to leave for Seattle and I hung up. I got the phone book out of the drawer and thumbed through the Yellow Pages scanning the escort listings.

I read their little ads and one struck my eye, Fantasy Escort, and I read their ad with interest as they said they had women from size 32A- 52EEE. I have always had a thing for small breasted women, I guess it was all those years of my wife’s 44DD’s and they just got to the point where it made me sick to look at them. I called them up and they said their rates were $250 an hour, but when I asked about the 32A, she was already booked for the night.

The woman said she had a 24 year old girl, 34A, available, if I was interested and I said ok and gave her my hotel address and room number and told her to tell the girl that I would leave the door open and the money on the nightstand with a note and she assured me the escort would follow my instructions on the note. She called me back to say that my Fantasy Escort was on her way and would be there in a half an hour. I wrote göztepe escort the note and jumped in the shower and when I got out, I heard the room door open and saw a shadow head for the night stand. I shaved as she read her note which said:

Here is $500, $250 for the agency and $250 for you if you are willing to follow the instructions totally, otherwise leave now. I am disease free and dislike condoms immensely and will not wear one, if you agree to this, I will give you a $100 tip at the end of the hour in addition to what you see before you. You will strip and lie naked on your back on the bed and turn off the light and when I come to you, there will be no words spoken, you will feel my needs and take care of them as they arise. If I choose to fuck you anally, there will be another $100 tip added. We will not use names, just each other. If the lights are not out when I open the bathroom door, the deal is off. Decide now!

As I opened the bathroom door, the room was dark and I turned off the bathroom light as well, the room was totally dark. I am 48 years old and some young women, even escorts cringe at the thought of fucking an older man and they always insist on condoms, which I loathe. There was only a hint of the lights outside coming into the room and I could se my prize lying on her back awaiting me. I strolled to the bed and reached down and rubbed her 34A tits, very nice, and my cock rose to the occasion. I moved to her head and pulled it towards my cock and she took it in her mouth without hesitation and sucked it as I rubbed those sweet mounds.

After a few minutes of this, and the feel of her sweet tits in my hands and her talented mouth sucking my cock, I blew a load into her mouth and she swallowed me. She slurped my cock to make sure she got all of kurtköy escort my juices and I moved between her legs and sniffed her sweet, young pussy. There was a slight perfumed smell, but her own natural juices were beginning to override it. I parted her lips and sucked on her clit and a moan escaped her mouth as I gently sucked her clit inside my mouth and lightly grazed it with my teeth.

As I hungrily devoured this tight, wet, bald cunt, she began to thrash on the bed wildly and I sensed that she was cumming or she put on one hell of an act. My thoughts were answered when I felt a rush of her fluids over my tongue, and she grabbed my head and thrust it into herself. When her orgasm subsided, I moved up and she guided my hard cock into her pussy and raised her hips to get more of it inside. I sucked on her 34A tits as I fucked her and built into a steady rhythm.

She raised her legs and allowed me deeper access as I stabbed her repeatedly with my cock. I felt her moisten again and she was rocked with another orgasm, much to my delight. I pushed her legs back to her head as I pumped her furiously now and soon I felt myself empty deep inside of her. I collapsed on her and left my cock in her, to remove itself and nibbled on her nipples. I regained my strength and brought my cock up and pressed it against her lips once more and she gladly accepted it and cleansed it of our mutual juices. She was so talented and soon had me rock hard again in no time as she fucked me with her mouth. I pulled my cock out and rolled her on her stomach and pulled her up on her knees with her head still on the pillow.

I reached to the opposite night stand and got a tube of KY jelly and smeared it on her anus and rubbed it inside. I smeared what was left on my hand onto my cock and positioned pendik escort it at her back door and slowly eased myself inside. Her ass was incredible!! As a matter of fact, no part of her I had touched or fucked was less than incredible and I thought to myself that I would contract her for my visits to LA from now on. I pumped my cock in and out of her ass and she quickly joined my thrusts as I closed my eyes and enjoyed this sweet young girl.

My mind burned and a white flash crossed my eyes as I totally unloaded in this sweet girl’s 24 year old ass. I collapsed across her ass and onto her back as my cock trickled the last of it’s cum into her. I kissed her back and lay there as my cock slowly withdrew from her tight entrance. I raised myself off of her and went into the bathroom to clean up and closed the door.

When I came back out, she was sitting on the edge of the bed with her back to me and I crawled across the bed behind her and gently turned her head to kiss her- IT WAS MY OWN DAUGHTER!!

We stared dumfounded at each other, not knowing what to say for the longest time. “I pay for your college Diane, buy your clothes, buy you food, WHY?” I asked her.

“I love to be fucked dad, I like a man inside of me, every part of me. I hugged her, “Diane, I’ve wanted to fuck you since you were 16, but I knew it was wrong.”

She kissed me and then she confessed, “Mom has been fucking around on you for years dad, and it made me feel so bad for you. I wanted to fuck you and take your pain away, but I knew that was wrong too.”

She cried and dropped her head on my shoulder and I ran my fingers through her hair, “It’s alright baby, shhhh.” We sat there like that for a long time and then I made her call the escort agency and quit right there and she did.

We showered together and then made love again and I complimented her on her fine body and her wonderful skills. She quit college and Accompanied me on all my trips from then on as my personal secretary and I never fucked anyone but her, nor she anyone but me from then on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32