The End of High School Ch. 04

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You know how when you wake up in a strange place to strange sounds it takes you a while to get oriented? I couldn’t tell if it was a bell to change classes, a phone or an alarm clock, or what. On about the third ring, the third after I woke up, I realized it was the phone and reached across Jim to answer it. Poor guy, he was sound asleep.

“Hello.” I was expecting Mom or Dad.

“Hey there! Did I wake you?”

“Um, er, yeah, kinda.” I had no idea who it was.

“I guess you went to bed early. This is Christine.”

I could hear other sounds in the background. “Yeah? What’s going on?”

“Um, if you wanna go back to sleep we can talk tomorrow.”

“No, it’s OK.” Jim was waking up, both his eyes and his dick! “It’s Christine.” I told him and, still lying on top of him, I gave him a kiss on the mouth. “What’s going on, babe?”

“Well, we’re having a party. You wanna come?”

“Hold on.” Laying the phone aside, “She’s inviting us to a party, you wanna go?”

“Um, now?” He was rubbing his eyes. “Do I have time to shower?”

She heard him and I held the phone so we both could hear her. “Tell your boyfriend it’s a come as you are party.”

“Um, I’ve heard of those but what is it?”

“It’s where you have to come just exactly as you are right now. You can’t shower, change or anything.”

“No way. We’d get arrested leaving the hotel!” He started thinking. “Who all is there?”

“And what is everyone wearing?” I had some questions, too. “See, we’re in bed and we’re, um, kinda naked.”

“Kewl! Even better! I tell you what. There’s a rule that let’s you put on one piece of clothing or something but just til you get here. That way you won’t get in trouble. You can use the robes in the closet if you want.”

“But we don’t have a car or anything. Where is the party?”

“It’s only a few blocks away, at my house. Don’t worry, my parents are here and they’re OK with it. Go downstairs and ask the night bell captain and he’ll give you directions or you can have him call a cab and ask for Marty.”

“See you in a bit.” This was wild. I’d never been to anything like this before. She gave me the address so I could leave a note for Mom and Dad. Now all I had to do was think of what to wear. I figured since it was warm outside, and we’re not supposed to dress up, I’d wear Jim’s tee. It would keep me decent, barely, through the lobby. Jim slipped into a pair of boxers that could pass for swim trunks.

The bell captain, when we told him where we were going, took one look at me and gave Jim a wink. He then suggested we take a cab over and called for Marty. Marty was not like we expected — she was Hot! The bell captain told her to take us to Christine’s and she knew exactly where to go. Dropping us off she said to go around back to the guest house and that she would be there after she got off in a few hours.

The door was wide open and Christine met us as we walked in. It seems everyone at the hotel was friends. Actually, everyone that worked anywhere on hotel strip was friends. There were about twenty people, dressed in anything from dressy casual (they got the call when they were at another party) to nothing (and I mean nothing, they were in bed, too, but not asleep). They have these impromptu parties anywhere from once/month to every quarter but you never know where or when.

“Were you wearing that when I called or were you really naked?”

Dave blushed a little and I did, too. “Um, we were naked.”

“Well, take it off! That’s the rule.” She hesitated a second. “But, if you want we can bend it this time for you.”

We slipped our sandals off. “Well, I guess we’re not the only ones.” I unbuttoned Jim’s shorts and he helped me slip out of the tee. We left the clothes with my purse by the door. It seems one of the other couples drove over naked!

Christine gave me and Jim a couple tall glasses of this awesome rum punch. It had just about every kind of fruit liquor in it and rum, of course, and Sprite and a little ginger ale for a base. I could live on this!

“You sure got maltepe escort burned today. I’m surprised Dave didn’t remind you to put on a lot of lotion.” Christine looked across the room as she said that and there was Dave making out with the girl from the front desk that checked us in.

“No, it’s OK.” I pushed on my boob making it turn white and then red. “It really doesn’t hurt at all. And, he did remind us. It’s just I brought a bottle of 15 instead of 30 and this was my first time out this year. I think maybe your aloe is helping it heal fast”

“Yeah. Did you use it?”

“Oh, wow! That stuff was intense. It’s not like any aloe I’ve ever had before. Not even the real stuff from the plant.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty good! Did you, um, use it everywhere?”

“Oh yeah! I had like the most intense Orgasm! I couldn’t help it. What’s in it?”

“Something from the islands. You don’t even have to use as much. Dave told us he loves your bare mound.”

“Y’all don’t have any secrets around here at all, do you!”

“Well, we enjoy seeing all the guests and trying to figure out about them. Tell me, how do you keep it so smooth?”

“Um,” this was weird, I’d never really talked about shaving my pussy before, at least not with a stranger. “I used to shave and I even waxed. Ya know how you get those red bumps sometimes or, except for the first day or so, there’s always some stubble?”

“Yeah, that’s what I mean.”

Jim was watching one of the restaurant hostesses give the room service guy a lap dance except they are both naked and I think his dick wasn’t trapped between them.

“Well, I got tired of that and I didn’t like my skin being darker there because of the roots. So I had it all zapped off.”


“Yeah, the laser got it all and I never have to worry about it anymore.” I rubbed the side of my mound a little and then rubbed Jim just beside his dick. “It’s awesome how smooth it is.”

“May I?” Christine felt my pussy and I immediately shivered and got goose bumps. “God, your skin’s so soft and smooth.” She pulled up her skirt and revealed her bare pussy. “I just shaved this afternoon but it’s not as soft as yours.” Then she felt Jim’s balls.

“That’s because of all the hair and the roots that are under the surface. When Jen started having hers done I decided I had to do mine, too.”

“Wow! Y’all are hot together! I don’t know if a guy would let someone zap his balls for me.”

“Oh, this is the new kind of procedure. They use a laser.”

“Does it hurt?” She was wearing a floral print, obviously a uniform, with a pin that said Barbara, Manager.

“Oh, yeah!” Jim kinda winced remembering the ordeal. “They say I’ll experience slight discomfort. Ha ha!”

“Oh, yeah it hurts, but have you waxed yourself there? Or plucked?”

A few people were nodding. Some of them were bare and this one girl had some bumps.

“Well, this is kinda like waxing three times all at once. The good part is I never have to do anything again and it’s always going to feel like this.”

That must’ve been an invitation because there were at least 6-7 hands rubbing on my pussy and Jim’s balls. He was immediately hard and leaking pre-cum. His dick was jumping each time someone touched it. “Um, y’all be careful or we’ll have a mess here.” I’d seen girls give him enough oral and hand jobs that I knew what would happen.

“Do your parents know you did that? It had to be expensive”

“Well, yeah Mom saw me one time.”

I kinda nudged him. “And my Mom saw mine, too. She doesn’t like the idea but she didn’t get real mad.”

“Your mom saw you naked?” She couldn’t get over Mom seeing Jim. “What? Are y’all nudists?”

“Oh, no. Nothing like that. It’s just upstairs, we, er, I mean I don’t close my door all the time and she came in with some clean clothes and I was laying on my bed.”

“Were you …?” she made a jerking hand motion.

“Oh wow, no! Thank goodness!!!”

“I bet you were about to though.”

Jim blushed. “What about you? Does your mom tuzla escort care?” He picked up her skirt to look at her bare pussy again. Jim figured if she showed it there wouldn’t be a problem if he looked for himself. And, having gotten away with it he caressed it with his fingers but not dipping them in her slit.

Christine then took us to the main room. A few people were up and slow-dancing to the 50’s music. Just about everyone was naked by now. Two girls were dancing with this one guy. Couples were everywhere. Most were just making out but some were obviously fucking. One girl was kneeling on the floor between another girl’s legs eating her pretty hard and another girl was kneeling right next to her giving a guy some serious deep throat! One guy was sitting straddling this other guy’s lap, facing him, on a kitchen chair and for all they knew they were the only ones in the room. Christine kinda pointed out who was who and they all worked at one of the big three resort hotels on the beach.

Jim sat on a plush leather chair and I sat down across his lap. We looked around at everyone having such a great time. It didn’t seem to matter if one couple was fucking next to another that was just talking. He whispered in my ear how hot it was and then gave my ear a little bite.

“You better be careful!”

“Why?” He said that like a little kid.

“Oh, you know very well why!” My ear was one of my hot spots. He’d heard me talk about how guys would do something there without knowing it.

“You mean I shouldn’t do this?” And he started nibbling.

I turned to whisper in his and made it like I was biting or kissing his ear. “You keep that up and we’re going to be doing more than just pretending to be lovers!”

“Oh Kay.” He was pretending to be sad. But then, suddenly all perked up, “We’ll just make out!” and he planted the wettest kiss right on my lips and explored the inside of my mouth with his tongue. I think that first kiss there was at least a full minute.

Something about it was way more intense than any other time we kissed. None of the other times were even like this though. They were just sisterly/brotherly kisses, or playful kisses. This one was Hot and even my nips immediately poked out.

“Oh god, babe! We’d better be careful.” I was whispering in his ear but nibbling on it, too.

“OK, I know. I won’t do anything else.”

Jim truly was an awesome kisser. I know I told Mom that the other night but, even then, I had no idea. Feeling his skin against my breasts wasn’t helping either. Maybe it had something to do with his dick as hard as a rock between us, too.

After a while he got up to get another drink. While he was gone Dave came over and started chatting me. I was sitting back in the chair with my legs comfortably apart. He had a pretty good view of my slit. Dave was kneeling there and resting his hands on my thighs while we talked. Both of us were pretty hot. Jim walked up with a fresh drink for me and gave me a little wink. Dave started to get up and I asked, “You wanna chat a bit?” Jim smiled and walked off.

A few minutes later I saw him on the sofa with a cute blonde on his lap. She obviously liked the feel of his smooth skin. Dave liked mine, too. His fingers were sliding softly on my thighs but each time they would move a bit higher up and more down between them. It wasn’t long before he was sliding his fingers inside my soppy cunt and, God, did it feel wonderful. After a little bit he started suckling on my boobs and I had to pull his head into them to convince him I wasn’t that sunburned.

I happened to look at Jim — he was in heaven. He and the blonde were in a heavy make out session. She was riding his dick, but just the top of it. Whenever she would ride up close to him I could see the shiny head sticking out, covered with her juices. Then, another girl crawled over and started sucking him off under her. The redhead’s hands were caressing the blonde’s boobs and suddenly Jim was cumming all over her face and in her mouth.

I got up and Dave sat on the edge of the chair. maltepe escort He slipped on a condom as I was straddling him and easing my pussy over his dick. While I did this someone brought me my cell phone, which was ringing with Mom’s ring. Oh, god! “Um, hi Mom.” I had my knees on the seat of the chair next to his legs. “Yes, we’re both here, I’m looking at him.” Now I’m riding this guy up and down and he’s starting to hump up into me. I knew my breath was ragged. “No Mom, we’ll make out OK.” I’d never talked to Mom before when I was having sex. “OK, we’ll be there in an hour.” This was incredible, if I wasn’t careful I’d fall off. “OK, OK. 30 minutes.”

I’d fucked enough guys to know that some hand action would be welcomed just as he was starting to cum. I don’t think I’d seen a condom so full, either.

Then, Jim was standing there holding my hand. “Are you ready to go, babe? We don’t want your mom getting mad at us.”

Christine was one chair over having her own good time. “They must be pretty kewl parents to let you and your boyfriend sleep together on a trip.”

“How did …” Then I realized.

“Yeah, babe! We work the hotel! We know the hotel.”

“Yeah, they’re kewl. It’s just not like you think though.”

Just then Marty walked in but said she’d gotten one more pickup at the hotel as she pulled in the driveway so we took advantage and got a free ride back. We entered through the door to our part of the suite. I immediately went in the bathroom and Jim unbuttoned his shorts so it would look like he was just putting them on. Sure enough, Mom came walking over right then. I came out wearing the tee and headed for the bed.

“Did y’all have a nice time this evening?” At least she wasn’t mad.

“Yeah, we went over to Christine’s place. She’s the one I told you about from downstairs.” Jim slipped off his trunks and got into bed on his side without her noticing.

We told her about the party. Well, not the parts we couldn’t tell her about but I slipped up and told her about the rum punch.

“At least you weren’t driving tonight. I have to admit we had our own punch at our party tonight.”

I guess alcohol does do things to your mind. I pulled off my tee while I was talking to her, right in front of Jim, and started putting on more aloe.

“Sally! What on earth?!!! Jim, can you at least turn your head?”

“Oh, Mom. He’s seen more than this before. I mean he saw me while I was getting the sun all afternoon.”

“You don’t have to remind me.”

I was slathering it on my legs and then my arms and torso, kinda saving the good parts.

“Can you at least go in the bathroom to do that? And put something on!”

“Mom, I’ve got my eyes closed.” At least he did when she looked at him just then.

Then I started working it into my breasts and then my pussy. Maybe it was the rum, maybe the stuff in the aloe, maybe because I just had a nice fuck but I really didn’t care if I Mom watched me rubbing myself. I was slowly working it on my pussy and in my slit while we told her about all the people and how everyone knew everyone here.

“Even though they work at different resorts they’re still friends and they all hang out together. Christine said we could come party anytime we wanted. I think Dave wants to ask me out again.”

“Yeah, and I’m definitely seeing Red, er Brittany again. We just all call her Red because her hair is this deep auburn color.” He didn’t tell Mom that it was that color all over.

“You might wanna use this. It’s great stuff!” I gave Mom the bottle and slipped under the sheets with Jim. I snuggled back against him and he reached over and put his hand on my boob. Jim’s arm and my upper chest were above the sheet.

“Sally! Jim! I wish you wouldn’t do that. It’s not right.”

“But we aren’t doing anything.”

“Mom, it’s ok. It’s not sex. I just like him to hold me like this. I like feeling him with me.”

“Sally, it’s just not right.”

“Don’t get all upset Mom, we don’t mind it.” I turned and gave him a sensuous kiss right on the mouth.

“Sally, I love you, but sometimes you just really push the limits!”

Jim was cuddling my boob as she walked out. I rolled over facing him and started kissing him on the mouth.

“Jim, I love you.” We fell asleep like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32