The Druglord’s Daughter

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This story is entirely fictional. Any similarities between characters in this story and persons in real life are purely coincidental. Please enjoy, and please vote. Comments are welcome, and appreciated.

* * * * *

I heaved my 6’3′, 250lbs mass out of the low-slung seat of my convertible. I had finally done it. I had finally found her. She was walking down the road, minding her own business when I saw her. She was the one that I was supposed to tail, i thought. About five foot five, platinum hair down to her ass, and legs that seemed to go forever. She was dressed in a bright red business suit, jacket and skirt. From the view that I had, I figured she was a good looker, but as I couldn’t see her face, or tits, I wasn’t sure. I began to follow her.

I was about a hundred feet behind her when a man dressed in black stepped out of an alley behind her, and grabbed her. He just jumped out; one arm snaked around her waist, the other hand covering her month. She jumped, and struggled, but he was too strong. He began dragging her back in to the alley. Being the man that I am, I followed. The alley opened up into a large open area filled with large dumpsters. I weaved my way through them, and to my surprise, by the time I got into the alley; he had the young woman tied down to some stakes. I realized that he must have set this up before hand, as there was a mattress placed onto the ground, and a stake at each corner.

The young woman, in early twenties, was gagged, and to my horror, I realized that the man had a knife in his hands. He leaned forward, and grabbed hold of the woman’s jacket, slicing it up the middle. By now I knew that I would have to get involved, so as that the woman didn’t get raped. I slowly moved forward, and as I slipped up behind them, I got my first look at her. Her body was beautiful, perfectly shaped. Her face was that of an angel. I watched for a moment, deciding upon how I could sneak up on this freak with out him realizing I was there. I watched as he sliced open her blouse, then her skirt. Finally he cut her bra and peeled it aside. He put the knife down to the side, and began to fondle the woman’s breasts. His back was to me, and I began to slow sneak up, leaving the cover that the last dumpster had given me. He reached for the knife just as I got behind him. He turned, literally, into my foot, which I had aimed for the side of his head; instead I got him in the nose. He fell back over the woman, blood flowing from his nose. He didn’t get back up.

I grabbed the knife, and got off her gag and the ropes tying her down. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me. I was standing over her, holding the knife in my hand, staring, dumbstruck. She was gorgeous. She had large breasts, and huge areolas. My dick got hard, and I couldn’t move. I stood there like an idiot, until our eyes met. She blushed, and looked away.

I peeled off my trench coat, and handed it to her. She immediately covered herself. I was having trouble controlling myself. It had been a long time since I was that close to a near naked, hot woman. And hot she was. I offered her my hand, and she stood up, putting on my trench, and tying it shut. Knowing that she was practically naked beneath it did play tricks on my libido. “In the pocket is my cell, cal 911, while I tend to this scum,” I said to her, turning to deal with her assailant. She reached out, and grabbed my arm, and shook her head, “Please, don’t, no police.” I looked at her shocked. “Does the illegal bahis name Dallion mean anything to you?” she asked.

As soon as she said that name, I realized I had just made a huge mistake. This was not the young woman I was supposed to tail. Dallion was the area’s reigning druglord. I found myself wishing that I hadn’t gotten involved. As a PI, I knew better. As far as Dallion is concerned, I knew a lot about him, since my sister’s husband was the head DA, and was in the middle of a huge investigation, with Dallion in the middle. I looked at her and said, “Who hasn’t heard of him? Why?” She looked at my face, stared at me for a moment before she said anything.

“My name is Silvay Dallion. The man this state has been a trying to capture is my father. If I called the cops on this, my dad would kill me.” She explained as she tried to straighten her hair. “Please, can you just help me get home?” I thought about it real quickly, and decided it might be the perfect opportunity to get some valuable inside info for my brother-in-law.

“I can give you a lift home if you want, but I should ask you if I can get into any trouble from you dad?” I replied decisively. Silvay glanced at me and smiled as she replied, “He will not hurt you. Because of you actions here, he will probably want to reward you.”

I turned away and began to lead her to my car. Today I was driving my pride and joy, my ’67 t-bird. As I opened the passenger door for her, Silvay stared at the car. “Oh, My God!” said breathed, “This car is beautiful. I love it.” She slipped into the seat and I walked around to the drivers seat.

“My name is Marcus, by the way.” I told her. “Where am I going?” She looked at me, and replied that she lived on Buxmalt Drive, off of route 55. I know where this was, and I figured it would take a good half hour. Not that I minded, I was constantly getting peeks of her naked body underneath my trench coat. We exchanged small talk, and I was amazed at how quick she recovered from her ordeal. She barely seemed to be shaken at all. Everything seemed fine, when out of the corner of my I eye, I noticed her shudder.

“What’s wrong,” I demanded. “Are you cold?” I looked at her, and she shook her head.

“N – No, I’m not cold,” she said. “I am just realizing what happened, how close I came to being raped. It’s not that I haven’t had sex before, but I’ve never been forced like that.” She looked at me, and smiled, a sad smile. “You probably wouldn’t believe this, but I’m twenty four years old.” Little did she know just how much about her I already knew. She was twenty-four, daddy’s little girl. She’d achieved honours in high school, honours in her business degree. She was rumoured to be quite a slut, and even rumoured to be a major part of her dad’s business. I glanced at her again, as she shuddered again. “Would you like me to stop for a moment, or can you talk while we drive?” I asked.

“Please stop. There is a little turn off just ahead.” she replied. I saw it, and pulled in. She slowly began to sob, and I reached over and pulled her into my arms. This was getting harder and harder to hide my attraction to her. This was no time for me to jump on her, especially considering I was supposed to be tailing her. I held her for a couple of minutes, and then the sobs stopped. She straightened out, and sadly smiled up at me, “thanks,” she said. “I needed that.”

I smiled back at her, and said “No problem.” She looked away, and motioned for me to continue illegal bahis siteleri on our way. We drove in silence for a while, each of us sneaking glances at the other every couple of minutes. Finally, Silvay looked straight at me, then at the road. “You are probably going to think this is crazy, but this situation we’re in is turning me on. I’m mean I’m damn near naked under your coat, we’re driving down the road in an awesome car, and, in the ancient Chinese tradition, I owe you my life.” To say I thought she was crazy was an understatement. I thought she was certifiably insane. Turning her on? She looked at me and continued, “I know you liked what you saw back there didn’t you, Marcus?” I stared at the road, and didn’t answer her. By now we were out of the city, and onto route 55. She reached about, and untied the trench coat. She slowly pulled one side back, allowing me an easy few of one beautiful breast, and the tight, puckered nipple that was atop it. “See this,” she demanded, “my body is really reacting to the situation. I know its crazy, but I can’t help it Marcus.” I tried not to look at her, but I couldn’t help it.

As I split my attention between her and the road, I was slowly getting hard. I mean, holy shit man, this hot, young bitch was showing me her body to me, and telling me just how horny she was! Silvay looked me in the eye, and said, “God, Marcus, I can’t believe this. I am SOO wet!” It was at that point that I realized she had slipped one hand into her panties. She brought her hand out, and placed it in front of my face. I could smell her arousal, and that made me even harder. I slowly opened my lips, and she placed her fingers in my mouth. My tongue darted out and tasted her, and I sucked on her fingers. She moaned softly.

I was ready to pull over and rape her myself; I was so hot and ready. Silvay took her hand out of my mouth, and gently slid her hand down my chest. “We are going to have to turn off just ahead,” she said. I was concentrating on driving so I was just a little shocked when I felt her undo my belt. “What are you doing!?!” I exclaimed. “You can’t do that!”

I looked at her, and she gave me this little grin, and she said, “Do what?” “I’m not doing anything wrong, am I Marcus?” As she said that her hand slipped under by boxers and grasped by hard-on. “Am I Marcus?” I couldn’t answer her, even though I knew I should. Her dad would kill me, my brother-in-law would kill me. I tried to push her away, but I couldn’t. I needed both hands to turn off the highway and onto Buxmalt Drive. As we started off down Buxmalt, I started to really push her away, but she wouldn’t let go of my cock. She looked at me, and said, “Marcus, do you really want me to stop?” As she said this, she used her other hand to open my trench coat all the way, giving me a clear few of her awesome body. God help me there was no way I was going to turn her down. I just concentrated on my driving, letting her have her way. I had to concentrate on a series of s-curves when I realised that she was leaning towards me, and then she had my cock in her mouth “OH shit” I exclaimed.

It felt so good, her warm, wet mouth sucking on my hard member. She added her tongue to the mix, and I could barely keep driving. I was serving left and right, and then she suddenly pulled away. She glanced at the road, “Two minutes ahead on the right, there is a small turnoff, follow that, and we can stop for awhile.” With that statement she dived back onto canlı bahis siteleri my hard cock. I found the turnoff, and was barely able to concentrate enough to follow it until we came to a secluded dead end. The minute the car stopped, she gave on last hard suck on my cock, and then sat up.

I reached for her, one hand for the back of her neck, the other for her chest. My left hand caressed one breast, while my right hand pulled her head towards mine for a mind-blowing kiss. She moaned into my mouth as my fingered played over her skin, lightly pinching her hard nipple. Within seconds both of my hands were roaming her body, learning her contours, caressing here, pinching there, touching her everywhere.

Her hands hadn’t been idle either. She had undone my shirt, her hands gently skimming over my chest, playing with my nipples, just as I had played with hers. We broke apart for air, and as we did my hand found the warm, moist spot between her legs. Silvay jumped when my hand pushed beneath her panties to gently caress her pussy, she moaned with pleasure as my mouth replaced my hands on her breasts.

I turned my hand about and ripped off her panties, and she screamed, “YES!!” Her teeth bit into my should, “God, it feels so good, fuck me, now, just fuck me.” With that command ringing in my ears I pushed here back against the door, and looked up and down her naked body. Her body was covered with a light sheen of sweat, her eyes half open, hair mused, lips bruised. Her pussy was clearly wet, and as I slipped one finger into it, she groaned. “Don’t tease me, you jerk, just hurry up and take me.”

I smiled an evil little smile, knowing that I was going to get a great fuck. I slowly licked my way from her breasts to her navel, all the while with her nails biting into my shoulders, and Silvay whimpering, groaning as I teased her. My finger had been busy the whole time, and as I took it out of her wet fuck hole, she moaned in disappointment. When I replaced it with my tongue, her hands gripped my head and pushed even harder into her cunt.

I was in heaven. This sexy little bitch was letting me have my way with her. I licked her from ass hole to clit, and back again. I stuck my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. Silvay was holding me tight, moaning as I continued to eat her. I concentrated on her clit and pussy, but every now and then I would travel down towards her ass hole.

Silvay came. I mean she CAME! As I was licking her, she grabbed my head harder, and I could feel her muscles clench, and then she screamed, “OH GOD! Yesssss, I’m cumming you bastard!! Yes, keep licking, eat my pussy you jerk. Oh God!” I licked and licked, and she came and came.

I sat back, and in one swift movement pulled Silvay off the seat, and up onto my lap. She gripped my shoulders, and as I feasted on her succulent breasts and nipples, she slowly lowered herself onto my stiff cock. We moaned in unison as she rode me. Our breaths were getting shallow as we neared our climax. Silvay though her head back, her platinum hair falling back behind her as she bounced up and down on my stiff rod.

I was going to come, soon. “I’m going to come baby, I can’t help it.” I said to her.

Her eyes opened, and she looked straight at me through her passion filled eyes, and she said, breathlessly, “Fuck yes. Come in me, Marcus. I want to feel you explode inside of me, I want to feel you come.” With that she sped up, slamming down again and again.

Finally I could not take any more. With a groan, and a roar, I spilled my seed into her. As I came, she screamed my name, and she came with me. After our intense climax, she collapsed against me, and I put my arms around her, and leaned back into the seat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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