The Dress Up Party

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This is a short story I wrote in response to some feedback I had got, enjoy!

The word got around about a dress up party on the weekend at a girls’ house whose parents were away for a few days, the theme wasn’t any thing specific but as long as you got dress up you were allowed in. I thought of going as a character on a fighting game I have played and it didn’t require much effort to found the right clothes, a simple outfit with black long pants and a short sleeved short, a red singlet would go over the short and a pair of short leather gloves with half the fingers exposed. I had an outfit ready to go for the party and by the looks of the number of people going was sure to be a great night.

I arrived at the party and followed a couple of people to the door and was allowed in, coming to the main room of the house were the party was happening there was a large number of people who worn all types of different outfits. Getting myself a drink I socialized with the guys and girls and what seem like a fun night so far some of the girls got really into the dressing up mood.

A girl I saw across the room was wearing a schoolgirl outfit, she worn a short sleeved white blouse that only passed her breast and a short plaid red and black skirt, her legs were encased in white high thigh stockings that stopped just below her little skirt and a pair of cute black high heels made her outfit look hot. Her hair done in two ponytails that looked cute and innocent. I started to get turned on, so I decided to talk to her. She sounded nice and I explained what my outfit was and I complimented her outfit, she laughed and thanked me then one of her friend called her over.

Checking out how the party was going there a few people standing around chatting and laughing as I make my way through them towards the back of the house to the patio. The night air was nice and warm and there were people across the backyard as well. Out of the crowd I heard a girl call my name, it was a friend of mine Amanda, I noticed through the group of people, she waved to me as I got down the stairs and she gave me a big hug like she always does. Finally realizing what she wearing I cannot believe it. Amanda worn a red playboy bunny outfit with long bunny ears, a collar around her neck and matching cuffs on her wrists and black fishnet stockings that disappeared up into her outfit and a pair of shinny black high heels, truly one hot outfit, even the back of the of her bunny dress that a puffy little ball above that beautifully shaped rounded ass that I had to stop yourself from grabbing. I always thought she was a tease and this bahis firmaları was the proof even the guys around her checked her out as well which was what Amanda had intended to do. She looked like she was alone out here, properly just showing off herself to the guys.

Amanda grabbed my hand and led me further towards the back of the yard. She stopped next to two girls they were her friends Sophie and Dawn and they worn just as sexy outfits as Amanda did. Sophie was a nurse and Dawn had a french maid outfit. The nurse’s dress was PVC and short enough that would show her panties if she was to bend over to far. Dawn’s little black and white maids’ outfit was amazing, her dress was also PVC and she worn black stockings that stopped below the skirt and she even had a garter belt on holding up the stocking tops, all of this was driving me wild and my cock harder and harder.

The girls wanted to get more drinks so we all headed back to the house, as we approached the stairs I stopped, but the girls didn’t noticed as they followed each other up the stairs, I couldn’t control myself I had to see what they were wearing under those skirts so I carefully moved under the staircase and watched as they ascended the stairs. Amanda went first followed by Sophie which now I got a good view up her nurse’s dress, she had red panties on and a nice ass as well as she climbed the stairs having a problem with the heels she was wearing that slowed down her even more. Dawn was close behind her helping her up and now my eyes focused up her skirt. White panties were her choice and appropriate for a maid come to think of it and her black garter belt was in full view. I wished I could just put my hands up her skirt and grab her ass and caress her stocking legs, I was really getting hard thinking about it till I heard Dawn asked where I was. Amanda called for me and I quickly got to the stairs and raced up. I made up and made up an excuse that I was talking to someone and she left it that and continued to the living room to get our drinks.

We all poured ourselves drinks and moved to the side of the room and chatted away, the music wasn’t too loud that you couldn’t hear anyone so that made it easier to talk and listen. Sophie called over a guy named Anthony she knew and he joined into our conversation. He told us that was a dance floor setup down stairs and the girls sounded keen. Amanda asked me if I wanted to come and I agreed. Following the Anthony through the hallway and down another set of stair we ended up what appeared to be rumpus room that was definitely big enough to hold a large group of dancing teens. We kaçak iddaa found a spot and the five of us joined into the already keen partying group.

Amanda moved around the place and joined in to whoever was next to her while Sophie and Anthony was dancing together. Dawn was dancing with me as we all started to enjoy ourselves. Again was I getting turned on, Sophie and Dawn was shaking their bodies around and bottoms of their panties were showing as they moved. I forgot what I was doing and moved back to far and knocked a guy behind me, I apologized and continued dancing and noticed even Amanda in that tight little bunny outfit was dancing dirty with some guy as she moved up and down his body but she wasn’t the only one, a few of the surrounding groups were also dance dirty but behind a few people on my side was that girl in the schoolgirl’s outfit from before. Dancing erotically with a guy that she must of met while her little schoolgirl skirt was been evaded by his hands and rubbing up her ass and pussy, her ass was in his crotch while she bent forward and came back up arching her back and she grabbed the back of his head started kissing each other wildly. Staring at the duo I remember about Dawn, she was still dancing with me and now Sophie and her started following the trend of dirty dancing and started getting closer and got more erotic.

Dawn was all over me and she grabbed my hands and guided them to her hips as she turned around with her back to me and she began her seducing technique with her body moving ever so slowly and sexy. I was under her control now I couldn’t control yourself my hands started to adventure away from her hips and moved slowly down her thighs, Dawn didn’t seem to mind and bought herself up and rested the back of her head on my shoulder. I watched her facial expression as I moved my hands over her ass and further down to her stockings, she was getting hot still leaning back on my shoulder so I continued my craving desire and moved my hands up her skirt, she grasped in pleasure as I slowly followed the straps of her garter belt caressed her inner thighs just below her pussy. Dawn begged for more as one of my hands stimulated the bottom of her white panties that covered her warm and wet pussy. Now Dawn was arching her back and breathing heavily now, she was moving her ass up and down my crotch that she knew was very hard now. Still coming to terms with these sudden urges I looked over to see Anthony and Sophie were well into now kissing each other while continuing to tease.

I started to kiss the side of Dawn’s neck that sent shivers down her spine, she pulled away kaçak bahis so that she could turn and face me and give me the biggest kiss I’ve ever had, I wrapped my arms around her thin body and groped her ass through her maid’s dress. She was more than willing to let me do whatever I wanted to do with her body, our lust came from nowhere and only knowing each other since tonight, we connected. The feeling of holding and kissing Dawn was believable, we moved from the rumpus room back up the stairs holding the sides of her ass cheeks as I followed her led to a nearby bedroom that seemed to be empty. Moving quickly into the room without anyone seeing us we locked the door and Dawn throw me on the bed and started undoing pants and moved my shirt up and kissed my stomach and moved towards my throbbing cock, she released it and played with it for bit then started sucking me off. I felt an overwhelming surge of pleasure came over me as she took my large manhood deep in her mouth. She got up and removed her white panties and revealed her cute and very wet pussy.

As much as I wanted to see her naked that french maid outfit was very stunning. She climbed on top of me and drove herself down on my shaft and rode me hard and fast. We were both making loud moaning sounds that hopefully were deafened by the music that was coming from the living and rumpus rooms. She was very close to cumming now, she was telling me how bad she was been waiting for this it all night long. She let out a long scream of overwhelming delight as she orgasm. Now I was ready to cum, moving Dawn on the bed I thrust my cock deep inside her very wet pussy as she let out loud moans and long after that with one final thrust I unloaded my hot cum deep in her pussy. Pausing for a while before we fixed ourselves up we left the room Dawn disappeared to the toilet to clean herself up and later returned to where I was. I poured both of us a drink and we chatted together for a few hours before Amanda, Sophie and Anthony found us. It was early morning and we decided to head home. By the end of the night the girls outfits all over the place but they didn’t care.

As we were about to leave out the front door the girl dressed as the schoolgirl thanked us for coming and will be having another party not to far away. We got into our cars, Dawn came in my car so I dropped her at her house, she reach over and gave me a kiss goodbye and we both exchanged phone numbers and I watched her slowly sneaked up to her door which was a great sight since she was in that maid outfit wearing heels and quietly let herself in so no one would wake up. I started the car headed back to my place.

It wasn’t long into we started going out together and dressing up for sex became a regular thing we shared reminding us how we met at the dress up party, I was a night to remember.

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