The Dirty, Windy Road to Love…

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Very mild bdsm but it’s brief, all straight, no anal. Enjoy!

I had been sleeping with Marla for a few weeks, she was one of our neighbors who I had done some yard work for. She was much older than me, 39 to my 19 but I didn’t care, she was stunning and I couldn’t get enough of her. She was also married, not something I’m that proud of but she was married to an older guy who had her as a trophy wife and she told me he had trouble keeping up with her.

At first it was plain sex, she loved my youthful stamina and the fact I could keep up with her demands (wearing her out more often than not) but as our sessions increased she introduced role play and a few kinky games.

Her favorite was tying me to the bed naked and blindfolded then teasing me for a while before riding me, I didn’t care, it ended with me being inside her and that was great for me. Our last session led to something I didn’t expect though.

“Mmm, does my tongue feel good on your balls, dirty boy?” she said to me.

I was naked, blindfolded and cuffed to the headboard in our spare room. My ankles were loosely tied too but just with velcro attachments.

“It feels amazing,” I replied to her.

“I noticed you got very hard, dirty boy, is that from sniffing my used panties again or the plug I just slipped into your ass?”

“B… both.”

“Then here, open your mouth.”

Marla stuffed her panties in my mouth, not the first time but I was horny and didn’t care.

She started on her usual slow, sensual licking and teasing of me when her phone buzzed. She ignored it at first but then swore before picking it up.

“It’s my husband, he never calls during the day, something must be wrong. Stay quiet okay. Steven, what’s going on, I was about to get in the shower from my workout………What do you mean fired, you’re the CFO…….. F.. FBI, what the fuck did you do Steven? Well you better be on your way home to tell me what’s going on.”

I could only hear half of the conversation of course but it didn’t sound good. Marla called another person and it sounded like she was getting dressed too.

“Karen, what’s going on over there? Steven just called me. Shit, give me a second. Sorry Marcus, I have to run, here’s the keys, I’ll call for yard work when I need you again okay,” she said then left as she spoke to the woman.

She threw the keys onto the bed, I could feel the cold metal next to my ribs. Nowhere near I could get to them of course. I got her panties out of my mouth and waited, hoping she would realize and come back to unlock me. After roughly ten minutes or so I didn’t hear the screen door she left from opening again though. Meanwhile the plug she’d put in my ass was keeping me hard, it was on a low vibrate and was rubbing my prostate just right.

I heard someone else in the house, I was supposed to be alone for the rest of the day, Dad and stepmom worked in the city so didn’t get home until after 6 and my annoying as fuck step sister would either be at work or saying mean things about people in the mall with her friends, something she’d brag about talking to other friends on the phone.

Dad had remarried when he met Gina at a ‘Single parent dating’ group through church. Mom had left before I was 4 so I don’t really remember much about her but Dad told me she’d got into drugs and he couldn’t help her, didn’t talk about her much beyond that. He took good care of me though but when I was old enough to understand he wanted to date again and was married when I was 10. Gina’s daughter was nothing like her mom though, Gina was kind, compassionate and friendly, elegantly beautiful and made my dad really happy. Clara inherited her mom’s looks but she was far from elegant. She would brag about leaving guys with blue balls, teasing them to the point of frustration then leaving them begging for something she’d never give them. I did my best to ignore her but it wasn’t always easy.

I prayed that it was my stepmom, even my dad that was home early. My prayers went unheard when I called out for help.

“What in the fuck are you doing Marcus?” said Clara as she entered the room.

“Trying out for band camp, what does it look like. The keys are on my left, can you unlock me please?” I replied.

“Whose panties are these, they don’t look like mine or even Mom’s.”

“They’re, it doesn’t matter, she had to leave in a hurry, didn’t realize I couldn’t reach the keys before she did.”

“Why are you still hard, slightest hint of embarrassment and guys usually go soft.”

“I uh… I have a toy in me too, it’s keeping me hard. Can you please unlock me?”

“You’re uh, pretty big too,” she said, her voice getting quieter.

“Clara please, I’ll do anything you want.”

“You’re leaking a little too.”

It was like she wasn’t listening to me. With my blindfold on, all I could do was listen. I heard her kick her shoes off. I heard the zipper on her shorts come off then the shorts drop to the floor then I felt her getting up onto the bed.

“Wh… what are you doing?” I gasped when grandbetting yeni giriş I felt her touch my cock.

“I’m doing something I should have done a long time ago.”

Before I could say anything else I felt her guide my cock then she impaled herself on me, taking me right to the hilt in one thrust. We both gasped an ‘Oh’ at the same time, she was soaking wet but I’m not exactly small. At 6’2″ my 8″ cock is well proportioned to my frame, I wasn’t one to brag about it but I’ve had a few comments about my size from partners.

Clara began to fuck me, she rode me nice and slow, presumably getting used to my size but it felt amazing. She began to groan in pleasure and I was really enjoying it too.

“C…. can you take my blindfold off at least, don’t stop,” I said.

She slowed a second as she took it off. She had taken her top off too and her chest and neck were a little red from her exertion. Watching her pert breasts bounce really excited me so when she increased her pace and started cumming, it set me off too and I pushed up to meet her thrusts as I exploded inside her, spraying my seed deep into her pussy. She was wide eyed when her climax subsided, I think I spurted one or two more times when she’d stopped thrusting on me.

“D… did you cum in me?” she said, breathlessly.

“Y.. yes,”

“I can’t get pregnant the first time I have sex right, I’m not on the pill.”

“What do you mean, first time?”

“I’ve had toys in me but never a man. I wanted to lose my virginity.”

“We can get a pill, now will you please uncuff me?”

“Y…. you’re still hard.”

“The toy.”

“I want one more time before I unlock you, you’ll just run away.”

“I enjoyed this, I’m not going to run.”

“Still, I want to be in control.”

I opened my mouth to say more but she stuffed the panties back in my mouth then straddled me again and started riding me reverse cowgirl. Despite having just cum, it felt really good. Watching her pretty sexy ass grinding on me was fun, I wasn’t in a position to object or do anything else so I just enjoyed her. I laughed a little inside too, there I was, 6’2″, athletic build and being taken advantage of by a little petite blonde. I didn’t think I’d be able to cum again so soon but when she started moaning in pleasure I felt my balls tingle again and when she came a second time, I did too. I pushed up to meet her thrusts again and sprayed what little seed I had left into her again.

She climbed off me slowly when she’d caught her breath, looked at my cock then my face then slowly took the cuffs off. I pulled the toy from my ass after taking the panties from my mouth and we just stared at each other.

“You know, I think we would have both enjoyed that more if I had the use of my hands,” I said with a smile.

“I just wanted your cock,” she replied.

“Did you at least enjoy it?”

“You made me cum.”

“So, what now?”

“Well you should really clean up, I’m going to shower.”

Clara left the room, I wasn’t sure if I was expecting intimacy or anything but it sure wasn’t offered. I quickly set the room back to how I found it and jumped in the shower myself.

That night at dinner Mom and Dad were talking.

“So Mary from across the street called me, gossip hound that she is, told me Harold Jacobs got arrested by the FBI this afternoon. Apparently he’s been skimming the books for years and they finally arrested him,” said Mom.

“How does she know all that?” replied Dad.

“Her brother is a Cop, he told her. Guess your side gig is up now Marcus,” she said with a laugh.

I could feel my face go red.

“Wh.. what do you mean?” I asked.

“Your yard work? Didn’t she pay you pretty well for working in her yard? Mary said she left to go live with her sister in Florida.”

“Oh, sorry, my head is elsewhere. I’ll cope, she was getting a bit too demanding anyways.”

I could see Clara looking at me with an eyebrow raised out of the corner of my eye but I didn’t look right at her. I thought Mom found out about me fucking her but my fears were misplaced.

Later that night I was sitting in my room reading a book when Clara came in after lightly knocking on my door.

“Surprised you knocked, not like you would be concerned about catching me tied up or something,” I said with a grin.

“Very funny, is kinda why I’m here,” she replied.

“I should really say thank you, I don’t know what I would have done if it was Mom or Dad that walked in on me.”

“Well I kind of took your thanks without permission and I shouldn’t have done that. I hope you’re not upset with me.”

“Upset that an attractive blonde rode me twice, um, nope, not upset.”

“Okay good, I really enjoyed you, if you want we could do it again some time.”

“Can it be when I’m not tied up?”

“Yes, I meant have sex, sorry, didn’t mean use you when you are.”

“Well, you just have to ask, I’m more than happy to enjoy you again.”

The rest of that weekend flew by and that Monday grandbetting giriş was a holiday, Clara and I didn’t get the chance to be alone but I knew Tuesday would be good for us. Before Mom and Dad could leave for work though, 2 FBI agents showed up at the door. I was fresh out of the shower and was still getting dressed.

“Marcus, the FBI are here, they need to talk to you,” said Clara.

“Very funny,” I replied.

“No, she’s serious, hurry up and come through to the lounge,” said Mom who was right behind her.

I walked through and sure enough, 2 agents were sitting drinking coffee.

“Hello Marcus, I’m Special Agent Cole, this is Special Agent Rodriguez. We’re with the financial crimes division and just had a few questions about your involvement with Mrs Jacobs. We arrested her attempting to flee the state but we just had a couple of things we wanted to clear up,” said Cole.

“Son, don’t say a word. I’m sorry Officer, I was just talking to my lawyer, he advised me that he’s not to answer anything and would like to be there with him in a more formal setting. I don’t mean to cause you guys any problems, I just want to protect my son,” said Dad, he came into the room with his phone.

“Understood Mr Black, I don’t have a problem with that at all. We have been given an office in the Valley Police station, will that work, he’s not under arrest or even suspected of any crimes so I’m happy for you to follow us there,” replied the agent.


Almost an hour later I was sitting with Dad’s lawyer and the 2 Agents in an interview room.

“As I expressed before Mr Black but will repeat for our recording, you are not under any suspicion, the questions we have are related to our case against Mr Jacobs and any involvement with his wife. Am I correct that she employed you for yard work, cutting grass, cleanup and that kind of thing?” asked the Agent after he’d pressed record on the tape machine.

“Yes, she hated cutting the grass so she paid me to do so,” I replied.

“And how much were you paid each time?”

“$50 for front and back yard, extra if she needed any cleanup.”

“Now, would I be correct that you were also in a sexual relationship with Mrs Jacobs?”

I looked at the lawyer before answering, he nodded that it was okay to answer.

“Y.. yes.”

“Did she ever pay you or give you lavish gifts for that part of the relationship?”

“No, she was very firm about it just being fun. The pay was for the grass, the sex was because her husband couldn’t keep up with her and she needed it. She made a point about them being separate.”

“They did have a real nice yard,” commented Agent Rodriguez. Cole grinned.

“Did she ever offer you money or gifts for anything else?”

“No Sir, she made out like she was kept on a pretty short chain and wasn’t treated too well by him. She let slip one time but told me to forget she said it, that she suspected he was fucking his secretary and that’s why he couldn’t satisfy her. She didn’t have fancy stuff or jewelry in her room, I almost felt guilty taking her money for the yard work but she’d insist since she detested it that much.”

“Do you know if she had proof of any relationship with the secretary and her husband?”

“If she did she used it to keep playing with me, I just know she wasn’t happy at home.”

“Mr Black, you have been very helpful, I apologize for taking up your time.” Cole stopped the tape. “Off the record Mr Black, we think Mrs Jacobs was in the dark as much as you are about his crimes, we had a rough idea the secretary was involved but she covered her tracks pretty well. She did admit to us that she was sleeping with you but I can’t blame you, she’s an attractive woman. I don’t think we’ll need to talk to you again, thank you for talking to us,” he said and shook my hand.

My Dad was waiting outside, his lawyer laughed when my Dad asked what was going on.

“Well, I’m not billing for this, too damn funny. Your little stud here was banging Mrs Jacobs, she was being kept poor and appears all the money he stole was going to the secretary who he was fucking,” said Dad’s lawyer, Dad just laughed.

I was quiet for a bit on the way home, Dad was still laughing about it all though.

“So, I think we’ll keep the details of what I learned between you and I. Your stepmom maybe but miss prissy pants doesn’t need to know. Those married chicks are trouble Son, I’d stick to single ones from now on,” he said.

“Yea, I’ve kinda learned that lesson,” I replied.

“I am proud of you though, she was pretty fucking hot,” Dad said, laughing again.

Things went south pretty fast as soon as we walked through the door though.

Clara was sitting on the couch bawling her eyes out and sobbing and my stepmom let me get into the room then flew at me and grabbed me by the throat. Dad was shocked initially but then pulled her off me. I coughed and managed a ‘what the fuck’ while my Dad asked the same.

“Ask your fucking son about tying up my daughter and fucking grandbetting güvenilirmi her, THAT’S what the fuck is wrong with me Adam. She was a virgin, now she might be fucking pregnant,” said, or mostly screamed my stepmom.

Dad’s mouth fell open, he looked at me and looked as angry as Mom.

“That’s not what happened at all!” I said.

“So it’s not your baby she might be fucking carrying, not you who fucking knocked her up? She’s 18 Marcus, she’s your fucking step-sister,” screamed Mom.

“H… he’s telling th.. th.. truth..” sobbed Clara.

“She’s hysterical, you better start talking or I swear to fuck you are going to wish you were born without a dick,” yelled Mom.

“I was the one tied up! Marla was teasing me and was about to take me when her husband called. She was frantic and forgot to unlock me before she left, Clara came home early and found me tied up and took advantage of me. I was cuffed to the bed, I couldn’t stop her or put something on,” I said.

Mom looked at Clara, she nodded, still not able to speak. She froze for a few seconds then blinked a couple of times.

“Marla, Mrs Jacobs Marla? You were fucking her?” said Mom.

“Yes,” I said, looking down.

Dad burst out laughing, I’d never seen him laugh so hard.

“Well fuck. I… I need a fucking drink. I’m sorry Marcus, this conversation is far from over but holy fuck. All I could get out of this one was ‘tied up, fucked, pregnant, Marcus’,” said Mom.

“The Feds knew, asked if she was paying him for it, she was a kinky one too huh,” said Dad, still laughing. Mom even cracked a smile.

“So Clara found you tied up and just jumped you? Guys don’t usually stay up when things go bad like that,” said Mom.

“She uh, had a toy in me, was keeping it going,” I replied, my face was definitely very red.

“I see.”

Dad handed her a glass of bourbon, she took a big gulp of it.

“The weekend kind of got away from us, I was going to get a pill,” I said.

“Would explain the 4 dozen condoms I found in her drawer too, guess she liked it,” said Mom looking at Clara. She was still sobbing.

Dad walked away again in hysterics, he came back and handed both Clara and I a drink.

“Don’t even, not like she’s keeping it and I think we could all use it,” he said when Mom tried to object.

Clara downed her drink in one, I sipped and almost coughed up mine, I’d never drank bourbon before.

“I’m sorry Marcus, I tried to tell her it was my fault but she got so mad and I couldn’t talk,” said Clara, eventually breaking the silence that had fallen.

“I don’t know where to begin young lady. Are you being honest with me about you being a virgin before you took advantage of your stepbrother?” said Mom.

“Y.. yes. I’d had a toy in me but he was the first man. I meant to stop before he came inside me but it felt so good. I thought the second time wouldn’t have mattered, we were going to get a pill,” said Clara, her eyes still red from crying.

“Once this is taken care of, you are going on birth control, the shot is more reliable than trusting a horny man to put a condom on. You are not blood related so I’m not going to stop this if it’s what you want. Do not fucking tell anyone outside this house, understood?” said Mom.


“Marcus, are we clear on this?” said Mom.

“We haven’t really spoken at length but I’ll respect her and her wishes,” I replied.

“I just ask if you’re going to have fun with Clara, no more getting tied up and sleeping with Mrs Jacobs okay?”


Later that afternoon, after we’d all hugged things out, Clara came to my room where I was laying on my bed reading and just laid next to me with her arm over me. I put my book down and looked at her.

“I’m so sorry,” she said softly.

“It’s fine, it has put a pretty big dampener on my desires though, I hope you weren’t expecting to jump me,” I said with a smile.

“No but good news, pregnancy was a false alarm. They gave me a morning after pill anyway and I’ve to go back for my shot but I’m not allowed to have sex until then. I am going to make it up to you though, I can give you a blow job until I can have sex.”

“That sounds fun. Are you allowed to receive oral or just not allowed to have cum in you?”

“Nothing in me. You’re saying you’d eat me too?”

“Well I always feel selfish getting blow jobs so yea.”

“Thought you weren’t in the mood for sex, you’re getting a boner.”

“Well the thought of eating my hot stepsister’s pussy before or after she’s sucked my cock kinda pushed my mood a different direction.”

“Well you’ll just have to wait horny boy, I’ve had a day. I’m going to shower then go to bed. I’ll be visiting you in the morning.”

I woke up the next morning to the delicious feeling of being sucked, I looked down at Clara and she looked up at me and winked with my cock in her mouth. Her tongue felt amazing, I didn’t last too long, I groaned in pleasure and warned her I was close. She kept on sucking me and I almost saw stars when I climaxed.

“Tha… that was fucking amazing Clara, you’ve done that before haven’t you?” I said, still catching

“Maybe, you’re the only man I’ve ever swallowed though,” she said, smiling.

“Well how about you get on your back up here and I’ll return the compliment.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32