The Curse of Kunamira Island Ch. 04

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Soa and Isabella rubbed their pussies together for several minutes, panting heavily, while the pleasure built and built. This was a new experience for Isabella. She had vague memories of when she had, in a trance, forced herself upon Cassandra, but those memories felt like a distant dream. And those motions hadn’t really been her own. So, unsure of what to do, she mainly tried to follow Soa’s lead. So far, she seemed to be doing well. It felt so good.

Eventually, Soa stopped and pulled away.

“Huh? Are you done?” Isabella asked.

“No. Now I’m ready to start.”

“Oh!” Isabella said, starting to grin. That had felt like Heaven already. Had that really been nothing but a warm-up? “What do we do?”

“Anything we want! I don’t want to rush to the finish. We should enjoy this time! So… is there anything you want to do to me?”

“Um… I wouldn’t know what to do. Maybe…” she paused and smiled, slyly. “Maybe you can show me.”

“Of course, great beauty! I can lead the way.”

Soa paused to look Isabella’s nude body up and down, as if memorizing every minute detail, while grinning a thirsty grin. Isabella made no efforts to cover herself. In fact, she moved her limbs out of the way of her body, making sure Soa had full access to anything and everything she wanted. It felt nice to be admired, especially by somebody she trusted.

“I want to explore your body with every sense,” Soa said at last. “I want to know you like my hunting ground. Every hill and every valley… sight and sound and feel and smell. May I touch your body like my own?”

“Yes…” she answered, eagerly!

Isabella sat back on her butt and elbows, as Soa crawled up to her, until her knees rested on the floor between her spread thighs. She leaned back, taking her weight off her hands, and lowered her butt to her heels. Isabella’s skin erupted in goosebumps as she waited to see what Soa would do, wondering where on her skin she would feel Soa’s touch first.

It was Isabella’s thighs that felt her first caress. She gently slid her hands up the outside of her thighs, up over the curve of her hips, and back down. Their skin contrasted so beautifully: Soa’s dark copper over Isabella’s light mocha.

When Soa’s hands finally found their way to the more sensitive inside of her thighs, her pussy clenched involuntarily. Isabella sighed in anticipation.

“Oh, you like that?” Soa said, warmly. “Then let me give you more!”

She caressed the soft, tender flesh, slowly working her way up toward her vulva, which was practically aching for a touch. After a minute or so of teasing, Soa finally ran the pad of her thumb up the cleft of her vulva, stroking the hot, engorged inner lips. It was nothing more than a feather touch, but it was enough to make Isabella gasp!

Isabella involuntarily thrust her hips forward, as if her pussy was trying to chase after Soa’s fingers and their intoxicating touch.

“Don’t stop!” Isabella begged. “Touch me! Play with me!”

Soa smiled, and granted her wish. No more teasing now. Soa’s fingers pinched, massaged, and tugged at her lips. She ran her fingers over the hole, feeling its tightness and its wetness. They massaged around her clit, giving her wondrous pleasure.

“Mmm… Mmm… Mmm…” Isabella sighed, with a satisfied smile on her face. She laid herself back and raised her arms above her head. She lost herself in the present. The muscles of her thighs clenched and relaxed as Soa did her thing.

“You are prickly, like a cactus,” Soa observed.

If Isabella hadn’t already been hot and flushed, she might have blushed.

“Sorry, it’s been a while. No novio to keep up appearances for.”

“I like it. You are soft and rough at once… many sensations you can give. A rainbow to the touch.”

“Well, I… never thought of it like that.”

With that, Soa hooked her arms underneath Isabella’s raised knees and brought her face in close to her womanhood. She clenched the tops of her thighs, just below the crease of her hips. She took a moment to inhale deeply, before diving in deep.

Soa sucked hard, drawing Isabella’s labia deep inside her mouth. She had a strong mouth. She sucked so hard that when she finally let go, Isabella’s labia had swollen slightly, filled with blood and even more sensitive than before. Isabella normally had a tight slit, but now her inner labia were poking their way out. Then she used her tongue, and probed every fold and every crevice.

After a good long time, when Isabella was a good way toward orgasm, Soa pulled away. Isabella lifted up her head to see why she had stopped.

“I can feel it!” Soa announced, excitedly. “The blackness… it’s hungry. It wants to play!”

As Soa got up from the ground, the black goo coming from her nipples stretched between her chest and the floor, but broke away easily as she got up. When Isabella looked closer, she could barely believe her eyes: the goo seemed to be moving! It was a little off-putting, but also strangely fascinating.

“Hungry?” she repeated, curiously. “Wants to play!?” she continued, escort bursa incredulously. “Are you telling me this stuff is alive!?”

“Yes! It feeds on our pleasure! In return, it keeps us healthy, beautiful, and strong! Do you want to play with the Blackness? Stall we let it join us together as one for this act?”

“I… kind of… want to.”

Isabella got up and faced Soa. She looked at the goo seeping out from Soa’s milk ducts, then at her own, and immediately knew what she wanted to do. She leaned forward, thrusting her breasts straight for Soa’s.

“NO!” Soa shouted, and held up her hands to block her. Isabella’s bare tits collided with Soa’s hands as she caught them perfectly.

“Huh? I’m sorry! What did I do?”

“Anywhere but that! Do not touch nipple to nipple. Once two women touch nipple to nipple, they will be stuck together forever! It cannot be undone!”

“Are you serious? It’s… permanent?”

“Yes. Permanent. Any other way, the blackness can eventually be pulled loose. Only touch nipples when you find your soul mate, and only if you are very certain!”

By now, Soa had tried to take her hands away from Isabella’s breasts, but, of course, the goo had latched onto her hands. A thick tendril of the stretchy goo was attached to the tips of her first and second fingers on each hand.

“So, it’s like getting married?” Isabella asked.

“Similar, maybe,” she answered, while struggling with the goo. “But they are bound by much more than law!”

“And how do we get THIS to unstick? Cassandra and I are having a very time getting unstuck from the goo.”

“It is never easy. Struggle and struggle. If the blackness is satisfied, it may weaken somewhat… but always must struggle for a good long time. Like… THIS!”

With a grin, Soa pulled back hard. The black goo stretched like rubber bands between her fingers and Isabella’s chest, tugging hard on her nipples. Isabella gasped from the strong sensations! Despite the strong force she felt from Soa’s mighty tug, the pain was well within her limit. In fact, she felt more pleasure than pain.

“Aye! Dios…” she gasped!

“You like that?” Soa asked, and pulled back more, until she had taken a few steps backward. The goo was stretched a good five feet, and pulling hard enough that Isabella had to grab a support beam behind her to keep her footing. Her tits were stretched forward a couple of inches, not nearly what Cassandra’s could do, but still impressive for her.

Soa eased herself back toward Isabella, and lifted her hands upward, tugging her tits up along with them. Then she pulled outward, stretching her tits to the side. Isabella clenched her teeth, breathing hard between them. She was braced for pain, as she thought tugging that hard on her nipples should produce, but so far everything was within her limits. Soa continued to yank her tits every which way.

Isabella gasped and sighed with pleasure, and giggled when this scene in front of her reminded her of somebody playing with a marionette.

“I see a problem…” Soa announced. “Both my hands are tied up. Only yours are free.”

Isabella understood Soa’s hint immediately. One hand for Soa, and one for herself. And so, she brought both her hands downward, one hand to either of their crotches, and started rubbing. In a few minutes, it was starting to feel so good that they had to sit down. Without her hands free, Isabella helped Soa to the floor before she collapsed. The sat down with their legs spread, draped over one another, with their spread pussies facing each other closely.

Isabella had never tried to pleasure another woman like this, but Soa seemed to be enjoying herself very much! As she writhed in rhythm to Isabella’s touch, her hands seemed to want to caress her own body. She tugged against the goo, and it easily stretched enough to allow this. Her left hand palpated the underside of her left breast, though she was careful to keep Isabella’s goo away from her own. Meanwhile, her right hand joined Isabella’s left in rubbing her pussy.

Soon, they were both climaxing. Once it was done, they groggily started to get up, only to discover that they were still connected together with the goo. Soa’s fingers were now glued to herself with Isabella’s goo, which she seemed to find amusing.

“So… how do we get this stuff to let go, again?” Isabella asked, once they had found their way awkwardly back to their feet.

“You just pull. I think we satisfied the blackness with our pleasure, so it may let go more willingly. Still, never without effort.”

And so they tried to pull apart from each other again. Step by step, they backed away from each other, as the black goo stretched across the room. It seemed to be stretching easier now, though it still held them strongly. After a minute or two of pulling, the tendrils finally snapped. Both women staggered backward and caught themselves on opposite walls.

But Soa’s hands had only detatched from Isabella’s nipples. Her hands were still stuck firmly to her breast and vagina. She tugged for a minute, but had no luck. görükle escort There wasn’t enough of the goo to stretch very far, so her hands were mostly immobilized.

“It seems the blackness is satisfied with you, but I have more to do.”

“Do you need some help?” Isabella offered.

“I’ll ask if I think I do, but not yet. You can watch if you want.”

So, Isabella sat and watched Soa struggle, quite entertained. Soa stood with her feet wide, while she tugged and tugged. Though the goo stretched less than an inch, Soa’s labia proved to be about as amazingly stretchy as Cassandra’s nipples. Each tug stretched them a few inches. Isabella found herself wishing her own labia could stretch like that. How much fun would she have with lips like that? She was starting to get horny again, and started rubbing herself as she watched.

Even though Soa wasn’t focusing much on her clit, she seemed to be pleasured by this tugging and stretching. She gyrated her hips as she stood there, tugging on her labia. Her yanks were getting faster and harder, until she was yanking hard several times a second. Isabella had no idea how such abuse didn’t hurt, but Soa didn’t seem to be in any pain at all. Soon, she gasped, and had to lean her back against the wall for support. She started to cum a second time. Once she did, her tugs slowed down, but gained strength. She yanked hard and held it for a couple of seconds, released, and yanked again. Like this, Isabella got a good look at just how far her lips could stretch. The sight of it alone brought Isabella nearly to her second orgasm.

Finally, Soa let out a long, satisfied sigh as she finished. Isabella rubbed herself vigorously until she came a second time as well, gazing Soa’s beautiful, strong body up and down.

“Let’s see if I can get my hands free now,” Soa said, and tried pulling again on her pussy and left breast. “Maybe I will need your help. This is strong!”

Isabella got up and helped Soa. She grabbed her wrist with one hand and pushed off against her hip with the other. Together, both women strained hard, groaning from the effort. Soa’s pussy lips again stretched to the absolute limit… and finally snapped free from her fingers! Then they did the same with her breast.

As soon as Soa’s fingers were freed from her own skin, Isabella noticed the black goo had vanished. From everywhere but her nipples, of course. Had the goo been absorbed into her? Or had it evaporated? Excess goo, it seemed, went away when it was finished being used. Well, at least Soa wouldn’t have to worry about her fingers or pussy getting stuck to something again.

“Oh, WOW! You were incredible, Isabella! We must do that again sometime!”

“I’d like that!”

After that, Isabella left Soa’s hut to walk around the village by herself. She was already starting to get used to being naked. The air was warm and comfortable. Any sweat just seemed to evaporate right off her, rather than soak into her clothing like she was used to.

As she walked around the village, she tried to get a sense for how these women lived their lives. The women seemed to make love out in the open. There truly was no modesty or shame here. She saw several piles of women, all writhing and moaning in orgasm, all stuck together in various ways by that goo.

She noticed some of the women stuck together tit to tit. So those women were really stuck together like that forever, Soa had said. When those pairs made love, they seemed to focus on each other more exclusively, even when they were in a group. They weren’t entirely monogamous, but more so than the orgies that went on around them.

But as she continued to wander and observe, she was impressed by the ingenuity of these women. Apparently, despite their insatiable sexual appetites, they still found time to be industrious.

The houses, though simple, showed a surprising level of craftsmanship for their primitive technology. The logs had been cut to perfectly fit each other, and the structures looked incredibly sturdy. The roofs, though they were only made of large leaves, looked like they could withstand a monsoon.

Toward the center of town was a huge fire pit with a ring of seats all around. The pavilion looked like it could easily accommodate the entire village. Here, several women were preparing some exquisite looking food, so Isabella decided to get a sense for their diet. There were several exotic, succulent fruits, and skewers of glistening meat were roasted over a fire. All the food seemed to be prepared fresh, with no effort put into preserving anything. This likely meant they enjoyed this abundance all year round. What a paradise! And to think she had been worried about surviving here.

It still made her sad to think of never returning home to her former life, but maybe this new life was something she could learn to enjoy as well.

Cassandra, having barged out of Soa’s hut in a fit of rage, wandered far from the village. Where was she going? She didn’t really know. Away from those naked savages was all that mattered… and bursa escort bayan away from Isabella, who had seemed all too eager to join them in their madness.

As she made her way aimlessly through the jungle, she tried to think where she was going to go. Maybe she could find her way back to their makeshift shelter to spend her time there until they were rescued. Or maybe she could find someplace even better, someplace with cool spring water and all the coconuts she could eat! She wouldn’t share any of them with Isabella!

Suddenly, another naked woman appeared before her, breaking her out of her angry thoughts. Maybe she hadn’t gotten nearly far away from the village as she needed.

The woman spoke to her in a strange language, something guttural and disgusting. That was when she noticed the woman’s tattoos: strange patterns around her arms and legs, and a few up her torso, seeming to encircle and accentuate her breasts and nipples. None of the women in Soa’s village had anything like that on them.

The goo was seeping from her nipples, just like everyone else. Then, something she saw something that nearly turned her stomach. The goo seemed to twitch all on its own.

“Ew! Get away from me,” she groaned, as she turned to walk past her.

When the woman spoke a second time, she noticed something seemed off about her speech. Even in this strange language, Cassandra thought her words sounded trance-like. Then she noticed her eyes. She had the same vacant look Isabella had had in her eyes before tying her to a tree and grinding her pussy against her.

Before she could react, the woman lunged at her. In an instant, she had Cassandra firmly by the shoulders. She pulled her in, as if trying to draw their breasts together. As their nipples approached, the goo in the savage’s nipples began to pulsate, as if in anticipation.

“Gross! Get away from me!” she screamed.

With only inches to spare, she broke one shoulder free from the native’s grasp and slapped her sharply across the face! This seemed to stun her enough to break her out of whatever trance she had been in. Suddenly, she made eye contact with Cassandra, looking confused. When she had fully regained her wits, she extended her right arm toward Cassandra in a friendly way, as if to show her she had no ill intent.

“Don’t you even think of touching me!” she yelled, and slapped her again, then again, and once more for good measure.

The friendly but confused expression on the native’s face vanished, replaced by one of anger. She yelled a few words that Cassandra couldn’t understand, but she got the general idea. She was mad!

Realizing she might have gotten herself in over her head, Cassandra turned around to leave, but stopped short. Behind her were five other native women, all decorated in similar tattoos as the one now behind her. Each of them looked cross. They had no doubt seen that entire exchange.

In seconds, the six women had surrounded her and grabbed her arms. She struggled, screaming, but these women were so strong even one of them might have overpowered her. One of them approached her with a long, wooden spear, one that towered over her head.

But instead of pointing the spear at Cassandra, as she had feared, she removed the stone tip and held it sideways. She gave a command, and the girls behind her twisted her arms, forcing her to arch her back and stick her chest out. She brought the shaft of the spear to Cassandra’s breasts, and gently laid its middle right across her nipples. When she let go a second later, it hung there, stuck fast to her nipples.

When they let go of her arms, Cassandra grasped the spear and tried to rip it off her tits, while the natives laughed at her futile efforts. The goo stretched out to her full arms’ length, but wouldn’t break.

Once they were done watching and mocking her, two of them grabbed either end of the spear and started to pull her along. She tried to fight, but the natives were too numerous and too strong for her. When the goo had stretched our several feet in front of her, she was pulled along by force.

“Let me go, you primitive apes! I’m not alone here! I have a friend named Isabella. She knows karate, and she’s going to beat all your sorry asses once she finds out what you’re doing! ISABELLA! HELP! I’M BEING ABDUCTED!”

After being led by her tits for a mile or so, they came to a village of straw huts, even more primitive than Soa’s village. They stopped their march on the outskirts, between a pair of trees maybe seven or eight feet apart. They began to climb up the trees, carrying the spear shaft with them, as her tits were stretched upward.

Then, to her horror, they set each end of the pole in a V formed by branches, then walked away from her. Cassandra looked up at the clever trap. How would she get out of this one? The pole had to be ten feet above her head. There was no way she could reach it where she was. She tried to back up. The tendrils stretched and stretched, but after moving only a few steps, the tension from the goo was strong enough that she couldn’t pull any farther back. She tried to reach the trees to either side, but the goo tensed before she could grab onto the trunk. No matter what she did, the goo wouldn’t break, and she couldn’t reach anything of use. She was good and stuck!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32