The Collector 15

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Hot As

Okay, I apologize to everyone who waded through my last entry. Those aren’t the types of blow jobs that I started this journal for. I only did it to satisfy a few curious readers. That said, let’s get back to entries about blow jobs that I’m much happier to recall.

Jody was the ex-wife of a guy I worked with at a previous job. At the time I worked there, I was fairly good friends with her husband and the two of them went out with me and the woman I was seeing at the time. We only got together a handful of times. Jody and her husband had a strained relationship, and while they didn’t actually fight in front of me and my girlfriend, more than once they went at each other enough to make us uncomfortable.

I broke up with the woman I was dating, moved onto another job and didn’t really keep in touch with the Jody’s husband. I heard through some of the people I did keep in touch with that he and Jody had split up, and I really can’t say I was surprised.

Jody was an Italian woman, with dark skin, jet black hair and a thick body with lots of curves. Her breasts weren’t overly large, but she wore clothes that always accentuated them. I’m guessing they were barely C cups, but her fashion choices made them look much bigger. She showed a lot of cleavage and was the type to notice when men noticed. Her hips were wide, her thighs thick but the tight black slacks she liked to wear held it all together in an enticing way. She had a very nice smile and liked to wrinkle her nose when she laughed. Her lips were full and puffy and a slight overbite made her lower lip curl forward and look bigger still. She almost always wore dark red lipstick, which only drew more attention to her mouth.

Now I can honestly say that I wasn’t eyeing her up when she was married. It may sound like bullshit, but I don’t go around checking out my friends’ wives, thinking about how they suck cock and how to get them to suck mine. They’re off-limits and generally, I don’t even like to mess around with the ex-wives of friends. But Jody’s husband and I were never very close and I hadn’t spoken to him in years at the time she and I hooked up.

It all came about when I ran into Jody in a grocery store. She saw me first and came right over and started talking to me like we were old pals. I admit, while I recognized her right away, I couldn’t remember her name or even where I knew her from for the first few minutes. But when a good looking woman comes over and starts talking to me, I go along with it. Fortunately, I remembered Jody’s name before I said anything awkward.

Jody asked me early in the conversation about the woman I had been seeing back in the days of our double dates, which is when I figured out who she was. When I told her that I was no longer seeing her, Jody didn’t hesitate to ask if I was seeing anyone else. She was very forward with her questions. And it seemed to me that, while she said she was sorry that I was no longer with that woman, her expression and body language said she wasn’t sorry in the slightest.

Jody was in her late thirties or early forties. She had a couple of kids with her now-ex-husband. I didn’t know much about her outside of the few times my girlfriend had been out with her and her husband. One thing I remembered was the way Jody looked at me. Or rather, the way she made eye contact with me. It always seemed a little flirty, the way a single woman would look at me. Definitely not what I’d expect from a married woman who was sitting next to her husband. The other thing that I remembered was that, when Jody made a sexual reference, which was usually in the form of a joke, she would look to see my reaction.

As I chatted with Jody in the supermarket, a particular example came to mind. Jody had been chatting with my date while I talked to her husband. Both conversations were loud enough that the other could hear, but low enough that they didn’t interfere. It was mostly mundane guy talk/girl talk. But suddenly Jody’s voice got a little louder.

“I told him if it tasted like chocolate, I’d do it all the time,” Jody had said, wrinkling her nose up as she laughed. She had also shot a sly look in my direction to see if I had heard. “I mean,” she had continued, “why did they have to make it taste like that?”

I guess had assumed at the time that she had looked up to make sure I hadn’t been paying attention. Looking back, it was clear she had been saying it hoping I was paying attention. She looked up because she wanted to see my reaction.

When it happened I either didn’t pick up on it, or ignored it because she was the wife of a friend. But looking back, she was clearly playing some sort of game or at least looking for some attention. I remembered all this as I talked with her in the store, wondering if she hadn’t been checking me out back then.

I asked Jody about her situation and she told me that she was now divorced. She said it in a way that I felt like I should tell her I was sorry, so I did. But I don’t think she was the slightest bit sorry about it. She simply wanted a little bit of sympathy. Now don’t misunderstand–I’m a naturally sympathetic guy. But I illegal bahis do resent people fishing for sympathy, at least when their circumstances don’t deserves it.

I stood in the store and talked to Jody for a good fifteen minutes and it was clear she would have kept talking. I was getting all the signals, from her body language, her nervous, nose-wrinkling laugh and the things she was saying and asking about, that she was a serious candidate for my collection.

I watched Jody’s ruby red lips moved as she talked and thought about how good it would feel to have them wrapped around my cock. I also thought about her comments that night so long ago about not liking the taste of cum and I wondered if I would get the chance to shoot my load in her mouth. Would she swallow it down if I did?

With all this running through my head, I asked Jody if she had time to stop for a drink and continue catching up. I saw she had a shopping cart full of groceries and probably had to get home to make dinner for her kids, so I knew there was no chance she’d take me up on it. But you can tell a lot by the way a woman turns down an offer. And if Jody really wanted to get together with me, she might suggest a time that was better for her.

Just as I expected, Jody told me she would love to grab a drink and talk some more, but… she indicated her shopping cart and shrugged.

“My ex has the kids next weekend and my, uh, well, maybe that Saturday?” Something I couldn’t read crossed Jody’s face, but in an instant it was gone and all I saw was a hopeful expression. “Give me your number and I’ll call you.” I gave it to her and wondered if I should ask for hers. I decided not to. If Jody was interested, and she certainly seemed to be, she’d call. If she didn’t, at least there was no wasted effort on my part.

Also, I was wondering if that look that crossed her face had anything to do with a boyfriend. She had said there was no man in her life at the moment, but that could mean she was seeing someone with whom she wasn’t serious. At least not yet. That was fine with me. I wasn’t looking for anything more than for Jody to wrap those big ruby lips around my shaft and give me some good cocksucking.

I was mildly surprised that I got a call from Jody the following night. She asked if I was still free the following Saturday. I told her I was and she asked if I liked home cooked Italian meals. Suspecting where this was going, I told her I did. Jody then invited me to her house, saying she’d cook dinner if I would bring a nice bottle of red wine. I readily agreed, thinking about her big red lips and her dislike of the taste of sperm.

“Oh, and one other thing,” Jody added, sounding a little strange. “Do you still have that pair of jeans you wore the time we went to the movies?” It was a surprising question and, needless to say, I had no idea what jeans I had worn, if I still owned them or even what movie she was talking about.

“Uhm….” I didn’t really know what to say.

“That’s okay,” she said hurriedly, trying to cover up the awkwardness of the moment. “Just wear a nice, tight pair of faded blue jeans for me, okay? Gotta run. See you Saturday.” And she hung up before I could ask any questions or even say goodbye.

I didn’t know exactly what jeans Jody had meant, but I knew what she was talking about. If I can be immodest for a moment, I’ve been hearing my whole adult life from women about how they love the way my ass looks in jeans. I could only assume that Jody felt that way too. Naturally, I would wear whatever worked for her. A turned on woman is the best kind, I always say.

Now it might appear that things moved pretty quickly with Jody. But for some reason it didn’t seem unusual to me. I guess that, even though I don’t look at my friends’ wives in a sexual context, I do notice if they look at me that way. I was aware at some level that Jody said and did things to get my attention. Maybe I just assumed that she was like that with everyone. Or maybe that’s just how I rationalized it. At any rate, I didn’t blink an eye at her invitation. To me it looked like Jody was just going after something she already knew she wanted: my cock. Hopefully, in her mouth.

I showed up at her house Saturday at dinner time in the tight jeans she requested and a white silky button down shirt. I had two nice bottles of red wine with me as well. I was feeling pretty optimistic that I was going to get a blow job before I left and my cock started to stiffen a little, despite the constrictions of my jeans.

Jody answered the door with a warm smile, but there was something very calculating in the look of her eyes. I couldn’t help notice how she looked me up and down at least twice. I felt like a piece of meat being thrown to a hungry lion… My cock stiffened a little more at that thought.

Jody was dressed, as usual, in a cleavage-enhancing bra and a low cut top. She had on black slacks, tight through the ass and thighs, showing off those generous curves. She gave me a quick hug and a peck on the cheek as I came inside. I followed her into the dining room, where she handed me a corkscrew and illegal bahis siteleri told me to open a bottle of wine while she put the finishing touches on dinner.

The lights in the dining room had been dimmed. Jody had set the table so we would sit opposite each other. Candles, recently lit, burned between the place settings. I opened the wine and poured glasses for both of us. Just as I sat down, Jody brought in two salads. She returned a moment later with two plates of pasta covered with seafood in a red sauce. It smelled delicious and tasted even better. We didn’t talk a lot as we ate. But Jody spent a lot of time looking through the candles at me and smiling.

For dessert Jody made mocha coffee with hazelnut liquor. She served it in the living room and we had both just sat down on the sofa and taken the first sip when she got up and went back to the kitchen.

“I almost forgot,” Jody explained, returning with a can of whipped cream. She squirted a shot of it on the top of each of our mugs before sitting down beside me again. I noticed that she sat down a little bit closer than she had the first time.

At first we just chatted. Mostly about people we both knew, her ex and the woman I had been dating, then other people her ex and I had worked with and so on. The only thing worth noting is that, sitting close as she was, Jody didn’t hesitate to put her hand on my shoulder, my arm or on my leg. She was bubbly, laughing at anything I said that was remotely funny and smiling almost constantly.

It was pretty obvious that she was trying to make this a perfect evening. The candlelit dinner, the wine and the dessert were just the start. Jody was planning on getting lucky tonight, and that was just fine with me. The only thing I was wondering about was if she had wanted to sleep with me back when she was married and now she was getting her chance. Or if she was simply horny and I was just in the right place at the right time. Not that it matters much, but sometimes I get curious. I started asking her questions about her situation.

“So why aren’t you dating anyone?” I asked. Jody laughed and shuffled around on the sofa a bit. I could see in her face that she was trying to decide what to say before answering.

“Well,” she began slowly. “I didn’t actually say I wasn’t seeing anyone.” She looked up with an almost sheepish smile. She looked away quickly and continued. “What I said was there was no man in my life.” The way she emphasized the word ‘man’ led me to believe that there was someone in her life, just not a man. I had honestly never really figured Jody to be bi-sexual, but I also admit that I didn’t really know her very well. And even if I had seen her making eyes at me on those dates long ago, that would hardly mean she was only interested in men.

“So you’re seeing another woman?” I asked, suddenly very curious. Like most guys, I have a fascination with lesbian sex. Obviously, I didn’t want to ask anything too personal or crude that might spoil this evening, and I don’t really need to hear details. If Jody had volunteered anything, I certainly would have listened. I’m a guy and I got turned on thinking about Jody with another woman.

“Yeah,” Jody started slowly, taking a sip of her coffee. “She lives here. Moved in about six months ago.” She paused for a moment, looking to see my reaction. But I waited without saying anything, which is often a more effective way to get someone to talk than asking questions. Sure enough, Jody continued. “She’s visiting a sick relative this weekend. She left last night and won’t be back until Monday afternoon.” I looked into her eyes and nodded, but kept silent.

“We’ve got a great relationship and we’re really happy together,” Jody went on after a brief pause. “But…” Now when someone has to tell me how great their relationship is, I’m always skeptical. Jody didn’t have to add that ‘but’ at the end for me to know that there was a ‘but.’

“But?” I prompted. Jody put her coffee down and laid her hand on my thigh.

“But sometimes I just need a man,” she said and shrugged. Her eyes once again had that gleam in them and her smile was again predatory. Her hand gave my thigh a squeeze. I looked up at the clock over the television. It was almost 6:30. I calculated that before seven o’clock I would have Jody’s mouth around my cock. It turned out I was right… with time to spare.

“Stand up,” Jody instructed, giving my leg another squeeze. “Let me see those buns of yours!” She seemed somehow both embarrassed and unabashed. With a glance into her eyes and a smile, I obliged. I stood up and turned slowly around to give her the full treatment. I could feel her eyes soaking me up and I knew she was about to pounce.

Sure enough, as I turned back to face her, Jody stood up and embraced me. Her hands first went around my back, but quickly made their way down to my ass. She gripped a cheek in each hand, pulling me tight against her. My hands found her hips and I pulled her against me so she could feel my stiffening cock. It had the desired effect: she started to writhe against me and moan softly as her hands continued canlı bahis siteleri to squeeze my ass.

I bent my head down and gave her a kiss on the neck, then her chin and then on her lips. But Jody didn’t seem interested in kissing. She was too busy grabbing my ass, pulling me close and rubbing my hardened member against her belly.

“Oh, God,” Jody breathed. “I really need this.” One of her hands detached from my ass and began massaging the lump in the front of my jeans. “Oooh!” I started caressing her ample breasts, kneading them gently with my hands, but I’m not sure Jody even noticed. Her focus seemed to be exclusively on my cock. I’m no rocket scientist, but it seemed pretty obvious to me what was missing from Jody’s wonderful relationship.

When Jody started undoing my pants, I pulled her hands away and took a step back. She might be in a hurry, but I was hoping to savor the moment a bit more. Plus, I have to be honest, when a woman is craving a cock like that, I like to string her along a little. I’m not saying I was going to make her beg for it, but if she was going to be on her knees anyway, well… And there’s another thing, too. It seems to me that the more you withhold it, the more they want it. And the more they want it, the more they’ll do to get it.

Yeah, maybe was being a bit of an opportunist. Or maybe I was even exploiting Jody for my own selfish satisfaction. But I couldn’t help thinking that if I made her work for it, there was not going to be much that this woman wouldn’t do for me. And that’s a pretty intoxicating feeling.

So I stepped back from Jody and began unbuttoning my shirt. She tried to take a step toward me, but I held out my hand to keep her back. I undid the buttons of my shirt without hurrying. Every time it looked like Jody was going to come closer, I shook my head and stopped unbuttoning my shirt.

“Oh, God, you’re a bastard!” she breathed, still smiling. Her smile was beginning to show a little impatience, but I wasn’t worried. I could keep her interest. When I finished, I opened my shirt wide for her and put her hands on my chest, encouraging her to rub me. She was clearly excited, but not about my chest.

I know I’m a good looking guy and I work out enough to keep everything nice and toned up. I’m not a particularly muscular build, but women have always been appreciative of my physique. I knew Jody’s apparent lack of interest wasn’t so much because my body didn’t appeal to her. It was because all she could think about was my cock. Getting it out. Holding it in her hand. Sucking it and finally, feeling it buried in her cock-starved pussy. I knew it and I was planning to hold out long enough to make her actually tell me that that’s what she wanted. It was even easier than I though, and I hadn’t really expected a challenge anyway.

When I took off my belt and threw it over my shoulder, I thought I heard a slight whimper of anticipation escape Jody’s lips. I looked right at her as I took hold of the top of my pants and hesitated. Her eyes darted between my eyes and my hands, her front teeth biting her lower lip.

“What do you want?” I asked her.

“I want you to take it out,” she said with a sigh. She tried to step closer, but again I waved her back.

“Why should I?” My hands were still poised at the top of my pants, not moving.

“Because I need it.”

“I can see that,” I replied easily. “But why should I?” Jody looked up at me, a blank look on her face. I repeated myself, putting more emphasis on the ‘I’.

“Come on,” she pleaded. “I really need it.” Still I waited, making no move to unbutton my jeans.

“Mmmm, that’s too bad,” I said. “Must be tough.”

“Come on!” she said, her impatience mounting. “I haven’t been fucked in a year! I need it bad!”

“I see,” I replied, nodding thoughtfully. “So you’d do just about anything to get laid?” Jody’s eyebrows shot up, her dark brown eyes locking onto mine, an uncertain half-smile on her lips. I couldn’t be sure if she was excited or nervous, or some combination of the two. But I didn’t really care. Here was a beautiful woman desperate for my cock and I was going to make the most of it.

“I, uh… I,” Jody stammered. “I guess, well… I mean, what exactly did you have in mind?” I let a slight smile creep onto my face. I kept my eyes fixed on hers, trying to figure the best way to play my hand.

“Well,” I said slowly. “What can you do that I would like?”

“Take it out and I’ll show you.” I shook my head.

“Not good enough,” I told her. “I need to know before I take it out.” Jody looked at me, her eyebrows arching again. She knew I was just toying with her, but she also seemed to be conceding that I had the upper hand.

I have to admit, I pushed things farther with Jody than I generally would have with most other women. I think it was because of the times she played her own little games, making sexual remarks in front of me to see my reaction and things like that. The individual things she did were, by themselves, insignificant. And if you go by my earlier example, I probably seem like more of a jerk than usual for making a big deal about that. But you have to keep in mind that Jody did and said things like that whenever I was around. It was a game to her. She had been teasing me. So now that I was in the driver’s seat, I was going to give her a little payback.

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