The Church Committee Pays the Staff Pt. 02

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The Church Committee Pays the Staff Part 2

( Look, I’m not rehashing a darn thing, go read the first part, (THE CHURCH COMMITTEE PAYS THE STAFF) if the LIT- part of the -EROTICA matters to you, and bless you if it does! But if you just need old ladies gettin’ it and giving some, then drop your socks and grab your cocks and read on, weary Traveler, you’re Home! )

Inside Room 202 Bernice found Mr. Parker, the carpenter and handyman of the premises. He was 34 years old, about 5’11 and built like a football player. His beard hung down to the middle of his chest, and he had tattoos up and down his burly arms. Bernice liked the tattoos more than she cared to admit, but she could do without the beard, no matter how much her 14 year old Grandson wanted to grow one. The room was a standard office with a desk, two chairs and a small sofa that Mr. Parker was lounging on, with a sly grin on his face, that is what little of his face you could see through the dark brown beard and mustache. He was lazily puffing on an Vape pen, filling the room with the scent of strawberries.

“Looks like I got the best Salary package this this week.” he drawled, almost as soon as Bernice closed the door behind her.

“Well, hello to you too, Mr. Parker. And I do not think any of our salary supplements have a superiority to the other. They are valuable and delivered with great care and consideration.” Bernice frowned deeply and slapped on her strictest schoolmarm voice.

“Oh, jeeze, I didn’t mean that…that…” Mr. Parker stammered and rose to a erect sitting position. Clearly her tone had delivered her intended message. “You are being a bit too familiar, and one has to be careful as familiarity can lead to indulgences. For when allowing a gentleman to fuck you in the ass, indulgences can be disastrous.”

Mr. Parker gulped.

“Now, we have done this before…” Bernice walked over to the desk and set down her clipboard and began to undo her skirt. “… but I understand you have a special… request?” At the drop of her last word, she turned away from him and let her skirt fall to the floor, revealing red stockings and garters with no panties to cover up the most famous ass in the Parish. It could be called a bubble butt, but that phrase is too small, too simple, too petty a term for Bernice Carrollton’s ass. It was almost perfectly round and smooth, with a symmetrical curve to each cheek that seemed mathematically perfect. Her ass was pale and clear of any blemishes, and with Bernice’s every breathe, it jiggled and twitched in a way that would make a dead man cum. Mr. Parker’s mouth fell open.

“Whoa… Mrs. Carrollton, I gotta say i never get tired of looking at that ass.”

She ignored his compliment. “So, this supplement requires us to engage is sodomy alone, but, as a pay bonus for finishing the new baptismal fount ahead of time, you may… I don’t know the Latin term…eat out my ass.” Bernice was looking over her shoulder at the man, still holding her skirt just above her amazing butt. Her twisting profile made the 66 year old woman look like a pinup model from the 1950’s- her cat’s-eyed glasses, white ruffled button-up shirt and light blue sweater notwithstanding.

Mr. Parker’s face lit up like a kid at Christmas. Bernice couldn’t help but smile. She was supposed to keep a calm, controlled demeanor, but she really loved being fucked in the ass, and she luxuriated in the attention her ass won for her. In her youth, she had been forced by the times to hide her sexual side, and to pretend to be ashamed of what God had given her. But no more! She had a great ass, and it was about to get eaten out by a young, husky, virile man…and it was all for the Lord! She took off her sweater while slowly moving her ass back and forth. Parker began to unfasten his overalls, revealing a hairy body that rippled with muscles under a thin layer of fat, just enough make him not seem fictionally attractive. Bernice turned around and unbuttoned her shirt slowly, bonus veren siteler and then opened it up. Her 36C tits showed their age more than her ass, but a red lacy bra, cut down low and supported just right did wonders. Mr. Parker sat back down in his chair and instinctively started stroking his cock while staring the Bernice’s chest.

“Well? Are you going to give me a hit?” She asked the ogling man. Parker looked confused for a bit and thin grinned foolishly and bent over to root about in the discarded overalls at his feet. He came back up with the E-Pen and handed it to Bernice, a curious look on his face.

“Here you go. Um…to smoke it you need to..”

Bernice had taken one quick look at the device, found the button, pressed it the correct amount of times and was drawing in a huge hit before he could finish the sentence. Mr. Parker watched, wide eyed, as this 66 year old sexy grey-haired granny held in a bodacious toke of electric marijuana smoke while gyrating her lingerie clad hips and tits in his face. She explained to Mr. Parker as she finally let out a long stream of light grey vapor from her wrinkled lips, “I’ve been smoking weed since my third friend had cancer. Now, get on your knees, come over here and get your salary, young man.” Bernice turned back around, leaned over the desk, and let her round ass rise into the air.

Mr. Parker almost fell over as he scrambled to Bernice’s offered posterior. Kneeling before her ass he filled his rough hands with with her soft asscheeks, caressing and massaging them. On top of that, he was laying soft little kisses on her thighs and hips, wherever his fingers weren’t touching. Bernice was delighted to discover his beard was soft and pliable, not prickly or greasy, as as such it actually made it feel better. Though she loved how he was worshipping her ass as he kept going, Bernice began to wonder if the gentle nuzzling would be the extent of it, and then his tongue gave her asshole a little flick, and then another. It tickled, and she wriggled with pleasure. Then he began to lap away in earnest, his warm wet tongue digging in harder and harder. Bernice loved it! She tried to reach behind to grab Mr. Parker’s hair and pull him in closer, but her arthritis wouldn’t let her bend her arm in that angle. As if reading her mind, Mr. Parker grabbed her hips and pushed his face deep into her ass, his tongue swirling and probing deep inside her, his hands holding her tightly to him, his barely audible moans of pleasure making Bernice even hornier. She bucked back against his mouth, and let her hand fall to her pussy, where she began to play with her clit.

“Don’t stop Mr. Parker, don’t you dare stop.” She said in a serious voice. And, he didn’t. He licked and probed even harder and further, moving his whole head up and down while he did so, adding a whole extra dimension to the pleasure she was receiving. Finally, she gave in to her passion, and came hard, barely making a noise but bucking like a horse and trembling as Mr, Parker slowly decelerated the tonguing her ass.

Without speaking, he stood and helped Bernice to assume a doggy-style position lengthwise on the couch. She was completely relaxed from the pot and the orgasm, so without a word she stuck her ass up in the air and waited for Mr. Parker to lube up his dick. Currently, his penis was her favorite in the whole church community; it was a Goldilocks Cock as Sonya put it, ‘just right’. She didn’t have to peek behind her to see it, she knew it’s seven inch length, it’s generous width and that little upward curve that hit her G Spot just right, especially when he….

“Ssssss…..” She hissed out loud, her inner monologue wiped away by the pressing of Mr. Parker’s cock against her asshole. Her hole was slick with his saliva, as well as the juices that had run down Bernice’s legs when she came. He pressed his slick pole inside her slowly but surely. Inch by inch he slid his dick into the luscious ass bedava bahis of the Chairwoman of the Church Committee. When his cock was half way in, he began to move it in and out just a little, just like she had taught him the last time she had paid his supplements. As he looked down at the lingerie clad Granny, her red garters, hose and bra setting off her pale skin as his dick penetrated the perfect curves or her sweet ass, Mr. Parker had to use every ounce of will he had not to cum just from looking, let alone the amazing way her ass felt on his cock. The truth was, fucking Mrs. Carrollton’s ass was the best sex he ever had. No pussy, no ass had ever felt like this. And the transactional nature of it was extra hot; it had all the good things about going to a whore without any of the negatives.

“Now, put it in, Mr. Parker. Fuck me. Fuck my ass! Take Your salary.” Bernice half murmured- half moaned. She was losing her cool, detached demeanor, and Mr. Parker encouraged that by putting every inch of his thick dick into her ass, and rested it inside her, grinding it in deep, feeling his balls pushing up against her moist pussy. They both grunted in unison, and then also in unison they began to sway back and forth, Mr. Parker keeping his dick deep within her. Soon, he began to fuck her gently, her tight ass gripping at his dick with every move he made.

“Yes, yes, fuck me Mr. Parker, fuck me faster!” Bernice ordered. Mr. Parker obeyed and began to pound her ass, his hips slapping against her body. She moaned in approval, loving the merciless ass fucking this 34 year old man was giving her. Stroke after stroke he kept going, struggling to not cum into this gorgeous Granny.

“Now be still and take your hands off my ass.” Bernice grunted. When he was able to stop and lift his hands off her asscheeks, Bernice began to rock back and forth on his cock all on her own, fucking herself with his dick. He cried out, “Oh yes, yes! Fuck my dick, Mrs. C! Damn yes!” Bernice laughed a deep throaty chuckle, one absent of all vestiges of Church or sanctity in it. “You missed fucking that old lady ass, didn’t you, boy? Here, try some of this on for size.” She began to move her ass around in a circle while impaling herself on his dick. After about three orbits of her fine ass, a harsh and rude voice came from the door way.

“Good lord in Heaven, you are the biggest slut in the Committee.” Bernice and Mr. Parker looked up to see Katy Sandusky, a 60 year old look alike for Peg Bundy, standing in the doorway, still attired in the red body suit and strap-on dildo.

Bernice locked eyes with Katy and forced her ass all the way down onto Mr. Parker’s cock. “No, you’re the biggest Slut. Unnnngghhhh…..I’m the best lay.”

“We’ll see about that. Hey, Parker, come over here and fuck me up the ass!”

Without moment’s hesitation Mr. Parker, to his everlasting credit said, ” I have my dick buried deep in the nicest ass I have ever see. I’m not going anywhere. I’m getting paid, Mrs Sandusky.” To prove his point, he put his hands back on Bernice’s ass and began to gyrate into her. Mrs. Sandusky literally stuck her lip out and pouted. Bernice got up on her elbows and faced her with a questioning look. “Katy, exactly what is the problem….keep fucking me, Mr. Parker…Your attitude has been.. Ung.. confrontational, to say the least. Unh, Ung.”

“I just, well…I don’t know…”

“Katy, just say it. I have a very nice young man’s cock in my ass, and I’d like to make him cum soon, so…”

“Well now, that’s it! You have a beautiful, lovely cock in you, and all I got was to get tired and worn out from pegging Esmerelda! I’m so goddamn horny I could die!” There were tears in her eyes and a throbbing in her voice.

“Awww…” said Mr. Parker, like he was watching a movie about a dog getting shot.

“Well dear, that’s why we masturbate. And keep that cock going, son.”, said Bernice.

“It’s the not the same, and you know it.” Sandusky deneme bonus sobbed.

“And your husband?”

“That is the same, and you know it.”

“True, that man couldn’t satisfy a Methodist. Tell you what, since you’re the newest member on the committee I’ll cut you a break. Parker, get over there and fuck her in the pussy, and fuck her well!” Mrs. Sandusky almost yelped in glee and immediately pulled down her body suit, while somehow keeping the strap-on dildo in place, and hopped onto the desk and spread her legs to show a shaved pussy and remarkably trim legs and thighs. Her 40 triple D’s hung down pretty far, and as Mrs. Sandusky lifted one of her huge tits to her mouth to noisily suck on the engorged nipple, Mr. Parker pulled his cock out of Bernice with an audible pop. He wiped himself clean, put on a condom and approached Mrs Sandusky on the desk.

“Oh shit Parker, just fuck me, please! Fuck my hot pussy, please!” she begged him.

Mr. Parker smile wide as he took her legs in his hands and spread them wide. “Let’s see if you fuck as good as you suck cock. I sure loved how you got me off last payday.”, Mr. Parker growled as he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and then slid his warm meat over her clit, back and forth, making Mrs. Sandusky gasp and clutch at his body with both of her hands. With a quick thrust he put all seven inches into her, making her scream out loud and claw at his chest as she arched her back in pleasure, her tits flopping to the side. He started to pummel at her, grunting like an animal, picking up speed with every second. Mrs. Sandusky’s eyes were rolling back in her head, and her whole body shook with every pounding of Mr. Parker’s body. After fucking Bernice’s tight ass, Mrs. Sandusky’s sopping wet, looser vagina felt like a hundred tongues were lapping at his dick. Finally he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Ungh, Mrs. Carrollton, can I, ungh, can I come inside Mrs. Sandusky?”

“Oh shit yeah, please let in cum in me, please, Bernice! I’ll be good… unh, unh, from now on, I promise! Oh shit it feels so good!”

Bernice got interested. “Will you do what I say for the rest of the night?”

“Uh, yes…yes, sure, I will! Oh, hell yes!” Mr. Parker had reached down to grab her tits and pinch her nipples.

“All right then, Mr. Parker, you can cum in her pussy.”

“All right!” was all he said, as he grabbed her thighs, pulled her close and started his final run at her pussy. Bernice moved around the other side of the desk as Mr. Parker began a vicious rabbit fuck of the 60 year old woman’s cunt, which only made her beg for more. Bernice carefully climbed onto the desk, and then straddled her chest, facing away from Mr. Parker. She then scooted forward until her pussy was in Katy Sandusky’s mouth. “Now, show me if you are a slut, or a good fuck. Suck my cunny while Mr. Parker cums in your Pussy, oooooohhh…goodness!” Bernice’s bravado evaporated as a practiced tongue began to dance across her clit, making her tremble and fall forward to steady herself on the thankfully wide desk.

“Twelve years of an all-girls Catholic boarding school, Mrs. Carrollton.”, said Mrs. Sandusky’s muffled voice from between Bernice’s thighs. “They taught me all bout Jesus and licking twat.” Bernice gasped, cried out and gasped again from the acrobatic handling of her clit. Meanwhile Mr. Parker had both hands on Bernice’s ass as he kept fucking Mrs. Sandusky. When Bernice started shaking and gasping from the tongue lashing she was getting, he finally came with a shout and a deep tremor that rocked through both women, sending them all into paroxysms of intense bliss. After a few minutes’ recovery Mr. Parker began to dress and Mrs. Sandusky made to leave the room.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Sandusky, where are you going?” asked Bernice.

“Oh, I thought we were, well, done, when I… “

Bernice gave the big haired woman a chilling smile. “Oh no, you are far from done, Mrs. Sandusky. I have you for the entire night.” The intensity in her voice made Mr. Parker stop dressing and stare at them both.

Katy Sandusky blinked twice. “Um, well, I guess I did promise. What did you have in mind?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32