The Calcium Club Ch. 01

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CHAPTER ONE — The Club Welcomes Katie

Katie loved being pregnant. She loved it from the first moment and that is not to mention the conception which was an altogether thrilling experience. She was actually fucked in the car park of the diner where she had met these three bikers. To say things got a little out of hand was an understatement but its sufficient to tell that she ended up spread over the hood of her own car while the three of them took her roughly from behind one after the other. Katie was left to recover her knickers and jeans, copious loads of sperm trickling down her inner thigh, as the three roared off never to be seen again. She had no idea who they were or where to find them or, when she realised that she had fallen pregnant, which one was the father.

But, as we have said, she found that she loved being pregnant from the very first moment that she detected a change in her body a few days later. She needed no pregnancy test kit, she knew because her body told her. She experienced joy at every stage as her pregnancy advanced, the demand of her appetite for strange foods, her first missed period, the first swelling of her abdomen, and even her brief bout of morning sickness was an experience. She realised that she was a natural breeder. Now though in her eighth month she examined herself with pleasure, but her thoughts creased with concern for the future. Belly tight as a drum, the baby was just kicking a little. She had a dark well-defined linea-nigra marking the way from her navel to her clitoris, and her vagina was beginning to flower at the early stages of preparing to open up for the delivery. She held down a poorly paid secretarial job in the office of a big company and she knew that she would be hard pressed to cope with bringing up baby with very little money whilst trying to hold down her job.

The men in the office were very attentive. They knew she didn’t have a partner and while they didn’t know how she was impregnated, they were familiar enough with Katie to risk flirting and the occasional stroke of her tight bump. Katie toyed with the idea of starting something with one of them to gain herself some financial support but realised they were all married men and she couldn’t hope to have one set her up as his mistress with another man’s baby in her belly. Janie came by one morning. Janie had recently returned to work from maternity leave.

“I thought of you when I saw this.” Janie told her, and dropped a small business card on her desk.

“The Calcium Club” – Support for new mothers. – Telephone

“Well thanks.” replied Katie who was only slightly interested. She did not really need some social services program to help her, she hated that sort of thing.

“No, really Katie. It could be just what you need.”

Janie knew of Katie’s situation, the two girls had confided in each other as women do.

“I don’t need support Janie, I need money.” Katie complained.

“You can get money Katie. Jed, my husband took me there last week and has made me attend there regularly ever since,” Janie continued, “I get money for him.”

“What do they want then?” Katie creased her pretty brow in puzzlement.

“Well, Janie spoke close to Katie’s ear, “you know there are some men who get off on escort izmir breast milk?”

“Really?” Katie giggled.

“This is a club for men like that, and they always need fresh girls. You get paid for your milk. I get $10 a time and I go two or three times a day!” Janie whispered.

“What about your baby then?” Katie asked.

“Oh, that don’t signify,” Janie sighed, “now Jed found out he can make a couple hundred dollar a week outa me, the baby would get formula left to him. Anyways, it don’t apply, I make loads more than the baby need and you make more if you let down regular.”

“I have no milk yet, but this looks good. I sure will go there when I’m ready.” Katie smiled, interested.

“I just go to give milk, but they got all kinds of arrangements a single girl like you can take advantage of. Like they got creches and also they got some accommodation too I think. I guess you need to go see, see how far you prepared to go.” Janie added darkly.

Two weeks later, Katie screwed up her courage and rang on the doorbell on the discreet plain door with the simple inscription; “The Calcium Club”. She was pleased to note that the club was in a good part of town, not far in fact from where she worked in the business district. I suppose that’s logical she thought to herself, most of the members will be well off businessmen, or at least she hoped so.

“Oh welcome, come in my dear.” said the man who opened the door.

Katie’s advanced pregnancy spoke for itself, he didn’t need to ask her business, and he was the complete gentleman as he guided her gravid figure into the club and took her through to one of the most lavishly appointed lounges that Katie had ever seen.

“I am the manager here,” he told her, “did a friend tell you about us? Do you know what we do?”

“I know a little,” Katie replied telling him about Janie and finished with a simple statement, “I need money.”

“Yes, of course my dear. When are you due?”

“Next week sometime.” she told him.

“Are you lactating already?” he asked, “we may be able to take your milk today if you are. That will give you a good start won’t it. Now we need some details please Katie.”

He slowly took all of Katie’s particulars. In depth and probing for intimate and unnecessary detail she thought. Not just the usual age and date of birth but also her height and weight, her bra and dress size, shoe and glove size, hair and eye colour and so on. Her hair colour led to the question as to her natural colour and if that matched her pubic hair and whether or not she was shaved down there. She wasn’t but she always kept her rich chestnut hair trimmed and said so, a little startled nevertheless.

“You see Katie, the more you share with us, the more money you will be paid, he explained when he saw her reticence set in. “Your friend comes here just to leave her milk which is added to the general supply here and she gets a simple fee. You on the other hand could earn more.”

Katie looked interested.

“Well, if we assemble a complete profile of you including a portfolio of photographs both clothed and naked, and in your case both pregnant now and also after your baby is delivered, then you will be a special named girl and your milk will be chosen particularly. escort izmir Some of our members are complete connoisseurs and like to taste and compare specific girls. You get a double fee if you are chosen of course.”

“Oh, I see.” Katie gulped a little.

“The photographs have to be very intimate of course,” he told her, “do you think you’d like to do that?”

“Yes, I think.” Katie decided boldly.

“Well, good girl! You won’t regret it you know, the Calcium Club treats its portfolio girls well. Step through here and we’ll take your pregnant pictures now. Not too much time to waste by the look of it!” he joked.

They stepped through to a well-equipped photographic studio where the club manager, whose name was Dan, posed her against a neutral background and started by taking pictures of her fully dressed as well as some facial close up portraits.

“You know Katie, pregnancy suits you. Your face blooms with the health of it.” He complimented her.

When she was naked he took many close up studies of her bump and her breasts, but when he bent Katie forward and had her spread her legs so that he could get close ups of her vagina and anus, she objected.

“Look Katie, when you are a named portfolio girl here at the Calcium Club, our members want to know every intimate detail about you and your body. They’ll know how many babies you’ve had, when you conceived and normally who by. Most of them are experts in breeding females. That knowledge includes intimate knowledge of your vagina too. To get your price and be selected regularly, you need to show everything. Now, spread your legs and tease your clitoris from its little hood.” Dan lectured her.

Everything continued smoothly after that. Katie thought that she might as well give everything.

“Do you have milk now Katie?” Dan asked her.

“A little I think, it’s not troubling me much just yet.” she replied.

“Well, quantity is not an issue in your case. We have a couple of members in who might be interested in you as a fresh girl. A girl’s first milk before she has her baby and it reaches its full richness is a rare opportunity. Are you interested in offering what milk you have and earning right away if they are interested?”

“I think so…” Katie almost trembled now that the actuality of it seemed likely.

“Another thing Katie, one that you might have guessed. When you are a portfolio girl here the members generally prefer to milk you by hand or suckle on you. That’s another reason why you are paid more. Now, let me speak to these members and as you are a special case, I’ll see what fee I can get for your services. No, don’t get dressed. You’ll be required naked if they want you.”

He left her for some time, taking with him the photographs. Katie had a mental image of the men lusting over her pictures. In fact, they were analysing her face and figure as a specimen of womanhood, admiring the shape and size of her hips. “Made for childbearing” one commented. Mostly though they admired the size and plumpness of her breasts.

Dan returned to Katie after a while with a big smile on his face.

“They will both have you,” he told her, “together. They will share you. You’ll get $200. Shall I take you through?”

Trembling, Katie nodded mutely and meekly followed Dan through to the members’ lounge. He stood her in front of two prosperous looking middle-aged businessmen. She felt their eyes appraising her intimately.

“This is Katie. She’s almost at term. She’ll give birth next week.” Dan introduced her.

“She’ll drop it in about two days more likely.” commented Mr X.

“Certainly a fine female. Definitely made for pregnancy.” his companion Mr Y agreed, “come here girl.”

Katie approached and as she did so Mr Y stood and cupped her right breast in his palm. His fingers dented into her spongy flesh and stroked towards her nipple.

“Fuller than you said Dan,” he opined, “firm and quite tight. Fetch a couple of glasses Dan, she’ll milk well. You’re out of practise Dan.”

“Is this the first time you’ve been milked Katie dear?” Mr Y asked her.

“Yes, sir. It is.” Katie replied with uncharacteristic submissiveness. Her naked breast in his hand brought about that feeling.

“Well, you are lucky to be here then. A girl should be milked by an expert on her first time. Ah, there…” Mr Y sighed.

All the time he’d been speaking, his fingers had been kneading her breast towards her nipple. Katie’s nipples were large and rubbery and when he saw that they had erected, he allowed his fingers to travel right onto it, giving a firmer squeeze as if to milk her out. He was rewarded by a generous globule of white milk beading on her nipple. He took it to his mouth on his finger.

“Lovely! Fresh and clean from a new member of the herd.” he commented, “her milk is flowing now. Dan, hand up those two wine glasses please.”

It was strange to Katie to see her nipple spraying five or six thin streams each time his fingers completed a downward pull. She let down her milk easily and realised that like pregnancy, she was built for this. Mr Y’s milking actions were now firmer. He stroked downward with increased pressure in a practised smooth motion. With each one Katie’s nipple squirted generously, coating the inside of the glass which he held over it. Mr X joined them and taking her left breast gave it identical treatment. If anything, his technique was more demanding and Katie’s eyes closed as she was comprehensively milked. The two men were gentle, but insistent and relentless. There was no way Katie was going to retain any milk. Slowly both glasses filled to about the halfway mark after about 15 minutes of milking. “Hand milking is certainly preferable to the machines. She’s drying up now,” commented Mr Y as he noted that she merely dribbled now so he stopped and held up her milk, “Katie’s going to be good in the dairy though. I must sample her again after the baby.”

“Yep, she’s dry for now,” agreed Mr X who put his glass on the table. He ran his hand down between Katie’s legs and sought out the lips of her vagina. “Her lips are nice and swollen and she’s beginning to open already. Tomorrow or the day after, whatever the doctors say. Take her away Dan.”

Katie never did find out what the two men thought of her milk as she was led away by Dan who gave her $200 in cash.

“There you are Katie, I hope you enjoyed that and found it worthwhile. If you behave like that in future with the club members then you’ll be a very popular girl here. Go and have your baby and come back next week with it. We have a creche here. I know Mr X is right, he’s an expert on women. You’ll pop tomorrow.”

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