The Blue Life Ch. 35: On the Stairs

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. Thanks to proofreaders for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot are often worked into future chapters. Leave your suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are always very much appreciated.


Bobby and Terri entered the backdoor to Sunny’s shop. Bobby was surprised that Terri had a key. Bobby didn’t even have a key yet! Then again, Terri was an employee of the shop. Still, Sunny was Bobby’s girlfriend and his submissive. He thought he should at least have a key to her apartment! Then, he shook his head. That was a bit presumptuous. Bobby and Sunny had only been dating for a week. And Bobby had never done a key exchange with a girlfriend. He hadn’t made a key for Sunny to his Mom and Dad’s house, where he lived either. You can’t do a Key Exchange, unless you’re ready to exchange keys. Right? But, that was the problem, Bobby was twenty-one years old, nearly twenty-two, and a College Senior. But he was still living in his Mom and Dad’s house! Sure, he was his parent’s sexual Dominant, but he felt strange giving a key to their house away. There were plans to build a guesthouse and pool house for Bobby on his parent’s property, The lot was big enough. And it would give Bobby a bit of privacy and independence. With the changes that dating Sunny had brought into his life, Bobby thought he needed to push those plans into high gear.

Bobby walked up the stairs behind Terri. He appreciated the sway of her full, round ass in her short, tight black dress. It made Bobby’s already hard cock strain in his pants. Bobby considered having Terri pause on the steps, hiking up her dress, unzipping his pants, and just throwing a fuck into her, right then and there on the stairs. Bobby remembered how Sophie had caught Bobby eating out Sunny’s pussy on these very steps just a few days earlier on their first date! That was the first time Bobby had made Sunny cum. He didn’t realize how much she would change his life.

Then Bobby shook his head, he reminded himself that Terri was still a virgin. She was eighteen and a High School Senior. And she deserved better than to lose her virginity to a quickie fuck in a stairwell. Bobby and Terri had plans to make love for the first time in one week, on the night of Terri’s High School Semi-Formal Dance. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. Bobby and Terri had already made love several times. They just hadn’t fucked. They hadn’t had intercourse. That was what was being delayed. Terri was actually very sexually experienced, especially for someone who was technically still a “virgin.” She’d had oral sex, and experienced mutual masturbation with both men and women. She had been fucked with dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and even strap-on cocks! She just hadn’t had a real cock in her pussy or ass. Bobby licked his lips and thought, “Just one week. You can wait a week, can’t you?”

Bobby heard someone at the top of the stairs open the door to Sunny’s apartment and shout, “Places! They’re here!” It was Nancy Stockton’s voice.

Nancy and Terri greeted each other like sisters, even though Nancy was three times Terri’s age. Nancy was Dr. Shapiro’s Nurse and Receptionist. She was in her mid-fifties, but she looked like she might be in her late thirties. She had the perfectly balanced features of a Barbie doll, and a fully stacked and packed body.

Terri and Nancy shared light kisses and warm hugs. Bobby hugged Nancy and kissed her lips. But Nancy didn’t respond with any passion, so Bobby didn’t hold the kiss. Nancy had just found out a few hours before that her abusive husband, Bill, had been killed in a work accident. She looked more tired and depressed than Bobby had ever seen her. Bobby said, “Are you OK, Kitten?”

Nancy smiled weakly and said, “Yes, Sir. I guess so.”

Bobby tucked a finger under her chin and gently tipped her face towards his. Nancy hadn’t been crying, but she looked like she was on the verge of tears. Bobby started to feel guilty, having Nancy help set up his orgy scene, with his girlfriend, Sunny. Bobby planned to fuck Sunny’s ass! It would be their first time having anal sex together. Sunny had told Bobby that she loves anal sex, but since being hospitalized and having several bouts with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disorder, she limited her anal sex to just once a month, and actually hadn’t had any anal sex in several months, because she simply hadn’t had a partner. Bobby looked at Nancy and said, “OK. Tell me about the set up in there.”

Nancy took a deep breath. She was still wearing her Nurse’s uniform. It looked almost like a Halloween Costume of “Sexy Nurse.” The white button up front of her dress was very low-cut, revealing Nancy’s generous cleavage. The hem of the uniform bahis firmaları had been raised, showing off Nancy’s perfect legs in her white stockings. She wore white pumps with two and a half inch heels. The only thing missing from her uniform was her starched, white Nurse’s cap, like a throwback to the fifties. Nancy was more of a Receptionist in Dr. Shapiro’s office, a literal “Hello, Nurse!” She hadn’t had any formal medical training. Nancy said, “Mistress Sunny is wearing a black corset, black stockings and black shoes. She also has on a blindfold and ballgag. I did her makeup and she looks like a perfect china doll underneath her mask. Her base is a little lighter than normal, giving her face a cold, delicate cast. Oh, Dr. Piggie put Mistress in an armbinder. I had never seen one of those before. It doesn’t look comfortable. And he’s got it rigged up with a rope that goes over one of the rafters. It’s pulling Sunny’s arms up, and forcing her head into the pillow. Yeah, and her knees are spread with a bar. My God, Mistress Sunny has more Sex Toys than a Sex Shop!”

“She’s a professional,” Bobby quipped.

“Are you saying she’s a whore, Robert?” Nancy asked, she seemed ready to defend Sunny’s honor.

“No. I’m just saying that…well…I mean,” Bobby searched for the right words. “Nobody has more experience with Bondage and Discipline than Mistress Sunny.” Nancy giggled, it was nice to see her face light up for a brief moment. Bobby asked, “What about the others?”

Nancy shrugged. “Sally and Sophie stripped down to their garters and stockings. Sophie paddled Mistress Sunny’s ass and thighs while Dr. Piggie was trussing her up. Piggie told Sally to eat Mistress Sunny, but to not let her cum, just to keep her on edge. I think Sally was a little too eager. Because Mistress Sunny tried to hold back, but I think she’s had at least two or three smaller orgasms. She didn’t scream or cry out. They weren’t earth-shaking. But, well, she would shudder and then relax a bit. I could tell she had cum, but I was watching closely.” Nancy shifted her weight and crossed her legs while standing. She continued, “And, well, Sophie punished Sunny for cumming without permission, and then she punished Sally for giving Mistress Sunny an orgasm. Last I saw, Sally and Sophie were sixty-nining each other. I think they wanted to put on a little show for you, Sir. For when you came in.”

Bobby rubbed his hands together. “That sounds perfect,” he said. He looked at Terri. He instructed her, “Pussycat, I want you to go in there and ask Sally and Sophie which one of them wants to fuck Dr. Piggie. If the good Doctor can’t get it up, then one of them can fuck his ass with a strap-on. The other one has to give you a huge orgasm, and you’re allowed to punish them as you see fit, if it’s not big enough or long enough. Understand?”

Terri jumped up and hugged Bobby. “Really?”

Bobby noded. “Sure. Oh, and whisper to Mistress Sunny that her Daddy is going to be in to take her ass hard in just a little bit!”

Terri raised up on tiptoes and kissed Bobby forcefully on the lips. She was already pulling off her black dress at the shoulders. She let it drop to the floor, and she kicked it into the corner. So Terri was only wearing her garter and stockings, and her red and black high top sneakers! She opened the door to Sunny’s apartment and went inside.

Bobby turned to Nancy. He said, “OK, Kitten. I would like you to–“

Nancy interrupted, “Sir, please don’t be angry with me. I know, I already made you delay your arrival. I–I just think, I mean, I think I’ll just stay out here in the stairway for a while. I don’t want to have sex. And I don’t want to bring everybody down. It’s hard being The Widow at The Orgy.” And Nancy laughed without an ounce of humor in her voice.

Bobby took Nancy’s hand. He raised it up to his lips and gently kissed her knuckles. He debated commanding her to strip and go inside. He also thought about spanking her. She was trying to take the blame. Did she want to be disciplined? What was the right thing to do? Bobby wanted to squeeze her breasts, or cup the cheeks of her ass. Even looking depressed, Nancy Stockton was the epitome of a Platinum Blonde Bombshell. Bobby had commanded that she shouldn’t wear panties the other day. He wanted to check if she had listened. Instead, he sighed and sat down on the top step. He pulled on Nancy’s hand and said, “Here. Come. Sit, next to me, Kitten.”

Nancy shook her head. She said, “I don’t feel like much of a Kitten, Sir.” But she sat next to him. “I feel so ugly and old and tired and used up. I’m just an old widow now.”

“You’re not as old as Dr. Piggie or Adele Gunty,” Bobby offered, “Did you meet Granny Adele?”

“Is she your grandmother, Sir?”

“Nope. That’s just a pet name. Like when you call me, Daddy.”

“I like calling you, Daddy, Sir. It makes me feel safe and loved and…young.” She hugged his arm and leaned her light blonde head on his shoulder. Bobby was a math major in College. A nerd. kaçak iddaa But in the past nine months, he had put in a lot more time in the gym, trying to become as physically appealing as a man, as his mother was as a woman. As a result his chest and arms had filled out. His waist had trimmed. He didn’t have six pack abs. But his stomach was flat and firm. He’d generally added and toned muscle on his six foot two inch body.

“You are safe and loved and young and…very sexy, Kitten.” Bobby turned and lightly kissed her forehead.

Nancy whispered, “I need to find my son. I need to tell him that I killed his father.”

“You didn’t kill your husband, Nancy. He died in an accident.”

“I wished him dead.”

“Well, then I’m grateful for that. Because that violent SOB threatened to kill both you and my father.”

“I’m sorry about that, Daddy-Sir.”

Bobby laughed. “Just, ‘Daddy.’ Or just, ‘Sir.’ Daddy-Sir sounds…I don’t know, it makes me feel dopey.” Nancy snorted and wiped her nose with the back of her hand. Bobby reached in his pocket. He said, “I wish I had a tissue for you. All I’ve got is a condom.”

Nancy giggled. “That’s OK, Daddy-Sir!” She reached and touched the front of Bobby’s pants. “Dang! You’re hard. You should take that monster in your pants inside and give it to Mistress Sunny.”

Bobby kissed Nancy’s forehead again. “We’re building suspense. I think good Doms do that sometimes.”

Nancy looked at him a little incredulously. “You think? You mean, you don’t know, Daddy-Sir?” Now, she was just giving him shit. Rubbing it in. But she also rubbed her hand along the length of Bobby’s firmness too. “Serious question, Robert. Okay?”


“Blix said that he thinks he can use his Private Detective skills to help me find my son. But, if I do that, I don’t know what will happen. My son and I once played games like this, where he was my Master. And I would do anything he said. I just wouldn’t leave my husband to be with him, and so Billy disappeared.”

Bobby put his arm around Nancy, and tucked her in tightly under his arm. “Yeah. I understand that.”

“So, what if we find him, and what if he wants to be my Master again? What should I do?”

“You’ll tell him that you already have a Daddy-Sir to take care of you, Kitten.”

“But what if he wants to have sex with me?”

“You tell him that you already have a Daddy-Sir. And what your old Master wants doesn’t matter so much now. Because you have new commitments, and a new Mistress and Master. The real question is: what if you want to have sex with your son, Kitten?”

“How is that different, Robert?”

“That’s totally different. Then you would ask me. Maybe beg me a little. Maybe promise me all the nasty, kinky, wonderful things we’ll do together when we see each other again, if you can just fuck your son one more time.”

“And then you would just let me?”

Bobby shrugged. “I’d be sort of a damned hypocrite if I didn’t. I fuck my Mom and Dad. And I have other lovers. Plus, I want you to be happy, Kitten. That’s the most important thing. OK? But, I don’t want you to be your son’s submissive bitch. Do you understand?”

“Not really. Why not?”

Bobby put a hand under Nancy’s chin. “Because you’re mine. Look at me, Kitten. It’s not a competition. It’s not because I have to beat your son. It’s not because I have to win. It’s because…it’s because you’re part of our family now. We love you. I–I love you. I love you. I want you to be part of this, whatever this becomes. And you are mine now! Mine! Get it? Understand? I have claimed your heart. I have claimed your sex. And I won’t give you up easily.”

“I love you, too, Robert. And I love you and Terri and Red so much. But I can’t give you babies like Sophie, Sally, Terri and Gina can.”

Bobby took a deep breath. “Does everybody know about this?” And Nancy nodded. “Look, my mother, and Granny Adele and even my girlfriend, Mistress Sunny can’t get pregnant either.”

“Yeah. But they’re all special,” Nancy argued.

“Dammit, you’re special too, Nancy!” Bobby insisted.

“I’m just a scarred and broken old widow.”

“You don’t seem all that broken to me, Kitten. And I can’t see any scars.”

“Look right here, at the bridge of my nose; that’s from my nose-job. I try to cover it, but you can still see it, even right through the make-up.”

Bobby took Nancy’s face in his hands and looked closely. Nancy grimaced as if Bobby would be repulsed as soon as he found the scar. Instead, Bobby leaned in and whispered, “Baby Girl, I love you and all the scars that brought you into my family. All the scars that brought you into my arms.” And he lightly kissed the bridge of her nose. His tongue flicked out to see if he could taste the scar. He couldn’t. But Nancy sighed and whimpered a little.

“I have a very thin scar, right up by my hairline,” Nancy suggested. And Bobby brushed back her hair, kissed her hairline and gently ran the tip of his kaçak bahis tongue along it. Nancy moaned, and her hand squeezed Bobby’s cock through his pants.

“Where else?” Bobby asked.

“Behind my ears,” Nancy whispered, “I had my ears pinned back. That was one of the most painful surgeries of all.”

Bobby kissed his way down to her ear. Then he licked around the edge of it, teasing. When he heard Nancy groan and felt her grab his cock, he went in farther, and flicked his tongue across her ear canal. Nancy sighed, “Oh, fuck, Daddy. I should be mourning my dead husband. But you’re making this slut so wet. Never stop kissing my ears! Oh fuck!”

“I believe you have scars on your perfect tits, Nurse,” Bobby whispered.

“Oh, Jesus, Daddy. Yes. Yes!” Nancy began hurriedly unbuttoning her dress down the front. She undid four buttons, and then popped the front closure on her bra. Her perfectly shaped, surgically enhanced breasts came out, without a bit of sag. They were unnaturally high and perky, especially for a woman in her mid-fifties. But Bobby growled, from deep in his chest at seeing them. Both breasts had blue metal piercings through the nipple, one circle with a blue metal bead, and one blue barbell. Her left breast had a heart shaped tattoo, just covering the areole around her nipple. Bobby bent his head down and kissed each breast. He made a point of running his tongue along the semicircle scar line underneath Nancy’s aureole, before taking each nipple and its piercing into his mouth, biting, and then rapidly flicking his tongue across the face of her nipple.

Nancy groaned and pulled away. Her eyes were dilated and her mouth sagged open. Nancy grabbed Bobby by the shoulders and kissed him. She held the kiss until all her fear and self-doubt began to melt into passion. The kiss lingered and her mouth opened to welcome her Daddy-Sir’s tongue across her teeth. Then their tongues met and danced together. Nancy fumbled for Bobby’s belt, opened his pants and released his erection. Bobby moaned and ran a hand up Nancy’s thigh, past the top of her stocking. She spread her legs a bit, giving him access to her sodden sex. “Oh, fuck. You’re going to have to mark me, Daddy,” she groaned.

“I’ll paint you with my cum,” Bobby replied.

“No, Daddy. You’re going to have to put your mark on me. Maybe a brand.”

Bobby stopped short and pulled away from their kiss. His look was shocked and serious. “I’m not fucking branding you, Nancy! Mistress Sunny would flay me alive. I’m serious. No brands. Ever. That’s a rule.”

“I need a way to prove to my son that I’m all yours now.”

Bobby laughed. “I could give you a certified letter. A BDSM Receipt!”

“I’m serious, Robert.”

“Okay. I will talk it over with Sunny. Maybe a tattoo would work?”

“Mmm,” Nancy purred, “A sexy tattoo, just for you, Daddy.”

“You like that idea, Kitten?”

Nancy purred, “I do.” And she pulled him back into their liplock.

Bobby pulled away. “Then show me how much you like it. Roll that condom onto your Daddy’s hard cock and ride me!”

“Daddy, I can’t do that. Your hard cock is for my Mistress’ tight asshole. You said so yourself.”

Bobby nodded in agreement as he ripped the condom package open with his teeth. A large black, lubed, wet, latex condom popped out. As he rolled the condom onto his cock, he said, “Then we need to hurry. Kick off your shoes and stand on the stairs. Down three steps and then lean in.”

Bobby got on the steps behind Nancy, and dropped his pants to his knees. She flipped up her uniform exposing her mathematically and surgically perfect, round ass, framed by her white garter belt and stockings. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Bobby spread her cheeks. He could see her bald pussy lips, glistening with her excitement. He also saw the brown-purple pucker of her rosebud asshole. Bobby leaned down and licked back through Nancy’s slit, over her taint, until he was swirling his tongue around her tight anal star.

“Oh, fuck, Daddy! Fuck! That’s my asshole! That’s my asshole, Daddy! Nobody’s ever–oh, shit! Nobody’s ever kissed me back there! It’s too dirty! Oh fuck! Are you going to fuck my ass, Daddy? Fuck it! Fuck it! Take my ass! Take it now! Oh, Jesus! Listen to me. I’m such a fucking slut!”

Bobby placed the tip of his condom sheathed cock at Nancy’s backdoor. He rocked his hips. “Have you ever had anal sex, Kitten?”

“No, Daddy. Never. My husband thought…well, this is stupid, but he thought it was too gay. And my son never showed any interest either.”

Bobby gently teased. “But you want it.” It was a statement, not a question. Bobby gently bounced the tip of his cock off of her tight hole, making Nancy hold her breath with anticipation.

Nancy hissed, “Yessss. Give it to me, Daddy! Open me! Spear me! Oh fuck. Do it!” Bobby lined up and plunged his cock balls deep into Nancy’s vagina. It made her gasp and scream. But she immediately began bucking her hips. “Oh, fuck! Daddy! You fucker! You fucker! Oh, fuck! I thought–I thought you were going to fucking take my ass. God, you’re so fucking deep! Shit! Your cock is so perfect. Fuck! Fuck me. Fuck your slut. Fuck me hard. Take me! Take me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32