The Beach

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I lie reading a book on a fairly deserted stretch of beach. Just reading, swimming, sunbaking and repeating. A few people walk by now and then, but no one of any interest until your shapely figure saunters past. I eye you up and down as you approach and you smile at me, swinging your hips as you walk away. About ten minutes later I notice you making your way back, this time you make straight for my patch of sand.

“Move over.” You almost command. Standing over me, the sun at your back, causing a halo around your dark hair.

“OK” I reply, somewhat taken aback and swiftly making some more room on my towel. As you lie down next to me you steady yourself by placing a hand on my stomach, making my dick begin to grow underneath my boardies. The grin that runs over your face tells me you like what you saw (and touched).

“How are you going?” I asked.

“I’m good, and you?” You reply, placing your hand on my thigh, my cock twitches again, “Oooh, I would say you’re going to be a whole lot better pretty soon.”

“How soon?”

“Let’s go a swim first. Do you skinny dip?” You ask, poking your tongue out at me as you stand, and begin to run to the water, discarding your bikini. Not one to look at gift horse in the mouth I stand and after pulling down my boardies, follow.

I chase bahis firmaları you into the water, chasing your sexy behind. In and out of waves we go, up and down the beach. Until you emerge from the sea and grabbing your swimmers, my board shorts and the towel you run up the beach into the dunes. I follow close behind.

Once in the dunes you twist and fall, managing to do so gracefully onto my stolen towel. I skid across the sand next to you. As we both breathe deep, you grin at me and I kiss you as I run my hand down your neck to your boobs, your nipples hard from the cold salt water. My fingers run around your nipple gently feeling every little bump as your hand goes straight to my cock, it is hard as your fingers run down it to grasp my balls. As the sun shines on us, my tongue runs downs your neck, tasting the salt water still dripping off you. My lips move over your chest, between your breasts, smothering them in kisses. I give your nipples extra attention, my tongue flicking and circling them. Your fingers squeeze my dick as you position it against your pussy. You push the tip of my cock against your pussy lips, sliding it up and down, our precum mingles with the salt water as you push it against your clit.

I gently bite down on your nipple, my tongue sliding back and forth across kaçak iddaa it then I swap to the other. You massage your clit with the tip of my dick, your fingers slick with my precum push up and down my cock at the same time. My tongue slides back up your neck as my hands move to your tits, my fingers run around your nipples. You rub my cock against your clit harder and faster. Our lips meet and our tongues swirl against each other’s, my fingers squeeze the tips of your nipples as your fingers grasp my cock, working it furiously against your clit. Your head arches back and you let out a moan of ecstasy as you begin to cum. I bring my lips back to your breasts, sucking on them, one after the other, my teeth grazing the nipples as you don’t let up with my cock. You point your toes and drag your fingernails down my back as the orgasm runs through you. You push my cock down between your pussy lips and releasing your grasp on it you pull myself into you, I push my cock deep into your pussy as we both let out a moan.

You dig your nails in even deeper as I push all the way into you my cock feeling the last tightening of your orgasm. Slowly I begin to fuck you as our tongues slides across each other’s lips, my cock slides all the way into your pussy, before sliding out until just the tip stays in. Your kaçak bahis pussy is so hot and wet, and my cock is dripping with precum. Our juices run down the length of my shaft as I slide out, and run over your taint as I push back in. Your knuckles are white, and I can feel your fingernails piercing my skin, your first orgasm never really finished and while I slowly fuck you it is coming back. I try not to speed up, but instead increase my power, slamming my hips against yours before waiting a beat and withdrawing, but your hips begin to gyrate faster. You slide my waiting dick into yourself, pulling me in with your fingernails.

You wrap your legs around my waist, push me over, rolling on top of me, and start to ride me at your own rhythm, hard and fast. I reach up to massage your breast with one hand while I plant my other on your clit, my thumb flicking it back and forth. Your hands are above as you scream in delight, pleasure running throughout your body as my fingers firmly play with you nipple, my thumb tickles your clit and your wet pussy fucks my hard cock, it tightens again and again around my dick. Soon I can’t take it anymore as you slide deep onto my dick, I try to grab you and push myself all the way into you, but instead you slide off and twisting your body, you grab my cock, hand sliding down the shaft and put your red hot lips over the tip just as my dick bucks and shoots hot cum down your throat and over your lips. You look at me with a grin.

“You had better be ready for more!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32