The Alpha Ch. 04

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Alex and Patty were sitting in their shared apartment, watching television. Sitting with them was a visitor, a statuesque woman with caramel-colored skin and long black hair. Actually, Alex was the only one that doing the sitting, over in the recliner. On couch, Patty was lying down and cuddled with her lover, Juanita.

Patty and Juanita had been seeing each other for about a month. Alex didn’t feel envious at all; it was actually heartwarming to see his skinny, redheaded roommate spooning against a tall, beautiful black woman. Patty looked so calm and contented as she nestled her head against Juanita’s giant bosom, while Juanita soothingly stroked Patty’s baby belly.

“It’s almost four-o’clock,” Alex said, looking down at his watch. “Are you sure that you want to do this?”

“I’m fine,” Juanita said. “I really care about Patty. If this will make her happy, then I’ll do it for her. Besides, it’s not my first rodeo.”

“Relax, Alex,” Patty said. “We’ve prepared for the worst.”

Alex fidgeted nervously in his seat. The three of them were awaiting the arrival of Regina Dandridge, founder and National President of A.F.T.E.R (American Futanari Tirelessly Encouraging Reproduction). Over 4 months ago, to help in Patty’s journalistic research of futanari, Alex had gone in drag to a meeting of the local A.F.T.E.R chapter. Despite his best efforts, he had been found out and made into Regina’s sex slave. The next day, Regina had enslaved and impregnated Patty.

Last month, while on assignment, Patty had met Juanita, who was actually a futanari as well. Their tryst had grown into a strong friendship with benefits. The two women actually got along quite well. In bed, each got what they wanted: Patty got to have sex with a futanari, and Juanita got to have raw sex with a woman who was already pregnant.

However, there was an issue. In futanari culture, if an Alpha marks someone, then other futanari cannot have sexual relations with them. Patty and Juanita had knowingly and willing broken this taboo and were awaiting the arrival of Regina. She had sent them a text last week to let both Patty and Alex know that she would be in the area to visit. Despite being their mistress, Regina actually cared about their well-being, especially the well-being of her child with Patty.

It was a few minutes after 4 PM when they all heard a knock on the door. Everyone sat up in their seats; she was here. Alex took a deep breath before getting up and walking to the door. His heart was pounding as he neared the portal. He didn’t even bother checking the peephole or asking who it was before opening the door.

“Well, hello, my sweet Alex,” Regina said in sultry tone.

“Hello, my mistress,” Alex responded.

The fear and apprehension were somewhat alleviated at the sight of Regina. Standing at 6-foot-3-inches, the beautiful woman was such a vision. As if on cue, a light breeze made her waist-length mane of dark brown hair flutter, which, in turn made Alex’s heart flutter as well. Her magnificent body was clad in a seaglass-colored maxi dress that displayed her strong, shapely legs, and her full, enormous breasts. Based on past experience, Alex knew she wasn’t wearing any undergarments.

Alex stood aside and allowed Regina to enter the apartment. She strode through the door with the grace of a runway model. In her wake, she left a delightful scent of flesh, fruit, and flowers. Alex didn’t fight the erection growing in his pants. He followed his mistress to the living room.

“I hope you both are doing well,” Regina said brightly. “I’ve cleared my schedule for the rest of today and tomorrow, so I hope you’re…oh! I didn’t know that you had company.”

Both Patty and Juanita stood up and faced Regina. Alex watched the trio of females warily, Patty walked over towards Regina.

“It’s good to see you, my mistress,” Patty said.

Once she was close enough, Regina’s expression changed to that of confusion. She leaned forward and sniffed Patty thoroughly. She then stood straight up and eyed Patty suspiciously.

“Patty, correct me if I’m wrong, but it smells like another futanari has been with you. Judging by the musk coming from your skin…it smells like another Alpha.”

That seemed to be Juanita’s cue. She walked over to stand beside Patty. Alex was intrigued that she didn’t hesitate in the slightest to get closer to where the other two women stood.

“Actually, that would be me,” Juanita said before holding out her hand. “My name is Juanita. It’s nice to meet you, Regina.”

Then the strangest thing happened. Alex saw a look of interest and attraction emerge on the face of his mistress. She grasped Juanita’s hand and shook it with genuine friendship.

“Oh, it’s very nice to meet you, beautiful,” Regina said, conspicuously letting her eyes explore every inch of Juanita. “It’s a pleasure to meet another Alpha, especially one a sexy as yourself.”

“Thanks,” Juanita giggled.

“Oh, don’t mention it. I’m surprised that no one has offered you membership to A.F.T.E.R.. You absolutely çankaya escort must let me tell you all about it. Perhaps, over dinner?”

“Usually, I try to avoid being around other futanari,” Juanita confessed. “They’re very distracting. Still, I am interested in hearing more.”

“Good. Still, I’m sure that you understand that I cannot ignore the fact that you have lain with one of my sex slaves and marked her.”

“Of course.”

“However,” Regina said. “I might be willing to overlook it…if you…do something special for me.”

Everyone in the room suddenly became aware of the large tent in the lower front of Regina’s dress. They could also see her enormous nipples poking through the fabric of her garment. Already, the air was full of her pheromones. Before, Alex was at half-mast, but now he was painfully erect. Patty squirmed with arousal, but Juanita seemed unfazed.

“Actually,” Juanita said, “I’d like to formally challenge you to an Alpha Duel.”

Again, Alex was expecting outrage or surprise from Regina. Instead, her eyes lit up with glee. She reached down and removed her sandals.

“I was hoping you would say that. These two will bear witness. What are your terms?”

“If I win, then Patty is mine,” Juanita said. “The baby inside of hers would be both of yours to share.”

“Mmmm, very well. But if I win, then Patty is mine once more…and you will be mine as well.”


Regina and Juanita locked eyes as they both began to disrobe. Alex and Patty took this as a sign to move into the kitchen. On the countertop were two pairs of handcuffs, which the two used to attach a single wrist each to the handle of the oven.

Before Regina’s arrival, Juanita had warned them about the intensity of an Alpha Duel. She had encouraged them to vacate the apartment, but after they refused, she had advised them to incapacitate themselves so that they would not be tempted to interfere with the duel. Juanita had the key to both sets of cuffs safely hidden in her purse.

As the two of them were not futanari, they were even more susceptible to futanari pheromones. Being handcuffed to the oven, the two of them could safely witness the impending fight. Alex and Patty exchanged anxious looks before turning back to the combatants.

Regina was the first to be nude, seeing as she was only wearing a dress. She deftly heaved the garment over her head and tossed it aside. All eyes in the room were drinking in her large, round buttocks, her large tits, and the 12-inch penis that throbbed from her groin.

After placing her glasses on the table, Juanita unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside before reaching back to unhook her bra. Everyone around her couldn’t help but stare as those luscious, brown mounds of tit flesh spilled out into the open air. She kicked off her flats and removed her bottoms. It was the first time that Alex had seen her naked, and the phrase “onion booty” instantly popped into his head when he saw her bodacious hips. Juanita’s veined spear of penile flesh pointed proudly into the air, ready to do battle with Regina.

“Impressive,” Regina said. “Most impressive.”

“You’re not bad yourself, gorgeous,” remarked Juanita.

“I again want to offer you one more chance. Give Patty back to me and withdraw your challenge. Then the four of us can go into the bedroom for some fun.”

“Nope. Let’s do this,” Juanita said, adopting a battle stance.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Regina said with a grin. She bent down and picked up Juanita’s discarded bra. “36M? Your tits are just as big as mine!”

It then occurred everyone just how similar in body type the two Alphas were. They were both tall, curvaceous women with large penises and breasts. Regardless of their different skin colors, the two of them were extremely desirable.

“Thanks,” Juanita said. “I’m sure yours taste delicious.”

“Oh, my dear. You’re about to find out.”

The two of them started circling each other like tigers ready to battle. Already the air was thick with pheromones being pumped out from their respective bodies. Despite the air conditioning working just fine, both Alex and Patty stripped naked, gently rubbing their loins as they watched with rapt anticipation as their bodies started to become hot.

As expected, Regina was the first to pounce, but Juanita deftly stepped aside to avoid her. Regina’s hands lunged through the air. Instead of trying land strikes, her hands were after any part of Juanita that they could grab. The ebon-haired futa tried to weave and avoid the hungry hands that yearned to grab her breasts, butt, or cock. Still, she looked calm and composed.

“Not bad,” Regina panted while continuing her assault. “I should warn you that I have amazing stamina. COME HERE!”

Juanita’s eyes goggled as she continued to dodge. It seemed as though Regina had gotten faster. Trying to go on the offensive, she tried to make a grab for Regina, but was only able to graze her at best. Suddenly, Regina sprung towards her and trapped cebeci escort her in a bear hug. Juanita yelped in surprise.

“Got you!” Regina crowed. “Now, dearie. Spread those legs for me and let me in you!”

“Never!” Juanita grunted.

Alex stroked his cock as he watched the two futanari. Beside him, Patty tweaked her nipple with her left hand while frigging her snatch with her right, her face blushing with desire. It was joyous seeing those two pairs of huge breasts pressed against each other. Regina seemed to be trying her best to bring the both of them down the floor, no doubt in an effort to put Juanita on her back. Juanita was still putting up a good fight.

With surprising strength, Juanita was able to slam their shared bodies against a wall. Just as Regina was about to say something, she slammed her mouth to hers. Regina hummed with delight as the black woman’s tongue entered her maw.

Juanita sharply ceased their kiss, dropped to her knees, and took the entirety of Regina’s cock into her mouth. Regina wailed and clutched Juanita’s head as it bobbed back and forth against her crotch. She could feel her hot breath pelting her nethers.

“JEEZ!” Regina cried out as she doubled over with ecstasy. “Ohhhh, it feels so good having my dick down your whore mouth! You had better get used to my taste because I’m going to make you mine!”

Juanita took Regina out her mouth with a loud slurp, looked up at her, and started to jack off her rod. “Yeah? Big talk for a big cock that’s about to blow.”

“Oho! Now I REALLY like you!”

Regina made the mistake of looking Juanita in her eyes, those sultry, hazel eyes that she could get lost in. Juanita smiled and batted her eyes at her before sucking on Regina’s hairy testicles. But now wasn’t the time to enjoy this exceptional head; she had a fight to win.

Before Juanita could react, Regina reached down and grabbed her torso. Her entire body was flipped upside down, and suddenly felt her penis entering a hot and warm hole. She moaned as she heard slurping sounds from above.


Alex cried out as he shot his load in the kitchen. He’d never seen a standing 69 before in real life, and especially not one between two futanari. He had never seen Regina suck a cock, but she was doing it pretty well. Though, due to Juanita’s girth and length, Regina’s face looked red and stuffed. His mistress’ eyes and cheeks bulged as she noisily fellated Juanita.

Juanita hung helplessly, the blood rushing to her head as her phallus was trapped in the heaven that was Regina’s mouth. She’d received many a blowjob, but this woman was on another level. She had to do something, or else she would lose.

With as much strength as she could muster, she grabbed Regina’s legs and sunk her nails into the back of her knees. Shock and relief coursed through her as she felt her opponent’s arms release her in response to the pain. Juanita nimbly landed on the floor and turned to face Regina. Without any hesitation, she sprung at her, and tackled her to the floor. Alex and Patty were jubilant as they watched their friend leap on top of their mistress.

Regina, though stunned at being put on her back, instantly closed her legs to keep Juanita from her pussy. However, Juanita was not deterred; she placed her upper body on Regina’s legs and sandwiched Regina’s mammoth dick between her large tits. The saliva and pre-cum proved to be an ideal lubricant as Juanita started giving her a tit-wank.

Regina threw her head back and moaned, “Nooooo! I don’t believe this! Ohhhhh, that feels so good!”

Juanita didn’t stop to revel in her triumph. She immediately took Regina’s swollen glans into her mouth and began to suck on it. Regina wailed and pounded the floor with her fists as she was entrapped by this prison of oral and mammary intercourse.

Patty turned on the exhaust hood fan above the stove, hoping that it would cool her down and maybe vent the fog of pheromones in the air of the apartment. Her clit was aching, and it was all she could do to keep on her feet. All she wanted was for Juanita to force Regina into submission so that she could free Patty from the cuffs, carry her to bed, and fuck her until she passed out. Beside her, Alex was still stroking his half-limp cock, his body spackled with his own ejaculate. How much longer was this Alpha Duel going to last?

Regina curled her upper body forward and pinched Juanita’s nose shut. She tried to do her best to wrestle herself free, but Regina held on tight. At last, Juanita coughed and gagged as she released the penis from her mouth. With a snarl, Regina pounced on her while she fought to catch her breath. Though momentarily stunned, Juanita was able to quickly counter by putting Regina on her back and sliding her brown cock into her pussy.

Regina groaned with lust as Juanita entered her. She felt her arms being roughly pinned above her head and Juanita pinning her down to the ground with her own body. Juanita grabbed Regina’s penis and quickly began to stroke çubuk escort it.

Seeing Regina on her back getting fucked was enough to get Alex’s dick hard again. Before he could start pleasuring himself, Patty quickly mounted him and started to ride him hard. He held onto her tight with his free arm as they watched their friend rape their mistress. Seeing Juanita’s big ass bouncing up and down while she fucked Regina was so beautiful. The futa let go of Regina’s dick and grabbed her ankles instead.


Both Patty and Alex were taken aback by the harsh and loud tone that Juanita was using. Usually, Juanita was very eloquent and had a pleasant personality. But equally terrifying and arousing seeing her naked, with her body glistening with sweat, her hair disheveled, and her eyes wide with erotic frenzy. Beforehand, Juanita had warned that in the late stages of an Alpha Duel, both combatants would become loud and verbally abusive towards each other. Sure enough, Regina had an equally vulgar response to Juanita’s declaration.



Regina snarled and pulled Juanita’s face to hers for another lewd and audible kiss. Then the two of them wailed loudly as they continued to copulate. Meanwhile, Patty and Alex continued their sex in the kitchen.

“Juanita, please!” Patty moaned. “Please finish, I need youuuuuuu!”

“Yes, please!” Alex cried. “My dick hurts!”

The futanari ignored their cries. About five minutes later, Juanita screeched as she blew her load into Regina’s hairy pussy. Her ejaculate was so copious that it spurted out of the junction of their loins, making a small puddle underneath. After a while, the two of them stopped moving, with Juanita still on top of and inside Regina. Patty and Alex climaxed soon thereafter, and all was quiet, save for four kinds of heavy breathing.

Patty and Alex felt a tinge of hope amidst the cloud of erogenous energy that they were submerged in. Was it over? Had Juanita won? Alex let his tired penis fall out of Patty, and she slid off of his lap. The two of them panted as they awaited the next part of the duel.

To their horror, Regina pushed Juanita off of her body so that they were both lying side-by-side. She slowly got to her feet, her penis still hard and red. With a hungry look in her eye, she bent down and flipped Juanita over onto her belly. She then lifted Juanita up by the waist so that her backside was pointed straight in the air. Juanita looked back at Regina with weary expression.

“No!” Alex cried. “Juanita, get up!”

“Shut up, slave,” Regina spat at Alex before crouching down behind Juanita. “Oh, you don’t know how much I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Without another word, Regina thrust her mighty dick into Juanita’s pussy. Juanita moaned loudly, and then pushed herself up so that she was on all fours. Regina laughed and panted as she started moving her hips back and forth.

“Oh! Oh, yes!” Juanita moaned. “Oh, that’s a great fucking dick!”

Though exhausted beyond belief, Alex and Patty still enjoyed the delicious sight of Juanita being raped by Regina. She looked so wonderful with her eyes shut and her mouth wide open and drooling. Her fulsome brown mammaries swayed back and forth in time with Regina’s thrusts.

Regina seemed to be having the time of her life, with a look of mad desire and triumph on her face. She licked Juanita’s back, neck, and face before shoving her tongue into her mouth. After the kiss, she roughly grabbed Juanita by the hair and pulled her head back. Juanita let out a groan of pain and pleasure as Regina debased her.

“Yessss,” Regina grunted. “I told you, you’re mine! You’re the best that I’ve ever had! Rest assured, I will cum inside of you, but it’s not going to be soon. Believe it!”

“I love it,” Juanita panted. “I love your long Alpha cock, and I love it when you fuck me like a dirty slut. AY!”

Juanita yelped as Regina delivered a hard smack to her ass. Regina laughed and then reached under her body to grope at her large teats. This was looking less like a duel and more of an impending declaration of surrender.

Patty and Alex sat there motionlessly and silently as they watched Regina have their way with Juanita for the next several minutes. Looking at her crotch, they saw her penis was still flaccid, swinging limply as it dripped with seed. They both knew that as soon as Regina was done with her, they were next.

Regina then bent forward so that her upper body was pressed against Juanita’s back. She increased the speed and intensity of her thrusts, grunting loudly. She then let out an almighty roar as she released herself inside of Juanita’s pussy. After five gargantuan blasts, she had finished ejaculating. Juanita fell forward, taking Regina with her and the two of them tried to catch their breath.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32