The Adopted

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The characters and events in this story are 93% fictional.

The characters themselves are 18+ and products of the author’s imagination because he’s a deranged piping hot mess.

Have fun, and for God’s sake, wash your hands afterwards!


It was late, very late, mom and Aunt Jessica still haven’t come home yet, and Sasha was spying on her little brother, again.

Clad in only a black T-shirt, with the image of his favorite band on it, her platinum blonde hair tied back into a ponytail, she watched on as he was rubbing one out to a Ginger playing with herself.

She had pangs of jealousy filtering through her body as she was rubbing herself to another silent orgasm.

‘You don’t deserve my master’s affections, you skank.’ Sasha thought darkly. ‘All twelve of those inches are mine, not yours! Be grateful my master is paying you any attention, harlot!’

Ever since mom had brought him home from that adoption agency all those years ago, she had this unshakable, inexplicable feeling that she would later understand as love, or was it lust, when she had fully awoken sexually.

Was it wrong, to confuse the two?

From the safety of her spot in the hallway, she brushed aside a stubborn lock that had came loose and continued to rub her engorged clit, making her ooze juices that ran down her legs, soaking into the carpet.

She appeared to be the younger of the two, despite being a full three years older. Her slender body and perfect D breasts were apparently too perky or too underdeveloped to give her that look of maturity.

However with Danny’s dark, rebellious, shaggy hairstyle; serious, smoldering blue eyes; beefcake build, and a five day stubble, and that all of it made her leak sticky love nectar… But that’s not important right now, what is important is trying to think of a way to get that huge, beautiful cock deep inside her.

She came almost at the same time he did, she was in awe at watching all that thick, white hot, creamy cum flow out of him like a fountain of untapped sexual needs and desires, the only thing that could possibly quench the fire in her own loins.

She was always surprised at how much he could produce at once, he could father entire nations with that supply.

There’s a thought, a country made up entirely of Danny’s offspring…

Curious was the fact that he seldom made any noises during his self-pleasuring sessions. Maybe a sigh through his nose, or a subtle grunt, but nothing else.

He reached over for a recently washed spooge rag and some tissues to clean himself up.

Sometimes, most times, all times, she wished he had used her tongue to clean him off instead of wasting all that juice with those tissues.

Whenever she had a chance, she would slip into his room and take the most saturated to lick clean and rub against her hungry pussy, but this was only a quick fix until she has unlimited access to its prime source.

God, what she wouldn’t give to read his mind! What dark, dirty, kinky thoughts were occupying his head right now? What could she do, should she do, to finally make him give her some much needed attention!?

Danny had long since gotten board with watching girls play with themselves, or each other. Well getting board with porn in general. He’s pretty much seen it all since he discovered internet.

Ranging from solo exhibitions, like what he just saw, to full-on multi-tier group orgies, from simple plain old fucking to fucking intense, and from the sweet and innocent to the dark and twisted, and even interracial combinations of the same sort.

Once, on a whim, just to sate his curiosity, he’s watched guys do it.

Not as fun to watch, but one does need to mix it up once and a while…

He’s watched it all and read it all, and no matter the subject, genre, or if there’s even a story, it was always the same, he’d watch, jack off, wash, rinse, repeat, and be no closer to a woman.

The knowledge he’s accumulated over the years, and no way to use it on anyone, is something he wished he had he focused on doing something else.

That’s what the problem is, he’s got no one to share it all with. This was the deepest he’ll ever be inside a woman.

Making love to a video screen.

Sure, there’s tons of girls at his college that he could hopelessly fall for, but they’re not interested in a linebacker who plays an electric instead of an acoustic, or they’re gay, or misandrist, or an extreme environmentalist, or some other weird combination that’ll just really turn him off.

He sighed after cleaning up, he decided he really needed a beer, at least there’s always a temporary solution to a lifelong problem.

Slipping on his sweat pants, he walked out into the hall, and almost ran over his sister, looking a bit flustered, or glowing, getting really red in the cheeks, but that’s been happening an awful lot anyway, almost like he caught her doing something she wasn’t supposed to.

“Hey sis, you’re up late. Can’t sleep either?”

“Yeah, having a hard time getting to dreamland.” izmir escort bayan She said in her casually cool voice, putting her naughty hands behind her, wanting to add ‘because you won’t come sleep with me, damn it!’ But she just couldn’t…yet.

“Can I ask you something?”

‘Yes! You can ask me for anything, do anything, you beautiful stallion, I’m yours!’ She screamed in her head, but it came out as, “Sure, what’s up?”

“Ever think you’re missing out on something, important? That it’s like you can feel something’s within your reach, but it’s still hopelessly beyond you?”

‘Oh! God!! Yes!! Everyday!!’ She wanted to shout, but her lips weren’t being cooperative, and instead she said this. “I think you’ve been listening to too much of that music, bro.”

And she was kicking herself for it.

“Well, I was just…ah, it’s nothing. Forget I said anything.”

He gave her a half hug, kissed her forehead, and went down to the kitchen.

She melted into the wall and slumped down to the wet spot she made.

She loved hearing his gravelly voice, listening to him makes her quiver and yearn.

Damn it! Didn’t he see what his very presence does to her!? His natural musk had causes her to swoon, and it took everything she had to not leap at him and rightfully claim what she so desperately needs. What he desperately needs!

He needs a woman to soothe his tormented soul at any given notice!!

Why of all people, was she so helplessly obsessed over him?

Was it fate, or was it because of some unrequited instinct?

She had to do something, now, before it was too late!

Danny descended the three flights of stairs, walked passed the living room with its wraparound couch that was dominating the far corner, passed the basement door, that he’s not allowed into for some strange reason, not that he wanted to go look.

Basements freak him the fuck out!

No basements, never, ever again!

He flicked on the kitchen light, found the last beer on the bottom shelf of the fridge, and made a mental note to pick up more, probably after classes tomorrow.

He just barely had the cap off when soft fingers ran up and down his spine, making him breath in sharply as lithe arms encircled his waist. Their owner pressed her face and body into his back, the thin material couldn’t hide the hard nipples poking softly into his skin, hugging him as hard as she can.

Her tender heart hammering through her chest with anticipation of what’s about to happen next.

“I love you, so much, Danny.” She said in a soft whisper. “So much that I will want to do anything to make you happy. And I do mean anything.” She had committed herself to this, there was no going back after this first step.

He didn’t know what to do with this, he was still horny, despite getting off earlier, and thought to dilute it some with alcohol, and then this happens without warning.

He was getting hard again.

He knew it was Sasha, who else would it be? They were the only two home.

So what’s gotten into her?

Where’s this coming from?

Where’s it going to?

What’s she implying?

What’s she playing at?

What’s her game?

Why now?

He turned to face her but she didn’t break her hold, in fact she squeezed tighter, and pressed hard into his masculine chest.

Her nips were even harder than before, and his erection fighting for freedom against the fabric it’s trapped in.

Trying to get his mind to focus, he cleared his throat, and took a nonchalant tone.

“What are you doing, Sasha?” He asked, knowing where this might go.

“I want…” She had to choose her words carefully, this could mean sweet, satisfying passion, or complete alienation.

His throbbing cock pressed into her purring pussy, aching to swallow that python whole.

“I want…you…Danial.” She said in a timid, breathy tone.

There, she finally said it! This is the point of no return.

Now for him to either accept her offer and take her willing body, or be destroyed by his rejection.

“I…” His words were stuck.

She hardly, if ever, said his real name.

Any other time, he would just laugh this off as playful sibling idiocy, but this wasn’t any other time…

No answers came to mind, but his body was apparently giving his answer for him, with her bright, wild green eyes locking with his, her small body pressing firmly into him, the monster in his pants had fully come back to life and was straining to get inside her warm, inviting oven.

Sasha, with her 5′ 6″, stood on tiptoes to kiss his 6′ 4″ like a long lost lover; staring into those fiery sapphire blues filled with an unrealized hunger as she glowed with unrequited lust.

He didn’t know what to think.

He didn’t know what to say.

He didn’t say anything.

He didn’t have time.

Sasha reached into his waistband and brought out his hard eager cock, stroking it gently as she slowly went to her knees, and took him into her hungry wet mouth.

At first, he was escort izmir surprised this was happening, then amazed and then curious at how she was so good at this.

Her tongue touched all the right places on the underside of his rod, teased the slit of his head, and ran circles around the spongy tip.

She was a natural.

If he hadn’t already cum earlier, he probably definitely would have right then.

She knelt there, pleasantly polishing his pole, one hand on the base, the other feeling his heart hammering beneath his fuzzy, muscled chest, giving out little murmurs as she sucked on his entire length.

He was keeping his breathing steady, but with her teeth repeatedly dragging across his frenulum, it wasn’t exactly easy. It added sensations he’s only ever heard about. His supposed accumulated knowledge couldn’t recreate real life.

He had no idea just how fucking good it feels!

He was up against the counter, the nigh forgotten beer resting on the marbling, being power squeezed while his other hand rested on her tightly tied back hair, more for stability than encouragement.

Her quiet sucking and the slick texture of her cheeks was better than anything he’s ever seen or heard described, she even deep throated him, feeling the bend of her throat was nothing he could imagine.

This was definitely better than jerking off!

This encounter had come out of nowhere, but he wasn’t complaining.

Actually, he dared wonder if this wasn’t a one time thing.

His breathing increased, as did her rhythm, giving little moans and gently squeezing his balls to try and coax out more than just his sweet & salty pre-cum, she wanted him to explode in her mouth, without restraint, so she could gulp down every drop he gives her like a good little girl.

To have him understand that her mouth is his for any sexual needs, that he can deposit his cum in her belly anytime he wants.

He didn’t want to cum in her mouth though. Instead, he picked her up by her hips before she was even close to finished and crushed his lips to hers.

Then he hiked up her shirt and set her on the island, spread her legs wide, and thrusted all 12 of his hardened inches into her, the sudden force made her release a tiny squeak when his rod had breached her maiden head.

Then she made a slight gasp as he threatened to do the same to her cervix.

He released a breath he didn’t remember holding as the muscles of her virginal pussy gripped tightly and lovingly around his shaft.

How he’s waited way too damn long for this to finally happen!

He was in the heat of the moment, completely forgetting this was his sister. To him, this was that freckled, spectacled Ginger who likes the taste of her pussy juices on a rubber dick, that he knows for damn sure is smaller than him.

He focused a split second to get his head on the task at hand, a lady wants his dick, needs his dick!

The blowjob was nice, but he wanted to know the feel of pussy too. When will be the next time this happens?


Thursday night?

Next quarter?

Next year?

She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, and then held on to dear life as her brother had started thrusting into her starving, virgin pussy.

He was like an animal, a crazed beast in heat that had gone berserk ravishing her soft tender body. She gasped, she moaned, she squealed, she screamed as the first of many orgasms crashed through her.

Each thrust he gave surged through her like lighting as his enormous organ had its way with her, exploiting every fold, stretching her open, it was more than she could’ve hoped for, and another orgasm ripped through her.

She was terrified, she was on the verge of collapse, she shook with every fiber of her being, she loved it!

Every second she was this close to him made her want him more and more, she didn’t want him to ever stop!

She bit into his neck, determined to leave her mark on him and make him hers, and hers alone, and to not cry out to the world at how fucking good this feels!

His breathing became labored, but he didn’t grunt, or moan like a man would in this situation. He just made like a hydraulic piston and moved in and out of her sheath.

He had one arm around her to keep her from going anywhere, and one hand on her butt just on principal. He was intending to keep this going for as long as possible.

After what seemed like an eternity of assaulting her loving hole, he started to show signs of his own approaching climax ready to send them both over, when he started to pull out, she locked her arms legs around him even harder.

“NO!” She shouted in his ear. “Show your sister how much you love her! Please! Don’t deny me my purpose to you, my brother, my lover, my master! Fill me!!”

She was beside herself with sexual power.

He was terrified.

He liked it.

However with no other alternative for his release, he obliged and flooded her like a tsunami would a valley with everything he had, and she nearly shattered izmir escort the eardrum she was screaming into, feeling his blistering liquid love enter her womb where it’s supposed to be.

The fire in her loins were momentarily quenched, sweat beaded on their convulsing bodies as they leaned into each other, lungs grasping for air.

Finally, he gathered enough breath to break the silence.

“God, you’re loud! I thought you were going to bed?”

“I was, but then I didn’t want to go to bed alone…” She managed to say.

“Well then, let’s get you to bed.”

Danny forgot his pants and gathered her up in his arms, still deep inside her, and took her up to his room. She was still locked around him and walk fucked her until he got her to his bed, unaware that their mother and aunt had just gotten home before they ascended the first flight upstairs to continue their love making in a more, comfortable, setting.

Julian, their mother, first noticed the open beer, then Jessica came in with tomorrow night’s dinner, and saw his sweat pants.

“Huh? Who didn’t finish their drink, I wonder?” Julian asked.

“Probably Dan’s, you know how he never finishes anything. Or pick up after himself, the lazy ass.” Jessica said, almost brutally.

Then she saw some red globules in a clear whitish fluid on the cutting board.

“Is that blood? And…what is that?” Jessica asked, not totally dense at what it might be.

Julian examined the liquid closely, dabbed a finger in it, and saw it was still warm, and it was sticky, the gooey string jiggled where it broke off.

She licked it off her finger and savored the taste.

“It’s seaman. I guess it finally happened.” She said, looking to the loving room. “They’re not there, must be upstairs then.”

“Well, it’s about damned time!” Aunt Jessica said, listening to her niece give words of encouragement to her brother.

Who apparently was deep between her thighs this very moment.

“You think they’re using protection?” Jessica asked, knowing damn well they weren’t.

Julian want back to playing with the sticky stuff, smearing it around the tabletop, occasionally licking it off her finger until it was gone.

“Doubtful,” she replied, “highly doubtful. Sash told me all about the things she wanted him to do to her, remember how she didn’t want any penetration from us until after she seduced Daniel?”

“She was pretty damn adamant about it. Why?”

“She wants to be knocked up, by Dan. She likes the idea of making him babies, a lot of babies, and she wants to have a bunch of little Dan’s running around. So I told her to at least find the right way to approach him…” She jumped when the two lovers fell on the floor, shaking the house.

“And I’m guessing she did.”

“Sounds like they might need a referee…” Jessica said, turning to head down to the basement door.

“No, not just yet. Let’s let them enjoy each other for now, before we step in.” Julian said, blocking the door with her fully curvaceous body. “At least we can finally use the ten inch on her.” She said, leaning seductively against the door frame. Fantasizing about how she can finally, FINALLY, properly fuck her daughter.

Years ago, when Sasha had just recently came of age and all those raging hormones of her teens were back with a vengeance, she may have “accidentally” seen her mother playing with a dildo.

When she was just learning how to drive about a year later…

Seriously, the only twenty year old who didn’t have a license yet…

She, legitimately on accident, walked in on her mother and aunt, who was armed with a strap-on.

Rather than tear screaming from the house, she asked if it was okay if she could watch.

When Danny had finally turned 18, she wanted him to participate, but since he’s denser than granite when it came to women, they had to make due without him.

Sasha had very firmly stated her pussy was off limits until Danny had taken her.

That was nearly four years ago

Danny has taken her. Now no holes are barred…

“Julian? Julian, you got that gleam in your eye again. What are you thinking about?” Jessica said with those bedroom eyes.

She gave her darling sister a knowing smile, nothing good ever comes from that smile.

She likes that smile.

“Remember that time I had them over, and we double teamed the pool boy while they were out shooting hoops?”

Jessica crossed her arms, smiling.

“How could I forget? His kid is just finishing up her first quarter of college, and she wants to come see them.” She said, pointing up at Danny’s room, which was now back to the usual sounds of a bed being used for its intended purpose.

“So what about her?” Jessica asked, knowing what the answer might be, her panties getting all steamy.

“Miranda is of age, isn’t she?”

“Yes, and I know what you’re thinking. She’s just as twisted as we are, with her insatiable libido and bedding down every guy and girl she can get her claws on. Why do you want to know?”

“I was just thinking, her coming over here, realizing what we’ve wanted to do with her, and her cousins…” Julian said, looking aimlessly at the ceiling.

Sasha screamed again.

“Are you suggesting, what I think you’re suggesting?”

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