The Accidental Virgin

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Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes, PC’s and comments on my previous stories. In this tale, a mistake increases a couple’s pleasure in one evening. Enjoy.


Glenn’s car rolled to a stop in the driveway and he ran to Susan’s front door. Dancing with excitement, he rang the doorbell. She had sounded so sexy on the phone. They were finally going to go all the way. They had brought each other off many times by mutual masturbation and oral sex, but tonight they were going to fuck. He put his hand in his pocket to make sure the condoms were there when the door opened and Mister Douglas stood glowering at him. He had tried to be friendly to Susan’s father, but the man simply grunted and returned to reading the newspaper.

“Good evening Mister Douglas, is Susan home? We have a date tonight.”

Mr. Douglas motioned him in, waved towards the living room sofa and walked away mumbling. Glenn stared at him in disgust. What’s up with him? It’s not like we’re kids. He still acts like we’re teenagers. What a dork.

Glenn perched on the edge of a cushion and waited for Susan to appear. The house was quiet except for the ticking of the grandfather clock in the hallway. After what seemed an hour, he heard the tapping of Susan’s shoes on the stairs.

His heart skipped a beat as she strutted into the room. She was so hot! A blue skirt barely covered her crotch, and her long lovely legs were bare. Her ample breasts bobbed under a white t-shirt, erect nipples prominent behind the thin cloth. Thong sandals displayed her scarlet painted toenails.

Susan’s sultry smile of welcome inflamed his lust and his cock rubbed painfully against his jeans. Glenn stood up and took her in his arms. They shared an open-mouthed kiss and rubbed against each other. Susan took her purse from the table by the door and they left hurriedly, anxious to be alone together.

Glenn sped along Quarry Road toward a secluded parking spot they had discovered one afternoon. The first chill of autumn was in the air, which meant they would make love in the car instead of on a blanket, but that mattered little in their excitement.

Susan took Glenn’s left hand, kissed the palm and rubbed it on her cheek.

“Guess what I did in the shower this morning. I shaved my pussy just for you. Here, feel.”

He almost drove off the road as she spread her legs and put his hand between them, stroking her wet slit as she moaned in pleasure. Glenn’s cock ached and he clenched his teeth trying not to come in his pants. Susan saw the strained look on his face, leaned over and unfastened his belt and pants. His cock sprang free and she sucked it into her mouth, tongue licking the velvet head.

Glenn saw the gravel road leading to their spot and swerved down it, the car bahis siteleri swaying and scattering gravel as he fought to keep from skidding into the ditch. Susan never stopped deep throating him; humming happily, she filled her mouth with rigid flesh. Regaining control, Glenn drove more carefully into the woods and parked in a clearing.

His fingers tangled in Susan’s long blonde hair, he fucked her mouth. She made choking noises, but never stopped sucking as he thrust harder. He erupted down her throat and she swallowed greedily, drinking the last of his warm cum and licking him clean.

Stripping off their clothes, they climbed into the back seat, wrapping their legs together as they hugged and kissed. Susan could never get enough of Glenn’s hard body and stiff cock. He always satisfied her, but she still lay in her bed after he went home, playing with her pussy and imagining he was doing it. He began sucking her nipples while she moaned in delight and spread her legs. She knew what would happen next.

He left a trail of kisses and licks down her body until he reached her pussy, stopping for a moment to inhale the scent of her arousal then burying his face in the wet pink flesh. Susan screamed as his hands gripped her ass cheeks and his long tongue explored between her labial lips. She crossed her legs around his back, pulling him tighter against her pussy. Her moans were as loud as shouts as he devoured her, filling his mouth repeatedly with her plentiful juices.

Susan shook uncontrollably when her orgasm rose and burst within her. Holding Glenn’s head, she ground her pussy on his face and came in his mouth. His fingers wiggling inside her coaxed forth a second orgasm and she lay gasping on the seat, her head spinning.

Glenn kissed her tenderly as she calmed. He never ceased to be amazed at the duration and intensity of her orgasms, pleased with himself that he could bring her such pleasure. He reached into the front seat and retrieved the condoms from his jeans pocket. Susan molded herself against his back, stiff nipples poking him as she stroked his cock.

“Need some help putting that on?” she purred. “Sit back, let me do it.”

He leaned back against the door, his cock twitching in anticipation. Her warm mouth took him in again, covering the hot flesh with saliva. Susan tore open the foil packet and slowly rolled the condom down until it was snug.

“It’s slippery,” she said, wiping her hands on her legs.

“They’re pre-lubed for easy entry,” Glenn replied. “It was on the package.”

Susan lay back, spread her legs and fingered her pussy. The drops of cum on her skin glittering like jewels in the moonlight.

“I think this’ll be wet enough baby. Fuck me Glenn, I want you in me.”

Glenn twisted around, positioning himself to thrust into her. canlı bahis siteleri They knew there would be pain when her hymen was broken, so they wanted it over as fast as possible. She sighed as he rubbed his cock over her pussy lips and raised her hips towards him.

A stabbing pain in his right thigh made him wince and shift on the seat. A leg cramp. A goddam leg cramp. Why now? Jeez it hurts. I can’t stop now. I won’t. He pushed into her and she cried out in pain. The cramp was making his eyes water as he penetrated further. She was so tight! His cock felt as if it was in a vise. Trying to ignore the ache in his leg, he began slowly stroking into her as she gasped and moaned. It was difficult to see in the dim light, but his mouth found her breast. He sucked and licked one stiff nipple then the other as she pulled his head against the soft flesh.

Glenn felt cum building in his balls as his cramp receded. He jabbed into her rabbit like, wanting her to cum with him as they did when they did a 69. Susan’s moans gave way to a high-pitched wail as her back arched, body jerking as orgasmic ecstasy consumed her.

A red haze obscured Glenn’s vision as he came explosively, feeling as if his entire body was spurting out his cock. Susan cried out and fell back on the seat, whimpering.

The cramp seized his leg again. Glenn opened the car door and scrambled outside, trying to walk it off. The dome light illuminated Susan curled up on the seat, not moving. Glenn called to her but there was no answer. He walked around the car several times until the pain subsided.

He saw Susan sitting up and joined her. They embraced and kissed tenderly. Her eyes were wet and a half smile was on her face.

“I’m sorry I hurt you,” Glenn said. “I didn’t know it’d be so painful.

But you’re not a virgin anymore.”

Susan raised an eyebrow.

“I am and I’m not, baby. You fucked me in the ass.”

“I did what? Holy shit! Are you okay? Damn, I’m so sorry. I really am.”

“It hurt like hell at first, but then it started to feel good, and you were out of your mind balling me. I barely touched my clit and I came all over the place. It was intense.”

“You were so tight I could hardly move, then you loosened up and I felt like I was gut punched when I came. That explains no blood on the condom. The leg cramp must have thrown me off and I…”

Susan placed a finger on his lips.

“I’m still a virgin Glenn. Want to try again?”

He nodded and Susan laid back, her knees up and her legs spread. Rolling on a condom, he settled between her thighs and Susan guided his cock in her pussy. One thrust, a moan and he was all the way in. Locked in an embrace they moved in a smooth rocking rhythm, her pussy muscles rippling against his stiffness.

“Mmmm…I love you canlı bahis fucking me. It’s better than I ever dreamed.”

“I love you so much, baby. I never want to stop.”

Susan’s hips moved faster and Glenn matched her tempo. The car rocked and bounced as they pleasured each other. Glenn sucked on Susan’s thick nipples as her hands gripped his ass pulling him harder into her pussy. Gasping and moaning they came, then Susan had a second orgasm.

Snuggled together in the afterglow of satisfaction, Susan nibbled Glenn’s ear making him shiver.

“Let’s try that ass fucking again,” she purred. “I was getting to like it.”

She rose up on all fours and wiggled her ass at him. He gripped her hips and worked his cock in her puckered hole while she moaned in delight. They began slowly, Glenn giving Susan light, shallow strokes still afraid of hurting her. Her sphincter muscle tightened on the intruder and Glenn moaned in pleasure. She’s so tight, Damn, I could cum right now. Gotta hold off…

Susan pushed her ass onto Glenn’s thick meat, impaling herself fully, moaning and panting as his balls swung against her sopping pussy. She braced herself against the car door and Glenn clung to her back, hands capturing her swaying breasts and rubbing her nipples. Crazed with lust they pounded against each other, the car rocking and swaying as they climbed the orgasmic peak once again.

“Oooohh, fuck me baby. Cum in my ass.”

“Ahhhhh, I’m close, I’m close, I’m…Ughhhh…!”

Glenn’s body tensed and he loosed a torrent of cum into Susan’s gripping ass while she rubbed her clit bringing on another back arching orgasm. The car’s interior rang with their screams of delight and they slumped together on the seat, his semi-hard cock popping out of her slippery asshole. In a moment, they fell into an exhausted sleep.


The morning sun shone in Glenn’s eyes awakening him. Damn it! We slept here all night. Her dad’s gonna kill me! We are so fucked… He shook Susan gently.

“Susan. Wake up. We slept here all night. Your dad probably has the cops out looking for us. We’re screwed!”

“Good morning to you too,” Susan replied sleepily. “Where’s my wake up kiss?”

Tongues dancing, they shared a long open-mouthed kiss. Glenn’s cock began to stiffen as they rubbed against each other and Susan felt it against her thigh.

“Mmmmm…a morning fuck. Just what I wanted.”

“Baby we can’t. I have to get you home. Your dad’s gonna have my ass on a stick.”

“Don’t worry about my dear father. I caught him and Mrs. Simms fucking in the guest room while mom was out shopping. I let them finish and then hollered ‘Boo’. They almost pissed themselves. I can pretty much do what I want now.”

“Your next door neighbor? She’s not bad looking for an old woman. I just can’t picture her and your dad…”

“Do you want to talk or fuck? I say we fuck.”

“Here it comes, baby. Pussy or ass?”

“Pussy, for starters.”

Hidden in the sun-dappled glade, the car began rocking once more.

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