That Which Can Go Wrong Will

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My name is Wally; I’m the town handy man. My Daddy had this job for more than thirty years before he passed and left it to me.

I remember people talking when I was very young saying that I was too dumb to go to school. So I never did. When I was a young teen my Daddy took me along on his jobs and by the time I was eighteen I was almost as good at fixing things as he was. I’m twenty three now and Daddy is laid to rest next to Mommy.

I still live in the same house I was born in and use the same tools my Daddy had.

Mrs. Penn over on West Street called me a few weeks ago asking that I paint her back porch. She had the paint and all I had to do was go over there on the next nice day and spend a few hours giving her back pouch a coat of paint.

It was Saturday afternoon when I arrived and after a few minutes of talking I got to the job and Mrs. Penn went into the house.

About an hour into the job I heard a nose and a scream. I dashed into the house and not seeing Mrs. Penn I went up the stairs. I found her all tangled up in what turned out to be her own dress. It had caught on the top rung of the ladder, as she started down. She then fell pulling her skirt up over her head and the waist of her dress all the way up to her arm pits. She had been up on the ladder dusting cob webs off the paddle fan. She kind of looked like a trash bag pulled tight at the top except she was in the bag.

She kicked the ladder over as she fell hitting the corner of the bed which had a pointed bed stead post. As she fell she got all twisted around and the small post caught her panties and jerked them down to one knee. She was still locked onto the ladder and she ended up on the floor head down, one leg hooked around the bed post one leg dangling all crazy like with the ladder lying across the bed locking her in place.

I ran into the bedroom then stopped as I could pendik escort not tell which way was up or down. Mrs. Penn was whimpering and making muffled sounds but all I could see where her hands clamped together sticking out of the top of her skirt.

I did notice her butt was pointed up at a crazy angle and naked as the day she was born. Hanging from the bed post with one leg twisted around it and her panties pulled to the side and down to the knee of one leg was kind of funny looking. I had to laugh.

But right away I knelt down and ask if she was hurt.

She said nothing was broke as far as she could tell. She was crying and told me to get her out of this fix.

I said I would. But first I had to figure out how best to do just that. I sat on the floor looking at her bare ass. She had a nice plump ass and hanging the way she was by her panties. I also had a good look at the pink little crack all gapped open with the other leg dangling the way is was.

I tool the dangling leg and started to lift when she screamed saying that it hurt. I rested that leg on my knees. That seemed to relieve the pain some. But my face was just inches away from her butt hole.

I’m not a virgin and I do know about sex and all that stuff. I had learned most of the sex stuff from a lady that took care of my Daddy in his last few months.

This lady taught me that ladies like to be licked and that it made them feel very good. So I leaned forward and ran my tongue along her little ass hole.

She moaned and I thought for a second that she liked it. But then she stared to scream at me and ask me what the “Hell was I doing?”

I told her I just wanted to make it feel better. She told me not to do that so I pulled back and thought she meant for me to lick her gapping pink pussy.

I lifted her leg up just a little and ran my tongue along and into her gapping maltepe escort pussy. Again she screamed at me telling me to not do that. So I stopped.

I was still holding onto her thigh and taking the weight off her bent leg. I ask her if that made it feel better and she said it did.

I told her I thought the best thing to do was lift her dangling leg up high enough to get both legs on the bed before I tried to lift the ladder off her.

This was not as easy as it sounded because of the bed post. I could not figure out how to lift her hips and one leg and not twist her head and shoulders.

Again I squatted down placing my hands under her leg. But when I lifted she again complained it hurt too much.

I rested my cheek on her bare ass and started to rub the inside of her thigh. She moaned and this time she did not scream at me. I said “Does this help some?”

She moaned something that sounded like “it feels better.” After a short pause she said “When you rub my thigh.”

I pressed my cheek to her ass cheek and licked the skin while I rubbed her thigh. My fingers slowly moved up her thigh and were moving along her pussy. No reaction and no voice telling me to stop.

Moving down I moved my head up between her leg and the bed. My tongue found her pussy wet and warm. I licked her pussy and at the same time wiggled my body between her head and shoulders and the floor.

She was moaning and wiggling some but not much. Felt my cock get hard the longer I licked her pussy. I reached into my pocket and took out my pocket knife.

With one hand I managed to cut a hold in her skirt so she could see.

At the same time I unzipped my fly. My cock popped free. I felt her breath on my cock. I did not have to say any thing. Mrs. Penn started licking my cock as I was licking her pussy. Both her arms were still well above her head locked kartal escort in the skirt which was still hooked over the top of the ladder.

This was the craziest position ever for having sex we would agree later.

Mrs. Penn took my cock in her mouth moving her mouth up and down the shaft. She was getting very hot and making me almost forget what I wanted to do.

I said “You sure are a good cock sucker.” She did not reply but just kept on sucking down my cock.

I kept licking her pussy but I was also pushing upward with both hands.

Mrs. Penn wiggled her hips and squeezed her pussy as I tasted a sweet nectar flow into my mouth.

I jerked my hips in response shooting a load of cum into her mouth. She gobbled and swallowed sucking down all I had for her.

All of a sudden she went limp and pulled her mouth off my cock.

She had not noticed that she was now free of the bed post and that both legs were on the same side of the post.

Wiggling out from under her I stood and lifted the ladder to the side. I lifted her head and shoulders up until she was high enough for me to pull her skit free of the ladder. I tossed it aside while setting her up. I pulled the skirt down freeing her arms and upper body.

She blinked and swayed almost falling off the bed.

I held her by the shoulders looking her in the eye. I said “you’re free. How do you feel?”

She smiled and said “Wally. You’re a bad boy. A very bad boy.” All the time she was scolding me she was pulling me down on to her. Legs spread and my cock hard again. I entered her quickly. She made some mention of God as she bounced up under me. She screamed she was cumming as I filled her pussy with my second load.

Ten minutes later she sucked me hard again. We fucked twice more before dark. At some point I got dressed and went home. I left her a note on the kitchen table telling her I would be back tomorrow to finish the job. I did not say which job but I would let her figure that out.

I never went to school but I seem to do alright. I also seem to be getting more and more jobs from the older ladies around town.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32