Thank You Officer Ch. 03

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It had been a few days since I had seen or heard from Jimmy. All I knew is he was on a stake out. I hoped it wasn’t dangerous but every time I thought this I would tell myself , ‘Geez Eden, after all the guy is a cop and danger is part of that job.’ I tried to keep my mind occupied and myself busy to keep my mind off of the situation.

There were several people coming over for a bit of a party. I spent the day getting ready for that and helping my sister, Kathleen, to do the shopping and other things that needed to be done. Around one o’clock Kath asked me to go to the liquor store and pick up the alcohol. As she handed me the list she asked “Are you all dressed and ready for the party?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “As ready as I will ever be I guess.”

She laughed and said “It won’t be much longer Sis. Soon it will be over and Jimmy will be right back here to torment you.”

I smiled at her as I grabbed the keys. I walked outside and into the bright sunlight. I actually hissed at the sun and realized I missed this man like crazy. And while we had done things together sexually, we hadn’t actually had sex. I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me and he didn’t want to. I had to quit. There was no use in this kind of thinking and it was a beautiful day and we were going to party! Time for a party attitude.

I put the top down and turned up the local country radio station. I pulled out of the drive in a much better mood. I drove to the store and decided to add a few things to Kath’s list. I parked and went into the store and grabbed a cart. As I was loading up the supplies I heard a voice say “Looks like a serious party to me.”

I turned to see a tall but slim man standing beside me with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. Tight blue jeans, a shirt made to look like a confederate flag, big black cowboy hat, cute smile. I laughed and replied “Yeah, I guess it will be.”

“This is forward of me but I love red heads and your hair is beautiful.” He actually tipped his hat to me. “Have fun with your party.” He smiled as he walked away.

He was adorable. He would be perfect for my friend back home. I finished with my shopping and walked out the door towards my car. As I hit the unlock button on my keys I looked up to see Jimmy leaning against my car. I walked over and he grabbed me and kissed me.

“Missed you babe. Did you miss me?” Jimmy looked down into my eyes. The way he was looking at me put me on instant alert but for what I didn’t know. There was an unspoken question that I felt hanging there between us.

“God, yes, Jimmy I missed you so much. Is it over?” I replied as I threw my arms around him.

“Tell me about the guy with the hat Paradise.” He avoided my question.

“There is nothing to tell Jimmy. He said something about a serious party and he liked my hair. That’s all. Is it over?” I asked once more.

Jimmy escort ataşehir looked at me for a minute and then there was that smile with the dimple. I relaxed. He was so handsome. He wasn’t in uniform but in a pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt instead. He took my breath away and made me feel like I might faint.

“Yes Paradise. It’s over. We caught the bad guys and now I want to just hang with my girl and relax.” Jimmy reached down and squeezed my ass. “Let me help you get this stuff in the car and then I’ll follow you back to Randy’s.” He planted a quick kiss on my nose and loaded the bags in my car. After another breath stealing kiss and we headed back to Kath’s.

We took everything in the house and I asked if Jimmy would like a red-headed slut. I knew the reaction I would get and smiled in anticipation. There was laughter and smiles and winks all around. I made drinks for all of us and we headed out to the back yard to wait for the others. Jimmy sat down and pulled me into his lap. Soon people began arriving and it was time to help the hostess and host.

Jimmy walked up to me later with another drink. He kissed the tip of my nose and put his arm around me. “Tonight Paradise. It’s time. I cannot wait any longer. I have to be inside you…soon. Just keep thinking about it love.” He whispered in my ear and then turned and walked away.

‘Oh my God.’ I thought to myself as I smiled at the guest I was talking to. The party went on well into the wee hours of the morning but about 11:00 Jimmy walked up to me and grabbed my hand.

“Come on baby. It’s time for us to be alone. I have been generous and shared your company with everyone here. Time for a little one on one.” He led me into the house and up the stairs to my room.

There were candles burning and low music coming out of the radio. This must have been what he was doing when he disappeared earlier. He sat on the bed and spoke in low and raspy tones. “Paradise…dance for me and loose the clothes at the same time.” He leaned back on his elbows as he gazed at me. He did like to control the situation.

I began to dance and gyrate. I moved to the bass of the song and slowly removed my clothes piece by piece. All the while listening to Jimmy’s breathing and never taking my eyes off him. When I was totally naked and getting into this Jimmy stood up and held out his hand to me.

“Oh baby if you only knew what you do to me. Come here and kiss me.” He more sighed than spoke.

I went to him and reached up and drew his head down to meet my lips. Our lips parted and tongues danced. I rubbed my nude body against his fully clothed one. My hands traveled all over him and I began lifting his t-shirt. Once this was off I reached for the button on his jeans but he grabbed my hand and lifted it to his lips.

“Time darlin’…we got all night.” He said as he picked kadıköy escort me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He gently laid me on the bed and lowered his hard body against my much softer one. “I love the way this feels. Your breasts against my chest. Your hard nipples pressing into me. Your beautiful legs wrapped around me like you don’t want me to leave.”

“Oh never leave Jimmy…never.” I felt his hand sliding down my body and moving back up to cup my breast. He pinched my nipple and rolled it between his fingertips. I was dying. I had never felt sensations this intense before. “Oh Jimmy…” I sighed.

His lips never lost contact with mine. His hands never left my body. He was doing nothing more than kissing and touching me but I was losing my mind. As I moaned and moved beneath him I could feel his erection pressing against me. With this pressure and the texture of his jeans I could feel my first orgasm of the night coming on. “Let it go baby…I know…it’s great…tell me Paradise” Jimmy was now looking down at me.

“I’m cumming Jimmy….this is what you do to me baby….so intense, oh yeah…now Jimmy…” I was moving against him and he was holding perfectly still until I said “now”. As that word left my mouth he pushed into me and I came hard screaming out his name. As my breathing slowly returned to normal I opened my eyes to see him looking down at me and smiling.

“Oh Eden…you are so beautiful when you cum for me. You are going to cum over and over tonight baby. I loved that but the next one will be on my cock. ” He stood up to take his jeans off and as he did that massive cock spring free. “All for you Paradise…all for you. Can you take it baby? It’s big and you’re little….can you take it all?

He leaned over me and rubbed his cock against my wet slit. He pushed against my clit with it a few times and I couldn’t help but arch my back. This was awesome. It felt like every inch of me was a nerve ending. I couldn’t do anything but feel…and I felt real good.

“Spread your legs for me…” Jimmy said as he gripped his cock and placed the swollen head against my wet lips. “I’m going to go as slow as possible.” He was talking to me but looking at the spot where our bodies were getting ready to join. “Oh Eden…” He sighed as he pushed against me.

Just the head slipped into me and I sighed with Jimmy. God he felt so big and just the head was filling me up. He pushed a little more and several inches slipped in deeper. I felt like I was being impaled. Jimmy pulled his hips back and looked into my eyes as he slowly slid back in and pushed a few more inches deeper still. I moved my hips up at the same time and I couldn’t believe the feeling. I was so full and stretched and he wasn’t even all the way in.

“Slow down baby. I don’t want to hurt you. This is so hard…I want to drive into you and bury maltepe escort bayan myself forever in your hot wetness.” Jimmy had his head thrown back and was using every bit of self control he possessed. “Get ready girl…I’m coming home.” He looked down at me.

I moved my hips in a circular motion begging him to take me without words. I needed…just needed…like never before. My hands were braced against the flat, hard plane of his chest. My ankles were locked behind his back. I lifted my hips to receive him even deeper than he was. “Please Jimmy…” I moaned. “Please take me…”

I saw him set his jaw and felt his muscles tighten for the coming thrust. His hips pulled out and I felt myself get wetter in anticipation. Jimmy felt it too because he smiled at me and I knew this was it. He slammed his hips into me and I came right then. He was so deep in me. I could feel his balls against my ass. I cried out “Jimmy….”

“It’s ok baby….do it…I can feel you tightening around me. Cum…yes Paradise…cum…let it out.” Jimmy talked me through my orgasm. I slowly came back to earth and he smiled at me. “Are you ready for me Eden? I’m going to fuck you now.” He lifted his hips and drove his cock home.

He pushed and pulled that wonderfully hard cock in and out of me. I couldn’t stand the feelings that were rushing through me. He moved his body within mine and I gave as good as I got. “Oh Jimmy…baby you feel so good…I love you being inside me…fuck me baby….give it to me…” I whispered as I looked into his eyes.

Jimmy’s whole body was fucking mine. His big chest was brushing against my hard nipples. He had his weight resting on his elbows with his hands wrapped in my hair. His balls were grinding against my ass with each thrust of his hard prick into my wet pussy.

“Eden, you are so tight baby….oh God girl…you feel like heaven wrapped around me…come on baby…give me one…” His body’s tempo was increasing the thrusts into my pussy. He was so deep inside me I could feel him pushing my body out of his way in order to claim me. “Yes baby….” He smiled down at me.

I felt it building, even the soles of my feet were tingling. I felt a splash of liquid run out of me down his cock. My eyes widened and my breath remained stuck in my throat. “Jimmy…oh God….Jimmy….” was all I could get out.

“Now baby…do it now…I can’t go much longer.” Jimmy was looking down at me and speaking between kisses. “Cum with me Paradise.” His hips were pumping into me with intensity but he was stroking me so slow. Slow and hard. What a wonderful combination.

I felt the gush of juices explode on his cock at the same time I felt his cock shoot out the very first stream of cum. Jimmy looked at me and sighed. He lifted up and threw his head back and roared. “Eden oh God!” He pumped several more times while my own orgasm slowly subsided and I felt myself lowered gently back to earth.

Jimmy rolled taking me with him. “Baby…I can’t begin to ex…”

“Shhh Jimmy. My pussy is still throbbing.” I cut him off as I laid my head on his chest. I don’t remember either one of us drifting off to sleep.

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