Tenant Elizabeth

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Elizabeth is a nurse and has been divorced for the past 5 years. Nice face and okay body with wide hips and a nice wiggle in her ass when walking away from you.

She likes to wear short skirts at times and she had seen John looking at her with some interest. It had been some time since she had had a good fuck and wanted a good healthy man. John was the target as she knew he was healthy because she had seen the blood tests he seems to have had done every 3 months or so and the tests were always for STD and aids so he was active, but clean. She gets a smile and can feel a wetness developing between her legs, ahhhhhhhh, she reaches down and rubs her pussy. We will be feeding you soon you tiger you.

It is Friday about 5 in the afternoon when John gets the call from Elizabeth. My sink is stopped up and the disposal is making a funny noise. Can you fix it now?

Okay I’ll be there but I have another appointment for later so if it takes more than an hour you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Grabbing his tools and he heads to her apartment.

She opens the door and John looks a little startled. She is there in a halter top, very fashionable, that barely covers her 34B breasts and has a short pleated skirt on, and he wants to see under it NOW. John’s cock throbs and starts to grow. Thinking, Oh man this is not going to be easy with her in that outfit. She definitely is looking to get fucked tonight. Too bad I have other plans.

Okay let’s see the sink, what have you been putting down it?

Nothing and gee it just opened up and ran fine a minute ago, I am sorry to drag you out.

That’s okay I will take a quick look and be gone and you can head out. Looks like you’re planning on going out and having a good time tonight.

Oh I am going to have a good time for sure. She smiles with a very devilish smile that John does not see because he is looking at her tits and legs. John would like to really get a hold on this woman, mmmmmmm, why have I not gone after her yet.

John checks the disposal from above and then gets down and slides under the sink to check below. She moves deliberately to the sink and stands with legs just a little apart. John is no longer looking at the disposal but now staring up her skirt at the yellow lace panties that appear to have a wet spot on them. His cock pulses and grows and grows. Oh shit now I got a real hard on and laying here in full view. Oh that pussy looks so good and her legs mmmmmmmmmmm I am going to fuck this one someday.

HeHeHe look up John see the panties they are getting wet because I am thinking of fucking you and I can see you want to fuck me too. That bulge in your pants is very nice and I am going to have fun tonight.

She is a nurse and has access to all sorts of drugs and so she has fixed a drink for John.

Well everything seems to be okay and no leaks here. Thinking, but it looks like one up there as he looks at the wet spot on her panties

Give me a hand up. She helps him up and then. Well, thank you for coming so fast, hey I fixed you a drink as payment, something special.

Well why not; I planned on going out tonight as well. I see you’re all dressed to go out and I really like the outfit.

Hey maybe we could go out some time. John throws back the drink. That was good mmmm wonder what.

Oh that would be great and soon okay. Silly man you have no idea what I have planned, I know you want me but I am going to run the show.

John slowly sinks to the floor. Elizabeth drags John to her bedroom where she first strips him and then hoists him on the bed. She has it all prepared. She looks at the naked man lying on her bed all strapped in and gagged. This is going to be fun and I bet you will like it and me.

John shakes his head and opens his eyes. Hey what the, dam a gag and rolling side to side he realizes he is tied to the corners of the bed. Then he realizes he is naked, ohhhhhhh my head. She must have drugged me, what time is it? Dam I had date tonight and this is going to really cause a problem.

His eyes adjust to the light and sees Elizabeth standing there dressed just like she was before.

Well I see your awake, that did not take long. Now John we are going to have some fun, well at least I am. She smiles and walks closer to the bed. I saw you looking at me from under the sink and I know you liked it. Want to see more. She flips up front of skirt and shows her yellow panties, boy cut, with a large wet spot. She puts hand down and rubs her pussy. You want to play with this do you. John is not sure what is happening but figures he might as well go along as he wanted to fuck her anyway but maybe not quite like this. He nods yes.

Well MAYBE I’ll let güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you but first I want to do something’s to see if your ready for me. She looks down and sees John is lip and small. This is not going to do John; you will have to get that up and now. She grabs his cock and pulls. AHHHHHHHHH man that hurts woman. John can only shake his head and look at her. OH does that hurt John, well then you better get hard fast or I will yank it some more.

Gee woman I can’t get hard with that attitude or feeling. Gentle works better. She yanks again and John winches. Oh your hand feels good but stop jerking my cock.

If I hurt it maybe I should kiss it and make it better. With that she bends down and kisses the head and then her tongue is out and very softly licking the end and around the cap and tip and then her lips open and slip over the head and close around the cap of his cock and her teeth are felt around the edge of the cap and she is biting down.

Oh that hurts but oh it hurts good ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh suck it you bitch suck it please suck it now.

She opens her mouth and licks end of cock and backs off looking at Johns face, Oh you liked that did you want more. John vigorously nods yes. Well we will see.

Johns cock has grown some but still not its full size.

MMMMMMMMMM your sure a hairy SOB. Well we will have to take care of that.

She leaves and returns with a pan of water towels and a razor. I am going to fix this hair situation now.

John looks at her with some apprehension, eyes wide head up looking down.

She grabs his cock and then applies a warm wet cloth and then some lather and then starts to shave him.

AHHHHHHHHH man your pulling hair in the wrong place, you better not cut anything. Very slowly and carefully she shaves his pubic area and then the shaft.

Oh that feels good yes, your hand on my cock. Oh and the warm feel yes.

She is bending over and John can see down her top, she is not wearing bra and the nice tits and ah yes a nipple are visible. Oh man that is nice, if I could just get my hands loose to grab that or that nice ass, dam I want that ohhhhhhh now. The thoughts and feeling and urges running though John had made is cock jump and grow again to full size.

Oh my what do we have here Johnny is getting bigger. She takes a good hold and pulls and then having finished shaving him she wipes off the cock the warm rag and bends down and kisses it again and licks and the lips part and mover over the head and suck in the cap.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH John’s hips buck up trying to push his cock deeper into her mouth but she is fast and pushes down with hand on his belly. Now she strokes his belly and chest and there is a quiver in John’s body he cannot control. She smiles, YOU liked that and you want more do you.

John nods with great pleasure and vigor. She smiles as she bends over and turns to pretend to check the bonds of his legs. Giving John and great view of her ass and panties. She turns and so you like looking up my skirt, John nods and she gets up on the bed and stands over him. Well look good and she stands with legs on either side of his head. John can see her crotch and the wet panties. Want to see them closer and John nods.

She squats down and her crotch is only inches away from his face.

John was all set to bite lick or in some way taste that wet panty cover pussy. But no she stopped just short. John reared his head up but she moved away. ? Not so fast there, you have to ask nice.

She can see the look in John’s eyes; the look of a man filled with desire, lust, hunger and mmmmmmmmm a little desperation. Good, I got you now.

John is nodding and bucking his head up toward her pussy.

If I take the gag off you won’t be screaming or anything wills you? You do not get to talk unless I ask you to, understand? John nods with the vigor of a man possessed. She pulls the gag off and John right away,

Hey what with this. She shoves the ball back in. I told you no talking unless I say so. He nods and she removes the ball again. John is quiet.

Good, now we can get down to some more pleasurable things. She squats down and this time her panty covered pussy makes contact with his face.

AHHHHHHHHHH is smells so good and tastes good too. John mouth is open and munching on the panties.

She wiggles and drives her pussy harder into his face covering his nose. His mouth is hard at work munching on the panties and he wiggles his head so his nose rubs her clit.

AHHHHHHH and she wiggle and pushes down hard. Then she reaches back and grabs his cock.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes pull it hard and fast pulllllllllllllllllllllllllllll güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri please. John’s hips buck up and down with her hand tight on his cock and squeezing tighter.

Eat it you bastard not suck my pussy. She has put something in her pussy as it smells like strawberry and taste like that. This went on for a couple of minutes and then she stopped. John almost spoke but thought better. She stood up and slowly removed her skirt and then her top and then pulled off her panties. The show just made John harder and more excited. Her pussy is clean and wet with lips swollen with desire and well who knows.

She got back on and sat on his face again and John drove his tongue deep as he could into her wet hot pussy. He wiggled his tongue back and forth to part the swollen lips and then pushed deep into the wetness. AHHHHHHHHHHHH you taste good woman and he pushed his nose into her clip and she rubbed back and forth. All the time she is holding his cock and pulling.

Then she stops and sits up and John tries to reach her and she only looks down and smiles. Not so fast mister, I will tell you when to cum and when I want an orgasm. Now we are going to try something new. She turns around and spreading her cheeks sits down again with her ass in his face. John has never done this before and is a little turned off until he realizes it smell and tastes like strawberry too. Oh well.

John tongue stick out and runs around the tight little hole and she sits down. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes that’s what I like, stick that tongue into my ass lick it good. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

She then bends down and covers his cock. She sucks it in, deep and all of it. He can feel the head slide over her tongue to the back of her throat and into her throat and the she is pumping up and down with and hand at base of cock. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels so good yes.

She wiggles her ass and pushes back into his face. His tongue has penetrated the tight little hole just a little but enough to make her shiver with the electric ecstasy.

She is pumping his cock and sucking him so hard. He is going to cum soon if she keeps it up. But she stops and gets up.

Now let’s see how about your ass. John starts to say something and she hold finger up and shakes her head.

She reaches into the drawer at side of bed and take out a silver dildo, small and about 10 inches.

She then rearranges the leg ties so his legs are up more exposing his ass. Now she is back sucking his cock and sucking and tonguing is hard. Then he feels it, she is pushing the dildo into his ass.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH man that is ahhhhhhhhh not what I expected. Oh man ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Not so bad ahhhhhhhhhhhhh suck it you bitch suck. The dildo goes in deeper and the she turns it on.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dam woman it like semen collection at the AI farm. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I am going to cum. She pulls the dildo out just as his cock starts to pulse and throb.

Not yet not yet I will have my fun first. And with that she gets up and straddles his cock and very slow lowers herself onto the big hard cock.

He can feel the head part the lips and move past the lips and the cap just into the warm wetness of the pussy and deeper he can feel the head sliding deep and rubbing and deeper and deeper and then she thrust hard and drops with all her weight. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dam that feels so good.

His head has hit her cervix and the she is up and down and up and she pumps fast. She can tighten her pussy and grip his cock with a grip like a fist.

She is looking at him with that far away look and he is ready to explode. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

No stopping him this time and he can feel the cum shooting up into her in great gushes. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH baby yes fuck me fill my pussy good. She squeezes her butt cheek and clinches her pussy, squeezing his cock even harder.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH more cum and he can feel it oozing down along his cock and out. She is jerking up and down side to side and then she screams spasms and rams down on his hard cock.


He could feel the wetness and the she started to buck hard and fast again and he thought she would break his cock as she went wild and then she screamed and dug her nails hard into his chest and he thought she would rip his nipples off ouch. But the pain was not noticeable as the pleasure was greater and she was having a fantastic orgasm. She bucked and writhed like he never knew possible and then she sighed and slumped down and then he felt a warm liquid running all over his belly and down his ass and over his legs. What was that, oh man a golden rain. Wow she really let go. This made John hot all güvenilir bahis şirketleri over again.

She dropped down and laid on him completely. His cock is still hard and deep in her but slowly getting soft.

She lies completely on top of him and wiggle a little to make it feel good.

They lay there a few minutes and then she sits up. Well that was a good start but we have more to do.

She dries off both of them and then. She goes into the drawer and pulls out a butt plug and wiggles it in front of his face. See this, and John’s eyes get big. She smiles and says, HeHeHe not for you.

With that she put some lube on it and works it into her wet ass. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes stretch it out for the next round. Now we have to get that nice cock hard again. And with that she proceeded to suck and massage his cock again.

Oh man this is going to be AHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes.

His cock responded to the ball sucking and cock sucking and finger in the ass. Oh man the woman can work it.

She had his legs up and his cock hard as she reached around and pulled the plug out and the turned around with her back to him sat on his cock. First there was some resistance as his cock is good size but she wiggled and the lube allowed his cock to slide in.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she was tight, VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY tight and she sat all the way down.

OH man this is great as John felt the heat build. She squeezed her butt cheeks and moved up and the relaxed and down and squeeze up and relax down. She started to do this with a regular rhythm and he was getting really worked up.

Oh man she keeps this up and I will explode. Like she knew she stopped and just sat with his cock deep in her ass. Then he notice the dildo and not she slipped it in your pussy and he could feel is against his cock. OH god that felt good. Then she moved up and down slowly and then OH MAN she turned on the vibrator and he could feel it against his cock as she fast and faster moved up and down.

John started to buck and work against the bindings, humping his hips up and raising up to see.

Faster and faster and the vibrator. He could hear her breathing getting more raspy and faster.

Then the moan and deep from within her there came an AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES

As she drove down on his cock, her ass tightened around his cock like he thought it would be pinched off.

John lost control again AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and he pumped a load into her ass and again it oozed out as she worked up and down. This time his cock went limp rather quickly and soon was out of her ass.

She turned around and lay down beside him.

I think I have had enough for today, how about you.

John just nodded as he was not sure what or if he should speak. No use as it seems she was asleep, naked snuggled up to him and here he was bound to the bed. Nice, Hey wake up and turn me loose.

John wiggled and she woke up.

Oh did I doze off well I bet you might like to be let go. You can speak now.

WOW lady your something. Hey I will fix you plumbing any time and you do not have to drug me.

Man you got a sweet ass, tasted good it did. Smiling and thinking that this could get to be a very nice relationship.

So next time maybe I can tie you up.

Elizabeth smile in a sly way, well we will see who ties who up. I am glad you’re not pissed off as I would hate to be looking for a new apartment.

Speaking of pissed off, that was quite a shower you gave me.

Oh sometimes when I have a really great orgasm I do that but not very often and I cannot do it on command like some women that can really squirt it out.. So you like that too do you.

Well it is a turn on especially since I now know it means you had a good time. Smiling John reaches out and pulls her in close and holds her tight and kisses her hard on the lips and then parts them and his tongue is dancing with hers. They lay back down and he continue to kiss and then moves down to her nipples and kiss and sucks them and down down over her belly very softly and down to the mound biting the bone and then down to the lips and then parting the lips to get to the clit which is hard and waiting. She moans and wiggles and he sucks on the clit and then pushes a finger into her pussy. Working two fingers in pussy and slowly two fingers in ass he works the G Spot and she moans and wiggles and sighs and thrashes about and bucks up her hips and the finger dig in deep and the tongue whips the clit. Her hips buck several times in rapid succession. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh that is so nice, a nice small one to finish.

She lies sleeping on the bed naked with the toys lying about.

He picks up the toys and put them in the drawer and notices several other things of interest. MMMMMMMMMMMM this could get interesting. I wonder what she does with those.

He dresses a goes out. He is going to have to come up with an explanation of where he was tonight because hesure as heck cannot see Jessica to night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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