Teaching Miranda

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He still couldn’t believe that he, Professor James Curry, had finally bedded Miranda Ames.

He had noticed the sweet, shy Miranda the first day of class. Sweet, innocent-looking, quiet and unassuming, little Miranda. She always wore her blonde hair, which was fairly long, in an unassuming ponytail. She wore cute, round glasses. She rarely spoke in class and when she did, she was soft and delicate. Far from the class brain, she struggled, valiantly, in his English Lit class to comprehend the mysteries of language. But there was something about this 19-year old that got his attention from the very first time he saw her.

Miranda had taken to staying afterwards, engaging him in quiet conversation, asking questions and wanting to learn. Her inquisitive nature made him smile and he made time for her whenever she needed it. James had suggested coffee and it had become an almost daily routine. She would pick his brain, question after question flowing from her soft, red lips. The coffees grew longer and James enjoyed them more with each passing day.

The coffees began to run longer and longer. One night, the coffee turned into dinner. One of the nicest James had ever experienced, she was a delightful companion and with her hair down and contacts in, he saw how truly beautiful a creature she was. It had been a long time since he’d been with a woman this lovely and James enjoyed every second of it.

The inevitable happened. Quiet, shy Miranda had a few drinks too many and James took her home. “You’re nice,!” she purred tipsily, kissing him. ” I liked you from the first time I went to your class, did you notice me?” she cooed to him, still swaying slightly.

James bahis firmaları nodded, not trusting himself, but it was much too late. Erotic fervor overcame him and he kissed her back, softly at first. Then, their tongues met. She tasted of garlic and honey and she had the softest lips he had ever kissed. He became lost in the beautiful teenager, her body pressed close to his, soft and seductive in the tight, navy-blue dress she’d worn tonight.

Their passion grew swiftly. “Can I have another kiss?” she asked James, and he granted her request, this time their lips pressed harder together, this time his mind awhirl with thoughts. This was wrong, she was a student, he was so much older — none of it mattered. Miranda was all that mattered, taking her to bed was all that mattered.

She led him to his bedroom on unsteady feet and kicked off her heels. James undressed her, kissing the soft rosebuds of her breasts, working his way down her flat stomach. Despite the frumpy clothes and sweats she often favored, Miranda was truly beautiful. The blue lace bra and panties she’s worn that evening were gone in a flash, to reveal her in all her naked glory.

She was blonde, sweet, ideal perfection, a whisp of curls covered her sweet snatch. He leaned in to kiss the precious treasure, his lips against her vulva, exploring her softness and hearing her little mewls of pleasure.

“Please eat my pussy!” Miranda begged him. “I bet you’re real good at it and I love to have my pussy kissed!”

James complied with her request. He licked into her, hearing her little squeals of pleasure as he tongued her cunt. There was no resistance as he slipped a finger into her, but surely kaçak iddaa she’d had little experience. She was so tight, so tiny, so unused-looking. The older Professor was determined to teach this wonderful 19- year old all about lovemaking. He was going to teach her the ways of fucking, to make this little treasure crave more of his hard cock and want to come back for more!

James instructed her on the art of licking his cock, she was a good student at this at least. She looked up at him from time to time, blue eyes gleaming as she tongued his tumescent shaft. She’d trace the veins of his cock, once in awhile, she would squeeze his balls. He groaned every time she did that.

“I think you like that.” Miranda giggled softly.

“I think you’re right.” he smiled in response.

Once James was hard, he slipped into her and began fucking her innocence away. From the very second he slipped his cock into her tight sheath, it was the most erotic moment of his life. She was so soft, willing and compliant, it was if she was made for his pleasure alone.

Miranda gripped him tightly with her pussy muscles as he pumped into her, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. His cock was balls-deep inside of her and she groaned out loud.

“Make love to me James, please, make love to me!” she sighed.

“Oh darling, I will make love to you. And I will fuck you too! Do you want to be fucked, my sweet Miranda?”

“Oh yes, please, don’t be too gentle James. FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

Hearing this sweet, gentle creature become wild with arousal spurred James on. He pumped harder into her pussy, her beautiful legs wrapped around him, her nails raking his back. He knew that she kaçak bahis was his, that she’d be coming back to learn more lessons about sex. James knew he’d be willing to teach her, whatever this naive young girl wanted, he’d be happy to show her. Her beauty and innocent ways beguiled him.

His cock moved deeply within her, her little sighs of pleasure escaped soft lips. Her breast bounced deliciously as he thrust within her, the sheer perfection of this lovely teen making him hornier than he could ever remember. He leaned over and kissed one of her perfect-pink nipples, which made her giggle.

“Liking this Miranda?” James asked, knowing what her answer would be.

“OH MY GOD, I’m LOVING it! Keep fucking me!” she yelled back at him.

A slight sheen of sweat appeared on her body from the lovemaking, making her glisten and appear even sexier. Her pretty eyes were closed tight as her ramrodded into her sweet, tight pussy. It was so damned sexy to fuck her this way.

James and Miranda came together, enjoying the moment. They cuddled together, her voice once again quiet and soft. He savored the moment with her, knowing that she’d come back for many more nights like this.

Miranda did not stay the night – her parents would be worried, she told him. Kissing him softly, with the promise of nights to come, she left him alone and happy. His helping her with her studies had been well-rewarded, James thought, drifting off to sleep.


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