Teacher Appreciation

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All through my senior year I had watched him. The way his jeans hugged his tight ass when he wrote on the chalk board, the beautifully muscled forearms that hung below the rolled sleeves of his shirt, he haunted my daydreams and my fantasies. Where English and History had for years been the classes I had most looked forward to, that year Science was my favorite class and it was all because of Mr. Mayfield. He was really not a lot older than his students, perhaps three or four years out of teachers’ college, but he was dynamic and really enjoyed teaching. That alone made the subject more interesting, but his compact, lean body and his shoulder length black hair made him a delight to look at as well. Girls who had never before shown interest in Science classes signed up for electives in droves and the bolder ones wore short skirts and low cut tops in a brazen effort to attract his attention. To his great credit, he never gave it, never strayed an inch over the teacher/student boundaries that are set by school and society, but the girls tried just the same.

I was more introverted, sat in the middle of the class and learned the lessons while watching and wanting. I was never overt, never bold enough to try to get him to gaze my way, never let on my lust. I was young, inexperienced and conditioned well to my role as student. I knew my fantasies were just that and that I had no hope of realizing them, at least not then.

That spring I graduated and went off to college the next fall. All thoughts of Mr. Mayfield vanished from my mind as I immersed myself in my new environment and found new friends. There were boyfriends, of course, but nothing serious, and I came home summers to work at my parents’ store.

I ran into him the summer after my junior year. I was having lunch at a little place around the corner from the store and he was sitting at the far end of the counter. He was still gorgeous, dressed in a dark blue silk shirt that set off his eyes. His thick dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he had grown a beard that was dark and neatly trimmed. He looked up at the sound of my voice as I ordered and I saw that he recognized me. A broad grin broke over his handsome face and he picked up his coffee and came toward me. Taking the stool next to mine he greeted me warmly. “Sally, how are you? How’s college?”

“Mr. Mayfield!” I replied. “College is great, just one more year to go. I’m surprised you recognized me.”

“You’re not my student any more,” he said, grinning, “You can call me Hal, and I have a good memory for my straight A students”. We chatted over lunch like two old friends and I told him about working at my parents’ grocery store while he told me that he’d been tapped to teach summer school that year so he’d been sticking around town instead of bumming around on the beach the way he bahis firmaları did most summers. Checking my watch, I realized I had to get back to the store. I told Hal how much I’d enjoyed seeing him and that I’d be around all summer if he got bored. I gave him my cell phone number and he said he’d certainly call. The rest of the day passed in a blur as I fantasized about his sexy body and how an evening out with him might end.

A few days later he did call, asking if I’d like to see a film at the local art house. Of course I agreed. Sorry to say, he was a complete gentleman the entire evening. He walked me the few blocks home and gave me a chaste peck on the cheek before turning back towards the theater and his car. I had been aching to kiss him all evening and was left feeling quite unsatisfied by the whole experience. A few days after that, he called to see if I wanted to go for a walk. I agreed and again he was a gentleman. We held hands for a while on the trail through the woods just outside town and it gave me a nice, tingly feeling, but again the “date” ended with just a light kiss. I was pretty sure he wasn’t gay, but I couldn’t imagine why he made no move to be more intimate with me. Perhaps he was concerned about the age difference, but it was really only six years and I was now 21 so it shouldn’t have mattered. I fantasized about him all the time now and it was beginning to affect my work. Finally, I decided to take matters into my own hands and see how he would respond to an overt come-on.

It was a hot summer day. Too hot for clothes, really, but in the interest of being able to walk down the street without being arrested I was wearing a skirt that came just to midway down my thighs and a halter top that nicely showed off my full breasts. In the interest of keeping cool, I was wearing nothing else except high-heeled sandals. My long blonde hair was pulled back in an aligator clip. I was on my way to see Hal, planning to surprise him in his office. When I arrived, Hal was in a conference with one of his students, a girl who looked like she might be in tenth grade or so.

I waited a while out of sight in the outer office, but I finally began to get bored so I decided to get his attention. I pulled a large, round lollipop out of my bag and unwrapped it, then stood where I knew he could see me through the window of his office. The student was seated with her back to the window. I started to lick the lollypop in a very sensual fashion and I saw Hal’s eyebrow go up. I have definitely gotten his attention, but he had business to finish. He frowned slightly, trying not to draw the student’s attention but trying to give me the message to cease and desist. I got the message but brazenly decided to ignore it. I popped the lollipop into my mouth, then pulled it out slowly. I used it to caress down my chest, kaçak iddaa under my halter and around my breast. My nipples stiffened under the fabric of my shirt. I saw sweat pop out on his forehead. The lollipop found its way back to my mouth for a few more teasing licks and I noticed the bulge in Hal’s khaki pants – exactly the reaction I had been hoping for. Fortunately, the student seemed oblivious to the situation. Another lick to get the lollypop good and wet, then I made my boldest move. I placed one high-heeled, well manicured foot on a chair and slipped the pop under my skirt and into my hot pussy. I twirled it around in there for a moment, then licked it off and assumed a more demure stance as I saw Hal was finally winding up his conference and was ready to usher the student out of his office. By the time she passed me, I was sitting with my legs sensibly crossed and the lollipop in my mouth looking bored. As soon as she was out of the outer office door, he shut it and grabbed my hand. Pulling me into his own office, he locked the door and shut the blinds. I smiled and pushed him into his desk chair.

I was on fire, I wanted him so badly. He made no move towards me, so clearly I was going to be the seductress all the way. I had never played this role before, but I was beginning to enjoy it. I perched my ass on the edge of his big oak desk and placed one foot on each arm of his chair. This effectively gave him a full view of my cunt which was wet with my juices and the sugar from the lollipop. Slowly, I inserted the lollipop into my hot love hole and fucked myself gently with it. I was getting turned on and started to moan. I saw Hal’s cock straining to get free of his pants. “Take it out” I said, in my sexiest voice. Stunned, but clearly intrigued, he obliged. It was as beautiful as the rest of him, hard and smooth. The tip was glistening with precum and I was thinking about how much better that big, warm cock would feel inside me than the little pop, but I wasn’t ready to give him the satisfaction just yet. I leaned over and rubbed the pop, wet with my cunt juice, over his sensuous lips. He licked it hungrily and took it into his mouth momentarily. I reached down and touched the candy to the head of his cock, rubbing it over the top. Leaving my perch, I knelt in front of him to lick the stickiness from his prick.

I wanted to make him want me as much as I wanted him, I wanted to hear him moan his desire, so after teasing just the head of his cock with my mouth and tongue I took the entire length of it into my mouth in a single motion and sucked hard. Until now I had had no idea how worked up I’d gotten him and it was too much. I got my moan, indeed a lovely long one, but I also got a mouth full of semen as he exploded in a prolonged orgasm, his fingers wrapped in my hair. I sucked him dry and swallowed. kaçak bahis Retreating to my perch on his desk, I tried not to look disappointed. My cunt ached to be filled.

Seeing my expression, Hal reassured me in a low voice, “You little tease,” he said, grinning, “Don’t worry, all you’ve done is make sure I can fuck you for a good long time.” It was the first he had spoken since I’d arrived. I wasn’t so sure of him, so I pouted and popped the lollipop back into my mouth. It was his turn to take control. Hal’s hand encircled mine, drawing the lollipop out of my mouth and bringing my arm back towards his desk. He opened my hand and the lollipop was abandoned to an empty coffee mug. Drawing his chair closer to the desk, he nuzzled my breasts while his hand found the clasp to my halter. As soon as my breasts were free, he licked and sucked my nipples until they were hard as pebbles. My pussy was literally dripping by now and crying out to be filled. When he finally pushed his chair back and stood up, I was surprised to find his cock standing at attention, ready to plunge into me. Coming closer, Hal lifted my chin and bent just enough to kiss me deeply. He pushed my skirt up and out of the way while I unbuckled his belt and negotiated getting his pants and underwear down. I gave his cock a couple of firm strokes to test its readiness and was not disappointed.

Hal’s hips lunged at my ready cunt and his cock hit my slippery wetness and slid aside. We moaned together with anticipation as he backed off a little for a second try. This time his aim was true and he plunged deeply inside my hot, pulsing cunt. I wrapped my strong legs tightly around his bottom and held on for dear life while he brought me to the brink of orgasm. Sensing my readiness, he stopped to prolong the sweet agony. I moaned in frustration and tried to make him begin again by contracting my cunt muscles rhythmically around his hard shaft. He resisted as long as he could, but the sensations were more than he could bear, the need for friction and release was too intense. He began to thrust again, faster and harder, pushing me down on the desk. I cried out as I came at long last and Hal thrust a finger into my mouth to quiet me in case there were still other people in the building. The contractions from my orgasm completely took him over the edge and his cock swelled a final time as he pumped his cum into me. We stayed still, bodies together, on his desk for several minutes as we caught our breath. Finally, he stood up and pulled out of me.

“Jesus,” he said, “I wanted you so badly, but I didn’t know how you felt.”

“And I didn’t know if you wanted me at all,” I replied, “but I had to find out.”

“I think I could still teach you a few things” he said, a sly smile spreading across his face. “Why don’t you meet me in my classroom tomorrow about this same time.” I told him I would be there.

As we put ourselves and his desk back together and I got ready to leave I smiled, thinking that he would never look at his desk in quite the same way again.

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