Tammy’s Ass

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Gary badly wanted to fuck his girlfriend’s, Tammy’s, ass… but she was always against that. He had a feeling that she thought “good girls” didn’t do that, and while Tammy was willing to be a little adventurous in bed, she definitely wasn’t about everything. Sometimes she’d let him tie her up, or she’d tie him up, they’d licked chocolate sauce off each other (although that ended up being more sticky than erotic), and she’d even let him play with or finger her ass… once she even let him lick it when he went down on her… but let him actually put his dick in there? Never.

So it surprised him, one day, when they were cuddling in a spooning position, the head of his dick rubbing from her wet pussy lips to pushing lightly against her crinkled hole — just as a tease to himself — that she turned her head a little, kissed him, and whispered, “Put it in.”

He froze, feeling like it was impossible that such a fantasy might actually be coming true.

Just to make sure he moved his hips back so that the head of his cock, slick with her juices, was pressed squarely against her tight, virgin ass.

“Here?” He almost managed to keep the breathless pleading out of his voice.

“Yes.” Tammy wiggled her hips, arching her back and pressing her butt cheeks against his groin… he groaned as his hand tightened on her fabulous ass, his dick pushing forward…

The head of his cock was slick and wet, but it took a little bit bahis firmaları of an effort for it to push through her sphincter… and then suddenly it was in with a wet *pop*

Gary gasped in pleasure as Tammy winced, her hole tightening down on him.

“Ow…” she whispered, and then as he excited started to push deeper her voice got a little higher and a little louder, “ow… ow… stop! Gary stop!”

Breathing hard, his dick at least an inch into the tight confines of her flexing ass, Gary managed to force himself to stop. His hands roamed over her body, he couldn’t help but move his hips back and forth a little, just moving what he already had embedded in her ass in and out, it felt so good and hot in her ridiculously tight ass.

“Ooooww….” Tammy let out a long slow breath as his dick made little movements in her ass, her hips shifting as Gary massaged her breasts, his lips kissing her neck in heated excitement. “OW!”

He’d pushed a little deeper, unable to help himself, and moaned as her ass rippled around him, taking a little more of his cock.

“Gary wait, stop” she said, and he could feel her pulling away a little.

“Wait…” Gary wrapped his arms around her, keeping her in position, not wanting to let the glorious feeling of her velvet ass disappear so quickly, “Just let me stay here for a little bit, I won’t put any more in, I promise.”

Tammy bit her lip, and he could feel her tense body kaçak iddaa against him, but she nodded, knowing that he really wanted it. Moaning with pleasure, Gary worked the two inches of his cock in and out of her ass, bringing himself totally out except the tip, and then pushing back in, enjoying the feeling of her ass opening and closing over his cock over and over again. The only sounds Tammy made was little grunts and whimpers, her hips wiggling a little…

Pinching her nipples, Gary did his best to make it less painful for her, playing with the sensitive buds just the way she liked it. He let one hand drift down to her pussy to finger her slippery folds, finding to his surprise that she was extremely wet. It was her slick wetness that made him realize part of her was enjoying having him in her ass.

Feeling daring, Gary let himself push a little bit more of his cock into Tammy’s ass, trying not to cry out loud with joy as another inch sank into her tight hole… she let out another little moaning whimper but didn’t protest.

Gary’s hips began to move as if of their own volition, pushing a little deeper into her deflowered hole with every thrust… Tammy moaned as his fingers rubbed against her clit, pinching her nipples and twisting them gently… he was so close to being totally inside her… Gary lunged and buried his cock in her ass.

Letting out a shrieking gasp, Tammy tried to pull away, but Gary was lost in kaçak bahis his lust for her ass now. He rolled, putting her underneath him, his hands still on her breast and pussy, rubbing and gripping as he started to pump hard at her ass while it massaged his cock, flexing and convulsing around him.

He could hear Tammy moaning his name.

“Just hold on,” he groaned, his cock feeling harder than a rock as he pillaged her ass, “Just hold on… I’m almost there… oh god Tammy your ass is so hot, I’m almost there…”

Her ass tightened around him, clamping down and squeezing his cock, it was more than he could take… Gary thrust hard into her violated anus, filling her with his cock as he started to cum, spurt after spurt of cum forced through the tight ring around his cock and shooting into her ass.

As soon as his lust was sated, Gary realized what he’d done.

“Sorry, sorry!” he started repeating, pulling himself up… to his surprise Tammy followed, keeping his dick in her ass as her body moved with his to all fours. Grabbing his hand at her pussy, Tammy pressed it against her wet folds.

“Keep it in,” she said panting, “Rub my clit!”

Gary felt his dick jump a little, still inside her hole, as he rubbed her clit hard, his other hand immediately working over her breast and nipple as Tammy leaned back against him, his half hard dick still lodged in her tightest hole.

“OH GOD!” she cried out, moving against him, her cheeks closing and ass milking one last shudder of pleasure from his cock as she came. Gary held her tight against him, hoping that this meant this wouldn’t be his last time fucking his girlfriend’s ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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