Tamara In Stockings Ch. 05

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Chapter Five: Taking Opportunities

It was late November 1997, the day before Tamara’s forty seventh birthday. Jack had arranged an overnight stay in an expensive hotel in Birmingham. Check in was at three o’clock and Tamara and Jack planned to leave home at around eleven to do some shopping in the city beforehand. Tamara felt relaxed as she took stock of the last twelve months of her life. She smiled inwardly and felt aroused as she recalled her sexual exploits since she had been assailed by the sergeant and lieutenant just over a year ago.

Five years earlier, in a joyless, loveless, dead marriage, she could never have conceived of how sexually potent she would become. She had discovered a lustful, physical energy and she lived with a man who understood this and was aroused by her erotic couplings with other men and women.

As she sat at her dressing table in opaque black holdup stockings, and a new purple bra and panties, Tamara mentally counted out her ‘conquests’ on the fingers of her right hand. The sergeant (she had been his conquest), Daniel and his eight inch cock, Mark, Brendon and, of course, Jack. On her left hand she counted the lieutenant (to whom she offered no resistance), her lovely Alena and her new submissive plaything, Danita. Eight in all, but she had no idea that before the day was out, it would be nine.

Jack parked in a city centre car park and they made their way to Rackhams department store. He had already bought Tamara a pair of gold stud earrings for her birthday but she was also hoping to find a new dress, shoes and some lingerie to wear to the classy restaurant that Jack had booked for dinner.

She looked cute and sexy in her ankle boots, houndstooth pattern black and white mini skirt, opaque black stockings and her red jacket. Tamara knew that a woman in her forties could get away with a hemline at mid thigh level if she wore opaque hosiery. Jack enjoyed clothes shopping with her, his cock was stiff throughout as Tamara tried on several dresses and pairs of shoes.

They both knew when she had found the right dress. It was a knee length black number with straps just off the shoulder. The pencil shape fitted her perfectly and accentuated her curvaceous figure. The shoes she chose to accompany the dress were black, closed toe, five inch heels with an ankle strap. But it was in the lingerie department where Jack had to hold his jacket in front of his groin to conceal a full blown erection.

Tamara chose a low cut black basque with suspender straps and matching black panties. She also bought a purple bra and several pairs of matching panties. She knew that she would need to be ready for Davenport’s summons and had even considered keeping a spare set in her handbag just in case. She wondered furtively which of these pairs panties would no longer be in her possession after the Christmas break.

Jack commented on her sudden predilection for purple underwear. Tamara hadn’t yet told him about Davenport and the demands she had made in the car park. She was worried that he might feel protective and do something that would lead to the circulation of the incriminating video that the lieutenant had in her possession.

“Yes, I’m going through a purple patch.” She joked.


Back at the hotel, getting ready for dinner, Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off Tamara. She knew exactly what she was doing, sensually pulling on clothes and fastening bra and stocking clips, stepping seductively into heels and smoothing her dress in front of the mirror; this was where foreplay began for Tamara. She looked utterly stunning, her small clutch bag in her right hand and an expensive white shawl dangling casually from her left hand, Jack had never seen her look better.

As they left the hotel lobby to get into their taxi, Tamara spotted the concierge and almost stopped in her tracks.

“My God Jack, did you see that gorgeous man? I’d love to get him between my legs, God he’s a dream.”

“He’s a good looking fella Tamara, perhaps he’ll still be on duty when we get back.”

“God I hope so,” she said as she ‘flashed’ her stocking tops whilst getting into the taxi.

The meal was spectacular and all the more enjoyable because they spent a good deal of it confiding what they would do to each other back at the hotel. Tamara also had half a mind on the concierge, her pussy tingled at the thought of him. She wondered if she stood a chance of seducing him. He looked about thirty five and probably not short of beautiful young admirers.

Tamara was thrilled to find that he was still there when they returned. She asked Jack whether he would be offended if she asked him to wait in the bar whilst she tired her luck.

“If he takes the bait, I’m sure we’ll only be ten to fifteen minutes, he won’t be able to leave his desk for long.”

“Ok love, go for it, you should take opportunities when they present themselves. What’s the worst that could happen? If he says no you can fantasise about fucking him bahis firmaları later on. If he says yes, you’ll need to be punished.”

“Mmmm, Jack, you’re a darling.”

Jack found a seat in the bar as Tamara sauntered sensuously toward the concierge desk.

“Yes madam how may I help you?”

“Can I rely on your discretion James?” she said, spotting his name tag.

“I hope so madam, what can I do for you?”

“I’m in room 347 and I’m going up there now. In about five minutes I’m going to need your assistance. Will you be available?”

“For the sake of clarity, can I ask what sort of service you require?”

“Well, you can begin by unzipping my dress and we’ll take it from there,” she said seductively but ready to pretend it had been a joke.

“I am sure that can be arranged madam, may I just check on one detail?”

“Of course.”

“Your husband?”

“Will be in the bar drinking brandy until he sees you return to your desk.”

“I see madam, then I am confident that your needs can be met.”

“Don’t keep me waiting James”

“No madam, I’ll be with you shortly, you can depend on it.”


Tamara walked over to the lift, her arse swaying gently in her sexy dress. She could hardly believe her luck, he’d agreed, she was elated and very aroused. When she got to the room she quickly tidied up discarded clothing from earlier on and draped herself seductively on the bed.

The room buzzer rang.

“Come in,” called Tamara.

A pause, then the buzzer rang again. Tamara got up, walked over and opened the door.

“I shouted to you to come in, didn’t you hear me?” said Tamara as she walked back towards the bed.

“I’m sorry madam, there was another guest in the corridor just now and I didn’t want to appear to be taking liberties”

“I see, well that’s precisely why you’re here isn’t it?”

“If you say so madam.”

“I do say so, now come over here and unzip me.”

As the concierge walked towards her, she turned her back and looked at him seductively over her shoulder. He was turned on by the very attractive, assertive older woman who seemed to have cast a spell over him. He unzipped the dress and she let it fall to the floor. His cock stiffened as she turned to face him in her provocative underwear. Tamara manoeuvred him around so that he had his back to the bed and she kissed him lustfully. She broke away and gazed at her adonis for a moment. She wanted him badly and she knew that she must stay assertive and confident.

“Take your off jacket and trousers and lie down on the bed. I’ll do the rest.”

He did as she instructed. She removed her panties and straddled him. Then she pulled his briefs down and massaged his cock. He was soon hard and she wasted no time in mounting him and fucking him whilst staring into his beautiful eyes. She pinned his wrists down by the side of his head and felt a deep surge of erotic power as she took him in a manner that implied he had had no choice. She was buzzing at the thought of being able to seduce and ravage one of the most gorgeous men she had ever set eyes on.

She gave him an energetic fucking during which she came several times and he advanced gradually to a gasping orgasm.

As he put his clothes back on she said.

“Come and kiss me one last time then go, and make sure that my partner sees you back at your desk.”

He gave her a sumptuous kiss.

“You’re very well trained James. Does the mask ever slip?”

James smiled, gave an almost imperceptible bow and left the room.

Jack had seen the concierge return to the lobby looking slightly flushed. He returned to their room without delay.

“What’s been going on in here? I’ve just seen the concierge leave looking very shift,.” he said in mock indignation.

“Oh Jack, I’m sorry I’ve been unforgivably naughty.”

“What have you done Tamara.”

“I seduced him and fucked him here in our room.”

A familiar routine of dressing gown cords, spanking and punishment fucking commenced. When Tamara had been sufficiently ‘punished’ they switched roles. She tied Jack to the bed and teased and tormented his cock until he agreed that he was her obedient sex toy. She brought him to the verge of orgasm many times with her fingers, mouth and cunt. She made sure it took some time to extract his surrender.


The following Wednesday evening, Jed was out with his university colleagues so Alena invited Tamara over. Still good friends and colleagues as well as lovers, they fucked enthusiastically and came to the conclusion that they didn’t do it often enough. Afterwards, as they lay together, Tamara told Alena all about her weekend in Birmingham with Jack. Alena was aroused by Tamara’s description of fucking the concierge and she craved one last fingering before Tamara left.

Alena hadn’t told Jed about her affair with Tamara, she didn’t want him trying to muscle in and spoil things for her. She was hoping that he would get a job that he had applied for at a kaçak iddaa northern university so that he would be away during the week, leaving the coast clear for her and Tamara.


The dark evenings closed in and the Autumn term drew to a close on the last Friday before Christmas Day. Tamara was keen to get home smartly because she had an appointment with Mark, her chiropodist, at 4.30 pm. Jack was out for the evening with his work colleagues. Tamara and Mark performed their now ritual sex act with Mark giving as much care and attention to Tamara’s stockings and heels as he did to her feet. Following which, he gave attention to her cunt with his cock.

By Monday morning, Tamara was becoming anxious about Davenport’s threat to ‘send’ for her. She had realised that the lieutenant knew that she was a teacher and would be on holiday over the Christmas period. Christmas Day was three days away so she decided to go into town on her own to do some Christmas shopping.

Tamara wore a red jumper with a short, predominantly black, tartan skirt under her long dark grey coat. Her black ankle boots and opaque black stockings completed the alluring look. Her stockings were clipped to a purple suspender belt which matched her bra and panties. As she pulled on the purple underwear, she hoped that Davenport would make her move today so that she could relax for the rest of the holiday.

After a couple of hours shopping, buying a few last minute items, she decided to rest her legs with a cup of tea in Debenhams store cafe. She was beginning to wonder whether Davenport had been serious about sending for her. The cafe wasn’t full but as she was finishing her tea a very smartly dressed woman of about her age asked if she would mind sharing the table. The woman was attractive, shapely and wore an expensive pin striped business suit.

“Yes, of course, I’ll be on my way soon so you’ll have it to yourself.”

“Thank you, but please don’t rush away on my account,” she said as she put down her brief case with a sigh and took her seat.

“Hard day?” asked Tamara.

“I’ll say, nothing has gone right in court today.”

“Oh, you’re a solicitor? Which area of law are you in?”

“Corporate mostly but I also do some work for the regiment based out at the barracks,” she said as their eyes met.

Tamara’s heart missed a beat and she flushed a little and looked away.


“Yes, I help straighten out problems with potentially difficult neighbours. You know the sort of thing, local pubs, farmers and various sundry trespassers.”

Now Tamara’s head was in a spin, this couldn’t be a coincidence. Her worst fears were confirmed when the solicitor took out her business card with her home address written on the back and said.

“One of my most influential clients is currently at this address. She wants to see you now. Go and get into your car and drive there immediately. Failure to comply with this instruction will have serious consequences for you.”

Tamara felt uncomfortable and intimidated as the woman rose from her seat and looked her over rather salaciously.

“Mmmm, I can see why Lucinda is so keen.”

‘Lucinda’ thought Tamara, must be the lieutenant’s first name?

The woman left and Tamara sat stunned for a few moments. Then she looked at the address, she realised that she would pass the house on the way home. She hurried off to her car and drove to the solicitor’s house with no little trepidation. It was a large imposing double fronted house.

The doorbell rang and, sure enough, the solicitor answered. She now had on just her spotless white shirt and her pin striped pencil skirt which finished about four inches above the knee. She also wore black high heels and nude stockings, Tamara had noticed the suspender clips when she’d bent over to put down her brief case at her table in the cafe.

“Come in, give me your coat and go through into the lounge just there on the right, Captain Davenport is waiting for you.”

“Captain,” thought Tamara as she stepped into the room, “she’s been promoted.”

“Well well, my slut has come to play with me.”

“H-how did you know where I was today?”

By then, the solicitor had joined them.

“A private detective owed me a favour, an attractive woman like you is easy to follow. I wish I’d been doing it myself now.”

“Okay, hold your horses Andrea, you’ll get your chance soon enough,” said Davenport.

“You look good enough to eat slut but it’s you that’s going to do the eating today.”

“Take off your jumper and skirt and come over here,” said Davenport patting the large sofa seat next to her.

Tamara did as she was told. Davenport leaned into her and massaged her pussy through her panties. Tamara’s juices began to flow.

“Purple, you remembered slut. My my, they’re already wet. I’ll take them now.”

Tamara took off her panties and handed them to the lieutenant.

“Bind her Andrea, hands behind her back.”

Tamara was bound by the solicitor. kaçak bahis Davenport sat in a single seater chair opposite the sofa. She was in uniform again, she pulled up her skirt to reveal her stocking clad thighs but she wasn’t wearing panties.

She fixed Tamara with an intimidating stare and said, “Come and eat my cunt bitch.”

Tamara, hands bound behind her got on her knees and put her face between the lieutenant’s legs. She knew she was very good at this, even with her hands tied. She brought Davenport close to orgasm several times before finishing her off spectacularly.

“Fuck Lucinda, I’ve rarely seen you come like that, she must be good. Are you going to share her with me?”

“She’s very good, especially when she’s being naughty. She’s all yours Andrea.”

“I can’t wait, I’m half way there already. Come along Lucinda’s bitch, I want a fucking good licking from you.”

The solicitor took off her skirt, panties and shirt, replaced Davenport on the chair and opened her shapely legs to reveal her shaved pussy. Tamara treated her to a delicious orgasm and she thrust her hips up into her face as she came. The lieutenant sat playing with herself on the large sofa whist she watched her friend get fucked by Tamara’s mouth and tongue.

“Leave us now please Andrea, I want some time alone with my cute little slut.”

The solicitor gave Davenport a luscious kiss and left the room. Davenport led Tamara over to the large sofa. She made her lie on her back, still with her hands tied, then she pulled a large strap on cock out of her satchel and gave Tamara a predatory look. She stripped to her stockings, suspenders and heels and fitted the cock to herself. Finally she donned her military cap. By now, Tamara’s cunt was wet and twitching in anticipation.

“It’s your lucky day bitch, I’ll bet you’ve fantasised about this? Well? Tell your mistress the truth.”

“Yes,” was all Tamara could manage.

“Yes what bitch?”

“Yes ma’am.”

She almost came as the cock slid into her hole. Davenport’s satchel had been next to a radiator. The cock was warm and wonderful and filled her cunt. It was just as Tamara had fantasied many times, the glorious amazon in her peaked cap fucking her to delirium with her hands tied behind her back. Davenport had a superb technique, she stroked the cock in and out with supple movements of her hips, Tamara was driven wild.

“Oh fuck me mistress, please fuck me hard.”

“Good slut, clever little slut, come for your mistress.”

Tamara had a ferocious orgasm and Davenport had to hold on to her to avoid being tipped on to the floor.

“My you are a gorgeous little fuck bunny, it’s a shame I can’t take you with me.”

She removed the strap on and untied Tamara’s hands.

“Suck my tits now slut and bring me with your fingers”

As she obeyed her instructions, Tamara wondered what the lieutenant had meant about taking her with her. She found Davenport’s g-spot and brought her three times in a fifteen minute spell. She was beginning to feel that she was in control but Davenport put her in her place by demanding that she go down on her pussy again. Davenport came again and her appetite was sated.

She let Tamara get up and sit next to her, her smile was almost friendly.

“Do I turn you on?” Said the lieutenant

“Yes ma’am.”

“How much do I turn you on.”

“A lot ma’am.”

“And do I scare you.”

“Yes ma’am, but I’ll never tell anyone about…”

“You’ve no need to worry about that now, I’ve been promoted and posted overseas, we won’t meet again, much to my regret. You’re an obedient little bitch and a excellent fuck but I’m releasing you now, I have no more use for you. Go, and think of me when your partner Jack or your girlfriend Alena is making you come.”

“Oh, and there is no incriminating video, there never was you silly fuck bitch.”

Tamara dressed quickly and felt foolish when she caught herself saying.

“Bye and good luck in your new position.”

She felt a mixture of relief and regret. She was to be no one’s bitch now but her thoughts turned to Danita and how she was going to enjoy developing her domination of her sexy young cleaner. But she was still slightly spooked by Lucinda Davenport and how much she knew about her personal life. She was also angry with her for being lied to about the video which had left her feeling naive and foolish. She wouldn’t forget the Captain in a hurry.


With Davenport no longer hanging over her head and pussy, Tamara was able to enjoy the Christmas break. School term didn’t start until the 5th January so she was able to arrange for Alena to visit her during the last week of the holidays. Jack was delighted to hear of the visit until Tamara explained that she wanted Alena to herself this time. She’d bought a double ended dildo to try out with her girlfriend. She sent a disappointed Jack out for the day.

The dildo was a considerable success, Tamara and Alena were able to fondle each others breasts whilst grinding into each other’s cunts. They laughed with mild embarrassment when they first inserted it carefully into their vaginas but, very soon, the laughter gave way to gasps and moans of pleasure.

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