Talk To You After Class

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Jake briefly allowed his eyes to wander away from the front of the classroom to the clock mounted on the wall above the door, in order to check the time before bringing them back to rest upon the teacher for his twelfth grade English course. Ms. McPhillips, who at the time was involved in an animate discussion about Edgar Allen Poe’s El Dorado with one of the other students in the class, was easily his favourite teacher. Not only because she always treated her students as adults, but also because she was easily one of the most attractive women he had ever met. She had large breasts, which sat in their perky beauty above a flat stomach, hips that gave her a wonderful hour glass figure, a fantastic ass which was neither big, nor small, and a pair of glorious long legs which at the moment were revealed from the lower calf down by a black skirt. Her heart shaped face was accented by a pair of full red lips, and two crystalline blue eyes. Her hair, which was a light brown and cut into a pixie cut, was at all times was simultaneously messy and styled. Suffice to say she was the focus of majority of the fantasies his eighteen year old mind churned out.

His reverie however was interrupted by a sharp jab to the ribs by the girl sitting to his right, “if you stare at Ms. McPhillips any harder she’s going to notice, and kick you out” she joked in a not-to-quiet voice, which caused Jake to blush furiously and look at the floor as several of the nearby students started snickering. Mary had been his friend since middle school, and he had always thought she was attractive, though not quite as attractive as Ms. McPhillips, Jake had also always harbored the suspicion that she greatly enjoyed embarrassing him. He was however saved from more embarrassment, as at that moment the bell signaling the end of the school day rang, and the classroom was enveloped in the loud noises of students packing their belongings and chatting loudly to each other.

Jake was already deeply involved with packing his bags and cultivating the beginnings of a fantasy involving Ms. McPhillips and Mary when he was shocked out of his reverie by a light touch on his arm, and the voice of his teacher. “I’d like to speak with you for a few minutes before you go if that’s alright Jake” she asked, stepping up beside him.

“Uh, sure I can stay for a few minutes” replied Jake, as he shot a quick glance at the door, just in time to catch a glimpse of Mary’s bag going through it before it closed shut, leaving him and his English teacher in the room alone, a fact which did not go by unnoticed by Jake.

“I’ve noticed you seem to have a hard time keeping your attention focused on the matters at hand during class times Jake. You seem distracted, what exactly is it that is distracting you?” She asked, her voice, he noted shook slightly as she spoke, and her breasts were rising and falling quite noticeably beneath her purple satin button up. He also noticed that she hadn’t moved away after touching him on bahis firmaları the arm.

“Well, I… Uh…” He began, before she cut him off.

“I know that you’re spending you’re time watching me, instead of paying attention Jake.” She said, with a smile, cutting him off mid sentence, while at the same time, stepping even closer to him. At this point she began to grow visibly bolder, and barely paused before continuing “What is it that you like about me Jake? What specifically?” she asked.

“Ms. McPhillips I… uh… well…” Jake continued awkwardly, unsure how to act now that he was fairly sure he was about to have one of his most played out fantasies come true.

“Call me Ruth” She said, the smile never leaving her lips, as she stepped forward once again, so close now that her ample breasts pushed up against his chest. “Is it my tits that hold you so enthralled?” She asked. Her mint scented breath filling his nostrils. “Or maybe it’s my ass that fuels your fantasies” She finished, while simultaneously grabbing hold of his hands and sliding them over her hips and onto her two cheeks, which rested in their muscular perfection, just beneath the thin fabric of her skirt.

It was at this point that Jake’s mind went blank, and he leaned forward pressing his mouth against the juicy redness that was his teacher’s lips. He watched her eyes widen slightly, and then close as she began to kiss him back, her lips sliding across his, while his hands gripped her firm ass, and she brought her arms around his shoulders. He lightly bit her bottom lip, and was rewarded with a soft moan and a renewed fury from Ruth. He felt her tongue dart into his mouth and returned the favour, eagerly sliding his own over her lips and tongue.

Their kiss continued for several minutes before Ruth pulled her mouth away and leaned her head back to give him access to her neck, which he immediately began to kiss and nibble, her soft skin sliding across his lips. “Ohh” Ruth moaned quietly, “I’ve always wanted to do it at a workplace” she continued, stepping away from him while undoing her top, and revealing her breasts which were contained within a dark green bra, which she immediately removed without taking off her top. “Don’t want to get too naked, we are in a public place after all” she said, stepping forward once again and wrapping her arms around his shoulders once more.

“Yeah” was all that Jake managed to get out before his teacher planted her full lips on his mouth and they began to make out once more. The kiss however didn’t last as long this time, as after a few moments Jake broke it off, and began kissing his teacher’s neck, while sliding one hand up her side from her ass, to cup one of her large breasts tightly. His thumb stroking at her dollar sized pink nipple which was standing at full attention. “Yess, like that, Ohh” She began to moan, her hands gripping onto his shoulders tighter, as Jake’s lips reached her collarbone, and he dragged his tongue slowly along kaçak iddaa it, and then down into the crevice of her cleavage. He could feel both of her breasts pushing against his cheeks, as her deep ragged breaths made them rub across his face.

From her cleavage, he began to kiss down, onto her ribs and then back up onto the bottom of her breast, which he began to kiss and nibble while continuing to work in circles towards the hard nipple, which so ached for attention. With each orbit his lips came closer and closer until he pressed them against the flesh of her nipple, and drawing it into his mouth, began to suck and flicker his tongue across it, drawing more and more gasps and quiet moans from Ruth.

After a few minutes Ruth pulled her breasts from him, and bringing his face back up to hers she began to kiss him again, her tongue darting into his mouth and feeling around. While she did this her hands went from his shoulders to his jeans, which she quickly undid. Pulling them apart with fingers shaking from her lust she thrust her hand into his boxers, grasped his dick and began to stroke it, each movement drawing a breath from him. “I feel like I’m a teen again, sneaking time like this” She said with a huge smile, before pushing him up against a desk and getting down on her knees so that his dick was in her face. She then slowly, teasingly leaned forward and starting with the base began to lick her way up to the head of his dick, drawing with her a slow repressed moan from Jake. When she reached the top of his dick she wrapped her lips around it and began to suck while sliding her mouth up and down its shaft. He could feel the wet heat of her mouth as it engulfed his dick, and the tickling flicker of her tongue as she masterfully worked it over his engorged member, while simultaneously massaging his balls.

He stared down at the top of her head and her tits as they bounced up and down below him. All the while he could feel the pressure building as he got closer and closer to cumming. It wasn’t until she looked up and her penetrating blue eyes locked with his, while her cheeks sucked in around his dick and her mouth continued to work it that he went over the edge, moaning and gasping he started to climax, shooting thick ropes of cum into her mouth, he grabbed the back of her head to keep her going while her mouth rode his dick through his orgasm, swallowing down the cum as it fired into her throat.

After he had finished Ruth stood up and panting, wiped her mouth off on the back of her hand. “That was just to make sure you last through the next part, were not done yet” she said, slightly out of breath, while grabbing him by the shoulders and pushing his exhausted body into the chair at his desk. After which she stepped forward, hiked up her skirt to reveal a silky green thong which matched the bra she had discarded earlier. “I always feel dirtier when their just pulled to the side, than if their off” she whispered in his ear, leaning forward, providing kaçak bahis Jake with a wonderful view of her tits hanging in front of his face, and her thighs spread as she stood above him. She then reached down and pulling her thong to the side to reveal a smooth shaved wet pussy, slowly lowered herself onto his still hard dick.

Her tight pussy provided some resistance before sliding wetly over his cock, which then buried itself all the way up to his balls in her pussy. Ruth then began to ride him, her body rising up and down on top of his, while her breath came in increasingly more ragged gasps and moans which she visibly tried to keep quiet began to escape her mouth. Jake could feel his teacher’s smooth tight pussy running itself up and down his cock and see her tight muscular thighs on his. He slid his hands onto her ass and squeezed it hard while she moaned and gasped into his ear, whispering “Oh fuck, that feels so good. I just want to ride your cock all day.”

He then grabbed her by the waist, and lifted her off his cock saying “I want to fuck you on your desk”.

“Ok” Ruth responded eagerly, and quickly hurried over to her desk, which she then leaned over, sticking her ass in the air, waiting for him. She didn’t have to wait long as Jake quickly came up behind her and grabbing her skirt which was bunched up around her waist and ass, began to slowly, teasingly push his dick into her pussy from behind. “Ohh, that feels good. ” She moaned, while pushing back up against his dick in an attempt to drive it further into her wet wanting pussy. Jake immediately obliged and began to fuck his teacher as she bent over her desk, her bare tits rubbing against the polished wood, sending shocks of pleasure through the rest of her body.

With every thrust Jake could feel himself getting closer to cumming, and he began to run his hands over her ass, sliding his fingers across her muscular cheeks while they both moaned and gasped, in time to the sounds of his dick driving into her.

As Jake slid his hands over her ass his one finger slid farther than he intend and rubbed against her tight ass hole, an act which elicited a surprised gasp, and moan from Ruth, which encouraged him to slide his finger down to her pussy, where he could feel his dick slick with her juices driving in and out. Gathering some he slid his finger back up the couple centimeters to her ass and with the added lubricant began to rub the puckered rosebud. “Oh, yeah keep doing that. It’s so dirty” Ruth moaned in response to this new sensation, which drove Jake over the edge, cumming he began to moan and grip his teachers ass, pushing the finger he had been rubbing on her into her tight hole, which drove her over the edge. Ruth’s back arched as she started to cum, her tits framed by her open shirt as she moaned and gasped through her orgasm, which made her whole body shudder, their sweaty bodies pressing together in their shared climax.

Several minutes later they pulled away from each other, and panting began to put their clothes back in order. Ruth smiled up at Jake from where she was sitting on her desk and said “That was fantastic Jake. I think I need to speak to you again after school on Monday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32