Tales from the Hinterlands – Vol. 01

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Pale light pours through the cracks in the curtains of a cosy tavern bedroom. It’s a late winter morning, a few hours after sunrise, and the town of Edelmarsch is bustling with workers, merchants, and various others going about their business. The bedroom is decorated in typical Hinterlands fashion, cobbled-stone walls and wood-plank flooring draped in a magnitude of furs and patterned rugs, to ward off the creeping cold. The ashes of a burnt-out fire sit in a fireplace beside the large bed.

With a yawn, one of the bed’s two occupants pushes back the heavy bedcovers, and sits on the edge of the mattress. He’s human, his skin a rather fair complexion, with pale brown freckles that dot his wide shoulders, muscled torso, and his slim hips. A smattering of blond hairs grow across his broad chest, trailing down his lean stomach. He stretches, pulling his muscled arms above his head, before standing.

Despite the chilly air, he’s wearing a thong- a skimpy item of soft purple fabric that hugs his slender hips. His thighs are thickset and muscled, as well as his legs, but all the focus of any onlooker would be drawn towards his rear end; monumentally large, his two giant, round asscheeks are plush with muscle. As he walks over to the fireplace, his large behind bounces and flexes obscenely, left uncovered by his thong.

He tosses a few logs into the fire, and collects a tinderbox from the mantel. His eyebrows furrow in concentration as he works, his plump lips pursed as the logs refuse to light. His face is decidedly masculine, with handsome cheekbones and a square jaw, brushed with blond stubble. He runs a hand through his short, golden hair as he shivers.

After a minute or so of fiddling with a tinder box, a spark catches and the logs in the fireplace begin to crackle with heat. The figure turns back to the bed, taking in the view of it’s second occupant.

A massive, musclebound orc, barely able to fit in the queen sized bed, lies nude atop the fur covers, his monstrously large manhood slightly erect and leaking precum onto his inner thigh. He’s ridiculously large, muscles bulging beneath his olive-green skin, which is decorated with several scars. Thick black body hair covers his beefy chest, as well as a large bush of pubes above his groin.

He lets out a gruff snore. His face is broad, with two heavy-looking tusks emerging from both corners of his mouth. His black, coarse hair is cropped short, and dotted with silvery greys- similar to his short, well-kept beard, which covers his wide jaw, chin, and upper lip. Even asleep, his brow is stern and severe, his face worn slightly by age.

“Kurdan, how you’ve not frozen to death yet, I’ll never figure out.” The first man remarks, a smile tilting up the corners of his stubbled mouth. With a devious tilt of his eyebrow, he snatches a pillow from the bed and throws it full force. It hits the orc with a soft smack, and bounces onto the floor. With his eyes still welded shut, the large orc shifts, his voice still rough and husky from sleep.

“It must be your warm personality, brat.” He grumbles as he begins to stir. With a sigh he reluctantly moves from atop the furs, getting up from the bed. He cracks his knuckles, his back, and finally, his neck, before turning to the young human.

“I could say the same to you, lad.” He grunts, gesturing a thick finger towards the his sheer purple underwear. “But now ya’ mention it, I am very cold…”

He crosses the small bedroom in a few strides, and pulls the young man towards him by his hips, pressing his hardening cock up against the boy’s bare midriff.

“Be a good lad, Gareth, and warm me up.”

His large hands roam further, groping and fondling the lad’s asscheeks between his calloused fingers. Gareth bites his lip as he looks up at the orc with a grin.

“Sure thing, old man.”

He rubs his hands along the older male’s muscular midriff, going lower and lower until he’s gripping his giant cock between his fingers. With practised ease, he falls to his knees gently, leaning forwards and wrapping his warm, wet mouth around the head of Kurdan’s thick orcish manhood.

“Fuck, boy…” The orc mutters as Gareth nurses the bulging cockhead between his lips, eagerly lapping up the musky precum as it drips onto his tongue. He looks up at Kurdan as he sinks further down, taking several more inches of meaty orcish cock into his mouth. His hands reach out and begin to fondle the orc’s fat balls, tugging and cupping them just the way he knows Kurdan likes it. He’s rewarded with a squirt of precum for his efforts, and he groans in delight as he slurps on the girthy length before him.

“Don’t blame me when you can’t talk with that employer you have lined up for for us.” The orc declares fondly as he grabs a big handful of the boy’s blond hair. Gareth’s pink lips are stretched wide around his shaft as Kurdan’s strong grip forces his partner deeper. Thick precum mixes and bubbles with the bottom’s saliva, and the fluid begins to wetly drip down his chin.

“Think bahis şirketleri you’re going to beat your record today?” Kurdan teases as Gareth’s throat is visibly stretched by the first few fat inches of green cockmeat. “Huh, slut?”

A loud groan splits the room as the smaller male fondles the orc’s heavy ballsack.

“That impatient for your morning breakfast?” He teases.”Or maybe, you’re hoping for something a bit more filling?”

The lad’s slim tongue continues to dance along his shaft, tracing the pulsing veins that web across his skin. The fat head of Kurdan’s meaty orcish cock blocks much of the air the younger man needs, causing him to have to breathe heavily through his nose as his throat is taken roughly.

Spurred on by the older male’s remarks, Gareth impales himself even further onto Kurdan’s girthy bitch-breaker. He gags slightly as the orc’s bulbous cockhead slides down his throat, but after a few seconds of breathing through his nose, the younger male recovers. Slowly, he begins to bob up and down, filling the bedroom with wet, lurid sounds as he deepthroats the orc’s massive green cock. Kurdan strokes the young man’s head encouragingly, grunting in satisfaction as the young slut services him. With a slight tilt of his head, he can see that Gareth is rock hard, tenting the front of his thong with his little prick, a wet patch forming in the rich purple fabric. And yet, the young male focuses his full attention on the cock before him, throating it with such delirious pleasure that his eyes begin to roll back into his head. His throat makes a great many wet sounds as he takes Kurdan’s monstrous cock like a pro. Gareth has reached the hardest part, as his throat feels full to busting, the last few inches still eluding his lips. Musky orc pubes tickle his nose.

“Is today the day you’ll finally take me all the way?” Kurdan mocks. “My balls are full enough to breed both of your holes, if you need some encouragement. Now be a good boy and hold on tight”

With his warning given, the orc demands the human throat submit, his weighty cock ground deeper than ever before. His rough hands hold Gareth’s skull in a vice-grip as the boy’s struggling body is given no choice but to accept more meat down his hole. The human’s eyes begin to roll and water as tears drip down his masculine features. His pink throat flutters and constricts as it futilely attempts to save itself from further intrusion.

Gareth drops his hands from the orc’s heavy, sloshing balls and grabs ahold of Kurdan’s muscular thighs to support himself. The orc’s fat fuckmeat throbs delightfully against his mouth, pulsating hotly as precum sprays down his defenceless throat. Taking a deep breath of the older man’s intoxicating musk through his nose, the young slut relaxes his throat muscles, allowing those last few inches of green, girthy cock to slide satisfyingly down his gullet.

“Heh… shit, boy…” Kurdan lets out a snicker at the sight of the young man on his knees before him, mouth and throat stuffed to the brim with orcish cock. Gareth moans deliriously like a cock-drunk slut, eyes blown-out with pleasure. Kurdan grins down at the human slut as he grinds the boys nose into his pubes.

“Take a nice deep whiff, bitch. Hell of a reward for your magical throat, huh?” He crudely praises. After giving the human a few more moments with his throat wrapped tightly around his girth, he pulls the younger man’s head back.


The boy’s tight throat gives a wet complaint as inches of fat, dripping orc meat are freed from his greedy hole.

“Brace yourself boy. I ain’t stopping until this throat-” He playfully pats Gareth’s neck. “-Is knocked up.”

Bringing the boy’s skull back towards his groin, the orc thrusts his hips forward.

“Fu-uck… take it, you little slut. Gag on this fat fucking cock.”

The bedroom is filled with the wet sounds of their animalistic breeding as a thick mixture of spit and precum streams from the corners of the young man’s mouth. His own hard prick bounces in his tight purple thong, Kurdan’s thrusts shaking his whole body.

“Give those balls you adore so much some love, boy.” The orc demands. The younger male can barely hear, blood pounding in his ears. He feels drunk on the taste of Kurdan’s cock, and the way his girthy shaft feels in his mouth, as his throat is dragged up and down the orc’s massive dick.

“Urghk… mmmmhhh… schluck…” Gareth manages to moan and gag around the fat cock stretching his throat out. He reaches out and grabs hold of Kurdan’s bulging ballsack, the giant, cum-filled orbs sloshing in anticipation. He tugs on them desperately, fondling them between both hands as he receives the most brutal throat fucking of his life. Desperate to cling on to at least a shred of his dignity and not be used as a passive cocksleeve, the young man begins using his tongue, curling it around the orc’s girthy length and feeling the thick veins pulsate against his wet flesh. Blinking the water from his eyes, bahis firmaları he looks up and makes eye contact with the older man as the he pistons his fat cock deep inside his throat. Kurdan meets Gareth’s eyes, and smirks.

“Ready for that throat pie, son?” He teases as the human looks up at him determined. Using his grip on the boy’s skull, he gives half a dozen more of his brutal thrusts before suddenly pulling Gareth’s mouth balls deep around his bulging cock once again.

With a deep groan he begins to cum. Within the young man’s hands, Kurdan’s monstrous balls pulse as an undoubtedly thick load is pumped up the orc’s shaft. Gareth’s eyes roll back into his head as the first hot jet of fertile orcish cum blasts it’s way down his throat, so far down the lad’s gullet that he has no choice but to gulp it down. Satisfaction flows throughout Gareth’s entire body as he swallows load after load of hot, virile orc semen. Kurdan’s pulsing cumvein throbs in a way that makes the boy groan like a slut as the older male pumps him full of seed, but excess cum still leaks from the corners of his mouth and down his chin, dripping onto the rug below.


With a grunt, Kurdan tugs the boy’s head back, pulling his dick from between his pink lips with a loud, wet pop. Still pulsating violently, the orc’s fat cock sprays another rope of alabaster cum, this time landing across the young man’s face. Gareth closes his eyes and opens his mouth wide, tongue out, ready to catch as much fertile orc cum as possible. Several more thick pumps of semen erupt from the orc’s plump cockhead, painting the boy’s forehead, nose, mouth, and chin with several heavy loads. The young man sits patiently on his knees, panting as he obediently swallows every rope of cum that lands on his outstretched tongue. Eventually, the orc stops shooting cum, his ejaculation reduced to a weak stream. The two take a moment to catch their breaths, the only sound in the room that of gasping for air.

“Heh. You should go down to our meeting like that.” Kurdan mocks as he stands above the panting human. Gareth’s face is absolutely covered in creamy white jizz as he grins up at the older male.

“Gods, what a big load…” The human replies, his voice distant and dreamy as he collects the semen from his face with his fingers and eats it. Kurdan looks down at his human lover with an expression of awe and lust. What a slut.

“Right!” The orc exclaims, kneeling down and wrapping his hands around his partner, manhandling the smaller male as he flips him, positioning Gareth so he’s hanging upside down, the boy’s ass towards his face. “Your turn!”

“Oh-” A small expression of surprise falls from the young man’s mouth as he’s held upside down. Kurdan leans his face forward, pulling aside the purple fabric of the lad’s thong with his teeth, tugging it free from where it was sandwiched between his plush, bubbly asscheeks. Gareth lets slip a quiet gasp as his puckered hole is exposed to the warm air of the bedroom.

One of the biggest mysteries of Kurdan’s life is the perky asshole of Gareth Halstirn. No matter how many times he wrecks the boy’s hole, pounding him deep and stretching out his slutty little backdoor, it bounces back, returning inevitably to it’s original form: a deceptively innocent tight pink pucker. If you were to show a stranger this hole, they would never be able to guess that it wrings gallons of orcish semen from a massive orc cock on a regular basis.

Not that he’s complaining. He pierces the young man’s rim with his large, flat tongue, causing Gareth to yelp as his insides are forced apart by Kurdan’s adventurous maw. Moans fall readily from boy’s lips at the thick, undulating tongue eating him out.

“Unhgg… ohhhh… daddy…” Gareth groans loudly and shamelessly as the orc tongue-fucks his ass. The musky taste and scent of Kurdan’s semen hangs like an intoxicating cloud over the boy’s head. He bucks his hips weakly, the older male’s large, wet tongue sliding in and around his pucker in a wet, sloppy rimming session. The young man’s prick squirts precum steadily, dripping onto Kurdan’s broad, hairy chest like a mountain spring.

“Ohhh, yes… lick my boypussy daddy… ohhh!” He begs in a breathy, high pitched voice. Kurdan is happy to obliege, tongue fucking the boy’s hole with even more fervour as he holds Gareth steady in his arms. The orc’s cock, still slick with saliva and cum, begins to harden again at the sound of his human lover’s sultry begging and moaning.

“Slut.” The orc remarks amusedly, before thrusting his tongue back into the lad’s silky depths. Dexterously, his wet appendage twists around, desiring to taste every inch of the boy’s tight hole. An idle flick of his long tongue brushes against Gareth’s most sensitive spot, ripping a moan from his lips and a heavy squirt of precum from his cock.

“Unnhhhh… umff…” The boy grunts, losing the ability to speak in words as Kurdan repeatedly pistons his strong, powerful tongue into his prostate. kaçak bahis siteleri The orc ramps up the pace, withdrawing his tongue and then pushing it back in, pulling back and licking Gareths pucker slowly, almost teasingly, before plunging back inside and ravaging his prostate, subjecting the sensitive inner spot to a punishing assault with his long tongue.

“Ohhh…” The younger male’s depraved sounds fill the room, alongside the slick, wet sounds of a vigorous tonguing. “Soooo good… ohhh yeah, daddyyyyy…”

Pulling his tongue from the pink boypussy before him, the orc grins.

“You’ve got some issues, brat.” He teases, a topic he’s long mocked the human for. Giving each perky asscheek a peck, he brings a hand up to the boys hole.

“You’re going to have problems getting downstairs after this.” He promises the smaller male, running his thick green thumb along the rim of the boy’s pucker, before sliding it inside. Gareth’s greedy hole eagerly sucks in the digit.

“I’m going to bury myself so deep inside of you that you’ll be leaking cum for weeks.” He teases crudely. “But that’s exactly how you like it. Isn’t it, lad?”

“Y-yes, daddy… ohhhh…”

Kurdan grins at the young man’s admission of guilt. He begins vigorously fingering the boy’s hole, hoping to loosen up the pucker that never seems to learn it’s lesson.

“One of these days it’ll take my shape if I keep pounding you like this, ya know?”

“Unfff… ohhh gods…” Gareth groans in response, his face flushing red with a tinge of shame. He kind of hates the way that the orc talks to him when he gets like this… but he also fucking loves it. Besides, the old bastard can say whatever he wants, as long as he keeps giving him fat loads, and eating him out just like that…

Kurdan’s thick fingers open up Gareth’s ass for a few more minutes, dragging a couple more obscenities from his lips whenever the bigger male grazes his prostate. Then, with a grunt, the orc takes ahold of the boy’s body and tosses him, flipping him onto the bed where he bounces on the covers, sending up a storm of thick cotton blankets, furs, and pillows.

When the storm settles, Gareth is lying on his back, legs in the air, asscheeks spread wide open and exposing his eager pucker. The boy jams a few fingers in his ass, almost as if he can’t bear the emptiness, pumping away into his hole as he looks over at the massive orc looming over the bed, cock fully erect once again.

“Come over here and breed this boypussy, daddy.”

“You boy, have a filthy mouth.” He smirks as he approaches, eyeing Gareth like a hunter, coming across an animal caught in one his traps. “And a very good way with words.”

Standing between Gareth’s legs, he lays his fat hog of a cock alongside the other male’s, leaving the boy’s pink prick looking tiny in comparison. Kurdan’s fat, dripping cockhead reaches the human’s bellybutton, both a threat and promise of what he’s about to do. He draws his shaft back to press the crown of his cock against the young man’s eager pucker.

“There we go…” He mutters as he splits Gareth’s ass open to rest his head within. The young human lets a loud, long, breathy moan slip from between his sticky, cum-drenched lips. Despite all the rimming and fingering, Kurdan’s turgid cockhead still stretches out his taut hole. His toes curl, and he spreads his legs wider, subconsciously allowing the hulking orc easier access to his boycunt.

“Good slut.” Kurdan mutters, grabbing ahold of the boy’s slender hips, leaning forward until the young male is almost completely in his shadow. His massive bitch-breaker slides in a few more inches, being swallowed by the boy’s greedy hole. The orc looks up at Gareth, grinning at the look of absolute submission on the young man’s handsome face, his plump, cocksucker’s lips parted as he lets out bitchy little groans.

Inch after inch of dark green bitch-breaker sink into Gareth’s tight ass. The boy’s twitching internals are forced to mould themselves around the girth pressing relentlessly against his inner walls. With his hands nearly gripping the entire width of Gareth’s hips, he forces himself deeper, relishing the sensation of the lad’s hot, silky insides shrink-wrapping around his throbbing cock. The boy being sodomized seems as happy as he’s ever been; high on orcish cock and cum, the young adventurer has a look of ecstasy on his face as he’s split like a log.

“You’re gonna take it all, lad.” Kurdan grunts. “So ya’ better loosen up for me.”

The boy’s spine curls. Deep, pleasurable groans slipping from his mouth, he takes several deep breaths, relaxing his anal muscles and allowing his orc daddy to go deeper. The bed creaks and groans under their combined weight as the orc slowly forces himself home, his fat ballsack finally meeting Gareth’s plush, pale asscheeks.

“Mmm… oohhhh…” Gareth moans, already breathing heavily. The orc’s full body weight is pressing up against his raised rear, sandwiching him between his orcish lover and the solid wooden headboard of the bed. His hips are already shaking, bolts of pleasure radiating from his ass at the sensation of Kurdan’s impossibly girthy shaft stretching his anal walls and pressing against his prostate, hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32