Taking Mommy’s Place Ep. 05

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If you haven’t read parts 1 – 4, you really should before you jump into this one.


I awakened the next morning and it hit me what I had done. Oh, sure, I already realized it, but I hadn’t dwelled on it. Usually, if something is bothering me, I have a hard time falling asleep. But I had been tired. After all, Dad and I had just gotten back from vacation, we had made love multiple times… and now Jeff, my brother, was home from college and I had allowed myself to do what I had always wanted to do, yet swore never to do – have sex with him.

If you haven’t read any of my accounts before, my name is Pam. At the time these events occurred I was 18 years old. My mother had gotten killed in an automobile accident on my 18th birthday. That fact is very germane to how and why these events happened. We were all in deep grief. My brother, much to my consternation, had refused to sit out a semester from college. That left me to deal with my Dad’s grief and my own. All this led to Dad and I comforting each other, and my grief-stricken notion that I should take my mother’s place, in every way. The first episodes of this saga explain all that. At the time of these events I was about 5-7, weighed around 120 lbs, had 34-C boobs that defied gravity (only on young women, right?), had brown, shoulder length hair, big brown eyes, and a slender waist. My butt was smallish, but firm, and my legs were slender, but muscled from running. In no way did I ever look like I had ever done any weight training, which I haven’t. I don’t like big muscles on girls, and since I’m a girl, I choose not to have them.

You can’t tell, from my writing, but I don’t like to brag about anything; however, since this is anonymous and is important to the story, I’ll just be honest: I was hot. I liked the way I looked. I like my boobs and hoped they wouldn’t get bigger. I liked my legs and hoped they wouldn’t get more muscular. I liked my body and hoped that I wouldn’t get fat. I knew that my face would always be attractive because I have good genes. The women on both sides of my family are attractive, even in their elderly years. So, overall, dear reader, I feel blessed, but I don’t take my blessings for granted.

What kind of mess had I gotten myself into? Sure, I knew in my heart that I was going to “fool around” with my brother. We had done that throughout our teen years, but we knew when and where to draw the line, and had done so. There had never been any fear, on my part, that Jeff would suddenly try to have sex with me. But after I gave my virginity (I almost wrote “lost” – HA!) to my father, I had a different paradigm. So did Jeff – he had recently had his first serious girlfriend and they had been having sex. So we were no longer virgins and the first time we did anything sexual together, we FUCKED. Well, I liked to think of it as “making love”, because we do love each other and it was very sensual and loving. It was, even to this day, the most emotionally charged sexual experience I have ever had – and that even includes when I first did it with Daddy. How often do you have sex and it’s so intense that it brings you to tears? I mean, it happens, but that first time with Jeff was phenomenal. It was the culmination of years of sexual foreplay between us; it was “make up sex” because we had been in a big fight; and it was the expression of our grief of losing our mother. All of these things combined to create a sexual stew, a perfect storm, that was indescribable and unrepeatable.

These thoughts ran through my head that morning. Were we going to continue to do that? If so, were we going to do it regularly? Did I need to get on birth control? I didn’t have that problem with Daddy because he had had a vasectomy. And speaking of Daddy, was sex with him going to stop? Did I want it to? Did he? Was I going to have sex with both of them on a regular basis? That thought made my body begin to tingle. If so, how? How could I juggle that? I didn’t like the idea of having sex with one of them while the other one was in the house, although Jeff and I had done naughty things with each other with our parents in the house all during our teen years. That would be pretty easy, if we were quiet and careful. But no way could I ever do anything with Dad when Jeff was around. And, dear reader, to save your wondering, no – I never had a threesome and I don’t even like the idea of that. Sorry, for those of you who thought I might go in that direction. No. I may like incest, but I’m not into group sex or most other perversions; I’m not into girls or animals or midgets – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

My mind was filled with all of these questions and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Well, that’s a lie – I did know what I WANTED to do, but I had been brought up to be a moral person. I had even believed that you should not have sex before marriage. I still believe that’s the best, but I can’t give any lectures on that, can I?

I was brought out of my reverie by the very pleasant smell of bacon and coffee. Jeff must bostancı escort bayan be cooking because it was well past time for Dad to be at work. I jumped out of bed dressed in my usual tee shirt and panties, used the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and headed downstairs. As I expected, Jeff was cooking – bacon, eggs, pancakes, coffee. YUM.

“Hey, Sis,” he said when he saw me. “Get some plates while these pancakes are hot.”

I did as he asked and helped him a bit. I kissed his cheek. “I love you!” I said happily. “Did you sleep well?”

He smiled. “Well, I thought about coming to your room, but I finally drifted off. So, yes, I slept pretty well.”

I looked at him dumbly. “Come to my room? For WHAT?” I asked incredulously. I chuckled.

“I think you borrowed a Trigonometry book that you didn’t return. I was wanting to read about the law of cosines,” he dead-panned as he served pancakes into our plates.

“Oh, yeah. Well, come get it anytime. You don’t have to knock. You can have it any time you want!” I smiled and put my arms around him.

“That’s what SHE SAID,” we said in unison and laughed.

Jeff turned the stove off and turned to kiss me. We kissed and looked into each other’s eyes. “I’m so happy we aren’t mad anymore,” I said.

We ate breakfast, did the dishes, and went for a run. When we got home, I headed for the shower. I soaped up with the eager expectation of Jeff joining me. I wasn’t disappointed. Within minutes, Jeff, gloriously naked and already at half-mast, pulled the shower curtain back and joined me. We soaped each other’s bodies and soon his cock was as hard as a hoe handle. I fucking loved it that way. It made my mouth water and it made my pussy drool.

I soaped his nuts, squatting to get a good view of his big, soapy nuts. I carefully rinsed his swollen cock and big nuts before kissing and sucking at them. I took his cock in my mouth, eagerly taking it deep, gagging myself.

“Fuck, Pammy, you’re incredible,” he moaned.

“You taught me how to do this,” I gasped. “And I love it. I want you to fuck my throat, but I can’t get at the right angle here.” I stood, and we tongue-kissed, running our hands over each other’s bodies.

We dried off and headed for my bed. I lay back, spreading my legs wide in eager welcome of my big brother. I was ready for anything. I was horny and hot and wet and eager. All thoughts of what we should or should not do were shoved aside. I wasn’t even trying to rationalize. My brother’s hot body was available and I was going to take advantage. I couldn’t wait.

He lay between my legs, his body covering mine as he kissed my mouth again. Then he kissed my ears, my throat, the tops of my breasts. FUCK, he knew how to tantalize me. My body was humming and it was all I could do to keep from begging him to fuck me. But I knew that, whatever he did, it would be well worth the teasing and the foreplay. He was kissing and sucking at my throat, not hard enough to leave a hickie, but just enough to make me tingle.

Then he grasped my breasts gently and massaged them tenderly. He knew just how to do it. Sometimes they were sore, depending on the time of month, but he knew I would give him whatever cues he needed to maximize my pleasure. He was all about giving me pleasure – and why not? He knew that I was going to pleasure him – I always had. I had always been thrilled to make him feel good, eagerly giving him hand jobs or blow jobs, or letting him see and touch my body. Whatever he wanted was what his little sister had always given him.

Then, looking into my eyes to see the pleasure that he knew he was giving me, he sucked my nipples while he held my breasts in his hands. FUCK. He knew, full well, how I loved that. He knew that, when he licked and sucked my nipples, that my body was his, to do as he pleased. He squeezed my breasts together so that he could move his head rapidly, back and forth, licking both nipples. Every few seconds, he would take one of my nipples between his teeth and bite it, ever so gently. FUCK!

“Does this feel good, Little Sister?” he grinned.

“Fuck, Jeff! It feels so good I can’t stand it! You are so good!” I enthusiastically proclaimed.

“Know what I’m going to do to you, Pammy?” he asked, lecherously.

“Make love to me, I hope!” (Why be coy, right?)

“Maybe,” he said, thoughtfully. “I was thinking that, since I’ve just washed you so thoroughly, that I might give you a tongue bath! Would you like that?”

“Yes, do that!” I replied, my mind reeling and my breath coming in great gasps. I was so turned on!

“Well, you have to ask nicely…” he said, mockingly.

“I’m fucking willing to beg!” I gasped as he continued to suckle my nipples.

He stood. “Here, hang your head over the edge of the bed,” he commanded.

I lay sideways on the bed with my head hanging off the side. He straddled my face, with his nuts hanging in my open mouth. I was salivating copiously as I laved at his hairy nuts with my ümraniye escort tongue and sucked at them gently. I was as careful as I could be, knowing that, if I were too eager, that I tended to suck them too hard. But he had taught me well. I knew what I was doing.

“Fuck, you haven’t done this for me in a long time, Pammy!” he commented as he squatted over my face. “You could make me cum just doing this!” I pushed his nuts apart with my tongue and sucked between them. “Fuck that’s good, Sis!”

He stood and I allowed my head to hang lower. He took his cock in his hand and started feeding it into my mouth. It had taken a long time for me to learn to do this, and even longer for me to learn to like it, but now the very thought of it turned me on. As he fed his big, thick, wet cock into my mouth, I adjusted so that he could push it down my throat. Tears came into my eyes, as they always did, as I fought the gag reflex. He paused, knowing that he should not move at this stage or I might get too choked to be able to continue.

He reached forward, tweaking my nipples, then gently stroked my tummy. I reached and grasped one of his buttocks, the signal for him to proceed. He very, very slowly fed his cock deeper into my throat. (I’m not going to lie and say that this is a physically pleasurable feeling, but knowing what I am doing is an extreme turn on.) Then he was in as deep as possible. I needed to breathe and felt like I would pass out, but I loved knowing that I had his cock all the way into my throat. I pushed against him and he quickly withdrew, giving me a chance to breathe.

I quickly swiveled around and, noticing a look of slight disappointment on his face, I motioned for him to lay down. I crawled between his legs and took the head of his cock into my mouth, eagerly bathing it with my tongue. I had so much saliva that it was leaking out the corners of my mouth and trickling off my chin. I didn’t give a shit. I looked into his face, which was a mask of pure pleasure, as I took his cock deeper into my mouth and then, with very little problem, into my throat. I swallowed him. My nose was against his body, my brother’s thick, manly cock buried deep into my mouth and throat. I loved this. I didn’t care whether I could breathe or not.

“Ohhhhh,” he groaned. “My little sister is a naughty girl,” he gasped as I raised up, allowing his cock out of my slutty mouth as I gasped for air.

I was too breathless to talk. I crawled up his body until I straddled his face. I grabbed extra pillows to prop his head up, as he grasped my ass and pulled my wetness into his mouth. He sucked at my wet pussy, fucking it with his tongue. Then he licked and sucked my clit. I moaned and rotated my hips, fucking his face.

I re-positioned, so that I was directly above his head and sat down on his face, my saturated pussy hunching against his mouth and nose. I fucked his face. “Eat me, baby. It’s been too fucking long!” I whimpered. “Show your little sister how naughty you can be, Big Brother!”

With that, he practically lifted me and flipped me over. My ass was on the edge of the bed, my legs open. He was kneeling between my legs, pushed my legs back until my thighs were nearly touching my breasts, my legs wide apart. He feasted on my pussy, driving me crazy. With the position I was in, I couldn’t gain much leverage with which to push myself at him, but his face was buried between my legs. Looking down at him, it looked for all the world as if he were literally EATING me. He was licking and sucking me so perfectly and so deliciously!

He looked up at my face, his face covered with my wetness. “You like naughty, Little Sister?” he grinned.

“Yessssss… don’t fucking stop. You’re so fucking naughty – eating your own sister’s pussy!”

“How naughty do you like it, Little Sister?” he leered.

“Please?” I wailed. “Please make me cum.”

“I need to know how naughty you want your brother to be,” he teased.

I looked at him. What did he want me to say? “I like it naughty. You can’t be too naughty for me, Big Brother!” I proclaimed.

He returned to his ministrations, but then began to lick lower. What? Was he really going to…? He paused and I could seem him regarding my asshole. Then he leaned forward and very tentatively licked it. It tickled, and certainly wasn’t unpleasant. This wasn’t something he had done before. He had touched me there, usually unintentionally, but not always. I had never thought I really wanted that, but I wasn’t in any position to argue at that moment.

He pushed his tongue harder and I opened my legs wider. I could feel his tongue digging into my asshole. As always, I trusted him and was eager to see how this new experiment would go. Then I could feel his saliva on my asshole as he became less tentative.

He pushed his face tightly into my ass and licked my asshole wetly, fucking it with his tongue. “Oh, Jeffy, that feels good. It feels REALLY GOOD!” I cried. He became more voracious. He pulled my legs further apart escort kartal and inserted his tongue into my asshole as deep as he possibly could.

He continued to do this, but then reached up and played with my pussy. He rubbed my clit and inserted two fingers into my pussy. Then he stopped, and stood.

His cock was actually dripping! I grasped it and stroked it. I leaned up and kissed it. “I want it,” I begged. “Please, give it to me, Big Brother. Please fuck your little sister!” I said in my most teasing voice.

I spread my legs, welcoming him. He lay between my legs, allowing me to grasp his cock and guide it into me. We were both so wet that it slipped in easily. I could feel every delicious inch of it as he pushed it slowly into me until he was in me all the way to the root. My legs wrapped around him, my heels on his ass. He fucked me. Slowly, without words. We gazed into each other’s faces, occasionally kissing, but mostly just looking into each other’s eyes. It was exquisite. Every nerve ending in my body eagerly engaged in our incestuous mating.

He alternately kissed my face and sucked and licked at my throat and breasts as he thrust himself into me over and over and over and over, driving me insane with the need to cum. “Jeffy, it’s so goood! Fuck me deep! Oh, baby, just like THAT. Fuck, you’re doing it just right! Oh, fuck, sweet brother, you’re perfect! I love you!”

“Little Sister,” he gasped, “I am going to cum inside you!” he groaned.

“Fill my cunt with your sperm,” Big Brother, I whispered. “Put a baby in your little sister! I love you,” I sobbed as my pussy spasmed around my brother’s thick, pleasure-giving phallus. “Oooooooooooh babeeeeeee, I am cummming!!”

“Fuck, I love you so much, Pammy,” he howled as jet after jet of his warm sperm filled my body. I grabbed his buttocks and hunched my body up at him, fucking my tongue inside his mouth, sucking at his tongue as he emptied himself inside me.

Another orgasm washed over me. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and cried out as I shook all over. I could still feel him deep inside me. I realized that I wanted this for the rest of my life. I couldn’t imagine denying myself this, even if I was married. I knew in my heart that we would always have to have each other, no matter what. (It’s amazing how many thoughts can run through my mind and make perfect sense when I’m having an orgasm.)

We lay in each other’s arms until his cock deflated and slipped out of my pussy. The bed was wet with cum. He must have cum a pint, I thought. I had to get up and pee and when I got back he had fallen asleep. I lay down with him and didn’t awaken until mid-afternoon.

This scenario repeated itself several times that week. We may have missed one day, but we did it twice one day. I was already dreading my tutoring job starting the next week, even though I knew that we would still have time for each other. Still, we wouldn’t be alone all day with each other.

Dad did nothing nor said anything that could be construed as flirty that entire week. It crossed my mind that he was probably glad that Jeff was home so that he wouldn’t have to wrestle with his guilt and be tempted to do something with me. This made me sad, but I admitted to myself that we had sex because of extenuating circumstances – circumstances beyond our control, in which we were thrown into a situation where grief had caused us to seek solace in each other’s arms. It had been wrong. It had been great – as all emotional loving sex is – it had been better than great – but it was wrong. It was best to put it out of my mind and realize that it could never, ever happen again.

That Sunday, the day before I was to start my tutoring job, Jeff got a call from his roommate at school. He had been planning on going to see the Braves with his girlfriend, but the girlfriend had something come up, leaving him with extra tickets for three games. Of course, Jeff agreed to go with him to the games, meaning he would be gone until the end of the week. I was royally pissed. I hated myself for feeling that way – what right did I have? I had to stay here and work, and he was going to see the Braves? And, much more important, no sex! I had gotten used to having sex and now I felt like I was addicted to it. Intercourse was SO much more fulfilling that the other stuff I had done. Still, I could get by without sex for a week, I supposed, then realized that my period was coming the next weekend. Yuck. I didn’t want to do it on my period. So, that meant that it would be 10 days of so without the wonderful feeling of Jeff penetrating me with his brotherly cock. (Yeah, calling it that makes me giggle.)

I was bummed. He could tell, even though I didn’t admit it to him. He flirted with me Sunday night, but I told him that we just couldn’t do it with Dad in the house. He reluctantly agreed.

I got up early Monday to go to my tutoring job. Jeff was getting ready to go, but there was no time for any shenanigans. We kissed, of course. My job consisted of tutoring some high school kids who had either failed their math courses or who needed some one-on-one tutoring to get them ready for their next course. Most were either Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 students. All of the tutoring was one on one, for 45 minutes. I had 8 students.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32