Taking It Outside Ch. 02

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The Next Chapter

Re-invigorated. That was the word for it, Prestyn knew – it suited her mood perfectly. She felt reborn, renewed and like a woman again.

There were no guilt feelings. What she had done with Travis a few hours ago was something right, natural and perfect for the two of them. She knew he would be in her bed again and he would be welcome, her body would be available to him any time he needed it. She had meant every word she had uttered last night – Prestyn was his slut any time he needed one. She had sent him off to work with a big, dopey grin on his face.

She poured a cup of coffee and sat at the table; her long legs crossed and knew instinctively she had a big, dopey grin on her face.

“My son is a motherfucker,” Prestyn giggled to herself, sipping the dark, rich Mexican Don Pepe she favored. It was pricy, but they had begun indulging in a few decadences again. Well, more than a few, she giggled again.

She showered and was about to begin a workout, she wasn’t going to work today, when the phone rang. She saw the number and knew it was work, she was glad she wasn’t still in bed with Travis – she would’ve ignored the call.

“Yes, good morning.”

“Good afternoon, boss-lady!” The cheerful voice of Erica, her new assistant, came over the phone. “Sorry to disturb you, but we have a problem with a good part of the Elayne Cormier collection that came in this morning.”

Prestyn listened close and wasn’t at all happy to hear that, Elayne Cormier was supposedly one of the new up-and-coming designers and they’d snagged an exclusive deal with her to carry the merchandise. Her stomach knotted slightly and once again, the nicotine craving hit. She took another mouthful of coffee.

“What’s the problem Erica?” Prestyn asked, slipping into professional mode.

“Chief, I hate to do this on your day off, but I really think you need to see in person. But don’t come in – I’ll come to you, I can be there in about 30 minutes. I hope you can fix this boss, I really do.”

Prestyn was concerned, if Erica was upset enough to be worried, something was wrong, her new assistant was very level-headed and not giving to panic, one of the reasons Prestyn had given her the job. It didn’t hurt that the 5’10” black girl was absolutely stunning and distracted some of the men she dealt with, giving her an edge. When some of these men were dealing with two lovely women, they tended to make deals a little more readily. Actually, in the fashion industry, some of the female designers were equally amenable. Erica could have easily modeled, had she chosen – but she was too smart and she said “Most models are just too vapid and shallow, chief!”

Erica was there in 30 minutes, almost to the second. She walked into the Living Room, nicely dressed as every in an expensive power suit and matching stilettos that made her over 6′ tall now. She was carrying a dress Prestyn recognized as being from the Elayne Cormier collection.

“Well Erica, I see you’ve brought one of the Elayne Cormier dresses with you, so I assume there’s some kind of problem with it?”

“Take a look at the dress, Prestyn.” Erika said, handing it to her employer. Prestyn took a good look at the dress and saw it immediately.

“It’s crap.”


Despite having a designer name behind it, the fabric wasn’t the quality of material it should have been, nor was the stitching adequate. Had they sold this in their stores, a scandal would’ve likely ensued.

“I don’t understand this Erica, but thank you for calling it to my attention.” Prestyn got out her Cell and dialed, she wasn’t letting this go for one single second.

“Hello. Yes, it’s Prestyn Michaels calling for Elayne Cormier. She’s not? All right, when she gets back from New York, have her call me – immediately. I don’t want any excuses, thank you!” Prestyn hung up abruptly.

“Damn!” Prestyn paced. “We’re supposed to launch next week – what the hell could be going on?”

“I’ve heard some rumors.”


“I’ve heard that there’s troubles with her company – maybe she doesn’t know. Hey Prestyn, you know what? It’s your day off, there’s nothing you can do and it’s gorgeous out there. Why don’t you just enjoy the warm sunshine, maybe go for a swim and everything can wait, you know?”

Prestyn appreciated her assistant’s concern for her well-being, then she had an idea. “It’s a deal Erica – under one condition. You take the day off as well, I’m your boss and you deserve a break.”

Erica smiled, but shook her head. “Oh no, I couldn’t – I’m not dressed for a swim and you’re just in your robe, I don’t think …”

“Erica, if there is one lesson I’ve learned lately, it is that we sometimes just need to relax and go with the flow. As for wearing a suit – it’s just us girls and I’m not wearing anything under this robe and I don’t plan to put on a suit to go in my own pool. No one’s around at this time of day and only Condo residents are allowed to use the bostancı escort bayan pool, so who’s going to see us?

Erica gave it some thought – she didn’t have any pressing concerns at work and she could use a swim, it was a gorgeous day. There wasn’t anyone around and she wasn’t really concerned about showing off her body, she ran and biked and swam to keep her slender, leggy figure taut and lean. From what she could see of Prestyn, the boss-lady knew the value of physical fitness and the few times she’d met Prestyn’s son, she knew he was in wonderful shape.

“Okay Chief – you’ve twisted my arm, let’s have a day off! Have you had your breakfast or do you need to eat something or …?”

Prestyn answered her assistant by throwing open her robe and plunging into the pool. The cool water felt invigorating with the hot, mid-morning sun beating down on her, she began doing some laps as she watched Erica getting out of her clothes. Meticulously, the sultry black girl began placing them on a nearby deck chair, shoes and pants gone, then jacket and blouse. Erica, like Prestyn herself, favored sexy lingerie, the kind that men liked, sexy on her dark, indigo skin. Erica was in stockings and garter belt, they were gone, then a brief tiny thong was all that remained. It covered a pussy that Prestyn assumed had been waxed bare, not a hair remained. The leggy black girl jumped in the pool and met Prestyn half-way.

“This feels wonderful, thanks for inviting me!” Erica smiled, hugging her boss in the water, giving her a quick peck on the lips. Prestyn felt a stirring – the dark beauty was arousing feelings in her and not for the first time. She’d always found Erica sexy, but had never acted on it, not wanting to get in any trouble at work – but this wasn’t work. Prestyn decided to play it cool and see where events led.

Prestyn watched Erica swim in the Condo’s large pool. She and Travis swam almost daily, weather permitting, but they just did their laps as part of their workout. Erica swam with a smooth, elegant stroke, confident in every movement, it was quite beautiful to watch. She wore such a serene look as she swam; it was like she was joined with the water, almost as if she were making love to it.

The two women got out of the pool, Prestyn was feeling more sensual and aroused than ever. Erica’s dark body was glistening with the water beading on her skin, she was tall and seductive and Prestyn knew she would be a wonderful as a lover, the vibe was that intense.

“You swim so beautifully!” Prestyn commented as they stretched out on the deck chairs. “Almost like an Olympic athlete.”

Erica smiled warmly and took in the compliment. “Thank You. I did consider trying out for the Olympics at one time.”

Prestyn asked “So, why didn’t you? You’re quite obviously a superb swimmer.”

Erica nodded once and responded “Because then you have to train every day and your life becomes about the sport. You don’t swim for enjoyment, you swim to get better. Maybe some people want that kind of life, I don’t. I enjoy being out in the world, wearing nice clothes, having a drink once in a while, going out with friends, having sex!”

Prestyn laughed. “Ah yes, what would life be like without sex!”

Erica sighed. “I’m finding that out right now. My lover and I broke up a few months back. I think my making a lot more money was a bit of a threat. Tough. I enjoy being a successful woman, why shouldn’t I?”

“You’re completely right, I’ve never tried to hide my light under a bushel. My ex – my son’s father – didn’t like that I had a strong will and he made my life hell. I put my life back together, piece by piece, with help from my son. He’s a wonderful young man and I’m very proud of him – and I know he feels the same about me.” Prestyn stated confidently.

“You’re a very lucky woman, Prestyn!” Erica sighed.

Prestyn thought to herself You have no idea, kiddo !

Erica said “Do you have any sunblock? You’re going to get a nasty burn and contrary to what some people think, we black people do burn!” she chuckled.

“Good point, give me a second!” Prestyn said, running back indoors. She was becoming very aroused by Erica’s cool attitude and sensual demeanor, she seemed unflappable. She got the sunblock and went back outside, Erica was stretched out – the younger woman was sleek and possessed an animalistic sensuality.

“Could you put some on me, please Prestyn?” Erica asked sweetly. Prestyn wasn’t sure that was a good idea – she didn’t know if she could trust herself once she’d touched Erica, but she possessed inner fortitude and would let Erica herself make the next moves. She coated her hands and began rubbing the girl’s body, she was toned, almost as much as Prestyn herself or Travis. Prestyn could have sworn that Erica was purring as she massaged the sunblock into her sleek, dark frame.

“Wow – you have wonderful, strong hands – that felt so good, like a nice massage. Okay Prestyn, ümraniye escort time for me to do you, let’s go!” Erica’s hands moved all over Prestyn’s strong, powerful backside and shoulders, Prestyn was aroused, but held it in check. She turned over and let Erica massage her front, this time, the hands caressed as opposed to rub – she was fairly certain there was a sexual intent behind these caresses, it was time to take a small risk – take the bull by the horns, to speak metaphorically.

“Erica, are you …?”

“What, Prestyn … am I what ?” Erica said, her voice dropping an octave and growing soft.

“Are you trying to turn me on? Are you a lesbian?”

“Let’s see. Yes … and no. I’m bi-sexual and I love beautiful women, the lover I just broke up with was a woman. You’re beautiful Prestyn, I’ve wanted to kiss you at work many times, but I didn’t think it would be appropriate, but here … “

“We’re not at work. I had the same thought. So, what’s stopping you?”

Erica leaned down and her full lips met Prestyn’s. They kissed softly and their tongues met, it had been a while since Prestyn had been with a woman, but she remembered her best moves. They moved easily together, Erica’s hands found Prestyn’s tits, hefted them, sucking in each nipple, she made Prestyn sigh. Prestyn reached out and touched the other woman’s body and they moved close together, softly kissing, touching tentatively, they lay side-by-side on the chaise and moved together. They felt themselves tremble, Erica’s hands were on Prestyn’s back, fingers trailing her shoulder-blades and down her back, cupping her ass, just exploring. Prestyn loved Erica’s long, sexy legs and she had often admired the girl’s elegant sensuality.

“Prestyn lover, ohh, you have an even nicer touch than my ex. Darling, if she knew how to touch me like that, I’d never have let her go. Keep touching me darling, make my body come alive!” Erica sighed. Her pussy was soaked and Prestyn’s own pussy was rubbing against her own, so she knew her boss was equally drenched.

“Fuck baby, let’s do what we both want to do!” Prestyn growled, clutching the girl close, rubbing her cunt against Erica’s to encourage her. Erica knew got the message and the two well-built babes moved into a long-overdue ’69’, tongues snaked out and began to really suck pussy. Erica knew all the right spots to hit, Prestyn’s body was already shaking from bliss. She wouldn’t have believed she would be this sexual at her age and not in so short a time. She stopped thinking and buried her face in Erica’s pink, sweet cunt and hoped none of the neighbors would come home from work. She had worked too hard to rebuild her life to risk a scandal, but she needed – craved – this luscious black bitch she was licking feverishly.

The neighbors didn’t come home – but Travis did. Work had been slow, so his boss offered him a day off, with half-pay. Travis figured he could haul ass home and slide back into bed with Prestyn and screw her long and hard, the two of them could continue discovering the pleasures of each other’s flesh.

Imagine his surprise to find his mother poolside, wrapped in a lusty session of ’69’ with her sexy, black assistant. He’d always found long-haired, long-legged Erica drop-dead hot, if not a bit intimidating. To know she liked women was a turn-on, finding out his mother dug chicks was a nice little perk.

Travis was hot again – but like his Mom, he didn’t want to do anything that Erica might not want done to her – but fuck, she was hotter naked then in his fantasies. She really seemed to be grooving on eating his Mom’s cunt, he already knew what a wildcat his Mom was in bed – lucky Erica!

Travis went inside and poured himself a cup of coffee and sat there for a bit – let his Mom and Erica have some fun, he could be patient – he also figured that if things were anything like they’d been last night, Prestyn would be even hotter after his first orgasm. He enjoyed his coffee and just let some time pass.

The women were outside and their passions had risen to heights that either of them had rarely experienced, but the morning was drawing to a close and they figured if they wanted to play, they’d be smarter to go inside and find a bed or shower or something where they wouldn’t be disturbed by a neighbor arriving home for lunch. They went inside and found Travis having a sandwich and coffee. Prestyn wanted to run and hide – despite what she and Travis had done previously – but Erica seemed to take it all in stride.

“Hi Mom, nice to see you Erica,” Travis said, acknowledging them both.

“Just how much did you see?” Erica replied in a calm manner.

“I saw what you two were up to, but I didn’t stay around and watch, if that’s what you’re asking,” Travis replied. “What you two were up to isn’t any of my business.”

“It didn’t freak you out?” Erica asked, echoing Prestyn’s own thoughts.

“No – I thought it was damned sexy, to tell you the truth!”

“You escort kartal thought your Mom and I – having lesbian sex – was hot? Didn’t freak you out a bit?”

“I told you – no. I’ve seen my Mom naked before and you’re gorgeous. Two gorgeous women together – sexy. I just wished I could have joined you.”

“You mean you’d like to have shared me with your Mom, right?”

“Yes, and vice-versa.”

Prestyn couldn’t believe it – Travis had let the cat out of the bag! Lord, what would Erica’s reaction be?

Erica just seemed to blink and then smiled. “So – you and the boss-lady here are a couple of kinky pervs, huh? Well, just so happens I really dig people who live without hang-ups, so if both of you would like to take me into that bedroom and do all sorts of kinky, pervy things to me, I think I could get off on that.”

Erica strolled confidently from the kitchen and stood in the doorway. She turned around, body arched slightly, head cocked and purred “Well? Do I have to send an engraved invitation?”

Prestyn and Travis followed, both intoxicated by the dark beauty. Erica had been in the Condo a few times and knew where the bedroom was, she was stretched out on the bed, looking at her boss and curious about the powerfully-built younger man she’d scoped out a few times when he’d come to the office. If she thought she could have done it discreetly, she’d have tried to get him in bed, now all need for that was over and done with. He was getting undressed and Erica was taking in the view – arms that were powerful and strong, rock-hard chest and abs, his skin smooth, every inch of him was sculpted nicely. Travis wasn’t overbuilt, he was nicely put-together, now if only his cock measured up. Erica got her answer to that in after a minute or so more. He was rather impressive in his nether regions, it was time to take this guy out for a test-drive.

Prestyn was in bed beside her and before Erica knew what was going on, her sexy boss was kissing her again, and nuzzling her neck, her ears, her breasts, sucking her nipples, ohhhh that felt good and now Travis was between her legs and oh my fucking GOD did this young bastard know his way around a cunt. She and Prestyn had gotten each other off a few times outside, figuring they’d spend the afternoon having a series of orgasms and trying new ways to have them, but the son was as good as the Mom. She wanted his cock in her mouth, so she tapped his head and he moved out from between her legs. His dark eyes looked at her and he grinned, Travis knew what she wanted and moved so that she could suck his dick. He smiled as his Mom replaced him between Erica’s long, smooth legs and began to lick her cunt greedily.

Erica took Travis’ sizeable package into her mouth and began to suck. He didn’t take long to get it up and Erica wanted – needed – to feel it inside of her. Both Prestyn and Travis picked up on that, so people shifted on the bed and now Travis was between Erica’s legs again, but this time, his cock went into her pussy and he began to fuck her. His sensual Mom straddled her assistant’s face and let Erica go to town on her again.

“Fuck, oh Travis baby, we’re so lucky – we have each other, my big-dicked darling, and now we have this black slut to add some spice to our little games. Erica bitch, you’re wonderful – you’re going to be doing this at work, you whore, because I won’t be able to look at you anymore and not want your tongue in my cunt. Eat me baby, drain me, eat me alive! Fuck her Travis, make her our slut-whore!”

Erica could hear Prestyn’s lewd words, even though with her current situation, it wouldn’t be easy. Being a slut-whore for these two didn’t seem like a bad idea and as for hot sex at work – hell, yeah. She had an outfit she’d been dying to wear, it was very expensive, but she’d always thought it a bit too naughty for work. Now she knew she’d be welcome to try it and mentally, she added her favorite pair of stilettos to the package. She bet she wouldn’t be wearing it long once Prestyn got a look at it.

Erica was giving Travis quite the challenge – but it was one he intended to meet as he pumped hard into her tight, slick pussy. She had amazing muscle control, only his Mom had gripped him like that. Erica’s body was impressive and it was hard not to cum, but he held off and then he felt her body twitch, quake and orgasm.

No one wanted to stop – no one was going to. He had the women get in a ’69’ again, with his mother on top, and now he fucked Prestyn. She groaned a few times, but then her face was muffled by Erica’s cunt. Erica made sure to make the most of this opportunity, licking cunt and cock and alternating between them. She’d had lovers many years Travis’ senior who couldn’t fuck with his skill, nor did they possess his considerate manner. She was going to want more of this somewhat-younger stud, hoping Prestyn wouldn’t mind if she asked him out in the near future.

Travis was strong, he was virile, but he wasn’t capable of lasting forever. He’d struggled with not cumming when he’d fucked Erica, but he was really fighting it with Prestyn. His Mom had cast a spell over him, he felt himself nearing the precipice, but as he did, Prestyn moved away from him, toppling to her side and confusing Erica for a moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32