Taking Carrie’s Soul Ch. 03

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It’s been several long years since my conquest of Carrie’s Soul, like most endeavors it became boring not long after I took possession and ran out of new ways to find pleasure. She was an exceptional lady and soon became someone that I really couldn’t find new ways to use or abuse as some would see it. Her stupid ass husband committed suicide and after her son totally disowned her for her affair with his wife they got a divorce. Carrie’s now ex-daughter in-law gave into her new life as a lesbian, grew to despise Carrie, got into drugs and moved away. What seemed like a total waste of what had been a couple of nice ladies with beautiful bodies, a couple of good relationships and loving couples were ruined all just to satisfy my desires and became so mundane, I decided to stop even thinking about it, changed jobs and moved.

It wasn’t long until I began to thirst for the excitement and challenge to do it again. I began looking for another candidate, someone as pure, devoted, beautiful and desirable as Carrie had been. It took several months, and then I met Tonya, a green eyed beauty with large breast, amazing smile and so sweet and friendly, just the thought of having the ability to use her for my every desire was driving me crazy. She was in love with, her first and only love, the one she had been married to for almost fifteen years. They didn’t have any children and had been over heard as saying they didn’t want any. He managed a local loan company and they seemed to be extremely happy. Perfect, I didn’t know how but I knew she was going to be mine!

Tonya owned the local florist shop and knew just about everyone but me. Being new to the area I began stopping by once a week to pick up flowers for what she believed was my wife. We would chat and I would tell her all the special ways I treated my wife with gifts and trips to our beach home. I would even go as far as inviting her and her husband to join us someday.

We became very close and began e-mailing and sharing more and more personal thoughts and ideas. Soon she started telling me how she wished her husband would do more romantic things for her, just because she owned a flower shop didn’t mean she wouldn’t like him to buy her flowers and take her to the beach. I began to see a little crack in the so called perfect marriage.

I would bring back little trinkets from the beach, shells with the name of her shop painted on them etc. just friendly gifts to hang in her office all seemingly very innocent. After about a year, I began telling her little clues about how I suspected my imaginary wife was cheating on me. I began to act desperate to find ways to keep her and started asking Tonya for some personal advice and asked that she keep it completely confidential. It wasn’t long until I convinced her; my wife was having an affair with more and more details. I could tell she was starting to think about how easy it would be to slip away for a weekend and have some fun without getting caught or looking suspicious. Her husband didn’t like the beach and was a workaholic. His idea of a good weekend had become working in the yard or playing golf.

It finally happened, I stopped by the shop and Tonya was upset and very angry. She began telling me how they hadn’t taken a single vacation in years and that he was planning on going out of state for four days to play golf with some of his clients. She said all she wanted was a couple of days at the beach for some rest and relaxation, viola, my chance! I told her I was planning on going to the beach and had plenty of room, she could have to whole top floor to herself, it wouldn’t cost her a dime and she could even ride with me. She said she would have to think about it, really, it was going to be that easy? That night she e-mailed and asked if anyone else would know? Could I really take her without anyone finding out? I explained, of course, I would pay for everything, she wouldn’t have to worry about any traces or expenses, after all, it would just be two friends on the beach for a weekend, what could be wrong with that?

The closer it got, the more it looked like Tonya was really thinking about going. I was getting so excited, at last we were actually on our way. Once we got to the beach I had Tonya go get situated and asked her to take a walk on the beach to unwind while I cooked dinner. She couldn’t believe it; her husband hadn’t ever offered to cook. After dinner I asked if I could walk with her, making her completely relaxed and comfortable. I couldn’t even think about what my next move would be, how I would ever convince her to make love and the thought of this lovely lady ever offering up her tight perfect ass knowing she would have to ask me to was, unthinkable.

Later into the night after a bottle of wine I was about to give up, told her goodnight and started walking off when she softly said, “Do you miss your wife?” “Where does she think you’re at this weekend?” I told her, we were separated; I was trying to keep it a secret that this weekend was all about her and the beach vacation she deserved. She asked me to come set beside her bahis siteleri for a little longer. I couldn’t believe my ears. Just looking into those lovely eyes, I began to convince myself to drop the whole thing; I was even feeling like I was falling in love with her.

We sat and talked for several hours when she stood up, took me by the hand and slowly walked me to her bed. I forgot all about the soul possession thing and watched her slowly undress in the moon lit room. She lay across the bed and offered herself to me, things were going great until I started running my hands slowly over her naked body, massaging her large heaving breast and as I started to kiss those amazing lips it was like she suddenly was awakened from a dream. She began saying, “Oh, what are we doing?” “It must be the wine, I would never cheat on my husband, this is a huge mistake.” Just as she began to get up I kissed her. I began to assure her everything was OK, it was just a moment of passion and no one had to ever know. As I began getting up she noticed my rock hard cock, wrapped her fingers around it and said oh my, I’ve never seen one that large and refused to let go. To my surprise she said, “To hell with it, I need you now, don’t talk just take me.”

She was amazing, in only moments she rolled me onto my back, mounted me and began to make love to me like a wild woman, bucking and digging her fingernails into my chest and within a few moments she was losing control, I could feel her warm juices flowing over my testicles and between my legs like a hot river. She collapsed on top of me, her heaving breast were so firm and amazing, her steaming hot vagina held my cock so tight it wouldn’t go down. After a very passionate moment she began slowly sliding down my body taking my still rock hard cock into her mouth. I could barely breathe as I watched this lovely lady swallow my cock, stretch those soft warm lips again and again over the head and down the length of my shaft until I felt my cum begin to boil and pressure building until I was on the verge of exploding into her mouth. I was about to lose my mind just thinking about filling her mouth and shooting my load down her throat when all of a sudden she sat up, looked me in the eye and said, “don’t cum yet… please don’t cum.. fuck me in the ass!! I need to feel your hot cock explode and fill my ass with your hot cum!”

I couldn’t believe my ears! Before she had time to change her mind I quickly stuck my fingers in her hot pussy, using her lubrication and my fingers to open her ass and drove my cock in as deep as possible! She began humping back and screaming, “fuck me, fuck me, Oh God, FUCK ME HARD… FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM!!” It was the most insane orgasm I had ever experienced, my cock was throbbing over and over and spewing what felt like more sperm than I had ever produced as her tight ass just kept milking me until I was so weak my legs began to quiver and shake, I was totally spent. We both collapsed in the wet, sweaty sheets and just laid there. She slowly rolled onto her side, tears running down her face with the look of total satisfaction. I wiped away her tears and asked if she was OK. She just smiled and faded off to sleep.

The next morning we showered and headed home, neither one having much to say. Our lives returned to normal as if nothing had ever happened. Months went by and not a word was said about that night until finally she asked, do you still respect me? You must think I’m a whore by the way I acted. I assured her nothing could be farther from the truth, I told her my only fear was, my wife had left and I thought I was falling in love with her and it scared the hell out of me. She said well, would this be a bad time to ask if we could go back to the beach? She told not to forget that she was still in love with her husband and would never allow him to find out and would never consider leaving him but she couldn’t stop thinking about our night together.

We headed back to the beach house this time just as before, she asked me to fuck her in the ass as hard as possible demanding I fill her bowels with my cum. I began to think, wow, this is going too good to be true, just one more time and her soul would be mine. Just as I began to slow down and enjoy the moment, feeling my cock getting harder and harder, my cum slowly stirring around my testicles as they were swelling and about to explode deep inside her she once again lost control, started humping harder and harder driving my cock all the way into her causing my cock to swell to an unbelievable size and begin exploding uncontrollably until she once again drained every single drop of my cum into her hot, wet bowels. While I was locked into her still throbbing, I began to feel something I hadn’t ever felt before, the feeling of losing control then I heard her begin to laugh uncontrollably. Confused I asked, what’s happening, she forced me out of her body and began to tell me about her family and culture! If she could force a man to fuck her in the ass twice, emptying his semen completely into her while remaining happily married to an unassuming canlı bahis siteleri husband she would take control of his soul.

I couldn’t believe my ears, I was helpless to her commands, she told me to lick her dripping sore pussy until she came on my face, covering my tongue with what felt like an endless amount of her cum. She looked me in the eyes and said I own you; you’ll be my slave and respond to my commands whenever and wherever I demand pleasure. This time it was I that had been taken, I was powerless to respond to her every sexual desires and demands. I was so dumbfounded, couldn’t believe that with all the women I had possessed, I had fallen prey. I began to think about Carrie, Stephanie and the others and how I had abused them wondering now what was in store for me.

For the next several months she loaned me out to her friends in the back room of her flower shop, forcing me to eat their pussy, fuck them all until they were satisfied over and over again. Many would allow me to fuck their mouths but I was never allowed to cum, Tonya would wrap her fingers around my cock and just as it began to swell and show signs of reaching an orgasm she would clamp down and jerk my cock out of her friend’s pussy or mouth and just laugh and hold it until the moment would pass.

Tonya began to look for new ways to use me and satisfy her lust. She had a large work bench in the back she used to cut flowers and make arraignments, one afternoon she made me lay flat on my back with my ass just about to hang off one end and my neck hanging off the other. She tied my arms and legs to the four corners leaving me helpless. I was very uncomfortable and wondering what she had in store for me when Alfred, the black man she hired as a janitor walked in. I heard her say, “didn’t I over hear you say you would like to fuck a white man?” “He’s all yours to do with as you please, for as long and rough as you want.”

I began to beg and plead hell no, anything but this; she took her clothes off, lay on my chest with her wet pussy just inches above my chin and asks Alfred to fuck her. He walked up, dropped his pants and his huge, thick black cock began to grow and slowly inched into her waiting body. With every thrust his balls were bouncing off my face, soon her cum was dripping onto my chin and running into my nose and mouth. Alfred began to cum and it was the worst thing I could have imagined. His hot seed running out of her wet pussy into my mouth and all I could do was lay there and take it. Thinking it was over when he pulled out, I was wrong. Tonya rose up forcing her hot dripping pussy onto my mouth and demanded I lick her out and clean her up with my tongue. I thought I was going to vomit; I began gasping for air when it got worse!

Alfred began shoving his cum covered half soft cock into my mouth, deeper and deeper until he couldn’t get any more in. I was gagging and struggling to catch my breath as he just held it there, slowing growing fatter and harder and forcing himself down my esophagus. Alfred was stretching my throat to accommodate his massive cock, pulling out just long enough for me to inhale and then shoved it back in even deeper. His balls slapping the top of my head harder and harder, faster and faster until I was just about to pass out, I was actually hoping I would.

Then he began moaning and groaning, his large black cock began to quiver then without notice Alfred began shooting what felt like one solid stream of hot cum straight down my throat filling my stomach. I could actually feel my belly begin to swell and bulge, it was unbelievable, like a hose had been shoved into my throat and wouldn’t shut off, I was sure I was going drown or pass out from lack of air. Just as fast as it all began, it was over, his large cock deflated like a balloon and the spit and cum covered slimy black cock rolled over my nose and eyes, across my forehead. I began to throw up with no way to raise my head, just turn to the side and watch as all that sticky, smelly sperm expelled up my throat and nose like a gusher all while I was gasping for air.

Tonya laughed and said goodnight, leaving me tied to the table in the dark. I laid there thinking how I was going to get out of this; I couldn’t allow her to continue, if only I could get her to ask me to fuck her in her ass again and manage to cum without her forcing me to quit, the tables could be turned and either it would cancel out her possession or even give me control of her! It was one thing to allow her to use me to satisfy her lady friends but sucking cock wasn’t going to happen again!

The next morning Alfred came in early and asked how I was, if I enjoyed being abused by his large cock. He said he was considering buying me from Tonya! I couldn’t believe what he had just said, he started talking about how soon as he was finished with the test drive (with a large smile on his face) he would let her know. I began to freak out, when another younger black male walked in. Alfred said, “Well, what do you think?” The young man didn’t say anything just started looking me over and running canlı bahis his hands down my legs. I felt him untie my feet, raise my legs up until my knees were bent and my legs were tightly forced up until my heels were tight against my butt cheeks. He began wrapping ropes around my legs until all I could do was pull me knees together or spread them wide open.

I was beginning to understand what he had in mind. I started begging and offering to pay them well if they would stop and let me go. The young man walked around to my still cum covered face and smiled. He unzipped his trousers and my God, it was the largest cock I had ever seen. He reached down and said very softly, “When I’m finished with you, you can leave, no charge” and started to laugh. He began rubbing some type of lubrication on his cock and headed back into the direction of my exposed ass. I knew it was no sense in fighting, just except my fate and get it over with when I heard a noise. It was Tonya and all the ladies she had had been bringing to the shop for sex. It was like a free show; they sat around me in a circle and cheered this man on. I was so humiliated, wanting to die, laid up there like a human sacrifice being offered up to this large black God.

He placed one hand on my stomach while slowly guiding his hard cock into my virgin ass. It was the most painful thing I had ever encountered. Deeper and deeper, I felt like it would come up my throat any minute, he had to be all the way in but he just kept forcing it in deeper and deeper. I felt him rub my belly feeling the head of his cock protruding upward almost to my rib cage. I raised my head up as far as I could and I could actually see the bulge, the pain began to subside and I relaxed for a moment, that must have been what he was waiting for! The show began as he started pulling what must have been ten or twelve inches out and forcing it back in going a little deeper each time. He grabbed my hips and began to grind and pump that monster into my bowels as my once virgin ass was burning and tearing open, making room for more and more of his large cock.

Tonya became so amused, she forced my head between her legs, began humping and grinding her wet pussy onto my mouth while she was rubbing my stomach massaging the bulge as he would hold his cock all the way in so she could feel it and rub the head of his cock through my skin. Soon she had an orgasm and invited all the other ladies to take turns. Once they were through they asked Alfred to join them. They gathered around my head and would take turns sucking his cock and forcing it into my mouth over and over again. I felt the cock in my ass begin to stiffen even more, the pain increased and just as they began jacking off Alfred’s cock into my mouth the cock in my ass exploded filling me from both ends. I thought they would soon finish while the young black man kept fucking my ass deep and steady, shooting a huge load into my bowels, Alfred once again shoved his cum spewing manhood deep down my throat.

When their deflated cocks slowly began to withdraw from my body, the ladies all jumped and cheered as I fell limp and completely used.

As everyone slowly began to leave Tonya started cleaning me up with wet towels, untied me and allowed me to go to the restroom, my anus and entire internal organs were so sore, blood was dripping as a still remarkable amounts of cum poured out. Unable to walk or talk I just sat on the toilet and became overwhelmed with what had just happened. I guess I had it coming, Carrie was on my mind and all I could do was just moan with pain as it felt like my guts would fall out of my ass. I laid in the floor of the bathroom the rest of the day and all night before regaining the ability to walk without excruciating pain. My throat was so sore and burning, the taste of Alfred’s sperm was so strong I couldn’t get it out of my mouth, burping and belching and small amounts of his cum would regurgitate into my mouth making me feel so sick and degraded I had to find a way out, even if it meant taking my own life.

On my way out, Tonya came in and said how much she enjoyed the show, she had filmed the whole thing and it was on several sex sites if I wanted to watch it. Just when I felt like I couldn’t get any lower, great, the whole world would see me with two large black cocks being forced into me and filling me with their cum. She asked where I was going and I replied, “I’m heading back to the beach where I can hide, recover and get ready for whatever she had in store for me.” She laughed and in a smart ass way said, “Who knows, maybe I’ll join you and bring the whole gang with me.”

After several days alone at the beach alone, I was about to recover, I could at least walk and talk, the taste of Alfred’s cum hadn’t gone completely away but it was becoming a memory. It was another beautiful night, I was laying in bed thinking about how things had turned out, I truly had been falling in love with Tonya, never dreamed she was a secret sadistic demon setting me up the way she had. I was watching the full moon rise outside my room with the moonlight shining through the windows just as it had the first night we were together and thinking about how amazing she looked when I heard a noise in the darkness; it was Tonya slowly walking into the room removing her dress.

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