Taking Advantage, The Family’s Story Ch. 01

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“Will you two, please behave yourselves,” said their mum.

“Martin stop teasing your sister, and you, Amber, you stop trying to annoy your brother.”

“But mum,” whined Amber.

“Don’t you give me that, young lady,” said Amanda wagging her finger,

“I know exactly what your trying to do. Now get up those stairs and get ready, and make sure the room is tidy enough for your friend to sleepover tonight. Or you won’t be having one, do you hear me girl, now get moving.”

“Yes mum,” said Amber sulkily getting up from the table, and turning to face her older brother.

“You’re just horrid,” she said, pulling a face, and sticking out her tongue at him.

Martin playfully growled at his sister, and made to get up from the table to chase her.

“Mum, he’s going to get me,” screamed Amber, running towards her Mother for protection.

“Martin…” shouted Amanda, spinning around to face him.

“Just leave your sister alone will you.” “I swear,” said their flustered Mother.

“Between the two of you, your going to make your Mother, a grey haired old woman before her time.”

“Sorry mum,” the two of them said in unison.

Amanda turned away smiling, she knew full well it was all just part of, one of Amber’s endless ploy’s. She had always tried to entice her brother to chase her and to hold her down while he tickled her. She knew, of course, that she was expected to play her part in this too. But today for some reason, she’d been feeling a bit out off sorts, flustered, frustrated, on edge, ‘you know the kind of thing.’

“Well never mind about that,” she said waving her hand dismissively.

“I’ve already told you once young lady, get up those stairs and get yourself ready. You can’t be greeting your friends at the door in your house coat and nightie,” she said.

“No, No, No,” said Amber quickly.

“I’m going, I’m going..! look I’m going,” she said, glancing over her shoulder at her brother.

He was smiling, mockingly her, taking his own pleasure in her discomfort. She felt… she felt… she didn’t really know how she felt! So what did she do? Of course, she did the only thing that she knew would annoy him. She stuck her tongue out at him as she walked past him.

Tingles ran up and down Amber’s spine when she saw her brother’s facial features changing to that of. ‘What she had come to know as, ‘Martin’s look, the look of a predator. She knew that look well enough, and what it meant. It meant that he was going to wait until their Mother wasn’t about to stop him and then he’d come looking for her.

She knew, no matter where she went, or what she did, he would get her. If she hid, he would find her, if she ran, he would catch her. And once she was in his arms, she knew she couldn’t get away. She knew he would hold her down kicking and screaming, while he unmercifully, and tortuously, tickled her until she was breathlessly.

‘YES…’ she thought to herself with a mental picture of punching the air.

She knew she had him, as soon as their Mother was out of the house. He would come looking for her, and he would get her. ‘She’d make sure of it.’

Rather pleased herself, Amber slowly strutted past her brother with her head in the bostancı escort air on her way towards the foot of the stairs. In her elation though, she did something… something that almost cost her, her entire plan.

It was the worst thing she could have done at that particular moment in time. Especially since she was within arms reach of her big brother.

Brazenly, she again stuck out her tongue at him, but this time, with her with a thumb to her nose, wriggling her fingers. You should have seen the shocked look on her face. When she heard him growl, as he started to get up scraping of his chair, across the floor.

Amber screamed for her mother again, running headlong for the stairs to get away from him. Tripping on the first step, going down with a thud, but recovered quickly.

She didn’t stop running or screaming, until she realized, ‘with her bedroom door knob in her hand.’ That he hadn’t chased her up the stairs, after all. So she returned, to the head of the stairs and came back down about half way.

It may have been a mistake on her part, or it may have been intended, but Martin couldn’t tell either way.

He knew how much she’d always loved to be chased and tickled. One of the things he’d learned about his sister, even now at the age of nineteen, she still acted like a kid, when she wanted him to chase and tickle her.

‘Oh,’ he was going to chase her alright, that was for certain. But it was a lot more fun for them both, if he was growling like a bad tempered bear when he did it.

In her panic to get away from him, she always seemed to lose her coordination. Often bumping into things, or simply just tripping and falling over, in her panic to get away.

He sat back down anticipating the future chase, and the torturing of his sister. ‘Oh,’ and how he was going to enjoy making her scream for mercy.

In the mean time, neither he, nor his Mother had noticed that Amber had returned, and was standing directly behind him on the stairs.

Amber, being a little put out at the loss her ‘assumed dignity’ by mistakenly taunting her brother, and then, of all things screaming like a little girl.

In order to get her own back on him, she’d decided to taunt him some more. After all, the more she taunted him, the better and longer he’d tickle her after their Mother was gone.

She was also well aware, that if she did it from the safety of the stairs, and he happened to try and chase her. She’d easily be able to get back to her room, well before he could catch her. Not that she’d do it without ‘Accidentally,’ tripping at least once. ‘To encourage him on, you under stand.’

If she crouched ever so slightly, she could see the back of her brother’s head from under the dining room ceiling, from the middle of the stairs.

Amber stared hard at the back of Martins head, willing him, and daring him, hoping he’d turn around and see her. As she hummed, to the tune of, ‘You can’t get me, You can’t get me,’ with her thumbs in her ears, eyes crossed, and her tongue stuck out.

She was also wriggling her hips from side to side, hoping to further entice her brother to chase her. (She really did love to be chased, and tickled by her big brother, nobody ümraniye escort bayan else could do it like him.)

Her focus, was centered entirely on her brother, she completely failed to notice her Mother coming out of the kitchen to see what was going on.

Two steps…, just two steps that’s all it took, but with those two steps towards her daughter. Amanda found herself looking straight up at her daughter’s nakedness, as she swayed her hips from left to right.

‘What the…!’ was Amanda’s unfinished thoughts. ‘Cover yourself up’ her brain screamed out, but she said nothing.

Confused and confounded, not only by the shock of witnessing her daughters behavior. But also by that of her own bodies reaction.

One hand, had found a breast, whilst the other pressed firmly, but ‘discreetly,’ against the top of her thighs to cover herself, in answer to her intense and immediate reaction.

Memories of her own childhood experiences, in child care, suddenly flashed through her mind in the blink of an eye. She stood there watching her daughter, ‘in what seemed like an erotic film in slow motion.’ As the front of her daughter’s robe fell open to hang on either side of her thighs.

It wasn’t like this was the first time, Mother and daughter had seen each other naked. But it was the first time she had seen her daughter hairless, down there since she was a young teen.

Suddenly, she was back in the dormitory at the home. With four other girls sitting in a circle on the floor playing ‘spin the bottle.’

The eldest girl of the group, didn’t play this game. Instead she sat quietly, watching and waiting, behind a child’s night light that provided little light, but it did set the scene.

The object of this game, was to determine who was going to sleep with her in the most comfortable bed and who would be sleeping in the other bed.

It was a game of just one spin, ‘that’s all it took.’ So you’ll understand the ‘nervous tension,’ that was palpable in the room between us. Waiting for Debby, ‘sorry…,’ the ‘Queen,’ as she had us call her during the night to call out one name. The name of the person to spin the bottle and put us all out of our misery.

Amanda felt herself becoming even more aroused at the thought of those night’s spent in the children’s home.

She looked up at Amber’s face and saw that her daughter’s eyes were closed. She had she had this burning desire, to reach out towards her daughters nakedness. A desire she’d not had since she left child care and discovered boys.

But a sound from behind her brought her back to herself, just in time to stop her. She was shocked at the intensity of her feelings, and even more so at the thought of what she was just about to do.

Thankfully when she glanced quickly behind her Martin was still reading the news paper and was ignoring what was going on behind him. When she looked back at her daughter she began to feel like a voyeur, a secret observer to a sexual act. ‘Why on earth should I feel like that, she wondered.’

Amid the swirling mass of confusion, and the tingling of sensations running rampant through-out her body. There was just a small corner of calmness at the back of her mind. kartal escort She stood alone in the eye of the storm, unaffected by the buffeting of thoughts and emotions of the maelstrom swirling around her.

In that one calm place, and in the blink of an eye, she took the opportunity to consider, and to ponder on what her son’s reaction be if he’d have seen this. ‘What would he do if he did just happened to turn round and see his sister this way?

She laughed at the thought, she knew exactly what he would do, he’d stand there embarrassed, open mouthed, and google eyed before he ran for the hills.

Under all his bluster and circumstance, she knew that Martin, was still just as shy around girls, as he used to be as a kid.

“Amber,” blurted out her mother suddenly making her daughter jump.

For the next few seconds, mother and daughter just stared at each other. Without her mother saying a word, just by her look, Amber knew she was telling her to cover herself up. By covering her own breasts with one hand, and also covering herself down there. Amber could do nothing now, but follow the gaze of her mother and looked down at her own body.

She honestly hadn’t realized how much she’d been showing by wriggling her hips, which had opened her dressing gown.

Amanda looked sternly up at her daughter,

“I thought I told you, young lady,” she said.

“To get up those stairs and get dressed!” Emphasizing on the word ‘dressed’

Amber just stood there frozen like a rabbit in the head lights of an approaching car. Watching her mother looking her up and down and pointedly looking at her exposed area. Suitably embarrassed, Amber quickly covered herself up, and at the sound of growling from her brother she screamed and ran up the stairs to her room.

Martin turned around just in time to catch his mother shaking her head, obviously, at something Amber had just done.

When Amanda turned and found a curious look on Martin’s face, she had to wonder, ‘had he seen…?’

She doubted it, he was looking straight at her, with that funny, curious look of his and that smile on his lips. Only this time it was making her feel like she’d just been caught masturbating by him. ‘Now why would I ever think that she thought to herself.’ She tightened her arms across her bust, and tried very hard to quieten her beating heart and the throbbing between her thighs.

“Don’t you think your getting off so lightly young man,” she said.

Turning away from her son, quickly changing the subject as she headed back towards the kitchen.

“But what have I done,” said Martin innocently enough.

Again he was being told off for something he’d had nothing to do with. He glanced up at the stairs and thought ‘I’m going to get you, for that.’

Back in the kitchen, Amanda stood out of sight of her son. Pouring herself a glass of wine because she was some what perturbed by the intense feelings rushing through her body.

There was something familiar about the sight of her daughter’s nakedness. That had suddenly dredged up long forgotten memories. Memories she hadn’t thought about in a long time, not since leaving the children’s home. Even that one episode with that girl in college hadn’t remind her of her childhood. So why now, why was it coming to her mind now?

By the time Amanda downed her third glass of wine she’d managed to put the incident out of her mind, ‘for now at least,’ and walked back into the dining room carrying her fourth glass.

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