Surrendered Fears

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I lay in bed feeling replete from a night spent making love to my wife. That said, my staff now rose proudly in the morning sunlight spilling into the room.

While it was normal for me to wake up so I never fought overly hard against the urge to bury it in the moist and warm interior of my wife’s sheath. She didn’t overly care for it, but there was little else I liked better than to wake her up by solidly sliding my entire staff into her.

She’d gasp and writhe and even whine about the discomfort of my actions, but within moments she would be moaning and begging for more. That said, I resisted against the urge to do that this morning as she was just sleeping so peacefully beside me that I couldn’t bring myself to disturb her.

I let my mind wander to other things as the sun’s light strengthened outside. It was quite odd the way things worked out sometimes.

For the moment my interactions with the Portuguese were once again less hostile, if even partly agreeable. Reason for that being the quite unexpected reaction of the native peoples of the entire region, for when they had found out that the Portuguese had consorted with their hated enemies to bring about the deaths of some of their own people unprecedented action had been taken.

The involvement of the Portuguese with the headhunters had not gone over well at all. To a tribe the entire region of this river network had ceased trading with the Portuguese overnight as sort of an unofficial boycott.

It hadn’t taken the Portuguese long to make amends in order to get their trade back. My supply boat was once more allowed passage up the river.

The hostages they had been purported to be entirely fictitious, but a truly ironic twist of fate four days ago three vessels of long-lost kin members had arrived and were even now being incorporated into our bustling little community. Ar’mora’s safety had never been as secure as it was now.

The Portuguese were unlikely to make any moves anytime soon, as they now knew the stakes of doing so and our other menacing threat, the headhunters, had been virtually wiped out, which was another feather in the cap in terms of the natives of the surrounding land’s positive opinion of us.

Things were going well. Very well.

On the heels of that very thought I felt my wife curl her fingers around the base of my shaft and caressingly coast them up and down it lovingly. My hips lifted off the bed to the pleasure her hand provided and I watched her smile.

Her thumb massaged the head of my cock teasingly. She was in a playful mood and so was I.

Playful mood or not there was something I wanted. Something I had yet to claim and yet ached to do so.

I’d long since forgotten my need for Anna to be a virgin and my displeasure with her for finding out that she wasn’t, but that still did not detract from the fact that she had one place that I had never been yet. That no one had been there, only made it all the more desirable.

I’d ached from the very first moment that I’d seen her tight rear hole to claim it by placing my shaft to it and penetrating her bottom until my balls slapped against her sheath. The activity I wanted to engage in with her was looked down upon by some, but I found no moral objection to the concept of what I wished to do with my wife.

Her body was mine and I wanted to explore and possess all of it and very soon I intended to do just that. That said, however, her last virginity wasn’t something to just be taken though.

No, I had to work for it and now was as good a time as any to start. I rose up to my knees on the bed and looked down upon her.

Smiling coyly she gazed at the pre-come drizzling from the tip of my shaft and said, “I know that look.”

I lifted an eyebrow and asked, “Oh, what?”

“You’re planning on doing something to me. Something out of the ordinary and you’re trying to be careful, when by nature you typically aren’t in terms of expressing whatever it is you want.”

“How very astute of you.” I said, as I sat back to sit on my heels. Her woman’s intuition was going into overtime this morning.

She sat up supporting herself with one hand and I took the moment to enjoy the way her full breasts hung free before me and the way the long curly ringlets of her red hair dangled about her nipples.

“What is it that you would like Honey?” She asked curiously.

My erection swelled larger as I imagined what the intimate tightness of her rear would be like to thrust back and forth into. Her eyes widened and she glanced from my erection to me with all the submissive genuineness she had about her and said, “I’ll do it. Anything you want!”

“Anything I want.” I asked softly.

“I promise!” She affirmed passionately.

Nodding my head, I then slipped off the bed. Taking her hand, I pulled her off to stand beside me.

I kissed her sweetly for a long moment and then I led her over to a floor length mirror. I liked to make love to her in front of the mirror, especially canlı bahis entering her from behind, as I got to see the emotions and passions of her face in being taken in such a way.

The imagery of one day starting out in her sheath only to pull out and penetrate the tightness of her bottom had my shaft swelling even more. That would be a good day.



Anna shivered with anticipation as she stood before the mirror fully revealed to her husband. The feel of the strength of his erection pressing into the small of her back had her aching to feel him inside of her.

Any moment she expected for him to bend her over to do just that and she was more than ready for that. To her surprise though he placed a hand at her waist and turned her body so that her front pressed up against his.

She looked up with curiosity at him only to see him gazing intently into the mirror behind her. His big hands on her waist shifted and with a pleasurable feeling she felt him slide each hand down to grip a cheek of her full bottom and stretch them apart.

What he was doing felt good. She knew he had a thing for her bottom. She didn’t know why, but she was glad just the same that it pleased him.

She closed her eyes and rested her cheek against his chest content to let him play with her bottom. His grip on one full cheek released, but his other hand’s grip upon her remained.

The fingers of his free hand coasted back and forth through the cleft of her bottom and shivering from the unfamiliar, but exciting feeling of it she pressed a little closer to Mahlon. The coaxing caress of his fingertips stopped and all of a sudden she felt one of his big fingers, rub dominantly over her anus in a way that suggested a lot more was to come.

Looking up at him with alarm, as his finger continued to rub upon her now tightly clamped rear entrance, she watched him say, as he continued to gaze at the view the mirror offered him, “I want to take you here. I want to watch my cock penetrate you until my entire shaft is rooted fast in your bottom. Then I want to slide in and out of your tight rear, until I spill all my seed deep into your virgin bottom.”

Anna gasped in shock and something a little close to horror at the realization of everything he was saying. She pulled away to be free and surprisingly, he let her go.

She backed away several feet, staring at him with a mixture of alarm and genuine puzzlement. Finally finding her voice she whispered out, “But that’s a sin!”

He lifted an eyebrow and queried, “Is it? Prove it.” He challenged.

“The Bible is very specific about it! I believe it’s in Leviticus 18:22 that it says, ‘You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.'”

Mahlon smiled and tilted his head to the side slightly and gently said, “Exactly, Honey. Listen to what you just said.”

Anna blinked and asked, “What?”

Still being quite unlike himself when it came to his usual demeanor, when there was something he really wanted, Mahlon went on to say, “Does a man have a vagina?”

“No!” Anna said, feeling her face blush even redder than it already was. Did he think she was that simpleminded?

Still of the patient bearing of before he then replied to her, “Since a man doesn’t have a vagina and the verse is clearly suggesting that the aspect of sin only becomes involved when the man gives up the same use of a woman’s body as is possible of being accomplished between two men that clearly then tells me that there’s nothing wrong with me exploring you, a female, in such a fashion. Yes, it is forbidden for two men to do what is lawful only between a man and his wife to do with each other. That is not in question. Your bottom, however just like every other glorious inch of you was crafted for me to take pleasure in as your husband. I have gloried in all that you have to offer and now I want to possess you in the most intimate way that a man can possess his woman. Anna the time has come for you to trust me with everything. I want your bottom. I crave to experience the feeling of my cock gliding up your rear to the hilt. That said, this is not something I’m going to force upon you. If I was to take what I wanted in this regard, I could really end up hurting you and I am not going to risk doing that. It’s your choice and you don’t have to make your decision now. Take all the time you want.” Mahlon finished with generously.

Anna stared at her husband in severe angst as to what to do. She’d already promised him that she would do anything he wanted and yet what he wanted was sinful and yet he’d just clearly defined Scripture in a common sense way that said that what he wanted to do was clearly not a sin, when practiced between a man and his wife.

As his wife she owed it to him to submit to his desires, but… Her eyes fell to fasten upon the turgid thick length of her husband’s cock. How could she possibly accept all of that up her rear?

Her mind went to the first time that he had first made her bahis siteleri his. His cock had seemed so huge and completely unmanageable and yet she’d taken every last inch of him and she’d done so ever since.

Would having him up her bottom be any different?

All the times she had felt her husband’s kisses and quick darting touch and then moving away caress of her bottom entrance now made sense. This was something that he really wanted and yet he’d given her the final say in the matter.

He was putting her first and actually denying himself when it came to the pursuit of pleasure with her. That spoke of his love for her and just as that was so how could she not show her complete love and acceptance of him in return if she chose to deny him in this?

She didn’t like the answer to that. Closing her eyes, she silently prayed, “Oh God, I need your help! Please put this desire of my husband within my heart and give my body the ability to please him in this way. I willingly submit to my husband’s desire as I am his.”

Anna with her eyes still closed, stepped forward to stand against her husband. She couldn’t help but shiver as she reached for her husband’s hands and then led them around her to place them upon her rear.

She hadn’t felt so vulnerable within her husband’s presence since their first time together as she had been poised on her knees to accept his huge cock into her body for the first time. A quiver went through her body as his fingers once more molded to the contours of the cheeks of her bottom.

As apprehensive as she was though she also felt excitement. At the very least, she felt pleasure in the fact that she had yet one virgin aspect of her body to give her husband who already possessed her heart.

Looking up, she met his passionate gaze and said, “I’m yours. Please be gentle.”

Instead of a passionate kiss, then his kiss was one of unparalleled sweetness. Pulling back from the kiss, he said, “I will. Do you trust me?”

She nodded her head instantly. She did trust this man and being reminded of that in the moment helped some.

The feel of his wet shaft against her belly though had her whispering in sudden question, “Do you really think you can get it all in?”

Smiling, he said reassuringly, “Yes Honey, but we’ll start out small at first.”

Anna let out a relieved breath and Mahlon exclaimed in surprise, “You didn’t think I was just going to shove it up there did you?”

“I… ummm.”

“Honey, you know me better than that.”

“Do I? Remember our first time together, dear?” Anna queried challengingly.

“You do have a point there, but this will be different. I promise.”

Anna nodded trustingly and let her head fall forward to rest against the curly hairs of his chest as his hands continued to stroke and caress her bottom as she stood pressed up against him.

“Go to the tub and pour yourself a bath Honey.” Mahlon commanded.

Anna nodded and went to do so as his hands released their grip on her bottom.


I watched her walk away from me. In a way I don’t think I’d ever respected or admired her as a person more than I did now.

She was willingly submitting to my will in this despite all her reservations. My eyes fell to her bottom, which I loved. Soon it would be mine, even as her heart already was.

I gave her some time to get started with her bath before I entered the bathroom. The sight of her submerged in the warm water of her bath as the sudsy ripples of its surface swayed concealingly about her nipples was a turn on all by itself.

Smiling, I approached and knelt down beside the tub. I set the jar of oil I had brought with me down and her eyes danced away from it nervously.

Smiling, I reached forward to start playing with her. My hand dipped beneath the water to twerk at her nipples caressingly and all her other erogenous zones, until my hand settled on her pleasure bud to the forward side of her sheath.

She moaned beneath my touch and shifted about in the warm water even as I playfully kissed her about the face, neck and shoulders. I had a goal in mind and I reached it as she came hard and cried out with the passion of her orgasm.

I didn’t stop my manipulations though of her pleasure center and soon she was crying out again as my continued ministrations brought on another orgasm. I stopped my actions and kissing her in the sensitive spot behind her ear I said, “Get onto your knees and move forward to rest against the edge of the tub.”

In a bit of a daze, she moved to do so and before long I was presented with the sight of her beautiful rear held clear of the water.

“Your bottom is so utterly gorgeous to me! I could stare at it for hours!” I said with feeling, as I gazed upon its warm rounded contours of sweetness.

She turned her head to glance back at me and smiled shyly for a moment at my praise of her. I straightened up on my knees on the outside of the tub and with one hand massaging upon the beautiful indent bahis şirketleri of the small of her back, I began with my right hand to play with the tightly crinkled entrance of her bottom.

My actions were playful and gentle upon her rear entrance, until I decided I wanted to do a little more. Washing the cleft of her rear off with a little soapy water, I stood up and bent over the tub.

I pulled her bottom cheeks apart and kissed her wetly in the exact spot that I ached to ram my shaft all the way home into. She gasped and gripped the lip of the tub harder at the contact of my lips upon her tightly furled rosette and then again as I brought my tongue out to swap and press against it.

She shook at the pressure and feel of my caressing tongue and I listened to her heavy breathing with pleasure. She moaned.

Smiling, I continued a while longer before I pulled my face clear of her sweet cleft. I knelt back down beside the tub.

She turned her head to look at me. Sweat was beaded across her forehead and all along her back. Struggling to speak, she finally managed to say, “That felt nice.”

I smiled and nodded before saying, “The goal of my possession of you in this way isn’t just for my own pleasure. I want you to enjoy it too.”

She nodded and said, “I know.”

We maintained eye contact for a moment until I broke it to look away and dip my finger into the warm oil sitting beside me. Meeting her gaze again, I said, “When I push with my finger you need to do your best to relax and push out against my penetrating touch. Understand?”

She nodded and put her head forward again. I drizzled the warm oil up and down her bottom cleft generously and worked at rubbing it in.

Then I massaged her entire rear with the oil and in the process I completely finished with relaxing her for what was to come. If any of my actions had become clear it was that I intended for her to feel no pain.

My finger returned fully dripping with oil to press upon her virgin rosette with gentle firmness. I massaged her back again with one hand and with pleasure I felt her work with me and push out against the pressure of my finger seeking to be granted access into her virgin rear.

Quite unexpectedly on her part my finger slid all the way in. She gasped and I whispered to her coaxingly as she lost control for a moment and clamped down hard on my finger.

I kept my finger still, until she managed to once again relax and accept the pressure and presence of my finger, within her. I then allowed my finger to start feeling about the silken interior walls of the clenched firmness of my new domain.

I pulled my finger out and reapplied oil and once more insistently began to press it into her virgin bottom. Breathing heavy and not sounding at all as if she was in pain of any kind I felt Anna relax and accept my whole finger once again.

She didn’t clamp down this time and I began to easily work my finger back and forth within her. Oh, how I wanted her tight rear to be gripped around my shaft, but not yet!

That said I needed relief! Keeping my finger buried deeply I stood up and stepped into the bath water behind her.

My finger stayed where it was as I knelt behind Anna. I found her sheath soaking wet and with a guttural grunt, I soaked my shaft in her dew by plunging into the full depth of her wetness. I closed my eyes with relief, even as I heard Anna exclaim loudly, “Ohhh!”

Her cry wasn’t one of pain, but rather one of surprised pleasure. I opened my eyes to look down at my finger buried to the hilt in her bottom with my shaft positioned below it doing the same to her wet sheath. It was a beautiful sight and I relished the sight of it almost as much as the experience of feeling it.

I began to move forcefully, then with my cock within her and more gently with moving my finger in and out of her bottom and she continued to react with surprise. It wasn’t long before I came and when I did, so did she and I’d never heard her scream so loudly before.

Her bottom clenched so hard on my finger in a swarm of rhythmic contractions that I doubted I could’ve pulled it out if I’d wanted to. The knowledge that it would soon be my cock experiencing such a fantasy of tightness made my orgasm all the greater.

Her orgasm was a long one and when it finally came to its completion I reluctantly pulled my finger free of her rear and brought her backwards with me as I sat down into the tub of warm water with her still impaled on my shaft that hadn’t gotten all that soft yet. She breathed heavily and lay against me as if spent of all energy.

I filled my hands with her bountiful breasts and massaged them loving the sweet hefty feel of them cradled in the palms of my hands. She almost looked as if on the verge of orgasm again and whispering against her ear I said, “Tomorrow I’ll work two fingers into you and I’ll make you orgasm again just like you did a little bit ago. The next night I’ll work your virgin bottom until you can accept the tips of three of my fingers. When you can do that I’ll know you’re ready for my shaft. The following morning I’ll take your last virginity and deposit my seed deep. Sound like a plan?”

“Yes.” She whispered.

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