Surface Tension

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All characters in this story are over 18 years old.


I was back in my home-town over the vacation. I had not been home for a while, so I was extra happy to see my parents. My other siblings would also come, which made it even more fun. Our family had always had great fun together, especially when we stayed together over short periods of time, and we would go on small trips or do sport activities together.

Also this visit seemed to be full of activities for us to do. We would take walks, go to the beach, go out to eat…

One afternoon my mother asked me to go and buy some groceries for dinner. Apparently, she had food in the oven that she had to stay home to watch over.

I accepted, went away, and came back just short of an hour later. As I stepped through the door, I noticed it being very quiet and empty inside. I still could hear my mother in the kitchen.

I asked her where everyone had gone, and she explained that they had left for the neighboring town.

“At this hour?” I said.

“Yes, they said they would spend the night. So it’s gonna be just you and me for dinner.”

I was perplexed and a bit disappointed that I had not been asked to come. But, I did not want to make my mother think I was upset about being left alone with her, so I did not protest any further, and just gave her a surprised look.

“But it’ll be fun here too!” She said, trying to lighten up my mood.

“Of course it will!” I answered, smiling at her.

The dinner was great. It was nice to be able to spend some alone-time with her, where we could speak openly to one another. As we ate, we spoke about everything that was going on in our lives. We joked with each other, and something I said made her laugh, causing her to drop some food on her blouse.

“Oh shit, ” she said, still laughing.

“I’m sorry, mom,” I said.

She did not answer, but instead started to open the buttons of the blouse, exposing her upper chest. Was she going to take it off?

My question was soon answered, as she continued to open the buttons. I could see her bra, and then her belly. She opened the last button, and put the shirt on a chair to her side. She did have nice breasts, especially for a woman her age. Although her bra was on, I could tell that she had natural, mid-size breasts that did not seem to have been much affected by gravity.

She saw me looking at them. I blushed, and she must have noticed, because she said:

“What? It’s not like you’ve never seen me naked before.”

That was definitely not an exaggeration. I had seen her naked more times than I could count. But that was in more natural contexts, I told myself, not at the table, in the middle of a dinner.

I did not say anything, yet she said, “Fine,” and went away from the table, only to return a brief moment later with a large, white t-shirt on. I could see her nipples through the t-shirt. Did she take off her bra?

I could say I did not think about my mother’s breasts more during that dinner, but that would be a lie. In fact, her nipples poking through the fabric of the oversized t-shirt made it hard to keep my mind on any topic we were discussing. I do not know if I looked more at her breasts or her face at the remainder of that dinner.

My mother was not a nudist by any means, but she was not afraid to be naked around me.

When I lived back home, my mother and I even took baths together. This had been somewhat of a mother-son activity, as we never bathed with other family members around, or even in the house. Almost every time we were alone, she wanted to draw us a bath. I almost always agreed, partly because I wanted to make her happy, partly because I enjoyed it.

I have to admit: It was a very exciting and fascinating experience to see my mother naked in the bath, and I imagined her seeing me in a similar way.

It always felt a bit romantic to go into the bathtub with her. We had the bathroom light switched off and some candles lit, with some relaxing background music. We would put bubbles in the bath to make it feel more special.

We did not speak about it much to anyone else in the family, and the fact that it felt like our own, secret miniature spa made the whole experience even more exciting.

It had been an important bonding time for us. I was always very shy with girls, so it was great to be able to be so relaxed around my mother. I had no idea how to start a conversation with a girl my own age, but with my mother everything was so easy. Sometimes we spoke about the day or everyday things, sometimes we sat in silence just taking in the atmosphere. It was always great just sitting and watching her, and it felt like she enjoyed it too.

We did not have any particular seating; our sides switched from time to time, but the usual position was the same. We would sit on opposite ends of the bathtub, facing each other. Sometimes my mother’s legs would be on the sides and mine in the middle, sometimes the other way around. It was not a huge tub by any means, asyabahis yeni giriş so our legs still had to be half-way folded up for us both to fit, and it also caused our chests to be out of the water most of the time. I remember this very well, as that would place her nipples just above the surface.

It really was a beautiful experience, and her wet skin and soft breasts looked wonderful, especially in that cozy, dim light.

I never deliberately touched her breasts, but sometimes I or she would reach for something, and my arm would brush against it. Everytime it happened, I would feel a small jolt of excitement run through my body. She did not seem to notice, or at least not mind, that her son had been in physical contact with her breast. Neither did she seem to mind my eyes exploring them. She never did anything to try to hide them from me, or tell me to look away. And it must have been very obvious that I took interest in my mother’s breasts, as I almost constantly glanced at them when we were in the bath together. In retrospect, I appreciate that she did not make me feel guilty for being curious about her body. I was also very curious to know what it was like to hold her breast in my hand. I imagined it would feel soft, warm and smooth.

As I sat across from her at the dinner table, staring at her nipples through the fabric, that familiar feeling of excitement and curiosity crept back at me. I now of course had much more experience with girls my age, but somehow those experiences did not seem to have quenched the curiosity about my own mothers body.

After dinner, we decided on watching a movie. A movie about some baseball guy was on. We watched for about half an hour, but soon agreed that the movie was not worth spending time on.

“What do you want to do instead?” she turned to me and said, “Let’s do something fun together,”

“Sure,” I said, “Like what?”

“Maybe you want to take a bath?” She said, in a voice as if she was joking. However, I was fairly certain she was not, based on the way she waited for a response.

“You want to take a bath?” I asked back at her.

“Okay, that would be nice,” she responded to my question, as if I were the one having suggested it, and turned off the TV. “I’ll go prepare.”

She went off to her bedroom, while I went and got the candles that I assumed she wanted for our bath. It was going to be as romantic as our baths always had been.

I lit the candles in the bathroom and switched off the lights. I turned on the hot water in the tub and added some bath foam. I took off all my clothes except my underwear, and began searching for a playlist with relaxing music. Just as I found one and pressed play, my mother walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She had a bathrobe on, and smiled when she saw the preparations. “What do you think?” I asked her.

“Just like we used to,” she responded, looking dearly into my eyes.

She turned her back to me, opened her robe, and let it fall to the ground. I looked at her curves, from her shoulders, to her ass, to her legs. She had a beautiful body shape; she always had.

As she turned towards the bath, I could see her sideways. She leaned forward to feel the water with her hand, and I saw my mother’s wonderful breasts sway as she touched the surface. The familiar urge to feel the weight of her breast in my hand came back upon me.

Before she got in the bath, she turned towards me, exposing her full-frontal nude body to me. I looked at my mother’s tits. I looked at her vagina, covered by hair.

Oh my god, I thought to myself. I can see my mothers bush. The thought made me excited; it made me aroused.

“Are you going to get in or what?” She asked, “The water is warm!”

I could feel the arousal building up in my chest, and blood rushing to my penis. Shit, I thought, it would be really embarrassing getting an erection in front of my own mother.

She stepped into the bath and slowly sunk her nude body down into the warm water. It looked really comfortable. She looked at me, and at my underwear, as if to say ‘get out of those and get in’.

Could she see my penis was growing? I hoped not. I knew I had to get into the water before I had a full hard-on.

It didn’t seem that she was going to look away, so I decided that I had to go for it. I quickly pulled off my boxers, which made my semi-erect penis spring up. I stepped out of them and tried to get in as fast as possible; not at all the smooth, comfortable entrance my mother had just achieved.

She did not comment on my hard-on. Maybe she didn’t notice, I tried to tell myself.

As soon as I had entered into the tub, and placed my lower body under the surface’s cover of foam and bubbles, I felt my penis getting stiff like a flag pole. Not a second too late, I thought to myself, and looked at my mother. She looked back at me with a kind smile. My legs were on the sides, and hers in the middle, between mine. It seemed like the tub had gotten smaller.

I asyabahis giriş quickly peeked at her breasts. Wow. My mother sure had nice tits. What would it be like to lick her nipples?

I had to look away. No staring, I told myself.

I couldn’t help but be drawn to her. In fact, just being in there naked with her made me lose control of my mind. I was feeling lightheaded, as if my cock was doing its best to blur my mind. To make it difficult for me to separate right from wrong. Why was I so goddamn horny?

I placed my hands on the sides of the tub, and lowered myself slightly into the bath, trying to relax–or at least appear relaxed.

My movement had made me move forward and my feet slid against my mother’s butt.

“Hey,” she said and giggled “Leave some space for me, okay?”

I giggled too. My mother had her way of speaking when she was in a joking mood. I pulled my legs closer to me.

“I’m just joking, I know the tub is small, but there is plenty of space for both. No need to be afraid to touch me.”

Fuck, I though. The way she spoke, the words she used, made me even hornier. I once again peeked at her boobs. I felt a desire to cum. I had to distract myself. Otherwise she would notice that I got turned on by her tits.

“Thanks for taking a bath with me, mom,” I said, trying to avoid looking at her tits again.

“I should thank you for staying home and taking care of me. I am happy to return the favor. It’s boring being alone, and much more fun to have you here.” She looked like she meant it, and asked “How long will you be home?”

“I will be home for two weeks, but you don’t need to stay with me for all that time.”

“I’m happy to. I would prefer it if you stayed even longer.”

“Why, mom?”

“It’s been such a long time. I just want to spoil you. I like having you with me, but I also feel guilty that you are at my house all day. Would you prefer to go out and do something?”

“No, mom. It’s great to be here with you!”

“I like it too, honey. I feel very close to you, just like when you lived at home.” We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled, and I thought I saw her blushing.

“Do you think it’s weird?” she asked.

“What, mom?” I genuinely did not know what she meant.

“Well, our relationship. I feel I can be so open with you. I mean, you can see me nude, and it’s not a big deal.” Then she obviously did not know about my rock-hard cock, I thought.

“Of course not, mom. It’s not weird. I am very happy that we can be so close,” I said and put my hand on hers.

“Me too,” she said and took my hand. “I would feel uncomfortable if I could not be so open with you.”

When I glanced at her tits, I noticed that her nipples had gotten erect. They looked like they waited to get sucked on. We sat there and held hands for a while, when she said.

“I’m sure not many mothers take baths together with their adult sons.” She looked down at my body. “Naked I mean, with everything on full display.”

Did she see my erection? I looked down, it was still covered by the water and foam.

“No honey, I don’t mean that I see it now. I just want you to know, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t need to hide your… hide your penis from me. I’m your mother and I won’t be disgusted or shocked by you.”

Okay, she really had NOT seen my erection, I thought again. All I could say was “Well, maybe not.”

“Of course not. I mean, do you get freaked out by seeing me? By seeing my breasts, I mean?”

“Mom, of course not. It does not affect me… negatively. I mean, they are beautiful. You are very beautiful.”

“That is kind of you to say, darling.” She still held my hand tightly. “I am happy that you like my body. I like your body too. Very much, honey. That’s why I’m saying you should not be shy with me.”

“It’s different, mom.”

“Why? Do you mean you are…” She paused herself, “Do you have an erection?”

No matter my mom’s words, I was feeling ashamed. I knew there was no hiding it anymore, and it even felt like a relief that she asked. “Yes, mom.” I looked down. “Yes, I do.”

I could feel my heart pumping faster and faster. My penis did not seem to feel any shame, it was as hard as ever.

“Oh, I see… Well, still nothing to be ashamed about. It is normal!”

“Thanks mom, but it’s difficult for me. It’s hard and won’t go down. Sorry.”

“I told you not to worry. Do not apologize. It’s no problem at all for me,” she said and her empathic look made me believe that she was telling the truth. She did not have a problem with it. “Why is it getting so hard?”

“Well… I don’t know, mom…”

I understood she could hear there was something I wasn’t telling her, as she said: “Come on honey, you can speak to me about anything. I am your mother. I won’t be mad! Remember, we are open with each other.”

“Okay. Well, I guess I get excited by seeing you naked, mom. By seeing your breasts” I told her.

“Oh. Would you prefer I covered asyabahis güvenilirmi them up? I can put on something.”

“No, mom. I mean, if you want to, of course you can…”

“No, I don’t want to. I like taking our baths naked.”

“Me too, mom. So my erection does not bother you?” I asked.

“Of course not. It does not shock me, nor bother me.”

I really appreciated that she did not make me feel awkward about it. “Thanks, mom.”

She smiled and hugged my hand in hers, “It’s alright. My darling son is being very hard, but at least he’s hard for me. That’s the most important thing.” She once again had her teasing smile on her face.


“Just messing with you, darling.”

We sat in silence for a while, and I could finally concentrate on something else than covering up my erect dick. It was still standing up, but I no longer felt ashamed about it. I enjoyed the music, the cosy light, and my mother’s presence. Her beautiful breasts.

My mother must have noticed my repeated glances at her tits, because she said “It’s fine if you want to look at my breasts. No need to peek. If I did not want you to see them I would not have them exposed to you.” She paused and looked into my eyes. “I want you to see them.”

“Thanks, mom. They are really beautiful. Sometimes I feel like I can’t look away.”

“Don’t look away. They are there to enjoy!” she said and looked funny: “Besides, you said you did. You said you enjoy them. You said they make you hard.”

I laughed, “Mom!” but I couldn’t help but get embarrassed when she put it like that.

“Do you want to show me?” she asked.

“Show you what?” I asked back.

“Do you want to show me your… your penis?” She saw I was shocked, as she said “I mean, I’ve shown you my boobs, and we said to not hide from each other.”

“Mom, why do you even want to see my penis?” I asked and laughed nervously.

“I want to see your penis, because you’ve seen my boobs. I want to see what effect my body has on your body.”

I shook my head but still said “Alright mom. If you want it.”

“Yes! I want it.” She sounded very excited, looking down at my body.

“What, right now?” I asked her. I was trying to delay it. I don’t know why–maybe I was hoping that the erection would disappear, but it did not. I only got more horny as time passed.

“Yes, why not?” she said, letting go of my hand and signing for me to stand up.

I knew I would not get out of this. Neither did I want to. I wanted to show my mother my erection. I grabbed a hold of the sides of the tub, and began pushing my body upwards.

I could see my own cock present itself in front of my own mother’s eyesight. This is crazy, I thought. But she suggested it.

Her eyes got wide as my hard penis came out of the water. She let out a quiet “oh God,” that seemed like it was spontaneous.

Damn. I knew I had a hard-on. But I did not know that it was going to look like this. It was filled to its maximum; swollen and stone hard, with thick veins pulsating up the shaft. The water made me not realize exactly how turned on my cock was for my mother.

It looked like it was ready to fuck and cum in an instant. Had I known how it looked, I surely would not have shown it. But it was too late. My mother was staring at my hard cock. It did not help, if anything it made me more excited.

“Oh God,” my mother said again “I mean, I’m sorry…”

“Mom, no apologies, remember?”

She smirked at my comment. “But your cock…” she said, “Is it okay?”

“Yes, it is very okay. It is horny, is all.” I felt that I was getting more loose in the way I was conversing with my mom. How could I be anything else? I was standing there waving my rock-hard cock in her face.

“I can tell. It’s big. It’s… it’s very beautiful, honey,” she said and looked into my eyes.

“Thank you, mom. So I guess you have seen now what your boobs do to my penis, right?”

“Oh yes. I almost can’t believe I have such a strong effect on a man. On my son!”

I was getting more excited with every comment she made. “You know, it is very nice to have your mom look at your dick.” I said. “Yes, I am looking at your big cock,” she laughed, “Just looking at it and remembering the good times we had together. When I used to see your dick when it was still soft and before it grew into this large, hard, huge monster you have right now.”

My penis, which indeed was neither small nor soft anymore, throbbed with every heartbeat as my mother spoke and looked at it.

“Oh, I am so glad I have such a big son. Your dick is so big, so hard.” My mother was looking at me in the eyes, then at my cock. Her eyes looked lustful. Was she actually getting horny by this?

My dick looked like it would explode any second, spraying cum all over my mother’s face, hair, tits. My balls looked swollen, as if they wanted to get emptied inside a woman’s vagina. I heard myself think, ‘inside my mothers vagina’. Yes. I wanted my penis to ejaculate into my mothers hairy cunt. That was the naked truth.

“So tell me, mom. Do you like my dick?”

“Oh, of course honey. I love it. I love that I am able to see it.”

“Is it what you imagined?”

“Well, no… I’ve never seen it like this before. So big, so hard, so… erotic.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32