Subliminal Control Pt. 02

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Becka’s wet panties were clutched in my fist as I went back to my room to brood. I was really pissed at her but I was also really horny. I decided to continue making CD’s, but this time I used a rain forest instead of ocean waves. The sound of the rain calmed me down considerably.

I made another 6, 30 minute CD’s.

said, You’ll need to listen to all 6 discs to feel really relaxed and then all your stress will melt away. You can feel yourself drifting deeper and deeper into a trance. And when the disc ends you will get up and insert the next disc having no memory that you did it.

said, You’ll find that you are growing aroused and your nipples will grow erect and your pussy will grow wet. You will remove this disc when it ends and insert the next one in line.
said, You’ll feel like this is a dream as you imagine Steve watching you as you touch yourself. He has a big throbbing hard-on and you crave to suck his dick and swallow his delicious cum. said, You will seduce him with alcohol before stripping naked. He will be in shock and you will take advantage of the moment by sucking on his cock until it is hard. said, You will straddle his waist and slide your pussy down on his hard cock and ride him hard and deep. And when you feel him cum, this will trigger your own orgasm and you will climax really hard. You will then clean him up with your tongue and realize how good his semen tastes. And

said, You’ll awaken totally refreshed and realize that you love Steve and that you desire for him to take you and have sex with you whenever you are horny. And the moment he grabs your tits you will fall into a trance once again and become a sex starved nymphomaniac and do whatever he wants you to do.

Steve then put the discs together and secured them with a rubber band and hid them in a sleeve behind his desk. He knew that Gwen wasn’t home from classes yet and didn’t want the discs falling into the wrong hands, like the first batch did with his sister.

He then gathered his knapsack and headed off to his classes at the Community college. He got on his bike and just as he pulled out of the driveway he saw his sister waving at him. “Oh crap!” He thought. He didn’t büyükesat escort have time for any of her nonsense so he pedaled like crazy to get away from her as soon as he could.

* * * * *

Becka saw her brother and immediately grew wet. She waved at him to get his attention but he was out of ear shot and he must not have seen her cause he raced away. “Oh well, I’ll surprise him when he comes home.” she thought wickedly and then let herself in the house.

Upon entering the house she barely closed the door, when she started to remove her clothes on the way to her room. She left a trail of her cheer outfit, bra, panties, socks and shoes, strewn on the stairs and hallway floor moments before entering her bedroom. She was completely naked now. “Ahh, that’s better. Much more comfortable.” she thought and closed her bedroom door.

She looked around and saw that her room was a mess. Her dresser drawers were skewed open and clothes were haphazardly strewn on the floor. Her closet door was open and her things were definitely moved around. She then thought, “I know that I didn’t leave my room like this when I left this morning for class and cheer practice. Hmm, Steve must have been in here looking for something.” The odd thing, was that she wasn’t upset about it.

Becka then started to put things away and tidy up in case Mom came home and saw her room a mess. She didn’t want her brother getting in trouble. And the more she thought about her brother Steve, the hornier she became.

She started to play with her nipples as she looked at herself in the mirror on the back of her door. They were already erect as she thought about the blow job she gave him earlier and she twisted her nipples and pinched them harder and harder. (This was strange too because in the past her tits were so sensitive that she could barely even put her bra on without making her wince in pain) She then sat on the corner of her bed and looked in the mirror as her fingers opened her pussy lips. Her clit and pussy lips were supper swollen and her juices were making a puddle on the sheets. “God I’m horny!” she thought.

She inserted a couple of fingers inside her vagina and groaned çankaya escort at how good it felt to probe her tightness. When she removed her fingers they were shiny with her juices and she had the strong desire to put them in her mouth. So she did. “Mmm, oh my god that’s good!” she thought. (But then another memory surfaced and in the past she hated the way her pussy smelled but she was never wet like she was now.) “Oh well, I guess I’m growing more mature?” she pondered.

Becka went back to stroking her swollen clit with thoughts of her brother’s dick in her mouth. Her clit felt really thick and the cute little pearl underneath was sticking out. “Hello little guy” she giggled and stroked it with her finger tip. She leaned back and pulled her knees up as she thought how good it would feel to have her brother fucking her pussy with his stiff rod, as she was furiously fingering herself with two fingers. “Ohhh” she moaned. She was almost there! And the moment she remembered her brother shooting his yummy cum in her mouth, she cried out, “Yesssss! Oh fuck!” and had a huge orgasm that made her juices spill out around her fingers. She rode the waves or orgasm for a good 30 seconds.

When Becka stopped shaking enough to move, she still had her fingers inside her vagina. She removed them and licked her juices from each finger. “God my cum is tasty” she thought. She then sat up and got off the bed and turned around. “Wow! Look at all that yummy cum.” she mused before getting on her knees and pressing her face into the wet puddle. She smeared her juices on her cheeks and chin before licking up the wet puddle that formed on her sheets. She stood up and when she saw that there were two wet spots on her sheets, she stripped her bed and then carried her linen to the laundry room and started a load of wash.

On her way back upstairs, she glanced in Stevie’s room. Things were really neat and tidy in there and she grew suspicious. “He must be hiding something” she thought and then looked in all the obvious places. And when she came up empty she started going through his dresser and closet and under his bed. A light bulb came on inside her head and she pictured Stevie doing ankara escort the same thing to her room. “Hmm, curious.” she thought.

Becka then stood in the middle of his room and put her arms crossed under her breasts with a finger in her mouth, contemplating. “Ahah! His desk!” she thought. She looked under the drawers and under the keyboard and as she peered over the back she spotted an envelope taped there. “I found you, you crafty little Devil.” she beamed. Becka was good at finding hidden things and always have been (like the time I found Mom’s vibrator in one of her shoes a few weeks back) and smiled to herself.

She opened the envelope and inside were 6 discs bound together with a rubber band. The sticky note said, ‘For Deep Relaxation’. Becka was so focused on finding the discs that she didn’t hear her Mom come home. And when she took a step outside of Steve’s room, she practically ran into her mother who just got to the top of the stairs with an armful of clothes.

“Becka! What on earth is going on? And why are you naked?” she scolded her daughter. Becka should have been mortified at having been discovered by her mother in her state of undress, but she wasn’t. She answered her very casually. “Hi mom. I discovered that I like being naked. I feel very comfortable without clothes.” and smiled. “What? This is most unacceptible behavior young lady, and you will take these clothes and put them on right this instant!” But Becka didn’t move. So her Mom snatched the CD’s out of her hand and thrust the pile of clothes at her daughter and grabbed her elbow and marched her back to her room.

“It’s a good thing your brother isn’t here to see this! (God, can this day get any worse) You will stay in your room until you are ready to act like a grownup. A grownup who wears clothes!” And with that she shut her door.

Angie (short for Angela) went into her room and closed the door and sat on her bed. She put her face in her hands, when she realized that she was holding the group of CD’s. She was about to toss them in her wastebasket when she inadvertantly glanced at the sticky note on the front. ‘For Deep Relaxation’ it said. “I could use some deep relaxation right about now after the day I just had at work. And now this with my daughter.” She thought to herself.

She kicked off her heels and went over and sat behind the desk at her computer. “Let’s see what you are all about” and donned a pair of headphones and inserted the first disc.

to be continued…

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