Stress Relief Pt. 01

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Asa Akira

Sophia was thinking “How did I get here?”

She didn’t just mean on a picturesque hike high in the Colorado countryside, that wasn’t so unusual. It was the fact that somewhere on this hike she knows that a stranger is waiting for her and will be stealing her off the trail and raping her, yet she is still here and letting it happen.

Having worked through her undergrad and being accepted to med school Sophia has accomplished so much, and is still very busy with her classes, working at the college, trying to get experience in her field – wanting to be and surgeon, working to save lives.

It is all about trust, and for some reason she trusts what he has told her through the site, even though she has never met him or even knows his real name. The little bit of doubt is what makes this exhilarating for her, there are so many ways this could go wrong. It was all sort of an accident how she found the site, doing research on different conditions, just typed in a search spelled a little wrong and she ended up at a chatroom where they were discussing all sorts of wild things, once she realized her mistake she quickly closed the site and hoped no one was monitoring her laptop from the school.

As the pressures of school and work and life added up that one time seeing some of what was written there stuck in the back of her head. She went to her personal laptop, one that isn’t linked to her school accounts and logged on and made profile at the site. The risk was there, being found out – but it was also exciting to step away from her straight laced always serious school and career. This can be her escape, where she can go and hide from all the things in her real life and pretend to be anyone she wants. She chose the name Love2Learn – she wanted people to come and interact with her, to teach her about all the things they did.

It progressed as you might think, mostly reading other posts, making a comment here and there, and getting to recognize the usernames of people who frequent the same topics. The things that were the most taboo for her were the ones she went to the most. Having grown up as a small town, highly religious, Girl Scout and homecoming queen she would never have even thought about any of the things she’s seeing now. It takes her months in her relationships to get to have sex with someone, one night stands and random hookups were the furthest thing from how she was brought up. She saw all her roommates doing it in college and it always came back to burn them, either getting STDs, pregnancy scares, being called sluts and whores, dropping out of school – it reinforced how she thought.

So the topics about stranger meet ups, glory holes, swinger parties were the ones she was most intrigued by. Girls telling stories about being the girl at a frat party where all the guys ran a train on her, or being in the bursa escort sex shops and sucking cocks stuck through the hole in the wall. She could never imagine doing any of these things. Guys talking about hooking up with girls at clubs, bringing them to the bathroom and getting it on right there.

Then she started to add a little more, take some pictures (no face) and post them – her tits at first, then pics of her pussy. The guys loved it (obviously) and it made her feel special and such a turn on. The pics became videos, and she would add different things, fingering herself, dildos, being outside, many being suggestions from the guys on the site.

It started to creep ever so slightly into her everyday life, wondering if anyone she meets may be one of her online men. Have any of these people at this medical convention seen the video where she shoved a dildo up her pussy and made herself cum? Have any of these patients seen the pics of the butt plug deep in her ass? Do the orderlies know she’s not wearing any bra or panties under her scrubs? Why is her professor asking her to come to his office hours? Is he a perv and thinks she’ll fuck him for a grade?

One of the most active users was a guy with the name “TheTaker” she would have private messages with him, and after a while let a few things slip. He actually noticed something in one of her pics which he knew was in Colorado, and it made her kick herself for not being more careful. It scared her a bit, but it’s a big place he wouldn’t know really where she was.

He would encourage her to try new things, mostly more daring public things. Sundresses on windy days, changing into her bikini right on the beach, top down on the high way, and she loved all of them. She would always come back and tell him what she did and how hot it made her. They would masturbate together, she even wrote “TheTaker” on one of her dildos and use it while they chatted.

At some point, she realized she was spending so much time figuring out her own fantasies, she started to find out what he wanted, what was his kink. His big thing was having kidnapping fantasies, roleplays whatever you call them, like having his girlfriend pretend to not know him, and try to “pick her up” at a bar and when she refuses, grab her in the parking lot and force her in the car. Hence “TheTaker”, she realized how dumb she was to not figure that one out on her own. He tells her about different girls who he’s worked with, one who he grabbed in a parking lot of a mall, and another who he took backstage at a concert. One of his favorites is forcing girls to perform in sex shops – sucking cocks at the glory holes. He had so many stories, and each one got her hotter, to the point she tells him she wants to be his next “victim”.

So this is how she finds herself on a secluded path an hour drive outside the nearest görükle escort town, wearing a red bandana on her left arm, marking herself for him, just in case there are other thin, dark haired girls on the trail.

She is trusting he will be here, she is trusting he won’t bring other people, she is trusting he won’t tie her up and leave her for anyone else to find, she is trusting he won’t strangle her and leave her for the coyotes to eat, she is trusting he won’t leave with her spare clothes she brought for the hike back down, she is trusting he won’t follow her home. That is a lot of trust.

Every noise, she thinks it’s him – a twig breaking, the trees blowing in the wind, animals calling out, her own breathing! It’s driving her crazy, when is going to happen? Where is he? It is so weird that he has built it up to the point that she can’t wait to be “Taken” and raped on the dirty ground on the side of this mountain. Of course, right as she let her guard down, right as she had given up and figured it wasn’t actually going to happen, as she paused to take a drink and look at the scenery at the overlook – he grabbed her. The red bandana quickly became a gag, tied behind her head stopping her from screaming out, his strong hands picked her up and carried her over his shoulder off the trail.

He had quite the spot, there was an abandoned mine just off the trail, behind the overlook. All her fears came to her all at once – he had a hidden spot no one would find, she was quickly tied up and hooked to a support beam, arms stretched above her head, toes barely touching the ground. It was dark, so she couldn’t see his face, but he was big!

He had his tools, and first cut away her top and felt her breasts, rough hands, with huge fingers, caressing them. She was so confused, afraid for her life, no idea what he was going to do to her. Slitting the sides of her shorts he had his fingers on her pussy right away, circling her clit and dipping inside her up to his first knuckle. It was thick, almost as thick as any cock she had ever had so far.

He started to speak – she realized she had never heard his voice. It was more of a tremble how low it was “You’ll be able to make it out of this alive if you do everything I want”. She felt herself gushing wetness onto his hand, everything she had anticipated was happening. With one hand groping her chest, his other now penetrating her with some force, he’s now managed to get two thick fingers inside her. She nods, and now realizes with the gag she has no chance to say their safe word. Rookie mistake!

He leaves her for a moment, and she can see him moving some stuff around, he comes back and takes her off the hook and moves her to a kneeling position, and she realizes he’s made some sort of rack, he bends her over it and re-hooks her hands out in front of escort bayan her. Her feet are quickly clamped to the sides of the rack, she is wide open and exposed to this huge man. As he gets his cock out he positions himself between her legs, he is so hairy she can feel it on her legs, he rests his cock on her ass. It’s hard to tell, but it seems to go all the way to the middle of her back! That can’t be right, but she’ll soon find out! He positions his cockhead at her entrance, and starts leaning his weight into her.

She is so proud of how much of his cock he got inside her, it seemed like 3 feet! He really worked her, she definitely passed out at least once, and may have passed out a couple times. She was jarred back awake one time when he shoved the tip of his thumb in her asshole. That got her attention!

After what seemed like days of getting hammered from behind, he pulls out of her, he hasn’t cum yet, she can hear him moving around to the front of the rack, “I’m going to take off the gag, and replace it with my cock. Do not scream, you will regret it.” As he unties it, she thinks about screaming for a second to see what he would do, but all she says is “More”. He laughs, it echoes in the cave and he says, “There is plenty more” and starts shoving his cock into her mouth, and quickly down her throat.

With her head pushed back she is in a very uncomfortable position, luckily he was either very close already or the tightness of her throat sent him over the edge and he basically came straight into her stomach.

He slid out of her mouth, then reties the gag (which she didn’t expect) and then walked around behind her again. Fuck. Exhausted, sweaty, naked, belly full of cum she figures he’s leaving her here like this. She feels a sharp prick in her right ass cheek – it’s a good thing he put that gag back on, because she screamed louder than anytime in her life. What did he just inject her with??? She was out faster than she had time to figure it out.

When she woke up, she had her change of clothes on, sitting up with a cooler in front of her with water and food. There was a note, he wrote – “Thank you for letting me live out such a great fantasy! I have to admit now that I didn’t to any of those things I told you about online, I’ve never had any luck with girls. This is the first time I’ve ever had a girl show up. I understand if you never want to see me again, or even if you want to turn me in to the police. But if there is any way you can forgive me I will be online every Monday at 8:00 in our chatroom if you ever want to talk to me again.”

She sat there for a few minutes, drank some water and thought about what she just did. When she went to get up she really felt how sore she was, and as she walked back to her car a couple people asked if she was ok “Never better”.

She did wait a couple weeks before logging in again, and her first message to him was “When can you Take me again?”


This is a work of fiction – all participants are over 18 and any resemblance to any real life incident is not intended.

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