Stepdaughter’s Desire

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I must thank my new editor torytory113. All charecters are over the age of 18 and this is a work of fiction.


I have been married to a beautiful woman now for three years. This is her second marriage. Kate is a wonderful wife that has given me a great amount of pleasure during our brief marriage. Quite a bit of it sexual as she has fulfilled a lot of my sexual fantasies, some I didn’t know I had. Kate has a daughter form her previous marriage, though we rarely see her. She was sixteen when we married and her ex-husband had custody and did not let April out of his sight much at all coupled with they lived a six hour drive away in another state. Needless to say my stepdaughter called me Ken when she visited on the few occasions she stopped by.

When April turned eighteen she went to collage about a twenty-minute drive from our house. She began turning up on the odd weekends to get away from school. Kate and I didn’t mind since it never once put a damper in our sex life and she never paid me much attention when she was there and pretty much kept to herself or was in deep conversation with her mother. Kate and April talked quite a bit but usually when I was doing yard work or fixing things in my workshop.

Kate was quite loud in bed especially when I was licking her pussy. She loved the feel of my tongue on her clit and when she came she was quite vocal even when April was in residence. April never once made any comment or gave any disapproving looks. Kate loved it when I used my tongue making her shake and scream when she would orgasm and get very very wet. She needed the lubrication as my cock though, I am eight inches and it is somewhat wide. The first time I slid my erect penis into Kate she gasped at how much I filled her pussy up, and marveled how much cum I filled her with. As a fifty-year-old man I liked to think I was in impressive ability compared to any thirty-five-year-old guy. Considering that my wife is thirty five and I’m fifty, I’m able to keep well up to expectations.

When April was in her junior year she began showing up a bit more even spending her vacations with us. This was nice for Kate as she was able to really connect with her daughter and she even paid me a little attention.

A week into Aprils fall break she came home and as it was abnormally warm, we dressed accordingly. Kate and April wore what can only be described as matching outfits and when they stood next to each other they almost looked like twins. Both women had medium length brown hair with brown eyes. Both had B cup breasts with nipples that protruded about a half inch and I could clearly see through the light material of their respective shirts. The shirts and shorts they wore made them both look sexy and almost the same age.

I couldn’t wait to make love to Kate that night.

When April went out to go to the movies after dinner on the porch in the backyard I went over to Kate gave her a big kiss and told her to relax and I would clean up. She went to lie on the lounge chair in the yard while I picked up and got Kate a fresh glass of wine. I knew what I wanted and I wanted it right there in the back yard. Thank god we live somewhere more remote. I went and kissed Kate and proceeded to make love to her right where she lay. Soon she was moaning as I tongued her clit and as she flooded my face with her juices she pulled me on top of her and told me to fuck her hard. I was happy to comply and soon filled her pussy with my hot cum. We dressed and went inside and watched television until April got home.

After that night April began to be a bit looser with me, I saw her in various states of undress as though she wanted me to see her. She even went so far as to change in her room with the door open knowing I would be walking by after work to get to my room and change. At the time I thought it was all so innocent so I just walked by pretending not to notice. It was hard because she was a mirror image of her mother and her mom was very sexy and I would begin to get hard just at the sight on my naked wife.

April’s junior year came and went and she decided she was going to spend the summer with us as she had taken a job nearby until school began again.

By this time April had been so bold as to walk topless to the washer and drier when she was washing her clothes and her mother never complained so who was I to say anything? She worked mostly nights so she sunbathed most days and in our backyard it was so private that April took to sunbathing nude. As much as I enjoyed the sight I was quite turned on and Kate got the best of me when she got home as I usually was so horny by that time I would give her a good licking before I fucked her hard and long before cumming with a renewed vigor I didn’t know I possessed.

The middle of July was a busy one for Kate, as she had to make a business trip for at least a week maybe more. I was not looking forward to this as my only relief from my stepdaughters overt sexuality for my benefit was that every night I was able to get a release from fucking her mother. I didn’t know bahis firmaları what I was going to do except I guess I was going to masturbate a lot.

The first night Kate was gone I tried to ignore April but she just kept flirting and made every excuse she could to parade around naked in front of me. I was hard for hours as I tried to ignore her. It was to no avail as I snuck into my bedroom and closed the door. I began to masturbate slowly trying to think of Kate but with the images of April fresh in my mind, I just kept imagining her stroking my cock. It wasn’t long before I felt the cum rising in my balls as I was ready to cum. Then all of a sudden the door opened and in marched April still in her birthday suit. I was taken aback and tried to hide myself as best I could and sitting up I asked: “What do you think your doing barging in here?”

April replied, “I thought I would help with your problem.”

I sputtered “What problem would that be?”

“Well you seem to be holding it in your hand!”, she had a sort of flare in her eyes saying this.

I replied the only way I could. “I would never betray and cheat on your mother even though I will admit you are very beautiful.”

To which April said; “So you would fuck me if mom told you it was alright with her?”

I couldn’t answer as I knew this was a no win situation for me if I said anything, but what April did floored me. She sat on the bed next to me and my still stiff cock that refused to go down and picked up the phone and dialed her moms cell number. I was confused and paralyzed with fear as well as excitement.

April began once Kate picked up; “Hi Mom. I just caught daddy masturbating himself and when I asked him if he needed help he said he wouldn’t let me without your permission” There was a pause before she said, “OK” and then handed me the phone.

On the other end I was prepared to get scolded but Kate just said; “April has wanted to fuck you for a long time now she told me so. I didn’t have to go on this trip but I went because I want you to give April what she wants. It’s all right with me as she is an adult now and I don’t mind sharing you with her. I know how much she turns you on as you have demonstrated it to me every night when I get home you are practically ready to fuck me before I can get in the door. Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it. It turns me on too that you find April as attractive as me. So go have fun, I want to hear all about it when I get home.” She hung up before I could say anything.

As I hung the phone up April had the biggest grin on her face as she reached for my cock that I still held with my other hand.

I let go of myself with a dumbfounded expression on my face as her hand encircled my stiff member, she gently began stroking me as her other hand reached it closing around my now leaking penis. My precum was leaking from the bulbous head of my cock now purple, as I was so hard I thought it would burst like a balloon. She continued stroking as more and more fluid rose from my balls and coated my cock and her hands.

After a few minutes of this I knew I would cum soon if this went on and since I now had the object of my desire and so many fantasies right before me I couldn’t help myself and reached up and pulled her face to mine kissing her deeply. She responded and my hands dropped to her breasts as I gently caressed her now hard nipples then held her whole breast in my hand. It was so soft and firm. Like her mothers only slightly firmer.

I gently lay April down on the bed now never breaking the kiss until she was flat on the bed. Then I began kissing my way down her body stopping at each nipple and sucking it in my mouth and swirling my tongue around the already stiff areola. I gently bit each one and she responded with a moan of pleasure. When I got down to her mound I found a strip of hair that ended just above her slit. I could see she was very wet as I ran my tongue down her slit making sure I ran right over her clit. She moaned her appreciation as I did this. I tasted her wetness and took in her musky scent as I licked my way back up and ran my tongue all around her clitoris without really touching it. As I did this she arched her back to try to thrust her clit onto my tongue.

I slid one hand up to her breast and the other slid slowly tracing a line up her thigh until I was able to insert a finger into her now drenched pussy. As one digit penetrated her pussy my tongue found her clit and she moaned loudly her approval of my actions. I slowly licked her clit, alternating motion and speed. My finger in her pussy continued rubbing her g-spot and I could feel her get more excited as her hips were moving more and more, her pussy was dripping and she had gotten quite loud. I teased her by slowing down and speeding up and I enjoyed this almost as much as she did. I went on and on and she made so much noise, I was glad we were in the bedroom. I know she was enjoying this as I had brought her to the brink quite a few times before backing off only to get her right to the edge again and again. I love doing kaçak iddaa this because it takes a while and I get turned on so much doing this. When I was ready to make her cum I slowly increased my tempo but never slowed down so soon she was screaming

“Ooooooh my f-f-fucking gawd I am cumming soooo muuuuuch OOOOOOOOOOOOH”, it was then I could feel her pussy muscles contract on my fingers and her slick pussy gushed more fluids onto my tongue and hand. Her breathing was so rapid I thought she might pass out but she just kept repeating “oh my god, oh my god” over and over as her orgasm subsided. I was licking her slower making sure her orgasm was kept going until she pushed my face away from her hot sopped cunt.

Without a word I got between her legs and bent down and kissed her with my wet face, with one hand I brushed the tip of my cock up and down her wet slit. I placed the tip right at her entrance and slowly inserted my fat cock in her her pussy. We broke our kiss as I continued to slide my cock inch by inch slowly into her tight wet pussy. It felt so good each inch into her felt like a velvet sleeve that perfectly fit my cock.

When I reach her cervex I pushed further gently and April spoke “Fuck me daddy. Fuck me hard, daddy.” She had just started calling me daddy for some reason; she had, before tonight, always referred to me as Ken. Tonight was different. So different.

I slowly pulled out inch by inch to savor the feeling of sliding into my stepdaughter’s snug pussy. When I was almost out I thrust back in and began my cadence of fucking her. I increased my speed slowly and since I was so horny before I had almost cum before she walked in on me I knew I wouldn’t last long. My speed had increased so that I was fucking her like a piston and she was screaming and returning my every thrust with her own bucking. I felt my cum rising and I told her so. She responded by telling me she was on the pill and she wanted me to cum inside her. I was only too happy to oblige as I spurted again and again into her cunt. After a few thrusts I slowed and my cum began to leak out when I pushed in. I lay on top of her when I had finished pumping my load deep in April’s pussy.

That was the first of a long week of fucking, sucking, licking and cumming in, on and with my stepdaughter

When Kate returned I told her all about it and she got so horny when I told her she practically raped me. She told me later that April had told her about her desire for me after witnessing us fuck on the chaise lounge when she had come back because she forgot her uniform. She had watched from her room and masturbated while we fucked and told her mother that when she loved seeing me going down on Kate the most. She loved the fact that I made sure she had cum before I fucked her. She also said I had one of the biggest cocks she had seen and was insanely curious if my wide cock would fit in her own pussy.

Kate for her part promised not to say anything to me and would not mind if April was to fuck me. In fact she even told me that she liked sharing me, it turned her on she said. I was surprised to say the least. Then Kate floored me by telling me I could fuck anyone I wanted as long as I promised to tell her every detail so she could relive it with me.

Well the summer was so much better after that. I alternated between my stepdaughter and my wife and they about wore me out. At my age, once a day is all I can handle though some days I managed to fit both women onto my cock.

Two weeks before April went back to school she had a friend come and visit for a week. My wife also left town for a few days on business. I thought I was going to have to deviate from my routine for a time but I didn’t mind too much, I had more sex in the last month than I had since I was in my twenties.

April’s friend, Jennifer, arrived the day after Kate left for her trip. She was petite at 5 foot 3 and probably weighed 90 pounds if that. She was skinny but not too skinny. She had nicely proportioned hips for her size and full size c breasts and when she walked in the door in Boy shorts, a white cotton t-shirt and her blonde hair in a pony tail I could see that she must have had all the guys chasing her at college.

When she walked in and her perky breasts hit the air conditioning her nipples got instantly hard and I could clearly see her pencil erasure size buds poking her shirt. She was clearly comfortable with April as she hugged her like a long lost relative. She broke from her hug as April introduced her to me saying.

“Dad, this is my girlfriend and lover Jen.” At this last word Jen blushed a deep crimson. April took her by the hand and whisked her away to her room. They emerged a while later dressed in bikinis went to the back yard. I looked out the back yard to see April had removed everything and was rubbing Jen with sun-tan lotion. Jen had kept her bikini on. I thought it prudent to stay away from them for a while.

I made dinner a bit early because I didn’t know what to do with myself and I didn’t want to intrude on them. I called out back and April said kaçak bahis they would be right in. When they walked in the door Jen still had her bikini on and April was nude save for a towel wrapped around her waist. I motioned to April to put on her bikini top to eat dinner and she smiled at me and shook her head no and let me sweat a minute before she went out to the backyard and got dressed anyway.

They both sat down and as we ate our salad and dinner I cooked we made small talk. I asked about Jen’s family and her major. We chatted until we finished and I told the girls I would clean up if they wanted to change. I assumed they would go out on the town.

I was even more surprised ten minutes later when they came out of April’s room in oversized shirts that they obviously slept in. They sat on the couch and asked if I wanted to watch a movie with them. I wasn’t crazy, why wouldn’t I want to spend some time with these beauties? April picked out a movie and we sat down to watch. The girls kept whispering but it didn’t bother me.

When the movie ended I began to excuse myself when April stopped me and said “Dad, I want you to know I am bisexual and that Jen is my lover.” I responded that I assumed that by her introduction.

She went on, “Jen has been a lesbian for as long as she remembers and she has never been with a man” I could see poor Jen was blushing and had averted her eyes from me. “I told her all about you and how wonderful you made me feel. I have fucked more than a few guys and you are by far the best lover I have ever been with” Now I was blushing. April continued “Jen and I both want you to show her how it is supposed to be with a man, would you do that for her?”

I responded the only way I could “That would be entirely up to Jen. If she wants to be with an old guy like me I would be delighted but Jen you have to want to do this. I would love to make love to a beautiful woman like yourself but only if you want it. So I will be going to bed and if you want you can join me anytime and remember I will respect your wishes at any time if you decide to stop.”

April protested “Dad you are not an old man and Jen would love to have you make love to her, that’s all we talked about this summer and today while sunbathing”

I just said, “Goodnight, you both know where you find me” and I left and went to my bedroom, half nervous but half proud.

I did not expect to see Jen that night or any night as she seemed so embarrassed by the whole conversation, blushing and looking down. I was almost asleep when the door opened and I could see Jen in her large sleep shirt as she snuck in the room. She stood at the foot of the bed and looked at me when I opened my eyes.

“I hope you don’t mind I only came in here because April insisted. I don’t know what you expect but I am not sure I want to do anything” she shifted from hip to hip awkwardly.

I replied, “Jen sit down and relax, I really didn’t expect to see you. You looked like you didn’t want any part of what April planned. I know a beautiful young woman like you would rather have someone your own age rather than an old man like me.”

Jen responded, “You’re not old! It’s just that I am a virgin and I am not sure I want to change that right now.”

I chuckled and said, “That makes sense. Relax would never do anything that you didn’t want. I have a wife that I love and have plenty of great sex with. April has just been lucky to be a part of that. I don’t want you to feel you have to do anything you don’t want to. Go back to April and tell her I wasn’t interested, she will understand.”

Jen shot back “No she won’t, she knows that you want me. I don’t want her to get mad at me.”

“Well then just sit beside me and we will watch TV and you can leave and tell her anything you want, I will back you up.”

Jen sat down next to me and since I was under the sheet she sat on top smoothing her long shirt down her legs. She smiled and softly said, “Thanks.”

We engaged in small talk for the next half hour or so and Jen got more relaxed and opened up to me. She told me how April and her got together and how they discovered she liked woman more than men. She went on to tell me her first kiss with a boy he forced himself on her and she just slapped him and ran off. After that she took a long time to trust any one guy. Jen said she always had an attraction to girls and found she really liked kissing them, their soft lips and gentle ways. Pretty soon with the conversation turning more sexual I asked her what happened to make April think she wanted to be with me?

She said, “We had been talking about sex and who we had been with. April had fucked a few guys in college and she said it was nothing too special. So we talked about the girls we had sex with. Then when April came home for vacation she told me she and you had sex and she said it was the best sex with a man she has ever had. She told me she had never orgasmed as much though it was different than when we had sex. She insisted that if I ever wanted to lose my virginity that her stepdad should be the one to deflower me. I thought about it for a while and I came to visit because I had decided that I wanted to do it. But when I arrived here I guess I just chickened out. That’s when April forced me to come in here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32