Step Dad Teaches Me a Lesson Ch. 03

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I had to be dreaming… yes, that’s right it was all a wild crazy wet dream, oh!… there’s something wet and warm sliding along my pussy, which is incredibly sensitive.

Ooh! It’s something slippery licking my clit making it throb. Mmm… just a little longer… right there… fuck… fu…ck! FUCK I’M CUMING! As my eyes pop open… holy FUCK! It wasn’t a dream, Larry was holding my legs apart as he forced orgasms out of me over and over again!

I don’t care if he wants to eat me till I pass out and still never stop. I’m addicted to this man.

As I start to wake up I see Larry licking his lips and savoring my taste as he kisses his way up my body, “So tell me, how long have you been fucking Roger?” Daddy asked as he wiped my cum off his lips.

“A few weeks… why? It’s not like I’ll be seeing him again” I said.

“I’m sure you’ll think of something to get that dick back” daddy smiled and winked at me.

“Get him back? Didn’t you just kick him out. Now you want me to get him back! Why would you want me to do that daddy?” I was a little cum drunk and confused.

“Well now that I know the slut you are, I figured he and I could have a talk and come to an arrangement. Since we have so much in common.” He stroked his cock and laughed.

Arrangement? What could he mean by that? And why is it turning me on so much? Well maybe it’s time I let him know some of my fantasies, and I do have a birthday coming up maybe I might be able to get some thing special.

“Ok. What do you have in mind? And what do bahis firmaları you want me to do?” I said as I spread my legs apart.

Just then daddy spanked my clit hard over and over sending electric currents all over me. “Oh you’ll do what you do best…” he said while he got onto his knees and started to push his big cock into my soaking wet pussy.

That sparked an idea, and maybe I could really get a little nasty!

“Daddy, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, can we have a special party?” I asked nicely.

“What do you mean honey?” Daddy asked while playing with my clit.

“Well daddy I thought we could go away for a weekend and invite some friends and party.” I did my best to look innocent.

“And maybe they could fuck me all weekend… non-stop.” As the words came out of my mouth I locked eyes with my daddy, I couldn’t help but smile sweetly. “I’d like to have a cock in every hole daddy… in other words I want a gangbang. Don’t you think that would be fun daddy?” I smiled, I think I’ve shocked him because he stopped playing with my clit.

“Please daddy make that happen for me!” I begged, as I placed my fingers over his on my clit, swirling our fingers spreading my wetness. Just thinking about all that cock was making my pussy wetter!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Lexy had gangbang fantasies, that’s crazy hot!

“Well, well, well a gangbang you say? I didn’t know how filthy your fantasies were honey, why don’t you sit on daddy’s cock an tell me all about it!” Daddy laid down kaçak iddaa on the bed as I happily aimed my pussy and his cock slid inside me filling full, and I started to tell him what I want while I drilled myself on his pole.

“Well daddy I was thinking you could get some of your friends to come.” I said as I started to pant.

“Since you want me to get back with Roger, he could come too.” This was exciting.

And I had the perfect place in mind. “And daddy, Roger told me once that he has a really nice cabin that’s isolated in the woods and he always wanted to take me there.” I tried to focus.

“I thought that we could get some supplies go up there and have a good time.” Oh god I need to concentrate hard because daddy’s cock was hitting my g-spot and it feels so good.

My pussy was being pounded and I was feeling the most delicious tingles ever, as I was riding daddy’s meaty cock up and down, rolling my hips as it stretched my little cunt.

I looked into his eyes as I started to play and pinch my nipples, making them hurt and ache that a gush of liquid greets my daddy’s cock making it easier to grind down and stimulate my clit on his course pubic hair.

“Honey I need details, exactly what do you want to happen? How many friends should I invite?” he starts to pant hard.

“Lexy grind on daddy harder, work that wet little twat on my cock!” daddy bounces me up and down so hard that I could hear the wet squishy sound from my cunt. Tell him?! FUCK! how can I talk when I’m about to cum.

“Umm… well kaçak bahis what I want is to be the center of attention daddy, that’s all.” I need to slow down OMG! I can feel my pussy start to tingle and spasm, at that exact moment daddy spanked my ass and started to drill into me harder and deeper!

“Play with your clit you little whore and tell me EXACTLY what you want.” Daddy tightened his grip on my hips.

“I want details about what my slut wants to happen at her little party.” He tells me as he grits his teeth and slams into my tender hole pounding it hard. He knows that I love it when he tortures my pussy.

But I can’t do as he asks, playing with my clit is too much for me to get my brain and mouth to function, I open my mouth and incoherent shit fall out.

All I want is my orgasm…I want to cum!…I want to feel that high! Fuck me! It’s happening, I can’t stop it!

In no time my body starts to shake, convulsing uncontrollably around daddy’s pole.

I can’t keep my fingers on my clit any more because it’s so sensitive, but then daddy takes over rubbing me, marking me take it, making me scream, making me orgasm and shake like he was exercising a demon from my body.

I was like a junky who couldn’t make it through the day without my cock fix! OMG! I’m squirting so hard that I feel the hot liquid flow out of me and daddy’s cock is forced out of my cunt.

But that doesn’t stop him from pushing it back in to my spasming twat, he was fucking me unconscious. I never thought that that could even happen.

And almost in the distance I could hear daddy yelling and that’s when I felt his hot cum hitting my pussy walls, filling me full. And literally that’s when everything goes dark and my body goes limp. And lights out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32