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Steam from the shower filled the entire bathroom. It was almost hot enough to sear her lungs when she stepped through the door and closed it quickly behind her. The damp heat prickled her skin as her clothing fell to the floor piece by piece, then quietly opened the door to the large tiled shower. More steam billowed around her as she slipped in, the outline of his body just visible. His head was bowed and water thundered down on his shoulders and back from the top jets, another splattered against the back of his legs, others sprayed his sides and chest. She loved this shower, it was sheer decadence, especially the sight of him in it. The sound of the door clicking shut caused him to turn, see her, and smile.

“Been waitin’ on you,” he said softly as she moved closer, sidestepping one of the jets and sliding her arms up around his neck, lips parted for the kiss she had been thinking about and wanting all day.

He saw her lips move and was more than happy to oblige, pressing his mouth to hers hungrily, kissing her deeply until he felt her fingers grip his neck when her knees buckled. She regained her balance and stepped back a little, smiling up at him.

“Worth the wait?” she asked with a little grin, teasing her fingers down his chest.

The look that appeared on his face wiped the grin from hers in a hurry. It was intense, and made her heart pound, hard enough she thought it would burst through her chest when he moved in swiftly, one leg between hers, pushing her back against the tiled wall, grinding his thigh into her crotch. This was what she needed, what she craved – his demanding possession of her, something that was intangible enough she couldn’t explain if you asked. These thoughts burst through her brain like fireworks.

Then there were teeth on her neck and all thought faded, a hand on her breast, squeezing hard on slick wet skin until just her nipple was between his fingers. She whimpered when he pinched, louder when he twisted, crying still louder into the water ataşehir escort that sprayed across her face when he wouldn’t relent and gripped her tender flesh even harder. Finally, his fingers slipped off and she gasped with both relief and frustration. It was too much and not enough all at once.

Her entire body felt like a river, the flowing and trickling sensations rocking her in waves. She slumped against the wall, slightly disoriented, then started as the ache between her legs slid down onto his thigh, jarring her into total alertness once again. His mouth never broke contact with her neck, teeth holding her tightly, almost tearing the delicate skin there. A whimper escaped her lips, and his mouth moved to her ear, whispering so quietly she had to strain to hear above the sound of the water.

“Hands above your head angel.”

Lifting her hands slowly, she stretched her entire body, trying to press every inch of herself against him. Her fingers bumped one of the jets protruding from the wall, and she hung onto it with both hands while his mouth moved lower down her body. Lips traveled over wet skin, drinking the water and her at the same time. Back arched, she cried out and sputtered as water splashed into her mouth when his teeth closed down over first one swollen nipple then the other. Lightning shot from her nipples down her belly, and he followed, kissing and licking along the rivulets that ran down her skin. His head tilted suddenly and he bit her hip, a sharp little reminder of her place in this – one to be feasted on and devoured, consumed.

It took every ounce of her self-control not to release the water jet above her head and push him lower as he bit back and forth across the long smooth muscles of her abdomen, scraping his teeth over her tenderly, slowly working his way down and feeling her body quiver against his mouth. He quickly gripped her thighs when he felt her knees tremble. Shifting on her feet, she found her balance against the wall and breathed kadıköy escort deeply, letting herself relax. Every nerve ending was fiercely alive and tingling, tormented by the water and the heat, like a thousand tiny lashes on her body. He hadn’t even touched the throbbing aching center of her yet, and already she could feel her body climbing that road to release. Sensing that, he paused, and looked up at her. Feeling his focus change, she glanced down and met his eyes.

“Not yet, not until I say,” he instructed, and she nodded.

“Yes Sir, I know.”

She couldn’t help but think they were going to run out hot water eventually, so she wouldn’t have to wait forever, and that thought had her fighting to suppress a giggle. Then she almost choked when without warning his tongue slid lower, into the top of her slit, licking her swollen clit. Bang went her head against the tiles as her pelvis thrust forward involuntarily. His left hand came up, flattened against her body, holding her back while at the same time his thumb brushed against her, pushing the hood of her clit back, exposing the excruciatingly sensitive tip. Moving his hand a little, he let the water run down his thumb and trickle onto her, smiling when he heard her whimper loudly in response. Crouched in front of her, he flicked his tongue over her slowly, teasing her clit, slipping inside her briefly, then back to her clit. The outline of his hand on her belly was the only other thing she felt, the only other sensation her mind could acknowledge as he teased and tormented without mercy.

All she could do was clench her jaw and steel herself against the one thing she was dying for. Fighting, struggling, she held still for him obediently, but the tension was there, he could taste it. Stroking his right hand down her left thigh, his palm closed around behind her knee and lifted slightly, mouth relentless against her. Her body wobbled a little on the wet floor and she trembled with anticipation. Then in one long smooth bostancı escort bayan motion he was standing, his mouth was on hers, and his cock was sliding into her, with her knee up around his hip.

He swallowed her cry and thrust hard into her, stretching her open, touching every delicate part of her. The taste of her was on his lips, all over his tongue, and she kissed him hungrily, teetering on the edge of release, wanting, needing. Her shoulders were on fire, aching from the grip she had to maintain above her head.

Sliding his left hand up her side, he felt the ends of her long red hair and tangled his fingers in them. He loved the feel of her hair in his hands, dry or soaking wet. Gripping her knee tighter with his right hand, he pulled roughly at her hair, tipping her head back a bit and breaking the kiss as he moved faster against her, driving deeper. Her eyes were glazed with lust, affection, respect, and desire, and they widened when they found his and saw the same feelings reflected there.

Twisting his hand higher in her hair, he tugged again and leaned closer, never breaking eye contact when he shoved her hard enough against the slippery wall with his hips to lift her off the floor completely and whispered, “Now angel, let go.”

Tears were lost in the water pouring down over them as her body exploded and she sobbed with relief. Her hands fell from above her head and she clung to him, shuddering. He lowered his mouth to her neck and bit hard, groaning at his own release into her. They held onto each other for a long moment, leaning and nuzzling while their heartbeats returned to normal and their breathing slowed. One long, slow kiss that seemed to last an eternity had her toes curling with pleasure.

The water was starting to feel decidedly cooler and she shivered suddenly, even with the warmth of him against her. Laughing, he stepped back and rinsed them both off quickly before turning off the taps, just as the temperature was getting down right cold.

Warm towels were waiting when they stepped out of the shower. Drying off, she looked at him and said, “You know we have to have another shower in the morning.”

He raised an eyebrow in reply and she grinned mischievously.

“I forgot to wash my hair.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32