Stacy Opens Up to a New Experience

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Hands and knees pressed into the fluffy white rug, and wearing only an appetite for adventure, Stacy awaited his arrival. Within her small perky chest, a sensation of giddy lightness pulsated to the rhythm of her heartbeat. The air against her naked skin felt warm and still. Through the floor-to-ceiling glass, the sun’s rays hotly caressed her round, twitching toes and delicately tanned, slender legs, stopping just short of her upper thighs. Shaved and slightly reddened, the space between them showed signs of touch and desire. Just above, a small green jewel lay embedded between her cheeks.

Stacy exhaled deeply.

Her eyes glazed over.

Purple eyelids, culminating in a set of long, swung eyelashes, fell limply to the edge of her pupils. Black strands of wavy hair slid from her slim shoulders towards the floor. Purple lips parted. Stacy’s right hand lifted from the rug and, in a smooth motion, cupped her right breast. Thumb and forefinger squeezed an engorged nipple. Absent-mindedly, Stacy curled her lower lip and bit it with two sparkling white teeth.

Her breath flattened.

Having completed its inspection, Stacy’s right hand begand gliding down the smooth skin of her abdomen. A wave of goosebumps washed over her body as her touch reached below her belly button. The purple nail polish of her middle finger stopped just short of Stacy’s slit.

The door handle squeaked.

Stacy’s eyelids flew open.

Her hand returned hastily to its place on the rug. Her breath quickened. Footsteps. Feet against marble. Silence. Stacy shut her eyes and lowered her cheek onto the rug’s white softness. The space between her thighs tingled. Her waist anticipated the firmness of his palms. Her nethers longed for the sensation of his fingers. Her body awaited his.

The air behind her stirred.

Stacy’s breath stopped in her chest.

The sun no longer caressed her feet and legs. Her toes grasped tufts of rug.


Stacy’s breath resumed, slowly and flatly, every inch of her bare skin alert with anticipation. A weight fell on either side of her feet. Her toes wriggled, sending a nervous tingle up between her thighs and beyond. The sound of breathing, long and deep, joined her own. The space between her bosoms reddened.

A pair of hands fell firmly onto Stacy’s soft, round buttocks, soon joined by a pair of lips. Kissing. Caressing. Closing in around the jewel between her cheeks. She could feel the damp hotness of his breath against her pucker. Stacy clenched as his thick tongue giddily encircled its perimeter. Her lips parted. A shiver ran across her naked skin. The muscles of her arms and legs twitched. From Stacy’s lips, a muted moan escaped, as he ran his tongue round and round her quivering opening.

And then it stopped.

The sensation of his tongue was replaced with that of his lips gripping the green jewel. Stacy felt a tug. And another. Her body resisting as his lips pulled away from her skin. Gradually, she felt herself begin opening up. A little at first, then more, until a sudden pull liberated her buttocks from a small, steel buttplug. Stacy winced at the tenderness it left behind. The plug fell with a soft thump onto the rug. Her cheeks spread gently to either side, a coolness enveloped Stacy’s forbidden opening, pulsating to the rhythm of his breath. Another shiver ran across her skin. As her toes relaxed, Stacy felt completely exposed.

The cool sensation against her opening morphed into warmth as she felt his mouth draw nearer once again. His lips touched her skin, encasing her opening in a greenhouse of damp heat.

Stacy clenched. Her toes wriggled in anticipation.

His tongue came down güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri slowly, touching then pressing itself against the center of her opening. Stacy sucked in a hasty breath as his tongue began to circle. A whimper escaped her lips as he lifted it to flick and tease, up and down, left and right, and then begin circling once more. Stacy could feel her nipples becoming engorged and sensitive, straining against the confines of her skin. The sensation of his tongue against her pucker was like nothing she had experienced before, juxtaposing the discomfort of being tickled with the pleasure of being teased. Stacy could feel her opening twitch in response. Momentarily, his tongue withdrew. It paused. Then plunged inside her, breaching her and embedding itself into her tightness. Stacy tightened.

As if in response, she felt her cheeks being pulled apart, allowing his tongue to dig deeper. “Hhnnn,” Stacy whimpered. His face pressed between her buttocks, his thick tongue writhed inside her. Back and forth it slid, Stacy sensing its every movement. Her toes curled. Her back arched. She noticed herself pushing her butt into his face. After several minutes, his tongue withdrew, leaving Stacy shivering, relieved, and hungry for more.

His touch having left her body, all Stacy could feel was the rug against her hands and knees, and the cool air caressing her rear flower. Relaxing into the sensation, she immersed herself in the nakedness of her body. As she did so, her toes uncurled and began wiggling playfully against the fluffy tufts of rug. Enjoying the feeling of nudity, Stacy ran the tip of her forefinger from the top of her slit, up across her stomach, before whimsically encircling her right nipple. She pursed her lips.

The weight of a large, soft hand landed on the small of her back, pushing Stacy’s knees gently into the floor. It felt rough against her skin and warm to the touch. Moments later, another hand joined the first, landing on her left cheek. A thick finger soon found her puckered ring, massaging its quivering tightness. It circled briefly before finding the entrance. Stacy’s knuckles turned white as her hands gripped the rug. A gasp escaped her lips and his finger entered her. Stacy gasped.

Instinctively, Stacy tried to straighten her back only to be met with the firm pressure of his hand. Her toes ceased their playfulness and tightened once more, squeezing one or two strands of rug between them. Stacy clenched. Her efforts did nothing to slow the deliberate journey of his finger inside her. Resigned, Stacy’s face fell between her hands. Her toes let go, returning color to the pale soles of her feet. When his finger was about half-way in, she once again felt pressure against her opening. Stacy’s right hand lifted off the ground and gripped his forearm as a second digit joined the first. “Hthhhh,” she sucked in a gasp of air. His muscles rippled under her palm as he slid both fingers deep inside her. They twisted and turned, opening her, stretching her, exploring her. After the initial uneasyness passed, Stacy began relaxing into the sensation. Though there was still some discomfort, it was not unpleasant, and her hands loosened their grip, her right returning to its place on the floor. Stacy’s toes began twitching to the rhythm of his fingers’ movements. Her breath followed.

A few minutes later, as if satisfied with their work, his fingers slid back out, leaving Stacy with a feeling of relaxed anticipation. His other hand also withdrew from her body, leaving her longing for his touch.

Having, until now, been separated, Stacy brought her legs together and, bringing her elbows closer to her knees, stuck out her buttocks güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri even more. Presenting her body eagerly, Stacy no longer felt merely naked, but vulnerable to their shared desire. Her ears perceived the sound of a container opening and closing, and soon a pressure appeared a the entrance between her cheeks. It was soft yet firm and dripping with lube. To avoid clenching her pucker, Stacy instead squeezed her toes en-point, accentuating the gentle curve of her legs, and presenting the bare soles of her feet as if for his consideration. The pressure against her rear entrance grew, replacing the recent feeling of relaxation with one of being opened wide – wider than the plug, wider than his tongue or fingers. Much, much wider.

Stacy’s toes turned white. Her right hand slipped hastily down her abdomen and between her legs. She could feel him push into her and, in what seemed like an instant, his thick, wide tip slid inside. Stacy winced. She bit into the rug. Her pucker tightened and, having offered this modicum of resistance, Stacy leaned forward, raising her feet off the ground.

“Uhhh,” she moaned, running nervous fingers between her legs.

“Push,” a deep voice intoned from behind her.

As she obeyed, Stacy could feel herself slowly opening up to his thickness.

The pressure mounted.

So did he.

His hands grabbed her waist firmly and Stacy could feel his weight forcing his thick cock past her pucker into her body. As he pulled her towards him, her legs and feet fell back into the rug’s fluffy embrace. She pushed and pushed, allowing him to penetrate ever deeper into her ass. Initially, Stacy only felt his hands on her waist and his cock insider her body. Soon, his pelvis at first grazed, then pressed itself into her ass cheeks. Finally, his balls came to rest on her hot, gooey sex.

“Ohhh, fuck,” moaned Stacy.

Every inch of him became available to her senses, from the wide tip fording a path into her body to the dull pain of her asshole straining to accommodate the thick base of his shaft. From between her cheeks, his heartbeat pulsed deep into Stacy’s abdomen. Her right forearm pressing against her stomach, she could feel the vague outline of his cock ending just above her bellybutton. With every circling motion of her fingers against her sex, a wave of pleasure washed over her, heightening the enjoyment of her discomfort. Stacy’s natural attempts to tighten around his shaft transported his throbbing heartbeat through her body. Her face buried in the rug and her ass pointing towards the ceiling, Stacy felt mercilessly impaled.

His sack lifted off her slit. Slowly, his weight followed as he pulled back. Stacy could feel his member receding, leaving a feeling of gradual relief. The sensation of impalement subsided until the base of his tip encountered her constricted opening. A pause. A few hasty breaths. His cock shifted. Mounting pressure pushed him back inside as Stacy opened herself to accommodate him.

“Hmmmm,” Stacy moaned.

His balls once again came to rest just above her purple fingernails. He pulled back. Another thrust. Stacy’s toes tightened like those of a ballerina as his shaft bore deep into her quivering asshole. The dull, pulsating pain returned, sending a trickle of drool from between her lips into the fibers of the rug.

“Oh my god,” Stacy groaned.

*I don’t know if I can do this.*

*It’s so big.*

*I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.*

*I’ll tell him to go slowly.*

A myriad of frenetic thoughts raced across Stacy’s mind as her body struggled to relax around his throbbing girth.

“Fuck me.”

Purple güvenilir bahis şirketleri lips parted as the words tumbled out.

*Oh shit!*

*Why did you say that!*

*I’m sure it’ll be okay.*

*He’ll take it easy.*

*Or maybe he didn’t hear!*

A moment’s pause. There seemed to be no response. Stacy’s heart pounded in her chest, sending quivering ripples across her nipples. Her fingers, gooey and pruned, momentarily stopped their movement. Her breath ceased.

There came no warning.

His weight shifted suddenly, pushing down into her body. Before he moved, she instinctively opened herself to welcome him. Within an instant, his cock disappeared inside her ass. His balls slapped against her pussy. Dull pain mixed with pleasure. He withdrew. A second’s relief. Another thrust. Gradually, Stacy could feel him picking up the pace, and a dull, pleasurable pain radiated out from her asshole, suffusing her stomach and pussy. As the frequency of his thrusts grew, not only his sack smacked against her slit, but also his pelvis against her ass.

“Uh-uh-uh-uh,” the fibers of the rug quivered in sync with Stacy’s staccato moan. Her black locks shook, sliding down across her cheek. Another sliver of drool slid from Stacy’s mouth. Eyes closed, her nose crinkled in spasms with every impact. Stacy’s white-knuckled hands once again gripped the rug, though no longer from anxiety but for support.

Smack-smack-smack-smack. Their bodies collided in rapid succession. Gradually, Stacy felt herself opening up more, surrendering to his girth. She blushed as her attention once again returned to her nakedness, this time accentuated by the droning pleasure of deep impalement.

Minutes felt like hours and, slowly, Stacy’s breath became more shallow, more uneven. Her feet wriggled and stretched, her toes gripping the air. Stacy’s hand circled erratically against her sex.

“Mh-mh-mh-mh,” she whimpered meekly.

A pressure mounted inside Stacy’s pussy. A glowing heat that travelled up her abdomen, around his cock, and into her chest like a red hot ember. Though her sex was empty, Stacy felt completely full. As if to check, she pushed two fingers inside her slit. Every thrust of his cock squeezed her digits through her vaginal wall. She dug deeper. Her fingers wriggled searchingly. Suddenly, their tips slid across a spot of tenderness, of sensitivity. Stretching her fingers, Stacy massaged her g-spot. The ember inside her turned to yellow to white, enveloping the thickness inside her and shooting hotly into her rigid nipples and out through her lips.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Stacy cried out hoarsely.

Her pussy tightened around her digits and her asshole around his pumping shaft. Wave after growing wave of ecstasy broke onto her shores. Stacy’s toes frantically grasped at the air and her back arched and straightened, lifting her face off the rug. His thrust slowed and quickened in sync with Stacy’s convulsing body.

“Oh! Oh!” she could hear his deep voice behind her. With every twitching fiber, every writhing inch of flesh, Stacy felt his cock engorge ever more. His grip tightened around her waist and, overcoming the strength of her constrictions, his cock began thrusting harder and faster and deeper than ever.

Until, with one final impact, his pelvis pressing roughly against her ass, he pumped his seed deep inside her body.

As he withdrew, Stacy’s body continued its convulsions. Weaker now, gradually returning steadiness to her limbs. His hands left her waist and his cock her ass. During the last waves of climax, Stacy could feel her pucker close and open before relaxing into a pink, round gape. As her face fell back onto the rug and her ass sunk into her heels, a hot white trickle seeped out of her quivering opening and dripped gooily onto her waiting feet.

Closing her eyes, Stacy withdrew her fingers from her snatch and, lapping up his ample cum, placed them in her quivering mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she swallowed his seed and moaned.

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