Spring Break Ch. 05

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Boys will be boys

All characters in this story are fictional and solely the product of the author’s imagination. Any character depicted as being sexually active with another person is always at least 18 years of age or above and engages willingly in the sexual activity described. The main characters live in the fictional state of South Tennebama where most laws against incest have been rescinded and the remaining laws are ignored because there are more pressing problems requiring the attention of law enforcement.

When Ted and Sarah left, Carol had put on a pair of Daisy Dukes and a shirt to match Ted’s. Tommy’s friends would be coming over soon. Tommy had showered and shaved and had put on a tiny teardrop thong. Each of the twins, at Thanksgiving, in order to give a hint to their parents that they were hoping to spend some time having adult fun with their parents over the holiday and New Years break, had asked Carol to search her catalogs and to get each of them some micro swimwear. They had received the presents and Tommy was wearing one of them now. “Mom, I was hoping you’d be wearing a bikini and could help me put up the badminton net,” he said as he saw her in shirt and shorts.

“Not to worry, honey,” she said and she took off the outer clothes to reveal the minuscule swimwear she was wearing underneath. “But give me a minute, I just had an idea.” Carol had already cleaned herself thoroughly for anal activity and had done some preliminary lubing. Now she went to her room and found a butt plug that had a fox tail attached to it. She lubed up the large butt plug and inserted it into her ass, the long tail hanging down. Then she came back out into the kitchen. “How do you like it?” she asked as she turned around to show off her fox tail.

“That is hot!” said Tommy. “If the guys weren’t coming over, I’d fuck you right now. I don’t think we’ll get much badminton playing done. But let’s set up the net anyhow.” They went outside to set up the net and were almost done when Greg and Andy entered the back yard through the privacy fence that surrounded it.

“Whoa, I was hoping for a repeat of last summer but your outfit tops last summer’s by a million. You look hot, Mrs. W.!” exclaimed Andy, who was the more talkative of the two friends.

“Flattery will only get you so far,” said Carol. “You know I prefer eye candy. What do you have on underneath those shorts?” she asked. (The two guys had come in baggy T shirts and basketball shorts that came below their knees.)

“Commando,” said Andy. On the other hand Greg (who, unbeknownst to Tommy or Andy had been taught to fuck earlier in the year by Ted and Carol) quickly stripped off his shirt and shorts to reveal that he was wearing a pouch.

“Looks like it’s either go naked or go home for you,” said Carol. Andy hemmed and hawed for a few seconds and then took off his shirt and shorts. Carol knelt down in front of him and said, “That’s a good sport,” and started licking his cock and giving him a blowjob until he was completely hard. She stood up. “That’s the way I like ’em,” she said. “Now, can I get you guys something to drink?” Without waiting for their reply she walked toward the kitchen, swinging her hips seductively. As she had done in the summer, she made quite a production out of bringing out iced tea, lemonade and glasses, making three trips walking seductively in her fuck me heels, fox tail and micro swimsuit. Then she disappeared a fourth time to bring out a radio which she turned on to some dance music. She started swaying and then dancing like a stripper to the music. She wasn’t just kidding. Soon the bandeau bra was off, then the slingshot bottom. She turned around, bent over, and pulled out the butt plug fox tail leaving her ass gaping. “Should I leave it out or keep it in for a while,” she asked while still bent over. At first there were mixed messages, but then the consensus was for her to leave it in for the time being.

She put it back in and stood up, facing the boys. Her hand dropped to her pussy. She started playing with herself while looking at the three guys. Finally she said, “All of you have put on some muscle since last summer. I like that. I like what I’m seeing. I’d like to spend a little more time looking at you. What I’d really like to do is have us sit around in a circle so that we can all see one another. Then I’d come around to each of you and make you hard. After that it would be your job to stay hard until I have given all of you a rise. Then I will sit down and spread my legs and play with my own sex in front of you, so that we would all be sitting here masturbating together. Would you do that for me?”

They might not have been sure about jerking off in front of one another, but jerking off with Carol sounded hot. She started with Greg. She took off his baggie and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Using her hands, mouth and tongue, she worked him up until he was fully engorged. Then she moved on to Tommy, doing the same thing, then to Andy.

Then she sat down in bahis firmaları her own patio chair. She had to adjust things a little bit before she was comfortable with her tail. As she looked around at the three naked guys all tugging on their cocks, she said, “You look really hot. I remember when you used to come over here when you were still in high school – in fact. It started in junior high – you would talk about me and say I was a MILF. At first Tommy tried to defend my innocence by saying I was not a MILF and that you shouldn’t be calling me that. But that didn’t last very long. And since then you have been calling me a MILF behind my back.

“Let me cut to the chase. Tommy, I know you’re clean because we told you to get tested before you came home and to show us the results of that test. Greg, how about you? Are you clean of any STD’s?”

“I got tested at the beginning of the year because I was going to have sex with one person who herself was tested and safe. We had sex, but that has been it, so I should be safe,” he replied.

“How ’bout you, Andy, have you had any relationships where you could have picked up any sexually transmitted disease?” Carol asked.

Andy sheepishly replied, “I wish; but to be disgustingly honest, when it comes to going that far with the ladies, I’ve struck out the few times I’ve tried. So I’m clean in spite of myself.”

“Well then, if you want it, today could be your lucky day and none of you will have to call me a MILF any more – not behind my back – not to my face. Now let me ask you, Tommy, do you want to fuck me?”

“You know I do!”

“Greg, do you want to fuck me?”

“Absolutely and as often as you’d let me!”

“And Andy, do you want to fuck me?”

“My fondest dream,” he replied.

“Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. But I’ve got to take care of something first. Stay right where you are.” She got up from her chair and walked across the porch to the stairs that went down into the yard. Her tail was quite fluffy and as her hips moved as she walked, her tail swayed from side to side. She moved to the edge of the yard, but still to a place where the guys would have a clear view of her. She squatted down with her legs spread. With one hand she swept her tail up across her back. She leaned forward and braced herself with her other hand. And she peed like a bitch. She wiggled her ass to shake off the last drops of pee, stood up and returned to the guys. Before she had a chance to sit down Tommy got in front of her, had her spread her legs and licked her clean as he had seen Ted do to Sarah the night before. “Yes, Tommy, yes, yes, yes,” she cooed and Tommy saw her clit swell before his eyes.

“Now where were we?” she said, “Oh yes, getting ready to fuck. The three of you are going to play Scissors, Paper, Rock to determine who will be my partner in playing doubles badminton. Then we’ll play a game. If my partner and I win, my partner gets to fuck me first. If the other team wins, they play a game of singles between them, the first one to get 5 points being the winner and the winner will fuck me first. The person who fucks me will get to choose whether he wants to fuck me outdoors here in the back yard or go indoors to the guest bedroom.

“Ted brought up a good camera for taking video. The guys not fucking me will take the video. The guy taking the video will always try to get the best shot, and in so doing will not always be so sure where his feet are. The person not videoing will have his hands on the cameraman’s hips and will guide him so he doesn’t bump into something. He will also act a little bit like a director. While the cameraman will be concentrating on what he is shooting, the other guy will be taking in the whole scene and may suggest that the cameraman zoom out or zoom in or move to a different spot to catch the action better. When we are done, Ted will make copies for each of you as well as for me.

They chose up sides and Carol was paired with Andy. It was a lost cause. Andy could not take his eyes off of Carol even though she had taken off her fuck me shoes (and her jewelry as well – “It would scratch when we fuck.”) Tommy and Greg played their elimination round and Greg Got to fuck Carol first. He opted to do it in the guest bedroom. He insisted that they begin by him eating out Carol, and he used all the skills he had learned earlier in the year. Carol held nothing back, no longer remaining somewhat detached in order to be a more effective teacher to her pupil. She just went with the flow, and when you take into account that she had been trying to be seductive from the time the boys first entered the yard it is easy to understand that it did not take long for her to have her first climax. Greg, too had been aroused by Carol’s seductions, so when Carol took him into her mouth he was already fully hard. She just lubed him up well and he was ready to fuck her. Truth be told, with all the stimulation he had received by Carol’s seductive and downright dirty behavior and the kaçak iddaa fact that this was a wet dream cum true, when he mounted her missionary and braced himself with his arms so that he could see her bouncing tits. He knew he would not last too long. He lowered himself to her and kissed her, starting to fuck her mouth with his tongue even as he was fucking her pussy with his cock. He felt her gorgeous tits against his chest and lifted up to take in the whole scene again. He looked down to see his cock plowing her pussy and her pussy lips clinging to his cock. He lowered his hips a little to try to get the tip of his cock to touch her G spot and when he succeeded he saw Carol’s hand go to her pussy and her fingers play with her clit. He was so hot. It wouldn’t be long now. And then he felt Carol’s hand on his ass and even though he knew what was coming, it drove him over the edge. She inserted her middle finger into his asshole and that was enough to do it. But as he fired his load of cum into her pussy he could feel her convulsing in orgasm on his cock. It was a good fuck – a very good fuck. Yes, he’d like to have her all to himself for the rest of the afternoon and all night, but that was not what today was all about. So as he began to soften, he withdrew from her.

They left the guest room and went back outside. The lemonade and iced tea were still on the table but were warm by now. Carol went back in to get some ice and they sat down and refreshed themselves before going to round two.

Once they were ready to go again, there was a five point badminton playoff between Tommy and Andy to decide who would go next. Andy won and he opted to also fuck Carol in the guest room. Andy did not offer to lick Carol’s pussy, not that she was expecting it. Instead their time together began with her giving him a blow job. He was so hot and so inexperienced that he blew his load in a matter of minutes. Carol consoled him in that she would help him get it up again because it did not count as fucking her until he had entered her pussy. They lay next to one another in the bed and Carol said, “Just kiss me.” He did, and once he got lost in her kisses he began to grow. “Now play with my titties,” she said, and as he did his cock got harder. “Kiss them, Baby,” she said sensuously as her hand reached out for his cock. Now, as she was giving him a hand job she said, “Play with my pussy.” It was the first pussy he had ever played with. He was hard as steel. “On your back,” said Carol. She then mounted him in cowgirl fashion and started moving up and down on him rather gently. His eyes were on her bouncing tits. “Play with them,” she said, and he reached up with both hands and played with her tits as she bounced up and down on him. She started playing with her own clit. His hips started to take over thrusting his cock into her pussy. He was close. She said, “Pinch my nipples.” He did. The lust in his eyes, his thrusting cock, her own stimulation of her clit, and her nipples brought Carol right to the edge so that when Andy exploded his load of cum into her cunt she came and squirted her own fluid as she did. Because she wasn’t sure that Andy would understand what just happened she said, “You made me squirt, you fucker. That’s good. Squirting is good. You’re one hot fuck.”

They all took another break both to consume and to relieve. “Should we all stand together and water the bushes?” asked Carol. They went out into the back yard and stood by a large shrub. Carol spread her legs and leaned back and started pissing into the bush. At first the guys were so hard that their piss would not come out, but eventually, after Carol was done, they were able to relieve themselves as well. Once again Carol tried to shake the last drops of piss off of her lips, but Tommy came and licked her clean. When he stood up she brought her face up to his and gave him a deep kiss and then said, “That’s so hot when you do that, Lover. Now take me to bed.”

Tommy really would have liked to pull rank and fuck her in her marital bed again, but stayed with the program. He was also hyper stimulated. He knew that his mom was fucking his friends in front of him just for him. And it really was as hot as he had imagined it. It was hot to see his friends fucking her. It was hot to see his mom being fucked – way hotter than any fucking mom porn he had ever seen. And there was that strand of jealousy that just made him being a witness to this much more intense. So he was really worked up already even though he did not want to be. But he wanted to start out by eating his mom out, too. However, he backed it up one more step and lay on the bed kissing her and playing with her. Soon they were tongue wrestling and you could tell they were becoming more and more oblivious to their surroundings and more into one another. After spending time kissing not only her tits but her neck and shoulders and playing with her pussy Tommy moved into the 69 position above his mom. In no time he was super hard and she was ready to fuck. “How ’bout reverse cowgirl, Mom,” kaçak bahis he said.

“Anybody who has had their cock in me knows me well enough to call me Carol,” she said, as they switched positions so that she could be on top. Calling her Carol had a strong and immediate emotional impact on him. From his perspective she was no longer treating him as a boy or as her son but as a lover. He didn’t really reason this all out, but that is the feeling that resulted and it felt good – empowering.

Once she mounted him in this way he said, “My hands are right behind you so you can lean back.” She did and then reached back to help support herself as well. She started bouncing up and down on his cock. It felt very good on the inside of her pussy. It looked very good as they took a video of it, getting a totally unobstructed view of Tommy’s cock going in and out of her pussy as well as a full frontal of Carol with her huge tits bouncing as she fucked. And it was very stimulating to Tommy, putting more pressure on the underside of his cock than it usually got. Eventually, with Carol supporting herself with her own arms, Tommy was able to take his right arm and reach around to start playing with Carol’s clit. “Oh, fuck, Tommy, you dirty bastard, I’m fucking cumming on your motherfucking cock.” Which is exactly what she did.

When she was done cumming, Tommy said, “On your knees, Bitch.” As soon as she was there he mounted her and started fucking her doggie style. With all the sexual energy that Carol had tried to arouse in the boys all afternoon, Tommy was wound up. He entered Carol and started to fuck her in a controlled rhythm, but the energy of the afternoon was driving him now. He not only saw Carol’s beautiful ass beneath him, he thought of the dirty bitch with the tail, swinging that tail and squatting to

take a leak with the tail on her back. He thought of her stripping. He thought of his friends fucking her. Harder and harder he pounded her driven by this indescribably sexual woman. And he fired his load inside of her. She, feeling each volley of his ejaculate against the walls of her cunt, clamped down on his cock in orgasm as well. And then it quickly slowed down and stopped.

Carol collapsed on the bed and Tommy collapsed next to her. It took a while for them to recover. The guys quickly realized that Carol had every right and reason to be exhausted, and when Tommy started to stir, they motioned for him to be quiet, to let his mom rest. They went downstairs and finished off the lemonade and tea. They reviewed the events of the afternoon. It had just been amazing. They still weren’t sure that it wasn’t just a dream. Tommy decided to make more lemonade for his mom.

And then she appeared; and none the worse for wear. One of the guys even asked, “Aren’t you exhausted?”

“I love to fuck. What more can I say?” she replied.

And when the guys were thinking that maybe it was time to get dressed, Carol said, “One more thing, just so we can say we did it. I’m not sure it will make any of us cum, but there are three of you here and I have three holes. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the math.” They put the video camera on a chest of drawers and set it on wide angle so that it would catch everything. They used Scissors, Paper, Rock to decide who would have which hole. As it turned out Tommy lay on his back and Carol mounted him cowgirl style. She bent forward and took Andy in her mouth, and then Greg lubed her asshole and his cock and gently entered her. They all fucked Carol in this position for about three minutes. Nobody came. It wasn’t even that pleasant for anyone – kind of anticlimactic, really. But they would all have a video to prove that they participated in a gangbang that made a gal airtight.

Then, truth be told, everyone was pretty much all fucked out. They were all allowed to take a shower if they wanted to, but Carol got to take hers first, and she would take a little nap before fixing a light supper. And thus ended an afternoon that would not soon be forgotten.

Ted and Sarah had come home while Carol was still playing with the guys. Ted changed into a pair of tight jeans and boots. He told Sarah that what she was wearing was fine. Then they took off again without looking in on the guys. As they drove Ted explained. I’m going to take you to a strip club. It will probably not be too busy today, but I want you to see what goes on there and what the girls do because, if it’s okay with you, tomorrow night we’re going to go to a strip club and enter you and your mom into an amateur night contest. It’s something mom and I have done a number of times and it is really hot to see mom stripping for a bunch of horny guys who are cheering her on, and it is hot for mom to strip for a bunch of men who are cheering for her to take more and more off and to be more and more sexy. We’ll go there and watch for a little while, then we’ll come home, but tomorrow, if you want to, you can go down into the playroom and practice with the pole we have installed down there for pole dancing. Mom took pole dancing classes for a while and became quite good, and it’s great exercise, so periodically for one of her daily workouts she’ll go down there and pole dance for a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32