Sorority Pt. 04

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Warning: this story is a fantasy and details sexual behaviour that is, at best ill-advised. But it is pretend, so so long as you aren’t a doofus, you should be ok. All sex-acts described are within ages of consent in the country it’s written in (England, for the record).

I’ll try to keep the parts and the action coming!


After watching her 23-year old sister, Penny, and her 19-year old step-sister, Natalie, engage in depraved, lesbian sex acts, 25-year old Hannah had been waiting for an opportunity to get in on the action. From what she’d already witnessed she knew they were having sex with each other, and she’d already seen Natalie poo her knickers and pee on Penny and Penny piss in Natalie’s mouth. She also suspected that Natalie had taken a hard spanking and that whichever of them had wet her guest bed (allegedly Penny but now she had no idea) had done it intentionally. Hannah loved using her panties as a toilet but could not believe her sisters did too. She was also quite dominant, so was enthralled by the idea of Natalie getting spanked. However, Penny’s full bottom was also a target she desired!

A whole day passed before she had an opportunity to insert herself into their relationship. Natalie had gone to the shops, and Penny and Hannah were surfing the channels after lunch when Penny said she was going to nip to the loo. Giving her barely a second, Hannah followed her up the stairs, admiring her ass as she went. The sisters were of similar build — both slender with black hair — but Hannah’s D-cup breasts were a little larger than Penny’s, though Penny had the curvier bottom. They were often thought to be twins, and dressed in a similar style — today both were in leggings with a tank top, comfy clothes for relaxing at home.

At the top of the stairs, as Penny pushed open the bathroom door, Hannah stopped her with a hand on her shoulder, and firmly turned penny and pushed her back against the wall.

“Han, what the hell?” questioned Penny, understandably confused.

“I want a word with you, Pen,” said the older sister, intently. “There’s something we need to discuss.” vivid porno

“Can’t this wait? I need the loo, Hannah.”

“No, it can’t wait. In fact, given that you wet my bed two nights ago, I can’t believe you’d get shirty with me about the right time to go to the loo.” Penny blushed deeply. “And, of course, there’s what I saw yesterday…”

At these words, Penny’s look of shame was replaced by a mixture of shock and fear. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. Her mind whirled — Hannah had seen her in bed with Natalie? That meant she’d seen them doing…oh God! She wanted to die. She wanted to run. She wanted, very much, to go to the toilet.

“What I saw made me cross, Penny.” Hannah glared. “What I saw shocked me, Penny,” added Hannah, staring intensely at her sister and talking a half-step closer, so close their breasts were almost touching. “What I saw left me speechless.” She put both hands on her sister’s shoulders. “And, more than anything, what I saw made me very, very horny!” Before the light of understanding could reach Penny’s eyes, Hannah kissed her full on the mouth — not a familial, sisterly kiss, but a passionate kiss, her tongue pushing against her young sister’s teeth and exploring her mouth. She also moved her hands, her left molding Penny’s boobs, tweaking at her nipples through the material of her bra and vest, the other hand grabbing at her bottom, stroking the full cheeks and tracing the outline of her briefs through the leggings.

Hannah broke the kiss. “It made me cross that I wasn’t involved, you dirty little girls!” Her eyes were smoky with lust now.

“I…Han…I, I need…”

“Sssh. No more ‘I need’ from you. You and Natalie came to stay with me, in my house, and you behave like that, in my spare bed. Well, that’s fine.” Hannah was still touching Penny, stroking and fondling her body. “But there are rules. I’ll be talking to Natalie when she gets back — I heard her telling you about how rude she is and it is clear that she’d been spanked. But you, well, you’ve been bad too. You’ve been rude by getting my bed all wet and being woodman casting porno dirty without letting me know.”

Penny tried to interrupt again, but was cut short as Hannah slapped her across the face. The blow was not hard, but it shocked Pen to tears. “No interruptions, Penny. As I said, you were dirty without telling me — well, for as long as you’re in my house, then dirty leads to dirty, so I’ll decide when you can be clean. If you want to go to the toilet, you can use your panties like Natalie apparently does. And you can keep them on, wet or messy, I don’t care. If I find you’ve used the bathroom or changed clothes without my permission, the spanking you get will make the one you gave Nat look like a pat on the bum!”

As Hannah had hoped and suspected, Penny was a natural submissive, despite her spanking of their flame-haired step-sister. She simply stood, silent and aghast, fat tears rolling down her pretty face, as Hannah delivered this lecture. Encouraged, Hannah decided to roll with it. “In fact, you and Natalie are here for another week and I don’t want to have to do laundry every day, or give you permission every night, so we’ll need to make some very clear rules for both of you to follow. And maybe…” she smiled as another plan formed, “maybe we’d better get you some nappies.”

“Please, Han, please…” was all Penny could choke out. But despite her protestations, she made no attempt to stop her older sister from stroking her body, and it was clear that her nipples were stiff with excitement.

“So, I think you came up here for the loo?” Hannah raised an eyebrow as Penny looked at the carpet, downcast. “Go on then.” Penny made to break the hold Hannah had, moving towards the bathroom. “No! I think I was clear, Penny. I said: go on then.”

“Nooo, please, don’t,” was all Penny could whisper, as she sobbed. But still she made no move to fight her sister, no move to stop her sister from running her hands across her breasts and bottom.

“Oh, of course, if you do go in your panties then you’ll be punished for being a dirty baby, türkçe alt yazılı porno too,” Hannah gleefully noted. “So either way the next week will be painful. If you go in your pants, you’ll stay that way until I decide you can change. And then you’ll be spanked. If you go to the toilet you’ll be spanked and caned. On a night I’m putting you in nappies. In the morning, if you’ve used the nappy you’ll be spanked. If you haven’t, I’ll have to assume you went to the toilet in the night so you’ll be spanked and caned. But you won’t be alone — Natalie will get the exact same treatment.”

It was all too much for Penny. As if the events of the last couple of days — her blossoming, lesbian interest in her step-sister going so right and wrong all at once — had not been enough, she was now somehow being coerced into accepting that her sister, her actual relative, was forcing her to use her knickers as a toilet and be punished, or use the toilet like a normal girl and be even more punished! None of it made sense, she simply couldn’t process. But, slowly, thoughts rose to the surface. She’d started this by touching Natalie — so maybe she deserved punishing? She’d been very turned on when Natalie went in her panties — so maybe she should too? She’d loved having sex with her step-sister — so why not with her sister? She’d enjoyed spanking Natalie — maybe she’d like to be spanked?

Penny sagged in Hannah’s grip, and covered her tear-streaked face with her hands. Time seemed to stand still for a minute, then a smile spread across Hannah’s face as a wet patch spread across the front of Penny’s leggings. The 23-year old had let go fully, and her piss flooded her panties, the flow following the seams of her leggings down her inner thighs as well as running around the fold of her bottom, soaking up the back. She cried brokenly as the warm, yellow liquid shamed her in front of her smiling sister, and knew this meant she’d have to stay in her piss-wet knickers until Hannah decided otherwise and would soon find out what Natalie’s spanking had felt like. The carpet between her feet was wet now, as her piss trickled down her calves and splattered on the floor. As more piss ran down her legs, Penny realised she was actually looking forward to this. Her submissive soul could not wait for the punishment to begin, and images of her sisters’ nude bodies, her spanked bottom and panties full of shit swirled in her head as she cried and pissed.

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