Sondra’s Day Off Ch. 02

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Richard and Sondra were sitting together on the couch when Joey walked back in the door. She looked at him and smiled.

“Well, have you two been busy since I left?”

“We’ve been talking and working out some details. What movie did you get?”

He walked over to Sondra and put his finger to her chin, gathered something that was on it and then brought it to his mouth. “Mmmmm, I see what you’ve been doing. Very nice tasting Rich.”

Richard blushed as he realized that some of his sperm had been left on Sondra’s chin. He sputtered, “Well, thank you, Joey. I guess we were a little sloppy huh?”

“Just a little. The movie I picked out should be okay, it’s Lolita I think you will both like it.”

“Joey, you’re so bad, put the movie in and come over here and sit next to me.”

They watched the movie, and ordered a pizza and before the movie was over, Richard excused himself and went to bed. Sondra moved close to Joey and dropped her had into his lap.

“I’m horny, Joey” she said as she wrapped her hand around his cock.

“I am too, since I came back and found you with cum on your chin, did you enjoy it?”

“It was wild, it was like I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but it was so exciting, and my pussy is wet just thinking about it again. Will you make love to me, Joey?”

Joey turned Sondra’s face toward his and kissed her deeply, allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. Her hand began to undo his cut offs as they kissed and soon she had his cock free and her hand began to move on it, trying to make him harder.

She looked at him and then her head went down and she engulfed his cock with her lips, the tongue swirling around the head and she felt his hand find her pussy and his finger’s pushed the lips apart as his middle finger began to work her clit. She moaned around his cock as she felt him push his finger into her body, tasting the precum that was beginning to flow.

Joey moved Sondra off his cock and pushed her onto her back, watching her spread her legs wide anticipating his cock entering her pussy. He didn’t disappoint her, as soon as he maneuvered into place, he pushed into her hard and she wrapped her legs over his back.

She looked into his eyes and asked “Please fuck me Joey, I really need it bad.”

Joey started to move his hips and move his cock in and out of her open pussy. He looked at her as he fucked her enjoying the way she began to move her body with his grinding her pelvis into his pubic hair. She had always been a great piece of ass and tonight wasn’t going to be any different, except she seem hotter than usual.

Sondra put her arms around Joey’s neck and pulled him to her and she kissed him deeply, enjoying the fullness in her pussy and loving the stimulation on her clit as he fucked her. The moved together for the next 10 minutes until he started to move faster and she knew he was going to cum, she had already had two orgasms and wanted another as she begged him, “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.”

Joey heard her and started pounding her hard, their body’s slapping together as they did. Finally he pushed deep into her and let his cock explode, covering the inner walls of her pussy with his seed. He held still for a while as she moaned loudly as another orgasm spread over her body.

She thought of her father and what it would be like to have his cock where Joey’s was buried. She looked forward to finding out.

They lay together on the couch his cock slowly softening in her body, and they didn’t hear her father when he came down the stairs.

“I see you two enjoyed the rest of the movie.”

“Hello Daddy, you just had me so horny I had to have some relief.”

Joey lifted up from Sondra’s body, leaving her laying there with her legs wide and his sperm seeping from her body. She didn’t bother to bring her legs together and she looked up at him as he licked his lips.

“Sloppy second’s Daddy?”

Richard moved to the couch and dropped his boxer’s revealing a hard on as he climbed on the couch between his daughters legs. She reached down and guided his cock into her already fucked cunt. He listened to her moan as he pushed forward, his cock burying itself taboo heat porno in her steaming pussy.

As she did with Joey, she wrapped her legs around her father’s back as he began to fuck her hard. She ground her pussy against him wanting him as deep as he could possibly get in her body. Her hand rested on his shoulders as he fucked her and she looked up to see Joey watching closely as she committed incest in front of him.

“Oh, Daddy, you feel so good, your cock feels so good inside my body, fuck me hard please.”

Richard started working his daughter’s pussy, his cock pistoning in and out of her well-lubricated cunt. He watched as her eyes widened and he knew she was having an orgasm and he fucked her harder.

She screamed as her orgasm rushed through her body, making her happy that she was pleasing her daddy.

“Are you okay, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy, but I just had a major orgasm.”

He held still inside her, then asked, “Well, Joey, you liked the taste of my cum from Sondra’s chin, would you like a little more?”

Joey, standing with his cock hard again said, “Oh yeah, would I ever.” He dropped to his knees next to the couch and Richard pulled his cock from his daughter and offered it to Joey. Joey took in into his mouth with one quick motion, tasting Sondra and his own juice on the cock of her father.

Sondra watched, then moved to let her legs go over the couch, cum covering her upper thighs and then settled between Joey’s legs and took his cock in her mouth as her father grabbed Joey’s head and began to fuck him as he had done with Sondra earlier.

Joey was enjoying the face fucking that Rich was giving him and the feeling of Sondra’s mouth on his cock, and before he knew it he felt his balls boil and he started to cum, just as Richard began to empty his balls into Joey’s mouth.

Richard stroked Joey’s head as he drained the third load of the day into his willing mouth.

Meanwhile, Sondra was tapering off the sensations of having her mouth fill with sperm again. When she was finished she lay back on the couch her legs spread. Richard moved between her open legs and began to lick her pussy, eating the cum that Joey had put there earlier and Sondra gasped, enjoying the feeling so much not only because she was being eaten, but that she knew her father was eating cum from another man. She thought “Gawd, his is such a pervert. So damn goooooood.”

Sondra screamed “I’m going to cum again,” and held her father’s face in her pussy, enjoying the tonguing action on her clit.

After her orgasm, they all just relaxed, Richard between Sondra’s open legs and Joey sitting on the floor near them. Finally, Joey said, “Wow, that was great.”

Sondra her hand caressing her father’s head agreed, “So fucking wild, I can’t believe it. What a trip. I want to do it again.”

“Have you ever been sandwiched, baby?”


“You ever been fucked in the ass?”

“No. I think it would hurt to much.”

“I know what you’re getting at Rich. You want both of us to fuck her at the same time, right.”

“That’s right, Rhonda and I used to do that often.”

Sondra heard her mother’s name and asked, “You and mama? You sound kinky to me.”

“Your mother used to be a great whore. I’ve seen her fuck as many as 8 men at one time. I loved her greatly and I loved it that she was such a slut.”

“Daddy, I can’t believe it, Mama really did that?”

“Yea, baby, she could never get enough cock. It looks like you enjoy a bit of cock yourself.”

“Yea, Rich, when she wants to have sex, she really wants it.”

“Joey, so I had an inkling that you were bi, you give good head. Thank you. How long have you been sucking cock?”

“For the past two years, are you bi?”

“Actually I am, I’ve never been ass fucked, but I don’t mind sucking a cock now and then?”

Sondra looked at both of them and couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Her father enjoyed men as well as women. She didn’t know what to think, but the she realized that she had just fucked her father and earlier she had eaten his cum. She guessed it wasn’t that bad, just weird and she teach that bitch porno was part of the weirdness.

“Daddy can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Sure baby, in fact why don’t you both sleep in my bed. I don’t have to work tomorrow and we could have a great night of it.”

“Sound’s good to me Rich, in fact, I would love to be with you and Sondra at the same time.”

“Okay, it’s settled. Sondra, tonight, you’ll understand about getting fucked in the ass. Head’s or tails, Joey?” He laughed as he leaned forward and licked his daughter’s pussy.

“I’ll take both, we can take turns, if it’s okay with Sondra.”


“Sure, why not, I’ll try anything twice.”

“Why don’t we go take a quick shower, then get to bed.” Richard stood up, then Joey stood next to him. Sondra moved her legs over the side of the couch and started up the stairs, Richard put his arm around Joey, said “I think this is going to be a good friendship.”

After they came out of the shower the went into Richard’s bedroom, Sondra climbed on the king sized bed and lay back, her legs spread wide, her pussy gaping. Richard knelt near her head and rubbed his cock on her face, while Joey knelt on the other side and did the same. Sondra licked at the heads of the cocks, first one then the other until both were fully erect. She cupped each set of balls with a different hand and then the guys both put the head of their cocks at her lips and Richard said, “Okay, open up and put both cocks in your mouth, baby.”

Sondra opened her mouth wide and Richard pushed the head of his cock into it, at the same time Joey pushed his cock into her mouth. Her lips stretched wide and her tongue licked at both cocks. Richard reached down and put his finger in his daughters cunt and she ground back at him. Joey grabbed her left tit and rolled the nipple between his fingers. Richard pulled from her mouth and got off the bed, went to the dresser and brought back a tube of K-Y jelly and four packs of rubbers.

“We’re gonna open you up baby, I know you can do it. Here, put this on my cock. Always put on a rubber when you’re going to get ass fucked.”

Sondra took the rubber from her father as she continued to suck Joey’s cock, then opened it and pushed it over her father’s hard cock.

“That’s it baby, let go of Joey, Joey, get on your back and let Sondra climb aboard.”

Sondra let go of Joey’s cock and then straddled him when he lay back on the bed and guided his cock into her dripping pussy. She settled down on him and then felt her father rub some K-Y on her ass as he began to probe her asshole with his finger, slowly inserting his finger then pulling it back and putting more K-Y on his finger and working on her ass some more. She looked back over her shoulder and saw her daddy smile at her as he eased two fingers into her asshole.

“Relax, baby, it won’t hurt as much if you relax. It is going to hurt just a bit the first couple of times we fuck your ass, but you’ll get used to it. Joey, hold her ass cheeks apart while I prepare her.”

Joey reached behind Sondra and pulled her cheeks apart as she leaned down to kiss him.

Sondra felt her father working his two fingers into her ass twisting them and taking them out for a second and then return with more, soon he had her ready for his cock.

“Okay, baby, I’m ready, relax. Joey, just lay still, until I get my cock in her ass.”

“Okay, Rich. I’m ready too.”

Sondra felt her father shift on the bed, then she felt him press against her ass. Both of his hands were on her hips, and she felt her sphincter begin to open and she cried in pain as the head of his cock pushed through the puckered opening and then it closed back slightly as Richard held his place. The head of his cock was buried in her ass and he would give her time to relax.

“Relax, baby, the head of my cock is already in you.”

“Daddy, it hurts so bad, damn it.”

“Just relax baby, you’ll get used to it.” Richard thought his cock had never been so hard in his life, Sondra’s asshole was the tightest he had ever been in, even her mother had already been fucked in the ass team skeet porno the first time he fucked her.

Sondra slowed the crying and said, “Okay, Daddy, I guess I can take some more.”

Richard’s hips pushed forward and his cock began it’s journey into Sondra’s rectum. “Tell me when you want me to stop baby, and I will.”

Sondra looked at Joey with tears streaming down her face as she felt her body fill with a second cock, but she wouldn’t stop him, she just bit her lip and waited.

Joey felt Rich’s cock through the thin membrane between Sondras pussy and her ass, and it made him want to cum, but he changed his thoughts. This was the first time he had done this also, but he was enjoying the sensations he was feeling.

Richard felt his balls come to rest along with Joey’s and knew he was all the way home and he kept still. “Are you okay, baby?”

“Yes Daddy, but I feel so full.”

“I know baby, you’ll learn to love it, just wait and see. I’m all the way in so when you’re ready, let me know.”

Sondra waited a little bit then she said, “Okay, Daddy, let’s go.”

“Let me start working her Joey, then you can join in when you want.”

“Okay Rich, it feels good, I can feel your cock.”

Richard started to move his hips and his cock began to slide in and out of his daughter’s asshole. She was making noises that sounded as if she was beginning to enjoy it. “That’s it baby, I’m fucking you in the ass, what do you think?”

“Ohhhh, it hurts but it’s getting better, gawd, I can feel both of your cocks in me, it feels funny.”

“Come on Joey, let’s work her over.”

Joey started to move inside Sondra’s cunt, then she started to move with them. Her father picked up the pace and his balls slapped against Joey’s on the in stroke and he kept his hands firmly on Sondra’s hips as he plunged in and out of her well lubricated rectum. He also knew she was starting to enjoy it because she was pushing back against them as they fucked her.

“Damn baby, you’re as good a slut as your mama was, I knew you had it in you, or should I say I know you’ve got them in you.” He laughed at the joke and they began a rhythm as the three of them fucked at a heightened pace. Richard knew he was close and when he was about ready he pulled out of Sondra’s ass and pulled the rubber from his cock as he worked his way up to her face. He didn’t quite make it and his cum spewed out hitting her in the face and also hitting Joey. Then she took his cock into her mouth and continued sucking what juice was left in it.

Richard lay back on the bed and watched his daughter fuck her friend. “Why don’t you fuck her in the ass too, Joey.”

“Okay with you Sondra?”

“Yes, but let me put a rubber on you.”

Sondra took a rubber out of the pack lying on the bed and pushed it over Joey’s cock, then got on her hands and knees and put her ass in the air.

Joey move behind her and put his cock against her sphincter and pushed a bit. The muscle opened and allowed his cock into her ass, then he started to move his hips and Sondra looked at her father.

“He’s fucking me in the ass, Daddy.”

“I know, baby, I know. How does it feel?”

“It’s okay Daddy, it doesn’t hurt as bad as it did.”

Richard moved down next to Sondra and said, “You’re a great little girl, baby.” He leaned over and kissed her, his tongue probing her mouth and she started kissing him back hard, as her friend fucked her in the ass. She began to suck on her father’s tongue and she felt his hand on her breast, caressing it and tweaking the nipple.

Joey pulled out of Sondra’s ass and pulled the rubber off, heading toward her face. He lifted his cock to her lips and she stopped kissing her father, to take his cock into her mouth. As soon as it passed her lips, it exploded in her mouth. She swallowed what she could and took it into her throat, allowing the muscles of her throat to milk him. Finally when he could cum no more, he pulled his cock from her lips leaving strands of cum connecting him to her. Richard leaned over and kissed his cock, then kissed Sondra again, tasting the remnants of Joey’s cum that was left behind.

Later as they lay in bed together, Richard told Sondra that he would like her to meet some of his old friends that he hadn’t seen since her mother passed away. Then he invited Joey to move in with them if he would like. They talked for a bit and then they fell asleep, with Sondra laying her head on her father’s chest and her hand on his balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32