Son Moves in with Re-Married Dad

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My Husband and I had only been married for three years. We are both in our 40s and this is a second marriage for both of us. We were preparing to travel to Bob’s 18-year-old son’s high school graduation. His name was Scott and I really didn’t know him. I had only seen him at our wedding and a few other occasions. Never exchanging more than a few words.

Bob’s said to me. “I need to talk to you about something.”

“I said sure, what going on?”

“My X Wife wants Scott to get a full-time Job to help her out. Putting college on hold for a year or two. I am hoping to prevent that from happening. If he starts working he will get addicted to getting a weekly pay check. There by never getting around to college.”

I said, “You are probably right but how do you hope to circumvent Barbara’s Plan.”

“That’s what I wanted to discuss. We have three great colleges here in town all within an easy commute. With your approval, I want to offer him the opportunity to move in with us and enroll in one the schools here in town.”

“Certainly, I will support you, he’s your son. You do what you think is necessary. I welcome the chance to get to know your son.”

We went through with the trip. Attended the graduation and the party afterwards. Bob spoke to Scott and his mom at the party. I kept my distance from the whole thing. Didn’t want to be a factor in the change of plans. X-Wives are often uneasy about new wives and their children.

Turns out Scott was interested in one of the colleges near us. He planned on discussing it with his father.

Saturday morning, they went shopping for a car. Bob was buying one for Scott as a graduation gift. When Bob returned to the Hotel things were all set. Scott would be moving in with us later in the summer.

The 2nd week in July Scott arrived. Bob was still at work. I brought him in and showed him the room we had set-up for him. We had a desk for his computer, a T.V. and everything we thought he might need. I helped him unload his car and bring in everything.

Didn’t want to be going through his things so I told him. “Go ahead and get unpacked at your pace. Get them organize as you see fit. Your Dad should be home in about an hour and a half. We will be having dinner soon after.”

Bob was on time and we sat down to eat. He was very excited to have his son with him. So, I wanted to do all I could to make things run smooth.

I suggested, “Scott if you would like. Tomorrow I could take you for a tour of the city. We could go to see the campus and at some point, stop for lunch.

Scott said, “sure that would be great.”

Bob delighted said, “that’s a wonderful idea. You two can also get better acquainted.”

Bob spent most of the remainder of the evening in Scott’s room helping him unpack and get settled.

Next morning, I got up, got Bob’s breakfast as usual. As was normal, I remained just as I slept. In only a nightgown and nothing else. It was just habit for me. Bob never said anything. I suppose it was normal for him or maybe he expected Scott to sleep in on his first full day. I got Bob off to work with a kiss and went to clean off the table. Just as I was putting dishes in the sink Scott walked into the Kitchen.

I said, “good morn” and gasped he wasn’t looking me in the eye he was looking lower. I suddenly felt naked. Which I was beneath the nightgown. Quickly running to the bedroom to retrieve a robe.

Returning to the kitchen a bit embarrassed.

I apologized to Scott. “Sorry not used to having anyone one but your father and I in the house. Will need to be a little more modest in the future.”

Scott only gave me his shy smile. He really wasn’t very talkative. So, I had no idea what he had seen nor how he felt. I offered him breakfast and he sat down at the table. I was able to get him to talk a bit more in planning our day. We decided to leave at 10 or soon after. That gave me about an hour to get ready. Cleared the table, did the dishes and a few other household chores. Then headed for the shower. Once my body was cleaned up and ready, I had to decide what I would wear. I decided to dress more conservative than normal. After all I was taking my step-son out. I should look the part. Normally I wear skirts or dresses slightly above the knee, jegging jeans or tights. For foot wear almost always pumps but infrequently heels or high heel boots.

Choosing a sun dress that reached just below the knee. It had a full bodice, so no cleavage showing. I stepped into a pair of flats and went out to see if Scott was ready.

When Scott saw me, there was a look of disappointment on his face.

I ask to him. “You haven’t change your mind, have you? You still want to go.”

He answered very listlessly. “No, I still want to go.”

“Well then please talk to me. Something seem to have dulled your enthusiasm.”

“I don’t know,” he hesitated, then built up enough courage to say. “You look like my mom or at least you are dressed like my mom.”

“Scott, I have no intention of replacing your mofos porno mom but I am your step mom. I will be the person that takes care of your household needs for the indefinite future. Moreover, I hope we can be friends and you will open up to me.” The last sentence seemed to get a welcomed result.

Scott said slowly, as if he was carefully choosing his words. “I understand and I’m mainly talking about the way you are dressed. I was looking forward to being seen with you as you normally dress.”

I said, “gosh this dress is starting to feel like a nun’s habit. Your Dad didn’t want me to wear it to a backyard barbecue a few weeks ago.”

I had put on this dress for a backyard barbecue a few weeks earlier. Bob said. “You look more like you are dressed for church rather than a backyard party.” Bob always insisted that I dress in the same sexy fashion as when we first met.

“Ok, I may as well donate this dress to the Salvation Army. I’ll go and change, give me 15 minutes or so.”

I went back to the bedroom. Got into a pair of jegging jeans and high heel boots. Pulled on a knit top that cross at the top of my boobs. Checked myself in the mirror. Brushed my hair back into place. When I entered the room, Scott had a completely different expression.

“Well” I said. “I guess we’re ready to go.”

We were finally off on our excursion. Traveling around the entire city and the college campus. Scott constantly wanted to park the car and check things out. We took a nice walk through the park. Had lunch at a pleasant restaurant by the river. He was very bashful and it was hard to get him to open up and share his thoughts. Being very persistent, I was able to get him to talk to me. Just as I had suspected, he had never had a girlfriend. He had only had a few dates. I was very much enjoying getting to know him. I knew he would never say so but I think he felt the same way. As our day was coming to an end. I needed to stop at the supermarket. Home was not out of the way so I offered to drop him off on the way. He surprised me by saying he would tag along.

Joking, but also fishing for my own personal gratification. I asked, “well are you enjoying my company or just enjoying being seen with me?”

His only reply was a shy smile and, “Both.”

Delighted that I might be getting through, I said so. “I’m delighted, I had a great time myself and this doesn’t have to be a onetime thing. We can go to lunch regularly and I love the park. They constantly have fun and interesting festivals. Your Dad never wants to go because he hates crowds

“That would be fantastic, you are much easier to talk to than my Mom or my Dad.”

“Ok, that’s great, but remember, I don’t want to replace either of your parents. I just want to be your friend.”

That night at dinner we told Bob all about our day. Scott was starting the come out of his shell. I had to bring up that “like father like son” they agreed on my sundress.

Scott laughing said to his Dad. “She said she may as well donate it to the Salvation Army.”

Bob said to me. “That’s a fine idea sweetheart.” Then to his son said. “When you have a body like that, can’t keep it hidden.” Then he held his fist out to bump his son’s”

That made me a bit uncomfortable. This was his 18-year-old son, not a drinking buddy. Still, I couldn’t dodge the fact that I had gone back and changed into some skin-tight jeans to please Scott.

Over the next month Scott and I became even closer. He began to confide in me. His feelings about his parents. His worries about fitting in, once the semester began. We spent time in and around the pool. Often when I needed to shop or run an errand. He would come along. We went out to lunch and to the park a few times. We even went to a movie one evening when Bob was out of town.

Then on a Thursday in late August. I was putting the laundry in the washer. Noticed my black Victoria secret cheekster panties had a dried crust in the crotch. “This looks like dried semen,” I said to myself. I owned two pair of these, a black and a red. The black ones were my favorite. When I’m horny, all I need to do is wear them alone as I prepare for bed. When I slide under the covers Bob is hard and ready for action. For that reason, I knew that I’d worn them the previous Sunday. This semen deposit was left in them since then. It could only be Scott. Over the next few weeks I tried to catch him in the act. Once I left a basket of clothing just inside the laundry room door. You would easily see it from the hall as you passed. A pair of bright red panties right on top. Once Scott arrived home from classes. We had our normal greeting and he went to his room to get on the computer. I checked the basket several times over the next few hours. Each time the undies were still on top of the clothing.

It was getting late and I wanted to get the load of wash started. I decided to give up and load the machine. When I grabbed the undies, to put them in the washer. They were wet, checking inside, I found fresh semen. naughty america porno At some point, he had taken the panties, spanked his monkey and put them back.

This only heightened my curiosity. There could not have been more than a 30-minute interval for him to do the deed. Was he doing this for my benefit? Was he teasing me? Still as I had wondered all along. Did he wrap his cock with them as he masturbated and what was the fantasy? Not only was I wildly curious but also a little excited over the whole thing. I don’t know if it’s a normal female reaction. The thought of a male jacking off thinking about me, just drives me wild.

I took on a new approach. When taking them off, kept them hidden until I was ready to do the laundry. Even went without panties a few times, to keep the number down. It was an obsession. It was almost as if we were having one sided sex. He was having an orgasm and I wasn’t. If he was going to jackoff in my underwear. He was going to give me something in return. Was he fantasizing about fucking me? Was shooting his cum in my panties equivalent to shooting in me?

After a few weeks of deprivation, I caught him once rummaging through the dirty laundry.

“Something I can help you find Scott?” I asked.

He struggled for an explanation and I let him off the hook.

“You’re looking for my panties to jackoff. I’ve been keeping them out of reach. Didn’t you realize I would see the dried sperm? Let’s go back to your room to talk about this.”

Once we entered the room Scott started spilling his expected fate. “My Dads going to throw me out, I’ll have to go back to my mom’s. You are going to hate me forever.”

“Slow down, I’ll never hate you and your Dad doesn’t even need to know. Even if he does, he would not throw you out or even punish you. Look, I grew up with two brothers. I would hear their bed springs in the middle of the night.”

With that I used my hand to jack my imaginary cock. This brought a smile and put him at ease for the moment.

I added, “My Mom once complained to my Dad and he told her ‘Linda, the suns gonna shine, the winds gonna blow and young boys are going to jack off’.”

We both had a good laugh and Scott said, “you are the best.”

“Well, thank you for saying that, it makes me feel good.”

“Now, you like to use dirty one I’m sure.” Then added with a mischievous grin. “You like to sniff them, right?”

Scott gave a very embarrassed nod.

“Well, don’t have any dirty one right now, except.”

The house dress I was wearing was made to look like a large man’s dress shirt. The bottom is the same as a tuck tail. The front and back came down to the knee. The sides loop up to about mid-thigh. I reach in the sides. Slipped my panties off my hips slid them down my thighs and let them fall to my ankles. Stepping one foot out and lifting them within reach with the other. As I offered them his eyes were huge and his mouth was hanging open. With a quick glance at his crotch could easily see he was standing at attention. I knew I had him under control.

I kept them just out of his reach and said. “You can use my panties anytime but look at the label. If they are Victoria Secrets, use them and put them back in the hamper. Don’t keep any for a long period of time. BUT, I want something in return.”

“What?” Scott pleaded.

Even though he wasn’t able to see my vagina. Just watching me remove my undies had an effect. He was obviously excited. It showed in his eyes, his speech and in his pants. I made sure he saw me looking.

“Tell me a little about what you do.” I requested. His embarrassment showed and he began to shrink. If I pressed this it would kill his mood.

“So,” I asked, “tell me this at least. Did you start this recently or is this a habit you’ve had for a long time?” If he told me this was a long-time habit. If he told me he had taken his Mom’s panties. That would kill my mood and we could move on.

In a very labored voice his answered. “I just started recently.”

“Since you moved here?” He nodded and that was when I crossed the line.

In my best bedroom voice, I said. “If I do it for you, will you talk to me?”

This put him in a state of shock. His eyes were huge and his mouth hung open. This was getting frustrating. At the same time about to explode from curiosity. I had to know if he was thinking about fucking me while he jacked his cock. Decided to turn up the heat and hope he didn’t have a heart attack.

Walking up to him I caressed his cock through his pants. Put my mouth next to his ear and said in a breathy voice. “If I jack you off will you talk to me?”

He was still not talking. He may have been trying, at one point some inaudible nose came from his mouth. Still I was getting annoyed.

His shorts had an elastic waist band. I pushed my hand inside and into his underwear.

Taking hold of his cock. With my other hand, an open handing shove to his shoulder and said. “Damn-it, will you say public agent porno something!”

That broke him out of the daze and he said very hurriedly. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know. I’ll tell you anything you want to know”

“Ok, good,” I was already masturbating him inside his boxers by steadily caressing him. He put his arms around me and began to hold me close.

I said. “This is no good. Not enough room and anyway you want to cum in my underwear, not yours.”

Pushing his clothes down over his hips, I asked. “Do you want to sit in the chair or lie on the bed.

“On the bed.”

By now his clothing was around his ankles and he awkwardly step out of them. Moved over and climbed onto the bed. He had a cute ass.

“Cute ass,” I told him.

“Not as cute as yours, I bet,” He countered.

“Good you’re opening up and you can continue to say what’s on your mind. Don’t be embarrassed this is just between us. It stays between us and no one else will ever know, Right?”

“Can I take my shirt off?” He asked.

“Sure, if you like, but this is only going to be a hand job. The panties are the only thing I’m removing.” I assured him.

He laid down on the bed totally nude and his cock was standing at attention. I felt like saluting.

Instead I just asked. “Tell me how to use the panties.”

He froze up again. So, I started working his dick.

As I stoked him I said very softly. “Don’t be embarrassed. This is just between us.”

That got him talking and he very nervously said. “I like to smell them while I jack myself.”

Wanted to keep him talking so trying to sound very aroused, I said. “mmmm yes, the aroma makes your fantasy more real. Go on, bring them to your face, enjoy”

With that he put them over his nose and at the same time I got more aggressive with his cock. He shuddered like a starving person getting the first bite of food in days.

“Tell me what you think about when you masturbate. Don’t worry, there is no wrong or bad answer.”

“I think about you”

“That would make sense, after all you’re smelling my underwear. Do you like my scent?”


I was rewarding him by tightening my caress on the up stroke and moving faster. Also speaking softly and trying to sound as aroused as possible. The latter wasn’t hard because I was very aroused.

“Do you fantasize about doing sexual things to me? That would be so hot. Please tell me.” Began a circular motion at the base of his testicles with my other hand, as I said this.

He was so hard and so excited, he said in a low breathy voice. “You’re lying on a bed naked. I’m feeling you all over and sucking on your boobs.”

“Oh, that’s so fuckin hot.” Then I asked, “my tits, is that your favorite part of my body?”

“I love all of your body but your ass is my favorite.”

Being very excited myself I wanting to be touched too. Moved my lower body over next to the bed and near his upper body.

“You said you would bet my ass is cuter than yours. Go ahead have a look.”

He quickly pulled up the hem of my dress and give a very excited exhalation.

“Oh my god, it’s more beautiful than I imagined.”

“It’s Ok you can touch it.”

He began to rub his hand over my ass. Squeezing each cheek and down over my vagina lips. I was about to ask him to push his hand between my legs to find my clit. It would not have taken much but he began to cum. He shot three strong ropes of semen that must have gone a foot in the air.

He said very excitedly. “God, that was the best cum of my life.”

“I’m not surprised, that was a lot of sperm. You better get cleaned up, your Dad will be home in about an hour. I must get dinner started.

As would be expected, this began a new phase in our relationship. It also went a long way toward eliminating his shyness. A few days later he arrived home from class. I was just sitting watching TV.

When he walked in, I said. “Hi sweetie, how was school.”

“It was Ok, no problem.”

“Good, can I get you something to eat or drink?”

“No, I’m fine,” He answered. “There is one favor I would like, if you don’t mind.”

“What’s that sweetie.”

“Can I have a feel?”

I chuckled, then had to apologize. “Sorry baby I’m not laughing at you. It’s just that, I’m pretty sure that’s the first time in my life. That a guy has asked permission to feel me up.”

I was only wearing gym shorts and a tee shirt with no bra. So, I stood and said. “Go ahead, but only through my clothing. When this commercial brake is over, you must stop. Otherwise go ahead and enjoy yourself.”

He came behind me reaching around taking a tit in each hard. At the same time pushing his pelvis into my ass. He continued to squeeze my boobs and then move one hand down between my legs. No doubt he was getting excited. I could hear it in his breathing. Could also feel his hard dick pushing into my butt cheeks. He wasn’t alone in excitement. I was about to violate my on rule by guiding his index finger inside my shorts and to my clit. Fortunately, the commercial ended.

“Well hope you had fun, but the party’s over.”

He surprised me by rubbing his hard cock across my ass cheeks, saying, “can’t you tell.”

“Wow, you better go unload that cannon before it explodes in your pants.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32